Date back to February 14.

Hmmm…it’s the friday before Valentine. Oga o, some people are already planning their lovey dovey. Guys have gone shopping, ladies are changing their hair do, buying new dinner gowns like outing yen ma le gan! Na red and white fit do am.

  Any ways at the end of everything the ladies would collect val gifts while the guys would go home feeling like super-mario with an empty pocket. I’m laughing out loud!. That’s the effect of sharing something they don’t have, well, it’s necessary that it happens that way in our generation. But what is the essence of all these if we do not share the real thing that makes valentine VALENTINE. 
Sweetheart, Valentine is useless if you don’t share TRUE LOVE. 
 Well, he gave you a gift doesn’t mean he loves you remember ‘olowo lo laye.” So if he has the money he can get a gift, no qualms! And that she wore a new, fitting, sexy, black, dinner gown that stops a lot of inches above her knees, Low neck line and matching clutch purse with peep toe heels doesn’t mean she loves you. Remember “owo ni keke iyin rere.”. All those things still boils down to the money you have.
One thing remains, do you still love her the way you did when it all started out? Do you still feel the way you felt when he asked the most awaited question? Are you still standing in love? Is the relationship wearing out and you are just like let’s see if the Valentine outing would fix us up again?
Some of us are not even sure if we are in a relationship or in a situationship as a post on Nairaland kept it. You just met and you seemed to flow, he didn’t ask you out but he said he loves you, you didn’t inquire but you said you love him too, it’s been over two years now and gbam! Who else can be your val apart from him? Bae and boo, let me announce to you that you are in a situationship and not a relationship. 
Define your relationships, know who you are truly in love with, be sure that you are not falling in love, no! Sinking in love. Stand in love dearie, stand firmly and open your eyes wella, figure out what you are doing and be sure of yourself ,so that you won’t graduate out of the school of Love accident with a certificate of emotional injuries.
Before you celebrate val this year, check back to see where you have started from and where you are now, are you in a relationship with an onions that makes you cry or with an honey that sweetens your heart? Are you in a situationship? Love isn’t deceit, don’t deceive yourself. It’s better to celebrate val with true friends and family than to celebrate it with just one partner that you are not even sure of. Besides, who told you that it’s only and opposite sex you can love. Am just telling you before Tuesday comes ni o.
Don’t deceive yourself, define your relationship, celebrate love the right way, don’t lose your dignity. Celebrate valentine wisely!
Oyin LOVE’S you! 
I am expecting your point of view, show me you love me too. Muah!


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