Daniel had called his mother to also come to the hearing of the case in court. He knew it was an avenue for her to get to know Vanessa. He was very happy when he heard that the two cases were merged together. He knew it would be very easy to prove all the points between the two cases and showcase the culprit.
He walked into the court gallantly and smiled. He looked around and saw Ismail already on seat. He raised his brows and Ismail nodded. He smiled, having the assurance that Ismail wouldn’t fuck up and even if he did, he would only put himself into trouble. 
Mike wheeled David in and the three sat together. Daniel was about speaking when Oyinda and Chioma entered the court too. Daniel waved at them to get their attention and bring them to their side. “It’s been a while, Chioma. How are you?” Daniel asked.

She shrugged. “I’m doing good. Mike told me you’ve been busy.”

“Sure. It’s not been easy.” He replied.


David and Oyin were already muttering some words to each other already, soon, Chioma also faced Mike and they were discussing. Daniel was all alone. He brought out his mobile phone to keep him company before he saw Vanessa walking in with an officer behind her. He stood up and was walking to her side when the officer stopped him and told him he couldn’t. He grinned and waved at her.

Vanessa smiled back and waved. Her mind was also at peace. Perhaps because she trusted God so much than to fail her, and having someone like Temitope Daniel behind her back made her know he would do anything to ensure she doesn’t go to jail for a crime she didn’t commit.

In no time, the court got filled up. Daniel’s mother, Lola and Juliana had also arrived, Debbie was also on seat and everyone awaited the presence of the judge. As soon as the judge came in, they all stood up.

Then the first case was presented to the judge. It was Vanessa’s. She was brought to the box, but she kept smiling till she got there. “Is that not that girl?” Daniel’s mother tapped him from behind as she saw her.

He smiled as he nodded. “Yes, Mum.”

She heaved a sigh.

“Don’t worry, everything is under control.” He encouraged her.

The case was read out and the hearings began from the opposing side. The lawyer introduced herself and faced Vanessa. “I have some questions to ask you, will you answer them in truth?” She asked.


She hardly completed her statement when a young man walked to the box and asked her few questions. Then he picked up the Bible and gave it to her. She spoke after the man and the man went back to the seat before the judge. “Okay, what’s your relationship with the deceased?” 

“He was my boss. I worked with him as his personal assistant.” She replied confidently.

“Really? But according to what we got to know, you left the job before he died. Why?”

She shrugged. “He was getting too close for comfort. He wanted to marry me and I said I didn’t want to marry him.” She replied.

“Too close for comfort? That means he was inconveniencing you, right?”

She smiled. “That’s the exact word.”

“So that’s why you ended his life.”

“Objection.” The second lawyer brushed to his feet. “She can’t push words into her mouth, my lord.”

“Objection overruled.”

Daniel smiled on his seat.

“Thank you, my lord. So would you answer the question now?”

“I didn’t kill him. I have nothing to do with his death.” She replied.

“My lord, may I call the witness to the witness box now?”

The judge nodded in response.

“Mr. Ismail.” She called and stared at him as he walked into the box. “:Who are you to the deceased, Sir?” She asked.

Adeolu was smiling. His stare met with that of Daniel and he grinned, Daniel chuckled. 

“I worked with him as his maid.” He replied.

“The day the incident happened,  where were you?” 

“I was in the kitchen.” He replied.

“Did you get to see the killer?” She asked him.

“Yes. I saw her clearly and I can still remember her face.”

The lawyer smiled. 

Adeolu looked at Daniel and shrugged. Daniel chuckled.

“I said it, my lord.” She faced the judge.

“I didn’t say I saw this madam, I have not told you the person I saw.” Ismail quickly added.

The lawyer raised her brows. She was surprised. Daniel looked at Adeolu and could see shock written all over him. Daniel grinned.

“Who did you see?”

Ismail pointed to Kate in the box. “That lady.”

The court was as silent as the graveyard, everyone was eager to know what was happening.

“That lady?” The lawyer asked again.

“Yes.” He replied.

“But you told the officers something different, are you sure you are alright?” 

“I am very alright. Officer Adeolu came to the clinic and gave me money to lie that Madam Vanessa was the one I saw.” He replied.

“What!” Adeolu shouted from his seat.


“How can you prove this that you are saying?” The lawyer asked him.

“It was recorded.” 

Daniel stood up and walked to the side of the man before the judge and gave him his laptop. He told him some things, probably, the video to play and he went back to his seat. The video was projected and everyone was able to see. As soon as the video elapsed, Daniel stepped into the witness box too as the lawyer required him to.

“How did you get this video?”

“I met with the control room manager of the Clinic and I was able to see the footage of the ward. He gave it to me.” He replied.

“How did you know he was involved in this?” 

“I have been suspecting him since the case began and I traced him one morning that and I saw that he went to the house of the deceased’s wife.” He looked at the man he gave the laptop to and the picture was projected. “I snapped him as Raymond was giving him money.” He added.

“Can the officer step into the box now?” The judge ordered and Adeolu stepped into the box.

The lawyer didn’t know the question to ask again. “I pause for now, my lord.” She said and sat down.

Daniel smiled. It was getting more interesting.
** ** **
The case continued as the other lawyer took over and continued his questions with Kate and Raymond. It was already glaring to the court that Kate was the killer as Felix brought out the evidences gotten from the lab. Her blood was a match with that gotten at the scene. He also played the audio he recorded while Adeolu was talking to Raymond.

The judge swallowed as he kept quiet for a moment. “From all the evidences shown to the court, it is very obvious that Miss Vanessa is innocent. Therefore, this court declares you innocent. You are discharged and acquitted.”

Daniel grinned. He walked back to his seat with Vanessa. The two were gleaming as they sat down.

The judge continued with his judgment as he faced Kate, Raymond, Florence and Adeolu. “These are the examples of people causing the world problem. I see no difference in any of you because you murdered Mr. Williams together because of greed. You are hereby sentenced to life imprisonment with hard labour. I rise.” He stood up and walked into his room.

** ** ** 

It was just like yesterday when the whole game began, and now, it has all ended. Vanessa sat down and stare t Daniel’s picture on her mobile phone for some minutes. His smile flashed back to her as she remembered the look on his face when the judge sentenced Adeolu. She came back from her place of work not quite long and wanted to see a movie as she cooked.
She was still staring at the picture when her phone rang. It was Daniel. “Are you at home?” He asked her.

“Sure.” She replied with a smile. It’s been three days they saw themselves. She was just thinking about calling him when he called. 

“Can you come outside?” He asked her.

“Sure.” She ended the call and walked outside. She met the gatekeeper by the gate. It was as if he was waiting for her to come downstairs. “Is Daniel outside?” She asked him.

“I don’t know, Madam.” He replied as he opened the gate.

She walked outside and met Daniel’s car parked, but there was nobody inside the car. She stood by the car and dialed his mobile number but it was only ringing, he didn’t pick his call up. She looked around again, perhaps he was just trying to throw a prank, but he was not around. She dialed his number again and luckily, he picked up the call. “Hello, I’m sorry.” He said.

“Where are you?” She asked him.

“Just go inside the living room, I will meet you shortly.” He replied.

She heaved a sigh as she entered into the house and headed upstairs. She wondered when he came back from location. At least, he and Debbie already delayed the shooting of the movie, she wasn’t expecting him back anytime son. She thought that he would still be in the location, shooting. Maybe Debbie is also around, she had thought as she opened the door and met a Bible on the table. 

Her eyes darted round the living room. She knew she didn’t drop any Bible on the table. By the way, she was using Amplified version, not Message translation. She picked up the Bible and opened it, finding a paper inside the Bible with direction. “I have a little surprise for you, drop the Bible and check the novel on the shelf.” 

She smiled. She didn’t understand what was going on, but she knew it’d be fun. She hadn’t even wondered how someone was able to enter to start that. She knew it could only be Daniel or Debbie. She picked up the novel on the shelf and opened. She met another paper inside it, with another thing written. “You missed it this time again, check the flower vase on the table, you’ll find it there.”

She grinned. She walked to the table and lifted the flower vase. She met another paper there with another inscription. “Wow! You are getting there, I’m sorry, just lift the stool beside the seat and you’ll find it.” She did as she was instructed but she still didn’t meet anything special than another paper. She smiled as she opened it again. “Okay, I give up! Go back to you’re the Bible and open to page 300, that’s where I kept it.” 

She picked up the Bible and flipped it open till she got to page 300 and met a paper already glued to the page. “I just want to tell you that I love you.”

Her eyes widened. She cleared her throat but found out nothing was actually obstructing. She read through over and again until she picked her phone and dialed Daniel’s mobile number, then the door opened slowly and Daniel entered, smiling.

“Vanessa, I just want one favour from you. I love you and I wish to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you please be THE OTHER ME?”

She was still staring at him with shock when Debbie came out of the dining. “Hello, I hope I am not disturbing here.” She grinned.

“How did you..” She was shocked to see her.

Debbie bursts into laughter. “Daniel, so you cannot kneel, right?” Debbie challenged him.

“What’s your own business, is it your proposal?” Vanessa grinned.

Debbie grinned. “Hmmn… Now I know you are a potential sly!”

“The gentleman is still waiting.” 

Vanessa grinned. “Daniel, I will need some time.” She told him

Daniel smiled. “Sure. I will give you as much time as you need. Don’t worry, I won’t disturb you or bring it up until you are ready to give me whatever reply it is.” He told her.

Debbie clapped her hands. “Spiritual! Just too spiritual!”

“But how did you guys manage to enter the house?”

Debbie walked up to Daniel and shook him. “You can’t understand! Daniel, are you okay now?”

Daniel grinned.

** ** **
Daniel had called his sister to tell her about the latest development. It was two weeks already and he hadn’t heard anything from Vanessa. Mike had already told him not to expect a positive answer. “The fact that you are close friends or that you guys like each other does not mean she will say Yes. If God should say No to it, she cannot say Yes to you. The best mindset is to expect a no, so that when you get it, you won’t be disappointed.” He had told him.

Lola was very happy to hear that. At least her mother would be at peace and Juliana would be eliminated too. “When is she now going to reply you?”

“I don’t know yet. Who knows, it might be next year.” He laughed.

“No, it cannot be up to that.” Lola assured.

“If you say so.” He laughed.

 He was still speaking with Lola when his phone buzzed. “She is the one calling me, Lola. I will call you back please.” 

“Okay.” Lola ended the call.

Daniel smiled as he picked her call. “Can you please come to Continental Palace now?” She asked.

“Continental Palace? What are you doing there?” He wondered.

“I got stuck.”

“Okay. I’m on my way.” He hopped into his car and drove off. He parked at the front of the building and came down but couldn’t find her. He dialed her mobile number. “Are you inside?”

“No, I’m sorry. I have been trying to call you that I got a mechanic, your number has not been going though.” She replied. “I am very sorry.” She added.

“It’s nothing.” He replied as he hopped into his vehicle.

“Would you come to Tantalizers then?” She asked.

“Along the road?”


“Okay, I’m on my way.” He drove off, still smiling. As he parked in front of Tantalizers, his eyes scanned the cars parked but Vanessa’s wasn’t there. He shrugged and entered into the restaurant but didn’t meet her inside. He dialed her number again. “Where are you?” He asked.

“Come back to Continental Palace, Daniel. I thought I would meet you along the road.” She replied.

“What? But you told me..” He hardly finished talking when the call ended. He sighed and hopped into his car again and drove back to Continental Palace. As he got there, his phone buzzed and he got the message that he should come to her place. He swallowed very hard. He knew she must be trying to retaliate.

He marched on the accelerator and drove off.
** ** **
Daniel knocked at the door and Vanessa came to get the door. She grinned as she saw him. “I’m sorry, Daniel. I have been controlling you from my room.”

Daniel chuckled.

“When you were disturbing me, I didn’t say a word, so please don’t say a word. Just come in.

Daniel just entered, smiling. He didn’t even know what to say if he would talk at all. He just sat down and kept smiling. “I’m sorry sha”  She winked.

Daniel shrugged. “It’s your time to shine, you better do.”

“You must be tired. Let me get you something to drink.” She said and entered the kitchen.

She came out with a bottle of drink and straw and sat adjacent to Daniel. “How are you?”

Daniel smiled. “I am fine.”

She chuckled. “This one that you are just smiling, Daniel. I hope all is fine?”

He laughed. “I just keep wondering why you disturbed me. I had plans.”

“Your plans should not be bigger than The Other You, am I right?”

Daniel burst into laughter.

“I’m giving a Yes to your proposal, Dan.” 

Daniel dropped the drink. “Are.. you serious?” He stuttered.

She nodded, smiling. “Or have you changed your mind?”

“Change my mind? My mind is like destiny, it can never be changed!”

Vanessa laughed. “I just had to take my time to confirm things before giving you an answer, so we wouldn’t regret later on.”

“Don’t worry about that. Just two weeks? I know someone who waited for two years and still got a No. sincerely, you won’t regret this, dear. I love you.” He stretched his hand and held her hand.

“I love you too, THE OTHER ME.” 

Daniel bursts into laughter again.
** ** **
From Temitope Daniel’s desk.
I tried to communicate some crucial things at the end of this story. The main purpose of writing this story is to enlighten youths to know WAITING for the right person is essential and the LEADING of God is very important. 
I will want to advice every man out there. That she is your very close friend DOES NOT NECESSARILY mean she’s the one. The real thing is that – HAVE YOU ASKED GOD. And one thing is common, most people present ladies to God, it’d be better for you to wait for her to be presented to you.
You can never find true peace outside God. When you keep God as the secondary person in your relationship and choosing your life partner, you will end up being the secondary woman of the man also. God factor should be the first and MUST be paramount! 
Even as you enter this new year 2017, start it with God and be consistent with God and you will see that lines will fall in pleasant places! Believe me, whatever thing you do and God is not the first, you can never be the first there!
You don’t need to rush into any relationship or marriage. Let God speak, let him lead, let him direct and everything you run after will end up chasing you pants down.

** ** **

I ACKNOWLEDGE GBEWA SOLOMON SEWANU. [My partner in crime] you taught me some things I could apply. Love u man!


21 thoughts on “FINALE. 

  1. Thank you Temitope Daniel! I love every episode of The Other Me and the accompanied lessons…… More grace and anoiting to scale new heights in 2017 in Jesus’ name. Have a Prosperous Year


  2. Hmmm! Temitope Daniel :Gun them down. I love every episode frm 1-finale. I love the relationship btw v nd T-dan.Thanks for the advice nd God bless u abundantly. I pray some day i will find MY OTHER ME! AM BLESSED.


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