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“But you said you were AA by genotype.” The Doctor said, adjusting his tie.

“Yes sir. The previous hospital I went to, I was told AA and it was confirmed.” She replied.
“This isn’t AS, madam. It’s AA.” He said.
“A what?” Her eyes popped open as she glimpsed at Fave.
“Is this real? Is it possible for one’s genotype to ever change? I’ve never heard of it.” Fave uttered, breathing heavily as if she was the one in question.
“I’m serious. It is possible the previous hospital made a mistake, but that was wrong of them.” The Doctor said.

Fave and Stella kept staring at each other.
HEAVEN knew how fulfilled she was. Stella collected her result and walked out with Fave slowly. Was she dreaming or what? “Fave, what’s happening?” She asked Favour again.
“I don’t know too. I guess I have to run the test again.” She said.
“Do you know what I’m thinking of? I guess the woman made a mistake. Who knows if she exchanged our data?”
“I thought as much, you know she wasn’t herself throughout.” Favour replied.
“I’m sure Tolani will almost go crazy on hearing this.” Favour grinned.
“Don’t tell him yet, we have to visit another hospital to know the final result.” She said to Favour.
“I won’t.” Favour smiled.
Kate walked into the supermarket. She was smiling and removed her sunshade from her face and picked up some items. She walked to the sales lady and brought out money to pay for what she had bought when a hand was stretched behind her, delivering the money to the lady.
“Don’t worry damsel.” She heard from behind.

She raised her head as she turned to see who the man was. 
“Good day sir.” She bent.
“Good day.” Temitope Williams smiled.
“I’m. . I don’t. .” She startes stuttering.
“I came to pick my sister some gifts because tomorrow is her birthday. I ought to be in the office by now.” He smiled.
“Thanks so much.” She smiled as he paid the lady. “I own David and Co company.” He told her.
“That’s good, I’m the heiress to Kings Companies. My dad owns the companies.” She smiled.
“Wao, that’s nice. I’ve been staring at you as you enteres, your light complexion made you bright. You look beautiful.” He grinned. Kate chuckled as he helped her open the door to the exit of the supermarket. “Thanks so much.”
“I’m Temitope Williams.” He introduced himself.
“I Kate Davies.” She smiled as she got to her car.
“I wouldn’t mind having your mobile number.” Temitope smiled.
Tolani had been expecting Favour’s call till he had no choice than to call her again. This time, Stella just concluded her test and was about leaving the second hospital. It was stoll the same result that she was AA, while Favour was AS when she did hers again.
Last seven years, she was told she was AA, which meant that the woman mistook their names and gave them wrong results. Stella had been grinning happily as she left the company. “It’s Tolani..” Favour told Stella as her phone rang.
“Bring it, let me talk to him.” Stella snatched the phone and picked up the call.
“Have you gone for the test dear?” Tolani asked.

Stella was silent for some seconds before she replied. “Why do you have to call her ‘dear’?” She smiled.

Tolani trembled. He wasn’t expecting her voice at all, he was expecting to hear Fave’s voice. “Em.. that’s the right way of addressing people.” He replied.
“Hmmn..” Stella cleared her throat and smiled. “So you told her to take me to thr hospital right? How come you didn’t call me since yesterday?” She accused.
“I wasn’t alright, I’m sorry.” ‘Why is she sounding this way? Has everything changed? I know Stella now..’ he thought.
“Can we meet? Em… maybe in my place.” She said.
“Alright, I’ll be right there.” He replied.
Tobi woke up suddenly and wiped his face. This would be the fifth time he’d be having this same dream. He had been wondering what the dream might be but hadn’t gotten a tangible answer yet.
He glimpsed at the wristwatch, it was just in the afternoon. He stood up and yawned. He had been dreaming, seeing a lady in a pink dress. Everything that was put on by the lady was just pink and the lady had been approaching him.

He hissed and walked in. It looked as if Monday should just come as soon as possible. He was tired of being at home.
Tobi went in to take his bath then took his car and drove out. ‘It’s been long he heard from his grandma, it’s been long he called, it’s been long he sent her some cash for her upkeep. 
“For how long I’m I going to be like this?” He wondered and drove on.
He remembered Stella. At least he wanted the best for her, the best had just started. “Shouldn’t I return to Ibadan? I’m sure my boss will be happy to see me, he’s going to have me back sef..” he wondered.
He thought once he got back home, the first thing he would do was to retrieve his sim and phone to contact everyone. “Stella…” he exhaled deeply and parked at the front of the eatery.
He glimpsed at his silver wrist watch and came dowm from the car. “I should be able to eat well before the arrival of Shola.” He smiled and entered. He was staring at his shoes before he finally raised his head up and saw a lady in pink. ‘This is exactly how she looks…’ he halted and kept staring uncontrollably. Not to cause a scene, he decided to move forward to buy snacks and to be able to see the lady properly.
He stood beside her and saw two boys smiling beside her. “This one has given birth..” he thought within himself and kept glimpsing until his attention was called to buy what he wanted.
The lady had been picking money from her handbag so he hadn’t seen her properly until she paid for what she bought and she saw her. “I’ve seen this face before…” he wondered and ordered for meat pie and five alive juice.

Immediately after he was served, he went to where the lady and the two small boys were and sat on the fourth seat. 
“Good day.” He greeted her.
She gave him a long look, trying to remember his name. “Mr Tobi!” She finally recalled.
“Yes, but I’ve forgotten this face.” Tobi smiled.
“I’m Feyi, I came to your company for…”
“Yeah! That’s true.” He grinned. “How come you’re now in Lagos?” He smiled.
“Came to greet my aunt, what of you?” Feyi smiled.
“Just came to visit my friend.” She brought her aunt’s children for refreshment in the eatery since their house wasn’t far from the eatery. Prince and Peter; the boys had been winking at each other, smiling that their aunt was discussing with a guy.
“So how far with the project?” Tobi asked her.
“I’ve decided to hold it for now, I’ll soon be back to your company.” She replied grinning.

You look beautiful today, is pink your best colour?” He smiled.
“Sure, it is.” Feyi chuckled.
“Its a nice colour anyways.” He started eating.
“Father let this be my wish!” Tolani muttered as he came out of his car. He dipped his two hands into his pocket and stared at Stella’s house for seconds before he eventually knocked at the door. Favour went to get the gate while Stella just laid in the living room. She couldn’t tell how happy she was. “How was the test?” He quickly asked Faith.
“She’s… AA not AS.” Faith replied.
“How come? That is not possible, one’s genotype can’t change now.” He pretended to be really shocked, wasn’t that all he had always wanted?
“It seems there was a mistake where we did the first test. Her result was given to me while mine was given to her.” She explained.
“You don’t mean this… you don’t mean..this..” he ran inside happily and met Stella on the sofa, pretending to be asleep. “You better don’t pretend.” He grinned inside.

Stella chuckled. “Naughty girl.” He continued grinning and rushed to her place. He carried her right from the sofa happily and was just laughing. Stella opened her eyes too, laughing amd placed her right hand across his neck.

He felt chuffed, very delighted and gratified. What else could please him that much? What else could make him want to stay in Oyo State without leaving again?
“I’m so happy.” He said, tears of joy started flowing again, he was just too happy.
“Remember I am at home, drop her down oh..” Fave entered, smiling.
“You better go and meet the M.D..” Stella laughed out.
“You are not serious..” Favour stood up and hit Stella.
“What? How dare you touch her?” Tolani dropped Stella quickly and rushed to meet Favour. He started beating her up, retaliating for Stella. “Beat her well..” Stella was grinning.
She even joined him after some seconds to beat her up. “If my Bolu catch you..” Favour was laughing.
Tobiloba arrived back to Ibadan after a week to beg his grandmother. He was looking bright as he got to the front of her gate with an innocent look. He couldn’t but leave Ibadan for Lagos because of his feelings then.
He explained everything to his grandmother and pleaded over and over until he was forgiven. “I never knew it was Stella that caused your departure.” The woman said.
“She was the one. But Granny, I already have another lady in mind.” He smiled.
“Are you serious? You’re ready to get married?” She asked with surprise written all over her.

Tobi was grinning. “Yes, though I’ve not spoken my mind to her but something deep within me tells me she’s the lady..” he continued grinning.
“Don’t ever try leaving me again, what if I had died before your arrival?”
“Mama, I’m deeply sorry. Just forgive me. At least I’ve stopped drinking, I’m now a born again.” He grinned.

“Good to know, what are you going to eat?” She asked and stood happily.

“How was Lagos dear?” Kate was smiling as she seated beside her friend.
Feyi returned with Tobi. Since both met at the eatery, they’ve been speaking to each other on phone and sometimes did see each other, after they’ve planned to meet at the same eatery where they met.

For that one week, they met thrice. Feyi too was beginning to suspect that something was going on, it seemed Tobi liked her. She was eagerly waiting for him to come out straight. “Lasgidi dey there.. how have you been?” Feyi grinned.
“I’ve been nice, nice to see you again.” Kate was smiling. She was really happy.
“Same here. What of Dad and Mum?”
“They are…” she hadn’t finished her statement when her phone rang. She smiled and picked up the call. It was Temitope. They discussed for few minutes before Temitope told her he’d like to see her because his sister would want to meet her. “Why would she want to meet me?” Kate asked smiling.
“I don’t know, but I told her about you.” Temitope replied.
“What did you tell her?” She asked, still smiling and eager to know.
For the past one week that they’ve met, both have been free and outspoken to each other. Temitope had told her about his family, likewise Kate. Temitope had also fixed a date for the two in a restaurant. “She asked me who you were and I said my friend. She said she’d like to see you because I don’t keep female friends, you are going to be the first.” He smiled.
“Wao… where do we meet?” Kate was happy.
“Where do you think?” Temitope replied with a question.
“The restaurant again.” She replied.
“Alright, see you there by 1pm.” Temitope said.
“No problem.” Kate replied amd ended the call.

Feyi had been smiling. “Who was that?” She winked.
“One guy like that…” she chuckled.
“I also met a guy in Lagos oh.. we’ve been friends since then.” Feyi said.
“Really?” Kate moved closer.

“Sure, we’ve met in Ibadan here before and we met in a eatery.” She explained.
“That’s nice, I met this one in a supermarket.”
“I guess it’s high time you left that company.” Tolani tod Stella as both went on to an eatery for lunch.
“Why?” Stella glimpsed at him.
“Come and join my dad’s company, we are going to head the company together instead of being a servant under a guy.” 

He smiled.
“Hmmn…” Stella chuckled.
“What?” Tolani started laughing.
“Nothing…” she laughed too.
Tolani kept on laughing until he brought another issue up. “I want to take you to my father by the end of this week.” He told her.
Stella was shocked. “Why? Why do I have to appear before him now?” She asked.
“He said he’d want to know that wonder girl that changed my pife around.” He grinned.

Stella hissed dryly and laughed. “Are you serious?”
“Yes, I want you to look nice, I’ll come and pick you by 9 am.” He said.


Feyi was lying down on the sofa in the living room and speaking with Tobi on phone. She had been laughing because Tobi was just saying funny things to her. He was jovial and friendly.
Both had been discussing for minutes before she ended the call still laughing. “Who’s that?” She heard her father’s husky voice behind her.
She trembled and sat up. She had forgotten her father got back home earlier than usual. “A friend.” She smiled.
“So you now have a… hmmn..” her father sat grinning and winking at her.
“Dad!” She started laughing as she clapped her hands together.
“What? Did I say anything?” He grinned and rested his back.
“You don’t have to, I can read your mind and I know you’re thinking of something dirty…” she was still laughing.
“Can you see? I just asked of a simple question and I said ‘hmmn’ who’s the one with a dirty mind now?” He laughed.
“I know you dad..” she kept on laughing.
“I wish to meet him as soon as I can.” He smiled.
“Who? A guy I’m not dating.” She laughed.
“But from all your discussions that I heard, it might lead to that..” he laughed.
“Let it lead to that before knowing him and… were you eavesdropping?” She was curious.
“In my own house?” Prof laughed.
“What you don’t know is that I’m in my father’s house, I can send you away, you should go back to your father’s house too.” She stood up laughing.
The next day.
Tobi had been with Temitope for quite some minutes, discussing about what happened to him. “I really feel for you, it’s normal to leave but you could have explained everything to me, you could have told me earlier.” Temitope said.
“I know sir, I just didn’t want to bother you and I thought Stella might hear from you.” He grinned.
“No problem. I see you as a reasonable and good guy so I’ve been recording the days you were absent as you leave days.” Temitope told him.
“I’m so grateful sir.” He was happy everyone understood him. “Resume back to duty.” He said.
As he was about to leave the office, he met Stella at the front of the door. He smiled and stretched his hand forward for a handshake. “How are you?” He asked her.

Stella was shocked. She didn’t expect him to be free with him even if he returned to the company. “I’m good.” She smiled too and shook him before she entered amd tendered her letter of resignation.
She started her explanation too that he fiance needed her jn his company and would love to leave that time. Temitope was happy for her because she was aiming at greater height. He congratulated her and wished her well in her relationship.

STELLA was seated right on a small couch as she patiently waited for her father-in-law-to-be.

Not quite long after, Tolani came out with his Dad.

Stella knelt immediately and greeted her. “How are you?” He was smiling.
“I’m good sir.” She replied still on her kneels.
“Sit down, ladies rarely do this nowadays.” He said and sat as well.
Stella was smiling. “This is the lady that caused your son so much of tears.” Tolani grinned as he sat beside her.

Stella chuckled. “It wasn’t her fault.” The man said and laughed amd asked Stella some questions about herself. “I support you both, the thing left to be done is the introduction betweem the two families and planning the wedding.” He said.
Stella was fulfilled. “Thanks so much dad!” Tolani had exclaimed.
Stella was flaunting her head as she entered into the house happily. She met Favour grinning as she entered. ‘What is making this one happy?’ She thought as she came in. “How far na.” She smiled and sat down.
“You wish to know how far?” She rose up her left hand and showed her the ring.
“What!” Stella stood happily and hugged her friend. “When did he?” She asked.
“This evening. He took me together with some staffs to a fast-food and proposed there.” She grinned.
“I’m so happy for you dear.” Stella hugged her again. She was very happy.
“Thanks.” Fave was so hapoy too.
“Tolani took me to his parents’ place today and I took him to mum too, she said our wedding date will be announced soon.”
“Wao!” Favour pulled her hugged her too. “This is indeed God’s miracle!” She said happily.
Tobi had been rolling on the mattress. His mind hadn’t settled since he came back from work. He was imagining things until he picked up his phone. He wished to tell Feyi his mind but he felt it was too early.
He couldn’t control himself for hours until he eventually called her and told her what he had been nursing in his mind. It’s from the day I sighted you I’ve been nursing this but the fear and the thoughts has kept me silent but now I couldn’t stop thinking about you but to tell you my mind. Will you… I mean are you going to… no.. em… yes, I mean will you be my.. hmmn… wife…
The next day.
Tobi woke up and met a meessga on his phone. He hissed, ‘Mtn as usual.’ He muttered amd stood up. He hadn’t taken his eyes off the phone completely when he saw Feyi.

Feyi’s text message? He picked up his phone and opened it instantly.
Why were you stammering while calling me yesternight? It’s a free world. Em… let me stammer too.. hmm.. em.. Yes, I will.
“Huh?” Tobi flung his phone away and jumped happily.
The same day, Temitope and his sister had really spoken. His sister, Mercy had told him she liked Kate when she sawnher and she wasn’t bad to be a wife.
Since he heard that from his sister who had always criticized every lady, he didn’t waste time before he sent her a message that morning in the presence of his sister. Since then, he had watching his phone closely if any message was received but he didn’t receive any.

He had been wondering and had checked his sent items properly and was convinced the message had been sent. 
“Why is she not replying?” He had been wondering.

He was still wondering as it was lunch time that of not for the message he had sent to her, he’d have called her for lunch. He was about picking up his phone to check if any message was received when her call was received.

His heart skipped a beat. He wasn’t expecting her call, it was nlt text message he needed. “Are you free? Meet me at Lovers’ spot, this place is nice.” She told him.

Lovers’ spot? Who won’t know the place.. he thought and rushed up, straight to Lover’s spot.
LOVERS’ SPOT was a popular place for lovers that was just opened. It had various sections for lovers. A section for games, music for competition and lot more. It was fast spreading after a month that it was just opened. Temitope parked outside the gate and took some stes forward when he noticed a car. “Is this not Tobi?” He wondered and hastened his footsteps.
He walked in and smiled. The air conditioners were working perfectly. He could sight some couples playomg games, as he moged further, he saw some aroung the swimming pool and swings regions. He smiled and turned his head. He saw Tobi and Feyi seated, smiling and talking to one another.

He smiled and clapped his hands to attract him. Tobi turned and saw him. He was surprised and stood uo laughing. “My boss.”
Temitope winked at him, still searching for Kate until he finally located her in a corner. Kate had been pinging, she didn’t even know when Tobi and Feyi walked in. Temitope walked toward her briskly, smiling. “Hey dear.” He grinned.

“Yeah, you came earlier than expected..” she grinned.
“I had to..” he smiled.
“I called you here because I think it’s a nice place to say yes to your proposal.” She smiled.
“Really?” Temitooe was happy.
Just then, Tolani and Stella also walked in. Feyi saw them instantly and smiled. “Welcome.” She wanted her presence to be noticed. “Wao!” Tolani smiled and walked to their seat together with Stella. Both were smiling as they all exchanged pleasantries.
“I saw one of my staffs there with his hmmn… let’s go there to have nice time, my love.” Temitope said and stood up with her.
They both walked to the seat and saw Tolani and Stella likewise. Kate was also shocked to see Feyi. “You never told me you would come here..” she hugged her.
“Did you tell me also..” Feyi replied and smiled.

Temitope got two more chairs, it would be nice for they all to seat together.
They were all gisting and playing. None even remember they had to go back to their various offices. Not even the boss, neither the staff.
“This is a great thing! I never knew everyone is going to be here.” Tolani smiled.
“See Tobi, so you left the office even before lunch break right?” Temitope smiled.
“Oga no oh…” he grinned.
“No problem, all is well.” Tobi smiled.
Tolani had gotten to the front of Stella’s place to drop her when he came down from the car and spoke with her. “I so much enjoyed today.” He said.
“Thank God everything worked out back, if not…” Stella smiled.
“Everything was done to teach us a lesson. We left for years and Fod still worked out a way for us again. Even there were problems and troubles, blood issues but THE ONE I LOVE still belongs to me.” He smiled an hugged her.

“This God Is great.” Stella smiled.
“Really great. He has ways of workinf out things. Love you dear.”
“Love you more.” She replied.



THE ONE I LOVE may not be the one destined with me

THE ONE I LOVE may not be the one that will love me till death.

Tobi loved Stella but they weren’t destined together, Tolani who loved Stella too underwent troubles and problems before his dreams came true.

Good things don’t come easily, you run after them. Never give up on love!

Love is not wicked like the love Feyi had for Tolani from d start. God has designed everyone’s script and nothing will change it. THE ONE I LOVE MAY NOT BE GOD’S CHOICE, PLEASE!

The short story I wrote between dz story is a real one! I know of a lady like that who died because her parents married and gave birth to her as SS. Do you think that kind of a chid will pray for you? DON’T USE YOUR HAPPINESS TO DISRUPT UR FUTURE! LOVE AND LEARN!





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