In the early hours of this morning as I sat in my bed, ruminating on how best to schedule my day; I had to go out, write one article at least, read a book, work on an assignment and other necessary things at large. It struck my mind, like I was a new born baby participating in the act of thinking for the first time; WHY DO YOU HAVE TO WRITE? I tossed the question up and down in my mind, looking for the right answer to this question of ‘why?’ It was as tactic as trying to pick a seed of bean from a bag of rice, as I kept on browsing through my mind, I realized that I had reality standing right in my face, staring at me intently. Another question floated in almost immediately; WHY are you even thinking about this? Then an answer came from deep within, smuggling itself in from somewhere I felt was far beyond my encumbered soul where my mind sits. From my spirit, I heard “because you have to be responsible to become established” I didn’t need and angel to give me an answer as to why I needed to be established because even the bible says “A double minded man is unstable in all his ways.” And I know that you know that instability would in the long run lead to a mighty fall, that’s the more reason why we have to pour a melted candle wax on the candle stand before attaching the candle firmly, establishing it, so it’ll not fall.

    I once heard a preacher say ” you are not a man until you’re ready to take responsibility” he went further to define responsibility in the simplest way I have ever known, he defined it as the ability to respond properly to situations, circumstances and whatsoever thing that real life presents. In other words he was establishing the fact that responsibility is two words in one I.e response and ability. The fact is that there’ll never be any need to respond to anything if there is no question, every response is as a result of a question once asked. The glaring meaning of all these is that; I am not a man, I am not grown up, I cannot be established in life, until I start paying attention to life’s real question: why??? It’s when I do this that I’ll be able to test my response ability and know what I need to do to get to where I am going from where I am now. The question – why? Is the question that precedes and opens the way for other questions.

Check out this conversation.

Tola: I am going to tobi’s place

Temi: why?

Tola:(stutters while answering)

He is my boyfriend

Temi: (frowns a bit) that’s why?

Tola: I don’t know I am just going ok?!

Temi: (sighs) ok

    All the why’s of temi forced tola to be totally responsible for her action, her answer was not “he called me to come” or “you sent me there” it was all on her, whatever happens afterwards would be her full responsibility. Not paying attention to the question of why, is just like been a playful baby sitting on a sandy beach not having any reason in particular for putting what is beneath him into his mouth. 

    As youths we need to start asking ourselves WHY? Now, so we wouldn’t have to ask later, because whether your childish little mind likes it or not, reality would one day stand in your face and ask you what you’re doing on earth. You need to ask: why am I living? Why am I homeless? Why am I a tout? Why is my parents marriage at the verge of breaking? Why am I poor? Why am I in this church? Why am I dating him? And a whole lot of other why???. Face real life in the days of your youth when your strength is still new. You just have to respond to something, if you don’t respond to anything, then you are as good as dead because even biology points out that living things respond to stimuli! What are you responding to? If nobody is asking you WHY? Ask yourself! You’ll never grow up until you start asking by yourself. Your parents asked you why? When you were young, they questioned every of your decisions, it’s high time you started doing the asking!

   Sweet heart, if you don’t ask yourself why? Now, you’ll never be responsible and if you’re not responsible you can never be established in life. It’s your answer to the question of why? That life throws at you, that’ll sustain you till you’re established. The answer to the question of why? Provides sustenance, in the sense that it’s that answer that’ll lead you to questions like; how do I go about it? Where do I start from? Who do I need to see? What am I supposed to do? And every other question that’ll lead to your place of destiny. The first question still remains WHY? Ask yourself why you are living, why you are where you are today, Why you are doing what you are doing, is it because everybody is doing it? Is it because you are intimidated, dominated or manipulated by someone or your environment? Ask yourself why you think your future will be bright? Are you responsible for your tomorrow? or is there a ready made excuse for failure lurking somewhere in your mind?

    You’re reading this article because I found the answer to my own question of WHY? It’s now for you to ask yourself why it’s happening that you are reading this article at this time, moment and stage of your life. Ask and check out your response ability.

    Luke 14:28 “for which if you intending to build a tower sitteth not down first and counting the cost whether he have sufficient to complete it”

 Prepare for an established life from now! Discover purpose! Ask why!


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