THE DARKNESS was not so imminent. His legs paced slowly so he wouldn’t hit against the table or the chair. It was not his room, but he was somehow familiar with the room that he knew that Yetunde could have placed her table in the centre of her room. He finally found the soft bed and dropped down on it as he awaited her presence.
It was just some minutes past eight that night when Akin got to Yetunde’s place. He had called her earlier though, he wanted to know if she was around and told him he could go and wait for her. She described where the key was kept so he could just pick up the key and wait for her. He had asked himself a lot of questions after the call, trying to figure out why she’d tell him to go to her place to wait for her. 

Every man is permitted to think and conclude his own way. He had already finalized within himself that it might be that Yetunde wanted to surprise him with a sweet response to his long awaited proposal. He knew that would be it! Something had been telling him recently that Yetunde would soon reply him after he had done well of waiting on her for three months now. 

Three months! His friends had shouted when he told them, but when the person going through something doesn’t complain, what’s the business of other people who have nothing to lose or gain? It had amazed him many times why people would open their mouths like remora fish to utter what they liked on a subject of discussion they are not concerned about.

He was very tired, but that would be the littlest excuse for him not to be there that night. He knew that even his roommate could not even stop him from going to her place after that heavy day of lectures. He had spent over eight hours in various classes that day and he was meant to be resting, but love wouldn’t want him to. He truly loved her! He had already proven it by leaving his hostel after the hectic day to be with her again. Who knows if she would say yes that night?

His vision blended with the darkness in no time. He wouldn’t know why the power holding company had failed to supply them with electricity for four days now. He had managed to charge in one of the classes during that day and the phone was already on red! That was frustrating to him! How would he spend hours charging his phone and the battery already went down before night? He knew it would soon go off, but he still reached for it in his pocket. The backlight could be useful. 

Akin tapped the power button the third time but the phone was not responding. He could feel it that it was hot, was it off already? He hissed and dropped the phone on the mattress as he also relaxed his back. He was still trying to figure out what made his battery turn out that way when he slept off.

** ** **

The journey was too sweet to pull out from. Kolawole had always told Akin that he would disgrace himself someday, but he never knew it would be this very day. His friends had always laughed at him whenever he started speaking right from his sleep as if he was conversing with people. 

Yetunde already came inside the room and met Akinpelumi already fast asleep. She woke him up but he only turned his side and kept on sleeping. Akinpelumi? Wake up just like that? That’d be a great miracle! 

“A.K, I’m here.” She told him as she woke him up.

He made a sound and turned around as he continued his sleep. She woke him again and repeated herself.

“I’m very tired and hungry.” He replied with his eyes closed.

“Should I cook for you?”

He made another sound. Yetunde shrugged as she took the sound as an approval to her question. She walked into the kitchen and started preparing the dinner for the two. The lamp was already on and she could still change her cloth since Akin was fast asleep and it wasn’t sure he would even open his eyes to see her. What if he opened his eyes? She asked herself and just spurted air out of her mouth as she wondered how she would rapidly pick her clothes and cover herself. How would he open his eyes by that time?

She was still on it when the power holding restored the electricity. There was noise galore as everywhere was lit up. Her eyes size doubled as she focused on the mattress to see if Akin was going to wake up. She was in her under wears when the power was restored. Akin! He was still on the mattress, this time he didn’t even move at all not to talk of waking up. She shook her head and just wore her cloth and picked her bag so she could plug her mobile phone.

Yetunde looked through the window to see the guys that were still merrying because of the power and she shot a look at Akin again. He didn’t wake up despite this noise? She wondered and walked towards him to confirm if he was still sleeping. She heaved a sigh of relief when she saw him still breathing. She just smiled as she watched him on the mattress, the one who wanted bae! He wanted bae and slept on bae’s bed this way? She chuckled and walked back to the kitchen.

** ** **

Yetunde thought her ears were deceiving her when she was hearing words from the room. She peeped through the kitchen and saw that Akin was already talking from his sleep. It took her few seconds before she knew she had frozen on her stand. Akin sleep-talking? She sighed and shook her head as she entered the kitchen again. Did she really have a problem with that? She shrugged and served the food in the two plates. This time, she would wake him up by all means so he could eat his food, talk and leave.

He was a good friend, and he was not annoying her too… but.. he already slept enough! He was tired though, he also knew anywhere he landed that night would be a hit, he never knew it would be bae’s side. 

Yetunde dropped the food on the table and stood before him for a moment before she tapped him. Hmmmn… Akin was already lost in the dream land, dreaming about something!

** ** **

Sincerely, I love you with the whole of my heart. You know what? All ladies look like trees to me in this campus, you are the only one who has gotten the key to my heart and you have unlocked the treasures of my heart. I can’t even explain well because it’s beyond explanation! I just can’t…”

“Akin, just calm down.” Yetunde said as she adjusted her skirt on the seat. She looked into his eyes and felt he might mean what he has been saying but he already added a lot of salt to the stew. 

“Don’t let me calm down, I already prayed about it and God told me to go ahead. In fact, I saw a vision about it! You don’t want to know what I saw, dear. I saw..”

She interrupted him again. “I said you should calm down, Akin. I know you see visions, but just calm down.” She repeated.

Akin breathed slowly as he relaxed his head and watched Yetunde.

“So, what’s the vision?” She asked.

He jacked up again as if a gun was recoiled. He looked restless like a preacher who already had it in mind to slay the congregation with depth of word and anointing. Yetunde sighed again as she looked at him with the corner of her eyes. The info she was trying to pass was vivid without uttering a word. He knew she was telling him to calm down. He relaxed and started with vision.

“I was walking on my own when I saw a lady.. She was looking so beautiful and at the same time she already dipped her legs into a hole and she needed help… Hmmn.. you see dear, he face of the fellow was zoomed to me suddenly and I just saw you. A voice just thundered from heaven and told me Akin! What are you still looking at? Save her beacause that’s your future! Son, that’s the woman for you! She must not be stuck there!” He wiped his mouth and swallowed.

Yetunde chuckled. “What’s the short form of all these that you are telling me now, Akin.”

“See, I want you. I love you so much and I want you to walk with me in this road of destiny. I perceive a helpmeet in you and I know you are capable of joining me in this journey.”

She hummed. “So, what do you want from me?”

He scratched his head. Didn’t he just say it? “I only need you to reply me.”

“Okay, YES.”

He brushed to his feet. “Like I didn’t hear you.”

“I said YES.” She repeated.


“YES.” She said again.

** ** **

YES.” She repeated.

Akin’s eyes popped open as he jumped on his seat. “Yes?”

She shrugged. “Are you sure?”

“This is the food now.” She pointed at the food.

He looked by his side and saw the served rice. He looked back at her and focused for a moment before he asked a question. “What’s the question you are replying to?”

“I woke you up and I told you that the food is done. Then you asked that ‘ready?'” She explained.

“Huh?” He wiped his face. “Like seriously?”

“Yes.. like it. Or what question do you think I replied?”

He winked. “That one nah.”

She looked lost. “Which one?”


She chuckled. “I haven’t given you an answer on that, you must have been dreaming.”

He shook his head as he blew air from his mouth to blow himself. He was already drenched with sweat. “I thought that’s why you called me here.”

She smiled. “Of course.”

His eyes widened as he stood up. “Really?”

“Just sit down.” She told him. “Be calm.” She added.

He grinned and sat back. “I am calm now.”

“You want me to reply you?”

He nodded continuously.

“Okay then.. I can only reply you on one condition.”

He looked away for a moment before he nodded again. “Go ahead.”

“Repeat everything you were saying while sleeping.”

He covered his face. “I was so tired. I never knew when you started cooking sef not to talk of when you entered.”

She chuckled. “Let’s eat.” 

He stared at her. “Eat? You have not…”

“Let’s eat.” She repeated.

He stood sluggishly and pulled one of the chairs and sat down. “Thank you so much.”

“I’m sure you have not noticed that they’ve restored the power.”

He looked up and rubbed his forehead. “I’m just booting.”

“When you finally boot, I will reply you.”

“Sincerely, I am through with my booting.”

She grinned, feeling herself.

“Repeat that proposal.. especially the vision aspect.”

He grinned. He knew she wanted to frustrate him. “Please nah.”

“You better talk.”

He was about starting when she stopped him, grinning. “I already dropped your reply on your mattress. When you get back home, you will meet it.”

He was shocked. “Stop joking around, Yetunde.”

“I mean it. I went there before coming back home.”

He rushed to his feet to leave.

“You better sit down! Who will now eat this food?”

“I will come back once I get the answer.” He said and dashed out of the room.

Yetunde laughed.

** ** **


Wondering why it ended that way? What do you want to know again? Check the title of the story again, that’s the reply.


Temitope Daniel Abimbola.


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