Eunice would never agree with Kate. They have never agreed on an issue and it was not looking as if they’d agree on this issue also. Kate had been arguing and trying to defend herself but Eunice would not listen! Why would she even listen? She felt she had heard what she has never heard before. She even felt it was a taboo or whoever involved herself was very stupid.
“Hear me, babe! You have done something wrong and you are still arguing with me!” Eunice shouted, breathing heavily. She felt like tearing Kate part. How could she do such a thing? How could she? She didn’t even tell Kate before she took the drastic step. Was she mad or something? Eunice had asked herself a million questions as she watched Kate with grimace.
“I don’t know what your problem is, Eunice. I see nothing wrong in this issue you have taken up as if I’m not human too. Wait, is it not blood that is flowing in my veins?” She attacked.
“I’m very disappointed to hear that from you, Kate! You have so much lowered yourself and now you are as good as cheap!”
Kate hissed. “Forget it! I cannot kill myself with emotions. At least, I have told you about the issue before and when I saw that we only keep talking about it almost every day and there has been no changes but it has only be waxing stronger, why wouldn’t I have done that?”
Eunice places her hands by her waist, standing akimbo. “I’m sorry to say, Kate, you are stupid!” 
Kate’s eyes widened as her mouth opened at once. “Did you just say that?”

Eunice shrugged. “What difference does it make? I didn’t abuse you, I only told you the fact! See. Stupidity is not an abuse, it’s an act one acts out. Believe me, if you see someone who told you about it, check yourself out and deal with it!” She plopped down the sofa.
“Sincerely, this is the height of it, Eunice. I don’t know what your own business is with my life? If a guy can walk up to a lady and ask her out, why can’t I express myself too when I’m almost dead with feelings here!”
“You are still repeating it, Kate. How does it sound? You have so much lowered yourself that… wait, what did Donald say after you told him?”
Kate clenched her fist. “I thought you were a good friend, but now I see that you have nothing good to offer but foolishness. If I had known, would I have allowed you to stay with me when you were chased out of the house? If your husband’s house was good, why are you not there by now?”
Eunice jumped up. “Am I the one who makes children?”
Kate chuckled. “Really? That’s why you were with him for more than two years and you never conceived, even once! Why would he not marry another wife and chase you out? Now, I have been your helper and you dare call me stupid?”
“So, because you proposed to a guy and I am trying to correct you, that’s why you have decided to mock me?”
Kate shrugged. “You mocked my emotions too!”

Eunice smiled and walked inside swiftly while Kate just sank in the sofa and breathed heavily. “Idiot.” She muttered.
Soon, Eunice walked out with two bags. “I’m gone.”
“Better!” Kate shouted as she watched her friend shed tears and walk out.

** ** **

The story really begins next week.

A story, A lesson!​


6 thoughts on “A STORY, A LESSON!

  1. Well, ion see reason y Eunice shud b shouting the problem with ds generation is we go with the world. And because we don’t do it ere doesn’t mean is a taboo. It is just u expressing how u feel to d oda person and it might even serve as a relief even though u guys don’t end up together. In the case of Kate, she may b relieved of the emotional sickness bcos she has already sed her mind to d guy. It is just like keeping malice with s1, once you let d pson know how you feel, there’s ds peace, am I ryt teedan? My point of view


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