Desmond laid on his mattress. He picked his phone and called Kike, asking her if she could come over to his place because they had to talk. She had no choice, she was eager to hear what he had to say and also update him about the latest developments.

He forwarded his address to her and switched on his fan before sleeping off. He barely slept for an hour when his phone buzzed. Kike must have gotten to his street, he had thought as he stood up to get the gate and check if she was around.
“Good afternoon.” He greeted as she alighted from her car. She already parked before his gate.
“Good afternoon, Des. Happy Sunday.” She greeted
“Oh, same to you. Come inside.” He led her inside the house and went to the kitchen to get her a wine while she sat down in the living room. He came back with two wine glasses and served her while he took his own share too.
“So how did your Sunday go?” Kike asked him.
He shrugged. “Not through with the Sunday yet, Kike.” The two laughed. “But I hope it ends well.”
“It would, don’t worry.”
“Is the baby kicking?” He winked.
She shrugged. “I haven’t felt a thing. I feel the baby is still in the early stage, not yet mature to kick anything.”
He hummed before he talked again. “When last did you get in touch with Uche?”
She lost her voice. It seemed that was a topic she didn’t want to discuss on. Anytime Uche proceeds from the mouth of Desmond it sounds to her as if he was telling her to go meet the father of her son. Her expression was visible enough for him to see.
“I didn’t ask with any ulterior motive, Kike. I just need to know these things. When last did you hear from him?”
“Been a while.” Her reply was rather sharp, compared to how she has been interacting with him since she came. She really wished they could just change the subject of discussion to another thing.
“Hasn’t he been calling you?”
“I told you this guy doesn’t care. Someone like him cannot father a child, Desmond. He doesn’t care.”
“But you know if you tell your Dad he would enforce him to be responsible, right?”
“Desmond, my dad will not live with me after wedding, he will not be there when this guy gets drunk and forces himself on me, or when he tries to punch my tummy and cause miscarriage. My Dad can enforce that he marries me and consent to the pregnancy, but he will not be the one to live with the beast thereafter.” She replied.
Desmond sighed. “I am just scared.”
Her eyes thinned together. “About what? About him finding out? He doesn’t care and it is not like I care too. He only has a sister who cares but of what importance is the sister when the brother is irresponsible? No family member will live with you as your husband, so no matter how good his family is, if he is not sensible, you are still in trouble, Desmond.” She reeled.
Desmond scratched his head. “I understand you, Kike. This sister of his, when last did he check on you. Does she know you have broken up?”
“She has been calling me not to leave her brother, but I have told her my mind already. I have endured with Uche, he cannot change.”
Desmond sighed again. “I have met my parents and told them about the issue. Like, I told them em.. like I told them I got you pregnant.” He paused and rubbed his forehead. “Anyway, to cut the long story short, they have heard about it and they would want to meet you as well.”
She dropped the cup with excitement. “Really? You are really going to do this for me?” She grinned.
“Trust me, this isn’t easy and I am scared.”
“Forget.” She winked.
“And you know once I commit myself to this now, it will be hard to pull out later.”
She sighed. “Desmond, would you still want to pull out after?”
He stared at her, speechless.

** ** **

Feire hoped it was the right decision she was taking that Monday morning. She already drafted her resignation letter but just kept it in her bag. She just finished standing in for one presenter who already begged her to assist her because of her child’s health and was still scared to drop the letter. She was on her way to her desk when her phone buzzed and it was Fola.
“Good morning sir.”
“Good morning, Feire. I would really love not to be called a ‘sir’, it makes me look older than my age.”
“I’m sorry, I am just used to it.”
“So how far about our agreement? When are you coming around for a trail session?”
She didn’t know what to say for the moment. She wished she could just call Desmond, she needed a push.
“Are you there?”
“Yes, I am. I think I should come around later today.”
“Does that mean we will be airing you on Wednesday?”
She shut her eyes and sat down. “Yes.” She finally spat.
“Thank you. I will expect you soon.”
“Okay.” She ended the call and covered her face. She didn’t believe she was really doing this, leaving her job for another. She has always prayed for the next level and now that it has come, it seemed like she was scared to leave her familiar place for another. And just leaving suddenly without notice weeks before was really bad of her. She wasn’t sure she would want to be aired on Steel FM yet until she finally gets out of Roxy FM. She was also excited and couldn’t wait to tell Desmond and Mosun about everything.

** ** **

Desmond and Kike already agreed to go visit his parents that Monday evening so as to be quick with everything they had in plan. Desmond was really in a tight corner and really wished to open up to Feire before it would get to a stage that it would be too hard to get out.
He couldn’t provide an answer to Kike’s question and felt stupid for ever making Feire fall for the wrong man. He saw himself as bad, cheap and wicked but something lurked within him telling him it wasn’t his fault, another thing told him it was his choice, he wasn’t forced. He felt he could not provide the answer to her question because now that he has informed his own parents about a lady he got pregnant, how easy would it be to go tell them otherwise?
He knew it was hard for him to admit it, he was already slipping away from the arms of Feire without her knowledge, at the same time he wouldn’t want to let her go, still wouldn’t want to be playing home and away at the same time. From the look of everything now, it was obvious Kike wouldn’t want him to leave again, in fact, he truly wishes to leave her, was it easy anymore?
He already told her how spiritual his parents were and how she should keep replying every question they ask her with wisdom and spiritual packaging. He gave her example that if she was asked about her view concerning the marriage she should tell them she prayed about it and God told her he was the right one for her, the pregnancy was just a mistake between the two of them. At least, the lies must be packaged before they get served.
She was clad in a nice gown, not necessarily looking overly spiritual but she tried to conceal as much as she could. They went together in his car and the movie played out the way the script was written. His parents liked her and that was the key for them to visit Kike’s parents also. They’ve believed her to be a child of God who just made a mistake of getting pregnant for their son and not a whore or an unbeliever who might be luring their son into what he didn’t like.

** ** **

Feire dropped her handbag on the sofa and walked to the kitchen to have a cup of water. She was tired, not really a fan of driving and she has driven from Roxy to Steel FM and back home. She was happy she just took one of the best decisions of her life by tendering her resignation letter. She liked Steel FM, the warmth of their welcome was enough to keep convince her that she has done the right thing.
She had asked herself what was special about her also. Everyone seemed to like her in Steel FM, smiling and putting her through some things. Her boss at Roxy FM had talked to her for several minutes before she left but she told him she got a better offer and that’s why she was leaving.
As she gulped down the water she heard her phone ring from the bag she had dropped in the living room. She rushed the water and walked briskly to the living room to pick her phone. She squeezed her face as she saw the caller. Why would her mother be calling her? She picked her call and they exchanged pleasantries for some seconds before her mother told her she would love to see her. She knew that would be the reason for the call and the reason for inviting her would be to probably encourage her to give a man the chance in her life as if she didn’t have one.
“When?” She asked.
“Maybe tomorrow after work.” Her mother replied her. She wished she could turn her down but it’s been a while she went to greet her actually so she would just seize the opportunity. She dropped the call and thought to call Desmond to tell him about the development. She called him thrice but he didn’t pick her calls. She shrugged as she convinced herself that he might be busy and he would call her back.

** ** **

Desmond dropped his fork as he passed the serviette paper to Kike. They just left his parents’ place and decided to spend some time to eat out and discuss. He didn’t know how he would pick her call at that place and what she would tell her if she should ask where he was. He felt he might need to involve his friends in this issue so they could tell him what to do. He didn’t seem to be someone who didn’t know what to do, he just didn’t know how he would go about telling her the whole issue and he was not sure if what he would say to her would be to wait or to just move on.
He swallowed and picked his fork back. “So what next?” He asked Kike.
“The date.” She replied.
“What date?” He asked.
He dropped the fork again and scratched his left ear. “Oh, I didn’t know that’s what you were trying to say. So what day?”
“I’m thinking of October 21st, Des.”
“Really?” His eyes widened.
“Is it too near?” She asked, concerned.
He shook his head with a fake smile. “Not at all.” It wasn’t to near but something else triggered his reaction. It was Feire’s birthday.

** ** **

…to be continued…


4 thoughts on “FEIRE – EPISODE SIX

  1. My own thoughts is that Desmond does not love Feire, he just like her. No sane man will do what he is about to do bcos there is no pressure on him, he knew the Kíké girl less than a month….. God will give Feire someone better.


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