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** ** ** 
Fifehanmi was stunned as he focused on his phone. Did he see the caller well or he was just seeing another thing? The most amazing thing was that it was as Halima said it that she also called him. He shook his head in disbelief, thinking it must be Abigail that must be pulling a prank from her end. He didn’t even know if he should pick up the call or what should he even do.”Pick up the call, Fife.” Halima smiled before him.

He made a type of gesture, suggesting how could this just happen?

Halima just chuckled and nodded. “Just pick it before you miss that call.”

Fifehanmi sighed as he picked up the call and glued the phone to his ear while he was quiet. He was just as quiet as the graveyard to know if he was going to hear the voice he was expecting or probably hear Abigial’s voice. He wouldn’t be shocked if it was Abigail, he would even be shocked if it wasn’t her. He had started loosing hope that she could even speak to him, not to talk of calling him by herself. 

“Hello?” He heard from her end.

This is Adebisi, he muttered as he smiled. “Hey.” He scratched his eye brow, dimming his eyes.


As if she doesn’t know she’s speaking with me.. He had thought as he smiled. “Am I sure this is Adebisi?”

Adebisi chuckled. “I’m sorry, Fifehanmi. I am very sorry.” 

Fifehanmi was quiet. He didn’t even know what to say to her. What would he say? ‘Common! That was stupid of you, dear.. how could you have generalized guys because of just one guy! You turned me to someone begging for your love.. like one mumu somewhere and you are here forming because of what Pelz did to you! That’s just a pure rubbish, girl! Like… a pure one.‘ He shook his head. How would he say that? That was an automatic disqualification for him, he wouldn’t even say such a thing.

“Are you there?” Adebisi asked to confirm.

“Em.. yeah. I just don’t know what to say, sincerely.”

“Maybe because I have really disappointed you, Fifehanmi. Thank you so much for saving me and Abigail… it was hard for me, I.. don’t even have a valid excuse.” She gave up.

Fifehanmi smiled. The end of giving excuse is the beginning of progress. “The fact that Pelz did what he did doesn’t mean that all guys are now like Pelz. I know it’s so hard for you because of the love, trust, time and energy.. but even if you have no time for any guy yet, it shouldn’t get to a stage where you’ll totally disregard their living.”

She was quiet for a moment. “I’m sorry. I was really hurt. I… I am just sorry. That’s what I can say.”

“Common, no problem. I understand you very well and I know what you are going through. I hope you’ve forgiven me sha?”

She laughed. “You never offended me, Fifehanmi.”

“You’ve grouped us all together, Adebisi. I just want to know if I’m out of them now.”

She laughed again, this time harder than before. “You can never change.”

“I’m just being realistic, Adebisi. I just want to know how far with me before I give myself hope.”

“No problem, Fifehanmi. I am just sorry.”

He hit his chair. “Stop saying sorry. I have heard you already.”

“No problem. Maybe we’ll see later.”

Fifehanmi hummed. “That’s how we will say it now, as if you’ll surface in my own house.” 

She laughed. “When will you be back from work tomorrow?”

“I’m going nowhere.. em.. I took a break jare.”

“Really? Why?”


“Yes?” She responded to her name. 

He shrugged, “I didn’t call you, I answered your question.”

“So I’m your reason for taking a break?”

He smiled. “Maybe.”

“I’ll see you tomorrow morning. I’ll call you.”

“Thank you very much.”

** ** ** 

Fifehanmi stared at Halima for a moment before he spoke. “Do you use jazz?”

Halima laughed. “I know she must be a very soft lady… I love how you guys spoke, I wish Charles was reasonable.”

Fifehanmi dropped his phone. “Tell me about you guys.” 

She looked at Fifehanmi expressionless for a while before she laughed. 

Fifehanmi shrugged. “What’s funny?”

“I don’t even know. See, a lady was on her own, a guy just came from nowhere.. they became friends and the friendship grew into a relationship… she didn’t want to give him herself initially but she felt he was also good enough to have her, so she gave in.. but now, he’s nowhere to he found.”

Fifehanmi smiled. “Where did you guys meet?”

“Able and Stable.” She replied, not taking her time to explain. She knew even the deaf knew the restaurant.

He wondered how guys just do it.. how they meet a lady, just become her friend and phew! Propose. It looked too easy than what people just say. It’d take him more time, energy, and even speaking to himself. Anyways, he has broken the record of speaking to a lady on his own though, and receiving several ‘nos’.

“I just believe he’s the solution to this problem.”

She shrugged.

“Do you have where I can put a call to you on? I have to leave now.” He stood up.

“Yeah.” She dictated some digits and Fifehanmi left.

** ** **

It was still like a dream to Adebisi herself that she did what she just did. She sat beside her sister, breathing heavily. She never knew she could talk that way or even promise Fifehanmi that she would see him the next day. Abigail was excited though, her plans worked out and she prayed it would successfully work out. Who knows what could happen at Fifehanmi’s place the next day? She wondered. 

“How are you?” She asked Adebisi.

Adebisi smirked. “Unserious fellow.”

She laughed. “Just lie to me that you didn’t enjoy the call.”

“Anyways.. I feel alright. But do you think Pelz can hurt Fifehanmi?”

Abigail breathed heavily. “Who knows? He might attack.”

Adebisi was silent as she looked away. “I’ll tell Fifehanmi to be very careful. That idiot must not touch him at all.”

Abigail cleared her throat in a suspecting manner. “Okay.” She smiled.

Adebisi hissed. “That’s your business.”

Abigail laughed.

** ** **

Fifehanmi couldn’t wait to meet Ben. He felt like telling the world that Adebisi was now on good terms with him. He knocked the door and walked inside the living room, smiling. “Hey, Ben.” He waved as he sat down.

Ben looked at him, wondering what was making him smile. “Did you go to her place?” Ben asked him.

“Yeah.” He nodded.

“I hope you know I was asking about Adebisi.”

Fifehanmi shook his head. “I’m coming from Tosin’s place.”

Ben shrugged. “Has everything been settled? Because I wonder what’s making you shine teeth mischievously.”

Fifehanmi laughed. “Adebisi called me to apologise, Ben.”

Ben adjusted on the sofa. “Are you serious or you’re just playing?”

Fifehanmi nodded. “She’s even coming here tomorrow morning, bro.” He winked.

Ben grinned. “That’s awesome, Fife. How did she now manage to get herself back? Does it mean Fifehanmi is coming soon?”

Fifehanmi frowned. “What’s the meaning of coming soon?”

Ben winked. “You are funny, bro. Abeg talk..”

He laughed as he stood up and dropped his car key beside the television set. “When I’m not a movie, I don’t know what the meaning you’ve attached to coming soon is.” He walked inside, laughing.

Ben hissed as he stood up and followed him.

** ** **

He sat before the television screen and was totally lost. He was staring at the screen but surely wasn’t seeing anything from the screen. His hand massaged his mouth almost every minute. The pain already reduced, though, but it was still swollen and it was annoying to have swollen lips. 

He was still doing his own thing when Tofunmi barged into the office. “Hey bro.” He sat down, focusing on the television. 

“Any update?” Pelz asked him.

Tofunmi nodded. “He works in the company we just awarded the contract of supplying us wines.” He told him without shifting his gaze from the screen.

“Are you serious?” Pelz almost stood up.

Tofunmi glanced at him. “I dey serious, Pelz.”

Pelz clenched his fist. “Let’s start from how he will be sacked there, Tofunmi.”

Tofunmi laughed. “I already met the idiot that awarded the contract and told that one to make sure he withdraws because they aren’t getting the contract.” 

Pelz frowned. “Is that all?”

“I told her to make sure the company knows that he’s the trouble that made them lose the contract.”

Pelz smiled. “That’s getting to be like it.” 

Tofunmi smiled. “I don tell you say make you trust me.”

“After that, we find out if he has been sacked before we take next action.”


** ** ** 

Finally the awaited day came. Fifehanmi made sure he helped Ben leave the house early. He swept and mopped the living room and dining. They were neat though, but he had to make everywhere look like heaven that day. It was the first time she would be coming to his place, she must meet a man who is ready for a woman, not just playing. 

He had started cooking as he rested against the cabinet and picked his phone to call her to know where exactly she was or when she’d be coming. 

Has he ever done something like this for a girl? He just shook his head in disagreement. Adebisi was just not like them, so she must be treated differently. He was about calling her when his own phone also buzzed. He simpered as he saw the caller – Halima. He knew she was going to ask if things had started going the right way.

He was excited to pick her call as he spoke to her and explained the situation of things and what he was doing. He didn’t know why he felt so free to flow with Halima. Perhaps, she was very free and open towards him. 

He finally got the table set after his call and dialed Adebisi’s mobile number to know if she was already on her way. He had sent her the address earlier that morning, he felt locating the house shouldn’t be a problem, but he must be caring enough to know if didn’t have any problem. 

He patiently waited as she told him she was almost at his place. 

** ** **

“What of Fifehanmi!” Mr Kolade’s eyes blazed as he stood before Ben in his office. Ben quickly brush to his feet as he opened his palms. “He’s at home, still getting better.” He replied. 

“What did he do to Pelz companies? What!” He exclaimed. 

“Pelz? I don’t think he did anything, Sir.” Ben quickly replied.

“I have to call him. He must report here right now!” He was obviously clouded with anger already, just breathing heat of fire up and down the whole place. Ben already knew Pelz would start from the contract. Though that’s the first way to know Pelz was after him and he must be veey careful.

Mr Kolade called Fifehanmi but he didn’t pick up the call the two times he called now. He left Ben’s office angrily.

** ** ** 

Adebisi couldn’t believe she was really going to come to Fifehanmi’s place until she got there. Perhaps it was because she was trying to be free and sound nice on the phone, that’s why she just said it. She parked her car and admired the building. Fifehanmi was looking through the balcony, smiling as he saw her. She looked more beautiful than usual, putting on a blue gown with her black pair of shoes. It wasn’t as if she dressed so much, she was simple but yet outstanding. She raised her head and saw Fifehanmi staring at her. 

“Pass through this place.” Fifehanmi said when he noticed that it seemed she already caught him staring at her. What would he do? He couldn’t help it. In no time, Adebisi was upstairs already, smiling before Fifehanmi. “You!” He also smiled.

“Good morning, Fifehanmi.”

Fifehanmi chuckled. “A wonderful morning to you. Can we go in?” He led the way and opened the door for her to walk inside. “Welcome to our small apartment.”

Adebisi’s eyes darted round the living room as she admired. “This place is nice, Fife.”

“Thank you. Please have your seat.”

She perceived the aroma of a food and smiled to herself as she sat down. “Don’t tell me you cooked.”

He smiled. “Have you eaten?” 

She shook her head. “I only ate some fruits.”

Fifehanmi hissed. “That’s not a food.” He sat down. “I’m sorry about all you had to go through, Adebisi. I am indeed sorry.”

Adebisi was shocked. “That’s my line.”

Fifehanmi grinned. “We aren’t acting here.”

She shook her head. “But I’m meant to be the one telling you that, Fife. I’m very sorry and… I’m just sorry.” She grinned.

Fifehanmi hissed as he neglected her words. “So, why are you at home?” 

“Isn’t it obvious? Too down to be on seat.”

Fifehanmi hummed. Just then, his phone buzzed again and he reached for it. It was Ben.

** ** ** 

Fifehanmi dropped the phone and was quiet for a moment, dropping his head. He took him some seconds to remember Adebisi was sitting before him, so he quickly adjusted himself. “I’m sorry. So, how are you now?” He tried to fake up his smile and all. He didn’t know Pelz would start that early. It was nice, though.

“What’s wrong with you?”

He shook his head. “Nothing.” He brightened his face.

“I know you just received a shocking call, Fifehanmi. What’s up?”

Why’s she insisting? Fifehanmi wondered. “I’m truly okay, Adebisi.”

“That’s what guys specialize on, hiding their own problem and they want to help a lady solve her own.” She frowned.

Fifehanmi gave up. “Pelz.”

“I knew it.” She dropped her bag. “The contract, right?”

Fifehanmi smiled. “Yeah.”

There was a brief silence. “I’m sorry, Fife. I’m so sorry.”

“No… stop that. It’s nothing.”

“No, you are the one to stop that. I can see it all written over your face that you’re hit. I’m sorry.”

“You don’t need this, Adebisi. Let’s go back to our discussion.”

“You lost the contract because of me.”

Fifehanmi clasped his hands. “Common! Even if you were not involved, if I’d lost the contract, I’d still have lost it. Don’t feel bad.”

She was quiet.

“Did you hear from him after then?”

“No. But I saw this coming. And I also feel this is even the beginning of his plan.”

Fifehanmi smiled. “One thing is so certain, Adebisi. A man who has done what he’s meant to do will get the result he’s meant to get. I’m not scared because people won’t love you for being good.. but the goodness will make you outstanding and awesome among them. Many people believe the key to happiness lies in revenge, but evil cannot stop or cure another evil.” He explained.

Adebisi sighed. “I don’t know what happened to my perception all along. I didn’t even get!”

Fifehanmi smiled. “That’s because you truly loved him. And that’s what you must not let anything tamper with. The fact that he’s out of the equation because of his acts does not mean everyone acts that way, or you begin to doubt every other person you meet. It might end up as a big problem in future.”

She sighed again. Fifehanmi was on point that morning. 

** ** ** 

Adebisi’s car halted in front of Abbie’s place. She reflected on what Fifehanmi said again before she alighted. She didn’t want to go home, her mother was at home and could start a sermon she was not ready to listen to. She felt Abbie would be on point if she wasn’t busy. 

“Hello.” She greeted the ladies working as she entered. “Is she in?” She asked.

“Oga is inside.” One of them replied.

Adebisi just smiled to herself. She wondered how someone you call by name and even beat up could be called Oga by some people. That’s life! Every star has someone regarding him or her, whereas there might someone somewhere blasting the fellow due to their closeness and interactions. She entered after Abigail told her to. At least, she was also in her Kingdom and must regard the Oga.

“Hey, Adebisi.” Abigail dropped the powder she was holding as she saw her sister. 

“How’s been work?” Adebisi sat down.

“You didn’t even wait for me to offer you a seat before you sat down.”

Adebisi gapped as she dropped her bag and clapped her hands together. “It looks as though I haven’t heard this before sha… like because I knocked before coming inside, is that why you are feeling like the Oga like you were called outside there.”

She grinned. “That’s even your business.”

“Funny enough, these ones won’t know their so called Oga is my younger.. like.. baby sister.” She laughed. 

Abigail couldn’t help the laughter. “You know you are in my territory. Anyways, what would you like to eat?”

“Eat? Fifehanmi turned me to a broiler, Abbie.. he fed me like anything. I’m okay.”

Abbie cleared her throat in a suspecting manner, licking her lips as she burst into laughter. “I go love o.”

Adebisi smiled. “You’re drunk. I know it’s because of all these that you’ve missed doing, that’s why you took up the issue as if you were Fifehanmi. ”

Abbie shrugged. “Now I’m back again.” She pulled out her tongue. Just then, there was a knock. One of her girls came in to tell her something and she answered her as quick as she could so she could focus on Adebisi back.

“At least, I’m single.”

Abigial laughed. “Abeg make I hear word.. single lady.”

“But wait, do you know what Pelz has done?” Adebisi started explaining the issue to Abigail.

** ** ** 

Fifehanmi was very happy he had a nice time with Adebisi. They talked at length and she seemed free now, unlike before. He was just bothered about the call he recieved earlier. He already had it in mind to dress up and visit the office once Adebisi left. He was already near the office when he started thinking on what he could tell Mr. Kolade. How would it sound to tell him a lady caused a clash between himself and Pelz? 

He drove into the company and remained in his car for a moment, also thinking if Ben wouldn’t have made up some excuses so he wouldn’t speak off point also. He dialed Ben’s number to ask him if he should enter the building or just go back home.

He came down after Ben’s persuasion and went to his office first. He quickly shut the door as if Mr. Kolade was after him. “How far?” He asked as he quickly took his seat.

“Mr. Kolade dey boil, Fifehanmi. Wait, you are looking too good to look like someone who’s sick.”

“I shouldn’t have had my bath then, right?”

“Idiot.. is that what we are talking about?” Ben chuckled. “Let him catch you here.”

“What did you tell him?”

“Me? I didn’t tell him anything.” He replied. 

“Okay, I will meet him.” He sprung to his feet.

“Say some prayers man, they work!”

He nodded as he muttered some words outside, probably praying. He stood before Kolade’s office for a moment before he knocked and entered. “Good morning, Sir.”

“Welcome, Fifehanmi. How’s your health now?”

Fifehanmi thought within himself that he was trying to start with him from the soft part. “I’m better, Sir. I heard about…”

“What actually happened?”

He threw his palms into the air. “I don’t even know.. I don’t understand.”

“The contract we were awarded was cancelled and was made known that you caused it because of your pride and incontinence.”

“I don’t even know what they are talking about.”

“Really? How would they mention your name with these things if you didn’t do them?”

He was mum. 

“This is like the biggest contract we have ever gotten and it’s all gone!” He hit the table.

“But I did nothing, Sir!” Fifehanmi also clapped his hands together out of frustration. 

Mr. Kolade laughed. “I still find it hard to trust those words, Fifehanmi. Listen, I know you caused this contract, but you also shouldn’t be the reason why they’ll cancel it.”

“Pelz has issues with me personally, Sir. He’s just trying to tie everything to this contract. This is the issue of Fifehanmi Daniel and Pelumi Makinwa not the two companies.”

Mr. Kolade brushed to his feet. “What’s the difference? Are the two of them not in the various companies? Do you think their clash won’t affect their companies?”

Fifehanmi dropped his head as he kept quiet.

“I never knew you guys even had a quarrel, Fifehanmi. You have allowed your quarrel to cause another thing to this company.”

He decided to give up. It seemed Mr. Kolade wasn’t ready to understand what he was saying. “I’m sorry, Sir.”

“I don’t even know what to say… but Fifehanmi Daniel!”

He jacked his head and stared at Mr. Kolade. 

“You’re suspended till further notice.”

Fifehanmi was just quiet, looking like he didn’t hear that very well. Suspension? On this issue?

“You’ll get your letter from the secretary.”

“Thank you, Sir.” He bowed out.

** ** ** 

Fifehanmi received his letter and drove off. He felt so bad that Mr. Kolade could not even take time to reason. How could he be so clouded with contract that he didn’t even reason that it was this same Fifehanmi that pressed the buttons on his own. He drove off from the company, thinking of the sleepless nights he’s had because of the company. Mr. Kolade was too angry to even think of any commitment, he liked Fifehanmi, but he really loved money. 

Thank God he wasn’t loosing on both sides from what he could perceive. At least, Adebisi was getting back and it wouldn’t be too much to forgo the job. He knew everything works by principle and if he didn’t do anything wrong, a greater and better job would be the one chasing him. But it was painful to just forget how he already worked and was celebrated because of the contract. 

He was lost in this thought when he ran into a car and his eyes popped open. Were they closed? Perhaps the thoughts already shut the two eyes as he drove on. He looked around and wonder where he was, it was not looking like the way to his place… this is the way to Adebisi’s place, he wondered as he quickly alighted to start another series of apologies to the car owner and find his own route. “I’m sorry.” He said when the lady dropped down and saw him. “Fifehanmi, right?”

He nodded as he tried to remember her name. He could remember that area vividly now as he saw the lady. That was the lady he assisted with his jump starter when he was going to Adebisi to tell her his mind. “Em.. Nifemi.” He pointed his index finger as he finally remembered her name.

She smiled. “Can we get out of the road?” She turned to enter her car and Fifehanmi also entered his and they parked. “I’m really sorry I ran into you, madam. I.. I was just lost.”

“You don’t look okay, what is it?” Nifemi asked him.

He shook his head. “I’m probably tired.” He smiled.

She shook her head. “No.. I don’t want to believe that. By the way, are you busy now?” She asked him.

Busy? A jobless man is not busy… but how did I get to this road? He wondered as he forced air out of his mouth. “I’m not busy, madam. Is anything the problem?”

She pointed her finger. “This is my house, I don’t know if you can just come in and take a little rest before you go.”

“Ha… em..” Fifehanmi wanted to find a suitable excuse to disappear. 

“You said you aren’t busy, and you once helped me.”

He smiled. The way he even got to the place, he didn’t even know. He was truly jobless and idle, but wouldn’t want to open another chapter of friendship on a platter of accident. “Okay.” He agreed. She looked too innocent to use him for rituals, he had thought. “Thank you.” She grinned, exposing her beautiful set of white teeth. “Will you hop in so I can just drive in?”

Fifehanmi scratched his head, not totally cool with his visit. “Okay.” He hopped in and she drove into her house.


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