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ADEBISI ALIGHTED FROM THE CAR and walked to the door slowly. She waited for some seconds to confirm if anyone was still awake. She felt like screaming it to the world that she was engaged already. Wow! What a feeling it was! She entered the house and met her sister with a bowl of iced cream and her Mum was also on seat.

She smiled as she dropped her bag and sat down, trying to hide her left hand. “E kuule oo.” She greeted in Yoruba dialect. 

“Welcome dear.” Her mum replied.

“How far, babe?” Abigail said, glimpsing her at her and back at the television.

“I’m good.” She replied.

“I heard you went out with Pelumi.” Mrs. Kolawole stated.

Adebisi nodded. “Sure.” 

“That’s how you guys go out and we don’t know the essence yet.” She wanted to kick off her lecture again.

“Mum, calm down!” She said as she flashed her fourth finger.

“He proposed?” Abigail’s eyes widened just as her mouth gapped.

Adebisi grinned.

“Mum, Pelz proposed.” Abigail said.

“Did he just do that tonight?” Her mother marvelled, jacking forward on the sofa.

“Yes.” Abigail quickly replied.

“Wait, are you the fiancé? Why’s your own concern this strong?” Mrs. Kolawole drifted on the sofa as she stared at Abigail with grimace.

Abigail contorted her mouth. “The fact that I’m excited does not mean I’m excited because of Pelz, it’s just nice seeing Debisi on ring. That guy that my spirit does not even agree with.” She hissed slightly.

“Don’t start again!” Adebisi exclaimed.

Abigail raised her left hand and picked her bowl of ice cream that she dropped out of enthusiasm. She sprung to her feet. “I’m even going inside.” She said and walked to her room.

“Em… Did you say that he just proposed tonight?” 

Adebisi nodded. “Yes, Mum.”

“That’s the beginning of a new thing. This is what I have always wanted.” She smiled.

“Thanks Mum.”

** ** **

Adebisi knocked at Abigail’s door and patiently waited for her to give her a go-ahead before she’d enter. She didn’t want a situation when that would kick off an argument among them. She entered and relaxed against the door, staring at her sister as she wiped her face with a liquid. That was the make-up remover; she was already getting set for bed.

“Won’t you come in and sit?” Abigail questioned.

Adebisi walked in and plopped down her bed. “Tell me, what issue do you have with Pelz?”

Abigail was facing her dressing mirror and she could see Adebisi’s reflection as she was busy with her own face. “Do you mean me?”

“Who else? Aren’t we just two here?”

Abigail chuckled. “Believe me baby, I have nothing against him. Its just that I don’t think I can trust him.” She replied.


“His work!” She dropped the bottle and the cotton wool and turned to her sister. “How can someone be running hotels, bars and exquisites, motels and co and you think I should judge him? I don’t really know a lot about his Christian life also, that might have added salt to his soup, but for now, I can’t trust him.”

“Do you think he doesn’t go to church?”

Abigail was mum for a moment, wondering how she could end the discussion as early as possible. Though it was Friday, she needed to be in the studio early the next day.

“See, sis. I didn’t say that, I only said I know nothing about it. I’m not against him, neither am I in support of him.” She turned back to the mirror and continued with her facial cleaning. “I only know someone like him cannot be running such a business and handling millions and won’t have eyes elsewhere.”

Adebisi sighed. “But the proposal was great, Abigail.”

“Proposal is always for a day, marriage requires lifetime.”

“But you said you weren’t against him, girl.”

“Sure, I just want you to study him extra miles. And what of Fifehanmi, aren’t you going out with him again?”

“I beg your pardon?”

“Not that type of going out, mhen! I mean aren’t you guys going to go out together again?”

“I don’t know.”

“It’s better you do, sis. He was the first to tell you even though he isn’t a priority. But consider him now too.”

“I have an appointment with him on Sunday.” She replied.

“That will be awesome.”

“I don’t know your affinity for this Fifehanmi, dear. I have told you over and again that he was a course mate and we met some months back and nothing is between us and can ever be!”

Abigail chuckled. “I didn’t say otherwise, did I?”

She stood up. “All the very best for you.”

“Just make sure you do that, he looks innocent.”

“You don’t judge a book by its cover!”

“Are you joking? Even the word says by their fruits you shall know them. You can judge a million books by their covers, but you can’t judge all.”

“Really? How do you then judge that million books by cover.”

“The cover is usually too certain to doubt the content of the book.”

“All the very best for you.” She repeated again as she walked towards the door.

Abigail chuckled as she watched her leave.
** ** **

Fifehanmi crossed his leg on the small stool as he pressed his phone. He had been reading one of Adebisi’s stories on her site and it had been fascinating. He wondered why she was into more of romance stories than other genres. 

He was enjoying it though and he had been imagining a lot of scenes with Adebisi as he read on. He was sure she wrote what she’d like to have for herself and he also liked the portrayed couples in the storyline. He remembered back in school, Adebisi liked guys who could write because that was what she liked most.

He finally concluded the book and was happy. At least, there was something she could say to Adebisi on Sunday when they meet for lunch. He would raise the issue of writing and how she could start publishing. He remembered she liked those who could write and snapped his finger. “Should I start writing?” He asked himself as he shook his head. What did he have upstairs that he wanted to write on? Wines? He was always studying on wines and how to get contracts, he wasn’t sure he could get to write anything, not to talk of something that would fascinate Adebisi.

He wondered if Ben was already sleeping. They have eaten though, but Fifehanmi thought he would still be around so they could talk a little before they’d sleep. He brushed to his feet and walked to his room too. It seemed there was nothing to talk about that night. He also have to start preparing for his lunch with HER, most especially when Ben had told him not to come back without telling her.

** ** **

Fifehanmi stood before the mirror and adjusted his collar. He turned back and faced Ben. “How do I look now?’ He asked him as he didn’t wait for him to reply before he turned again to view himself. He was dressed in a blue stripes shirt and black trouser. He wanted to look as simple as he could be, he was getting set for the lunch.

“I still don’t know why you don’t want to wear your danshiki, it is very nice on you.”

“I don’t want to wear that, I want to wear a cooperate dress and look official.”

Ben adjusted himself on the bed. “Did you even listen to sermon in church today?” He had started another thing, he had been wondering if Fife listened in church today or his mind was just fixed on the lunch he was going for. They didn’t sit together, though, but he could see him from where he sat that he was often glancing at the wall clock till the service ended.

His eyes flashed. “What do you mean?”

Ben chuckled. “No, I’m just thinking aloud.”

Fife hissed, using his cufflinks as he closed the wardrobe and sat down beside him on the mattress. “I listened in church. Why will a lady drive me away from God’s presence?”

Ben laughed. What else would Fifehanmi say? He didn’t listen? He might have well listened, Ben just wanted to make him smile, but it seemed he was getting too spiritual. “Anyway, remember I told you not to come back home without telling her the fact.” Ben reminded him.

He looked into Ben’s eyes like a groom staring at eyes of his bride on the altar. “What am I going to tell her, Ben?”

Ben’s mouth opened with surprise. “Really? Are you a guy at all?” 

“I know you have a multiplied anointing for abusing one. Just hint me.”

“I have never heard it before, a man that cannot talk to a lady. What am I even saying? A boy!” He laughed.

Fifehanmi hissed. “Stop driving me bananas! If you know you are not going to… in fact, don’t worry.” He brushed to his feet angrily.

“Don’t be a lonely person. Relationship or marriage can only solve the problem of aloneness, not the problem of loneliness. It takes two to tango, be free and enjoy your life.” Ben said.

Fife stood still and nodded for some seconds. That really got his attention. “You only talk sensibly once in a year.” He walked out.

Ben laughed.

** ** **

Abigail was just excited. She was excited Adebisi was going to see Fifehanmi. She had never heard his voice before, she only saw his picture and she liked him. He was cool and handsome though, but how come his picture already spoke a thousand words to Abigail already. 

She followed Adebisi down the stairs after she had made her up. She didn’t do that when Pelz took her out on Friday, now that Fifehanmi was to take her out, she made sure she looked nice and gorgeous. She believed Fifehanmi liked Adebisi; maybe he was just yet to pour out his mind. 

Since she read the chats, she had believed there should be something more behind this sudden closeness after school. He was very jovial and free on chat, and she didn’t know how, but she could read unseen words behind his chats. Perhaps because she had been through three guys already, they were nothing but boys to her. They only wanted her because of her money or body. That was why she didn’t like Pelz, he didn’t look like one who was clean and she wouldn’t want Adebisi to regret at the end.

She felt it would be good to have Fifehanmi at hand, in case Pelumi fucks up, Fife would just take over. But what of now that he has proposed? She was confused! What if Fifehanmi gets to see the ring in her sister’s hand, if he wished to talk before, he would be discouraged. Who would even want to start trailing an engaged lady? She’s already taken. If she should tell Adebisi not to use the ring, she wouldn’t agree. She really liked the ring, she used it to church and she wouldn’t hesitate to use it for lunch. 

Abigail wondered if Adebisi wasn’t thinking like she was thinking at all. It was getting obvious that Fifehanmi liked her, for him to even talk about lunch! Anyways, they knew the lie that was far from truth. If Fifehanmi had his way, he wouldn’t want that. He would only want the chat to continue. But all the same, all things were already working for their good.

Abigail gazed at her sister’s hand and found the ring missing. She squinted her eyes and was surprised. Why is she not using her ring? The Adebisi she knew would even use it so that Fife would know she was taken. She shrugged, knowing fully well that she must have removed it when she wanted to do something and might have forgotten it. She liked it that way. She waved at her as her car kicked off.

** ** **

Fifehanmi’s heart raced faster as he saw Adebisi appear. Wow! She didn’t look like an angel but already turned out to be one. She was a perfect description of beauty. Her eyes were large and opalescent; her flaxen earrings beautified her blue gown, making Fife wonder if he was up to the task. She was beautiful when they were in school, but now, she was more beautiful! 

“Hey, Debisi.” He grinned as he threw his arms open to hug her.

“How are you, Mr. Man?” She hugged him, exposing her beautiful white set of teeth.

“I’m good. Please do have your seat.” He said.

“You too.” She replied him as she sat down.

“After you,” said Fife with a smile.

She smiled. He was simple and handsome. She couldn’t deny it too that Fifehanmi was one of the most handsome guys she had ever met. Obviously more handsome than Pelumi, but she also believed beauty fades, but what of wealth? Can’t it decrease? Surely! But a bird at hand is worth millions in the bush, so one has got to seize the opportunity.“How are you?” She asked, placing her hands on the table.

Fifehanmi’s eyes scanned her hands and thank God! She had no ring. He smiled as he shrugged. “I am good, what about you?”

“What more do you expect? I am a God’s grace ambassador.” She chuckled.
He smiled. “Spiritual woman.” 

“You should know I am not such. Can you remember when you invited me to RCF in school?”
Fifehanmi grinned. “Sure, I was the general secretary of choir unit then, I only invited you when we had our praise night and you didn’t come.”

“I don’t really stress myself, I do things once they are easy for me.”

Fife nodded. “I can remember that you told me that.”

She grinned. “So, how is work?”

Fifehanmi didn’t know which to do. Should he let them continue with their talk for a while before he talks about food so it would delay her a little, or should he just let them bring in the food? “Work is fine, dear. How’s your company?” 

Adebisi rubbed her forehead. “Fine.”

“What would you like to eat and drink?” 

She smiled. “If I order now, it’ll just be like that day we went out.” Her smile gradually turned to a grin.
Fifehanmi couldn’t remember. “When?”

“I think that should be in 200 level, after Mayokun’s boring class.” She reminded him.

Fifehanmi laughed. How could he forget? That was the day he took her out after a very boring lecture and she finished him. He had thought she would not eat much like every other lady, but her case was different! She ate to her satisfaction, with egg, meat, plantain, chilled juice and Fifehanmi had to borrow secretly to pay up at the end of the day. She ended up knowing he borrowed from Ben and laughed at him. “You this lady!” He couldn’t hold the laughter.

“I was hungry that day, Fife. I couldn’t help myself but eat. And you also know I don’t eat rubbish.” She grinned.

“Don’t worry, today is settled. Those times you had to borrow from roommate to take ‘Bae’ out is gone.” He winked.

She nodded. “Yeah. Fifehanmi is now a guy, not a boy.”

He laughed. “Just place your orders. I know you can’t exhaust twenty thousand all alone.”

She gapped. “When I’m not an enemy of progress, remember I was a social science student.”

“Sure, you were back then too.” He was enjoying the atmosphere already.

She smiled as he waved at the waiter to come and take their order. The two gave their orders and continued talking as they waited to be served. 

“I hope she won’t be jealous to see us together? I believe I got to know you before her.” She winked at Fifehanmi.
Fifehanmi shrugged as he tried to mask his feelings. He wondered if he should let act as though he knew what she was talking about but he also felt the best thing he could to was to act as though he knew nothing about what she was saying. “Who she be oo?”

She chuckled as she clasped her hands together. “Fifehanmi Daniel! You can never change! I know you know what I am talking about, you are just forming.”

He licked his lips, gleaming. “There is no girl anywhere, Adebisi. Though, there is one lady I keep admiring like that, I just don’t know how to approach her.” 

She looked shocked. “You don’t know how to approach her? Abeg call am make I talk to am, jare. Are you whining me? Is she the daughter of Jonathan?” 

He laughed. “You can’t understand, Adebisi. Let me just take my time.”

She shrugged. “We are getting older every day.”

He sighed. “Okay, what about the uncle?” He winked too.

“Which uncle is that, Fife.” She laughed.

“Are you whining me, Adebisi? You better talk!”

“Anyways, uncle is fine wherever he is.”

Fife was startled for few seconds before he just shook it off. “That’s nice. When am I going to meet this uncle of ours.”

“Em… Fife, wo je ka jeun” (let’s just eat) She kept laughing.

“I am very serious, Adebisi. I have to lecture him well on how to treat my HOC.”

She chuckled. “See you… anyway, you will meet him when you meet.”

Fifehanmi squinted his face. He wondered if she really meant what she was saying. His eyes gazed at her fingers again, she was not putting on any ring. But not all ladies in a relationship use rings, he had thought as he swooshed out long breath. He must not let her know what he was thinking about. He had to cover up. “That is nice.” He smiled.

“How is Ben?” She asked him.

Fifehanmi shrugged. If only you knew he caused all these, you wouldn’t ask for that boy whose hobby is to help a brother. He had thought as he hissed slightly. “He’s there, disturbing my peace.”

She chuckled. “You guys are inseparable.” 

He smiled. “We’ve got to be, Debisi.” He knew his little confidence has shrunk already. He had even thought he was going to talk to talk to her about the issue, but not that it seemed an ‘uncle’ truly exists, he must be extra careful. Though, he still found it hard to believe, maybe because of the way she said it casually. “So, where do you stay?”

She replied him. “Do you wish to come around? My sister would even love to meet you.”

He chuckled. “Are you pulling my legs?”

“I’m serious. She’s always wanted to meet Fifehanmi.” She replied.

“Okay then, no problem. What about this Saturday?” He raised his brows.

She shrugged. “Okay, no problem.” 

“I’ll show.” He grinned. He was happy her sister knew him already, and would want to even meet him. That was a plus for him already.

“I’ll expect you, man.”

He nodded. When I’m not crazy, why won’t I come? 

** ** **

Ben had crossed his legs, waiting for Fifehanmi. He knew it would be either of two things, story or reality! He knew Fifehanmi though, he would definitely come back home with story. He had always come back with a story and never disappointed him when it comes to storytelling. 

He was checking some videos out on his personal computer when he heard the sound of the gate. He almost dropped the laptop when he felt he needed not to. He wasn’t really expecting a positive outcome, so why should be break the egg before he sees the groundnut oil? He focused his eyes on the door and finally it opened and Fifehanmi stood by the door as he saw Ben’s eyes focused on him. 

He was not smiling, neither frowning. He was as good as expressionless. Ben shrugged. He didn’t even need a soothsayer to tell him that he had come with a bad news. “How far, man?” He asked, shutting down the laptop.
Fifehanmi threw his hands into the air. “It seems she is engaged, Ben.” He replied as he walked to his side and sat down.

“You are not serious, Fife.” He gazed at him.

Fife smiled. “She told me I would meet him soon.” He paused and drifted on the chair, facing Ben too. “That means a HIM exists.”

“How did you ask her?” He constricted his eyes.

Fifehanmi shrugged. “She asked of my fiancé and I told her I had none. When I asked her of hers, she told me I would meet him soon.”

Ben hissed. “Was she on a ring?”

He shook his head. “I want to stop that mentality of ring, Ben. Not all ladies who are engaged use rings.” He spoke with a uniformity of emphasis that made his words stand out like the raised type for the blind.

“It does not matter, guy. Since she didn’t tell you she was truly engaged and she no ring, I doubt it.” 
Fifehanmi chuckled. “I doubt it o, Ben.”

Mba! I know what I am saying, Fife. You’ve got to give it another shot.”

“Which shot? You know what, I am as good as confused now.”

“You love her, don’t you?”

He nodded. “Obviously.”

“Try to get closer to her family. If she has a sister or better still a brother, try to know them more. When they love you, it will be easier for you.”

He suddenly remembered. “That’s true. She told me her sister wants to meet me, Ben. She has invited me to her place this weekend.” 

Ben grinned. “That’s your opportunity, man. Get closer to her, her sister and her all. Don’t worry, you’ll see lines fall in pleasant places.” He assured.

“Man of God. I’ll say Amen to your prayer.”

Ben chuckled. “Unserious shy boy.”

“That’s your business.”

** ** **

Adebisi knew she was going home to encounter another series of stories with Abigail. She knew her too well; she wouldn’t give her space until she discussed what happened at the lunch. She had been her closest pal that could speak to her though, although virtually every time, they disagree to agree. Adebisi remembered Fife’s looks as she drove into the compound. He was very handsome. He only wore a casual shirt and he was still looking hot in it. She knew no one needed to tell her how much Fifehanmi is more handsome than Pelz, but at least, Pelz was the main man and she still loved him. 

She walked upstairs and met Abigail in the living room eating popcorn. “Welcome, Ade.” She hardly let her shut the door before she greeted her.

Adebisi smiled. She knew her sister would have been waiting for her to come so she would hear the full gist. She wondered what she could do to her, whether to give her the false news or just snub her like she always tackled her on Pelz matters. She sat down and took off her shoes. “How far, babe?” She asked Abigail.

Abigail smiled. “I dey. How far, how was the lunch?”

“It was okay.” She shrugged. 

“Really? Gist me.” She dropped her legs from the couch and faced Adebisi properly. 

“He is not engaged, Abigail.”

“Really?” She smiled. “Did he say anything?”
“I wonder how I manage to forget my ring at home, girl. What do you expect him to say?”

“What is the business of ring with what is on ground, Adebisi. I know he likes you, he is probably studying you before he talks.”

Adebisi shrugged. “Call it off, woman! I already told him there is a ‘HIM’ existing.”

Abigail frowned. “Did you tell him he just proposed?”

She shrugged. “No. he probably didn’t believe me. At least I wasn’t on my ring.”

“Thank God. See, once you guys are meeting again, always remember to drop your ring at home. I don’t know the importance.”

Adebisi hissed. “You seem to be forgetting Pelz is in love with me and he’s got me first.”

“He doesn’t worth you, dear. Fifehanmi is better.”

“He even wants me to help him with Pelz companies, not knowing I am Pelz’s fiancé. He is coming here on Saturday.”

Abigail grinned. “Really?”

Adebisi nodded. “I told him you’d want to meet him.”

Abigail shrugged. “Why did you have to tie it at me? You should confess if you’re already loving this guy or not.”

Adebisi frowned. “So, because I invited him here means I love him, right?”

She nodded. “The fact that you added me to the equation means there’s something smelling fishy.”

Adebisi picked her shoes. “You are not serious.” She said and walked inside.

Abigail laughed. She knew what she was saying. She had seen a lot of love movies and even read a lot of romance novels enough for her to know the waves of love. She knew what she smelled and she knew love had been dispensed in the atmosphere. How she wished Pelz had not proposed! It would have been easy. 

She sighed as she imagined again. What if Fifehanmi has nothing in mind? She shook her head in disbelief. If he had nothing before, he must definitely have! He was too handsome and friendly not to have. Abigail already liked him, she wanted him for her sister, but she was still yet to uncloak the reality in her sister’s mind. Whether she was seeing what Abigail has been seeing or she’d still want that Pelumi.

** ** **

Fifehanmi grinned into Ben’s office. “We won the contract.” He said as he walked to a seat.

Ben chuckled. He knew they’d probably get the good news that day. Fifehanmi had been called before they left home that morning to report to Pelz companies for a meeting and he was just coming back. He didn’t even know what he would say, he just stood up, laughing. “You’ve hunted them down again!”

Fifehanmi shrugged. “It’s the Lord’s doing, Ben. I am so happy.”

“Thanks to your baby too, I guess she helped too.”

He shook his head. “No. she was going to help me but she hasn’t helped me. I know she would be happy we got to contract too.”

Ben smiled. He couldn’t just contain his joy. “Have you met with Mr. Kolade?”

“Sure. He said we’ll be having a meeting tomorrow. He was really happy.”

“It’s not easy to be the major supplier.”


“I just wonder if your passion for your job can turn out to give a passion for Adebisi too.”

Fifehanmi hissed. “You are an expert at killing joy. What has Adebisi got to do with what is on ground?”

Ben shrugged. “She’s got everything. Don’t you know the happiness it’d be to go home to meet your wife that you won a contract?”

Fifehanmi constricted his eyes. “Even if I have told her about my feelings, would we have married?” He questioned.

“I was only speaking in parable, man. I am getting married soon.” Ben spat out.

Fifehanmi was cold, glittering monotony like frosting around a cake.

** ** **

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