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** ** ** 
Adebisi turned to confirm if she really heard that voice well. It was Fifehanmi! “What are you doing here?” She sparked.

“What’s wrong with you?” Fifehanmi asked, shocked as he saw her face; oily and her eyes, red.

“Adebisi, what’s happening?” Abigail asked as she moved closer to her. 

Adebisi didn’t notice Fifehanmi and Abigail were in the living room when she was rushing inside her room so no one would trouble her. Didn’t Fifehanmi come with his car? She didn’t see it. How would she have even seen it when her eyes were already covered with tears? “What are you doing here?” She asked Fifehanmi again, her voice was already getting firm. She surely wasn’t ready for any joke or play. She looked angry at Fifehanmi as if he was Pelz.

“I came to see you.” Fifehanmi said, lost already.

“Please get out!” She exclaimed.

“What!” Abigail was shocked.

“Huh?” Fifehanmi’s eyes widened.

“I said leave this place!” She shouted again.

Abigail had never seen her sister in such a mood before. She looked really hurt and didn’t even care if it was Fifehanmi.

“What’s wrong with you, Adebisi?” Fifehanmi still stood, trying to care.

“I won’t repeat it after this, Fifehanmi. Get out!”

Fifehanmi spurted out air from his mouth and walked out. Abigail just stood and watched the scene, looking as lost as Fifehanmi and surprised to see her sister like that. Fifehanmi shut the door and Abigail faced Adebisi.

“What exactly is the problem?”

Adebisi hissed as she walked to her room briskly.

** ** **

Fifehanmi sat by a pavement after he parked his car. He didn’t want to go inside instantly so he could spend a little time thinking outside. He was really confused and everything was happening so fast. He remembered the place he followed Ben to, it was fun. Ben and Damilola were just playing and having fun while he kept watching. He was even totally absent. He didn’t know which one to think of –

Tosin or Adebisi? 

What could be wrong with Adebisi? He asked himself as he strained his eyes. Her sister had told him she went out. She was about to tell him where she went to when Adebisi opened the door. Could it be Pelz? He wondered again, scratching his head. But why did she transfer the aggression that much? He had only gone there to put things in order, so his proposal wouldn’t be what would end his friendship with Adebisi. By the way, he felt he could be cheered if he was there with Adebisi and her sister. 

It must be Pelz, Fifehanmi muttered. But what could he have done to Adebisi that could have made her so mad with Fifehanmi too? Or was she angry at me because of the proposal? Fifehanmi shrugged as he remembered that could as well be the reason. He wished he had Abigail’s number, she would just tell him what happened so he could know what’s up. 

He finally walked inside and met Ben, seeing a movie. “Welcome dude.”

Fifehanmi sat down beside him. “How far?”

“Thanks for the other time, Fife.” Ben faced him.

“It’s nothing, man.”

“But guy, stop being moody. Your mood can affect anyone around you.”

“But what can I do?”

“See, I was even thinking of something when you left the other time, Fife.”

“What is it?” 

“Why don’t you marry Tosin for real?”

Fifehanmi faced him instantly.

** ** **

Abigail opened the door as Adebisi was barging it at her. “Common, babe! What is it now? How could you have done that to Fifehanmi? By the way, you have been angry and crying. Is it Pelz?”

“Abigail, I just feel worthless! Is this love?” She dropped her handbag on the bed and turned around. “I feel totally useless.”

“I don’t like that topic, Adebisi. You are not worthless and can never be. What did Pelz do to you?”

She sank into the bed as she drank her own tears. “You can’t believe it.”

Abigail forced air out of her mouth as she sat beside her and placed her hand at her back. “”Will you talk?”

“His plan is to marry me to collect his inheritance from his father and file a divorce suite after.” 

“What!” Abigail jumped to her feet.

“I overheard all his discussions with his friend.” She sobbed.

“Is he crazy or something? Wait, em… is this guy just out of his mind?”

“If I were not the one who heard him, wouldn’t have believed also, Abbie.”

Abigail was stunned. As much as she never wanted Pelz, she had never thought that was his main aim of proposing to her. How could he be so wicked to sacrifice someone’s sincere love on the altar of greed and selfish interest? “This is just stupid, Adebisi. I can’t just believe I’m hearing this!”

There was a brief silence as Abigail still stood and wondered. Just then, Adebisi’s phone buzzed and it was Pelumi.
** ** **
“Are you out of your mind?” Fifehanmi asked Ben with shock.

Ben smiled. “It’s tough and bitter man, but I am serious.”

“You definitely cannot be serious, Ben. You cannot be serious! She is pregnant with the baby I am not even her father, man!”

“I know too, man!” Ben stood up. “We’ve got to be real about something at least for once, Fifehanmi. Bro, if the lady is willing to really marry you, why don’t you go ahead?”

“What of the baby?”

Ben shrugged. “Adopt him as yours, Fifehanmi.”

Fifehanmi jumped to his feet too. “Seriously? What if his father comes one day to claim his child?”

“What’s his evidence, bro?”

“DNA result can show it!” He clasped his hands together.

Ben heaved a sigh as he plopped down the sofa.

“By the way, I don’t know this person in question and I don’t love her.”

“I’m just fed up too, Fife. I don’t know.. I feel for everything on ground.” Ben wore a sad look.

Fifehanmi smiled. “I understand, man. I’m sorry about all these, but I know it will get better. Something tells me that Pelz guy is hurting Adebisi.” He looked away for a moment, in thought.

“Really? Hurting her as how?”

“Perhaps he raped her today.” He faced Ben. “Her look today spoke betrayal, like pain and hurt.”

“That can’t be, Fife.”

“I really feel so, Ben. She looked rather too pained.”

Ben shrugged. “What if Pelz is not even the cause of everything on ground?”

Fifehanmi was quiet.

“Maybe she’s just emotionally down.”

Fifehanmi shook his head. “I doubt that.”
** ** **
“Pelumi.” Adebisi told Abigail as she picked up her phone from her side.

“Why’s the idiot calling? Let me speak with him, Debisi.” She stretched her hand.

Adebisi refused as she shook her head. “No, Abigail. Leave him alone.”

“Let me just speak sense into his senselessness.” She hissed, standing akimbo.

Adebisi tried a smile. “He shouldn’t hear his story over the phone, dear. He will come here after some days of not getting across to me.”

“So we should finish him here, right?” Abigail asked.


Abigail smiled. “Okay, will you try to eat now and stop brooding over that thing?”

“It’s hard, Abbie. I loved him!”

“Wow! Now a past tense, huh?” She tried to hide her smile. Obviously, her sister was getting emotional again.

“Are you okay?”

“Sorry, Debisi. See, I have always told you about this guy. Since the first time I saw him, I have seen his stars and I knew for sure that he would be a stupid boy. You should be thankful, dear. What if you are now married?”

“I.. just feel awkward.”

“I understand. Just let him go his own way, let him and his money perish together. But Adebisi, I don’t like how you treated Fifehanmi, I don’t like it!”

“Are you okay?” Adebisi faced Abigail. “I don’t want to see any guy here again Abigail. Whether Fifehanmi or whatever they call their names! They are all bunch of idiots.”

“Will you stop that?” Abigail shouted. “Okay, you want to turn yourself to one rigid person, right?”

“I just don’t want to see any guy, Abbie. If anyone of them try me, I will ruthlessly deal with him.”

“You cannot be bitter to all because of one, Debisi. Pelz is the bad one, Fifehanmi has done nothing wrong.”

“If you were in my shoes, you’d know what it means for a guy to play a lady. Just keep quiet and don’t act like an advocate before. At least, you are not taken too, you can marry him.”

Abigail watched her sister for a moment and walked out.
** ** **
Fifehanmi swiveled his chair as he was lost in thought. That had been his logo lately. He barely slept overnight as he just kept wondering what his life had turned into. He knew Tosin wouldn’t decline if he truly wanted to marry her, but how would he just leave Adebisi? On the other hand, he felt Adebisi took was taken forever, how could she be his? He dropped his pen on the table and sighed. He had picking the pen over and again but was too blank to even write anything down. 

It was just 9am when he already felt he had spent six hours in the office already. What could he do to get himself out of this rubbish? He had called Adebisi over and again but she didn’t pick up his call. He sent her text messages and even checked her on social media but she was not active. Could she be angry with him? He had asked himself the question a hundred times already, just trying to navigate the path of thoughts. What could be the reason?

Just as he was still battling with his thoughts, the breeze of Alhaji’s thought blew through his mind again. “Not now!” He hit his table. He couldn’t wait for his alarm to ring by 5pm so he could just vanish back to his bed.
** ** **
Adebisi knew it would be a disaster to go to her office that day. She was so down that she couldn’t concentrate on herself, howbeit concentrate on her work? She had called the company to inform them she was sick. Well, she was emotionally sick though so it wasn’t a lie after all. Abigail couldn’t just watch her cover her head in the room and keep taking black coffee, so she decided to take her to her showroom.

She has been Abbie’s office, just seeing a comedy movie her sister played for her. She thought that should at least cheer her up, but Adebisi was so bored to be entertained by the comedians. She felt like seeing Pelz and pouring out her totality! She would really let him know she was a writer! She needed not to think of the dialogues to use when they were not far from her lips. She had made up her mind that she was going to deal with him, at least with the words of her mouth. 

She was forced to tell her Mum when she couldn’t go to work. The woman tried her best convincing her not to block her mind towards guys, but she wouldn’t listen. She didn’t even like that topic. For guys to be bold enough to treat ladies anyhow, she would show them the stuff she was made of!
** ** **
Adebisi didn’t even spend time in the living room immediately she got back home. It was a boring day even though she was surrounded by the things that could make the day interesting. She sprawled on the mattress and started thinking again. She was feeling so bad and as though she was worthless. 

Abigail entered her room without knocking. She had spoken to her earlier in the office and she expected her to have changed her thoughts but she was still struggling with her hardened heart. You really don’t know how much you love someone until they don’t become yours. She never focused on his money! She wished he could just know what she had always wanted was that true love. “Adebisi, why are you here?” Abbie asked.

“I need to write some things.” She sat up on her bed as she remembered the poem she was writing before – Show Me Love. 

“Please be fast with it, you can’t afford to stay alone and keep drowning in the pit of horrible thoughts.”

Adebisi forced a smile. “I’ll be with you shortly.” She replied.

“Do you care for ice cream?”

She shrugged. “Okay, when I am done.”

“Alright.” Abigail turned and took her leave. 

Adebisi brought out her book and saw the poem she was writing earlier when Pelz got her annoyed. 

Show me love. Flowers have ways of making you smile and making you feel loved. 

He walked in and gave me the red flowers, showing me the path of love,

I couldn’t help it but smile,

If this is not it, SHOW ME LOVE.

“This is not it!” She exclaimed and picked her pen. She wanted to pour out her mind in her book. 

Does love even exist?

Every man will surely show you an exit

None of them wish to be serious

They can’t be serious,

They threw away their seriousness deliberately

Hurting ladies and their feelings,

Love is not in flowers,

But what is love?


** ** **

Fifehanmi took of his shoes as he watched Ben enter the house. He placed his legs on the small stool before him. “I couldn’t wait to leave office.” He said as Ben took his seat.

Ben shrugged. “Why?” 

“Ben, I was so bored. I felt like dying. I didn’t feel okay throughout my stay in the office today.”

“What if you decide to take a week off? Tell Mr. Kolade, he can do something about it.”

Fifehanmi nodded. “It seems I will still have to go with that. But, what difference would it make if I stay at home?”

“You can just go out and have fun, Fife.”

“I wish I could see Adebisi.”

Ben smiled. “Have you called her again?”

He nodded. “I have called her severally and she didn’t pick my calls. She didn’t even reply the messages.”

“I think getting her sister’s mobile number should do, Fife.”

“How do I get it?”

“Do you know where she works?”


Ben thought for a while. “Wasn’t she there when her sister sent you out?”

“She was there.”

Ben shrugged. “She will call you.” He assured him.

Fifehanmi smiled. “Okay, seer.”

Ben laughed. “The girl wants you for her sister, bro. She will call you.”

“The fact that she wants me for her sister does not mean she’ll call me, Ben.”

“Don’t worry, we shall see.”

“Okay. What I know…” He was still talking when his phone buzzed. He reached for it and answered the call. “Hello.” Suddenly his eyes widened and he whispered to Ben. “It’s her sister.”

Ben grinned.

** ** **

Ben sat down before Abigail, smiling. “Good afternoon.” He greeted her.

“Good afternoon, how are you?” She gleamed.

“I’m just there.” 

Abigail’s smile widened to a grin. “Just there? Where are you?”

“On my own, Abigail. I just feel worse.”

“Is it because of Adebisi?” She questioned.

“She’s part of it. In fact, a major part.” He grinned too.

Abigail dropped her bag on one side of the table and dropped her mobile phone beside it too. She had called Fifehanmi the previous night to fix an appointment with him so they could meet and talk on Adebisi’s issue. She liked the restaurant though, so she had thought it would be good for them to have lunch break there. 

“Didn’t you go to work today?” She asked.

“I didn’t go. The place was too boring yesterday that I didn’t do anything tangible.”

“Is it up to that?”

“I just can’t get some thoughts out of my mind, Abbie. What happened to Adebisi that day?”

She smiled. “You should know she isn’t someone like that, something must have caused it.”

Fife nodded. “I know because I have been calling her mobile phone since then and she has not been picking my calls, she has not been replying my messages also.”

“I want to help you, at the same time get Adebisi out of her hole.”

“Okay, I’m following you.”

“Truly, she was engaged to Pelumi Makinwa.” She stopped abruptly.

“WAS?” HE opened his palms with shock on his face.

Abigail smiled slightly. “It was that day she found out some things about him and she ended the story.”

“You mean they have broken up?”

“Not actually, because she hasn’t made Pelz know.”

Thank you Lord! He said within himself. “What really happened? Why would they break up?” He frowned to mask his feelings.

Abigail forced air out of her nostrils. “He was just playing her. He just wanted to marry her to get his inheritance from his father and divorce her after. She overheard him speaking with his friend when she went to visit him.”

“Who does that? Is he okay at all?” Fifehanmi was indignant.

“Just calm down.” Abigail smiled again.

“I mean.. that’s stupid!” 

“She has been down since then, Fifehanmi. She doesn’t even want to hear any subject about a guy.”


Abigail couldn’t help it but laugh. “Calm down.”

“It must have really hurt her.”

“Exactly. I know if you should come see her, she will walk you out! But I don’t want you to stop. Though she is really pained, I know with time she will heal up.”

“What of that stupid boy now?”

“He has not even shown his face. He has been calling her though, but she has not been picking up his calls.”

“It takes a greater effort to get her convinced now.”

“You have to bear the cross if you really want her.” Abigail replied

Fifehanmi swallowed as he bit his nails. 

“She has been at home and has taken a week off from office.”

“Same here.” He quickly replied.

“That’s good, then. I can set up a meeting between you two, but she must not know I did it and she must not know about it.” She warned him.

“Unless you tell her, how would she know when she has not been picking up my calls.”

“Okay then, I will get back to you.”

“No. Where do you work?”

“Abbie’s Touch. It’s along…”

“I know the place.” He interrupted. “Wait, you own the place, right?”


“That’s wonderful.”

“So, I will let you know as things goes on.”

“Thank you very much.”

** ** **

Pelumi Makinwa must have been pushed by the fact that Adebisi had not been picking and returning his calls. She never replied his messages and she wasn’t active on social media platforms. He parked in front of the building and knocked. He knew she should be back from work by that time, and also an opportunity to meet her mother also, he had thought.

“Is Adebisi in?” He asked the gatekeeper.

He walked on after the gatekeeper replied him. He had been wondering why Adebisi wouldn’t come to the hotel to meet him again and didn’t call, neither picked his calls. He knocked the door and waited patiently as he stared at his wrist watch. Phew! The door was opened and Adebisi stood before him. 

Adebisi felt a twinge of resentment as she set her eyes on him. He looked innocent as if something else was not at the back of his mind. She knew if she wasn’t the one who heard all the discussions herself, she would have cursed whoever told her. “Adebisi.” Pelumi called.

She stared at him for a moment before she left the door and walked to the sofa. She wanted him in. Yes, he must come inside to hear the full episode of what he had come to hear. Pelumi walked in, feeling awkward as cart-horse. “What’s up, Debisi? Why are you behaving this way?” He asked calmly.

Adebisi wished her sister had returned back from work. She glimpsed at the wall clock and back at Pelumi. She was still quiet, staring at how evil he could be. “Pelumi.” She called his name.

“Yes dear. What’s up?”

“You must be crazy for mentioning that word – dear. You must be really crazy!” She hit the sofa. 

Pelumi squinted his eyes as he adjusted on the sofa. He was shocked! He wasn’t expecting such, and never believed Adebisi could even talk to him that way. “What did I do?” He asked.

“Just keep quiet because the anger I feel inside of me is crazier than you! It is really crazy! Do you think I will not find out?”

“What?” He prayed he shouldn’t hear what he was thinking about.

“Water!” She retorted and whisked to her feet. “You think all ladies can be played like football, right? You think all ladies can be bought with gifts, right? I know you must be thinking all ladies are really cheap! I know.”

“What are you talking about, Adebisi?”

“Are you still stupid to be asking me what I am talking about? Pelz or what is your rubbish name? You have no idea of how I have been waiting for this day for you to appear before me. Ooh, you think everything will really be hidden and I won’t get to know about it. You just want to use me as a tool to collect what you need from your own father, am I that cheap?”

Pelumi raised his shoulders. “Where did you hear all this rubbish from? I don’t understand you.”

“Common! You are an actor! I just thank God I found out myself because no one else could have convinced me apart from me. The funniest part is that you are still denying the obvious! I overheard what you and your Godforsaken friend were talking about on that Friday, you will definitely eat your pounded yam as a yam!”

Pelz laughed. “I don’t get you.”

“You must be stupid for saying that!” Abigail entered the living room. “You can still open that mouth and lie! Pelumi or what is the rubbish name? How could you even think of marrying someone with the aim of using her as to get what you need? You wish to destroy someone’s life for your own to be better? And you can still lie, right? You can still…” She turned around as if she was looking for something to whip him with.

“Just hold it!” Pelumi shouted. Do you two think you have the ability to hold me? Do you?” He grinned wickedly.

“That’s your thought, right?” Abigail stood akimbo.

“No one even has the aim to hold you here, what will hold you is waiting for you in hell.” Adebisi added.

Pelumi laughed. “What makes you think I will also marry you? I have my end in view and that has been my driving force. You should have the sense to know that I wouldn’t get married to you before.”

“Ooh.. so this is how you have always acted, right? You think money is all and money can buy love? You are a joker.” Adebisi hissed.

“I will surely get you some other way!” Pelumi grinned as he turned back to leave.

“You are very far from it!” Abigail exclaimed. “Never surface again! Never!”

Pelz turned back with fury as he approached Abigail. “Who are you to talk to me that way?”

Abigail squeaked as Pelz slapped her. Adebisi rushed closer to them but fell as another slap flew to her face. “You guys are mad!”

 Abigail tried to struggle with him as she raised her head back and faced him. He threw her a punch on her stomach and she fell at once. “You two are not enough for me to deal with at once!” He shouted as he removed his wrist watch and started unbuttoning his shirt. Adebisi rushed to her feet but he buried a punch in her stomach too and she also fell. He laughed as he approached the door to lock it up. Their mother was obviously not around and perhaps the gatekeeper was deaf not to have heard the shout inside the house. He might have as well thought they were playing, but as Pelz wanted to turn the key, the door flung open and a punch threw him away, his side hitting the center table. 

FIFEHANMI walked inside


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  1. Fifehanmi should punch pelz to the extent of him going to hospital for treatment. I hope that wont affect the contract between fifehanmi’s company and pelz’s company.


  2. Thank God….datz my boy….Fife!….walking in the spirit….right place at the right time….beat the hell out of him joor….lose the contract and gain ur gal….dnt wori she’ll help u find T.dan


  3. Pelumi is a beast!!!!…..How could he have laid a finger on Debisi and Abbie….Thanks to Fifehanmi for walking in right on time…He should beat d hell out of him till he forget his name….to hell with him and his contract!!!… fast with d next episode ooo


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