Hello! Good morning. Happy New Month! Have you planned your month? 

There are two scriptures that usually get my attention everytime. GOD WILL BLESS THE WORKS OF YOUR HANDS.. that means what your hands habe not handled don’t deserve God’s blessings.
Second one is EXPECTATION OF THE RIGHTEOUS SHALL NOT BE CUT SHORT… God loves expectations and when a man have them, he meets them!
Plans are liable to change, but when a man has not planned and have the expectation of some things! New things will end like old ones…
Remember your life is divided into time! Time is divided into years, years into MONTHS! Your months are divided into weeks, days, hours, minutes and second.. So every second that counts is your life.. plan to get the best out of them all!


6 thoughts on “HAVE YOU PLANNED?

  1. In everything that U do or touch,the God who has the power to lift up one & bring down another shall make U better than the best in Jesus Name. Happy New Month


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