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** ** **

The door screeched open and Fifehanmi walked out of the room. Ben almost disappeared as he heard him shut the door and turned his backward, smiling. Fifehanmi stared at him for a moment and shook his head, wondering how unserious Ben was. “You’ll have a date with her this Friday, Fife.” Ben said.
“I don’t want to, man. How can I just sit before her? She’ll even start suspecting from there.”

Ben frowned. “That is the main reason behind it, Fifehanmi! You cannot just wake up from this dream of yours one day and just tell her. Let her start seeing some things!” he rolled his fist and hit it on the sofa out of passion.

Fife was quiet for some seconds. “I don’t know why I’m scared.”

Ben smiled. “She has agreed though.”

Fife shot a gaze at Ben. “Huh?”

Ben showed him his phone. “Should I send this ‘I Love You’ message to her too?”

Fife rushed to his feet as his eyebrows rose; shock transformed his face like a younger child catching an older person’s foolish statement. He snatched his phone furiously at breath like a tiger snatching at meat, deleting the love confession. He stood before him like a little statuesque figure with his attention wrapped inside the chats he was reading. He shook his head and inserted a punch in Ben’s scapula. “You dey craze?” 

Ben grinned. “Hold your horses, man! I am just trying to help a brother.” 

Fife could not even explain how he felt. It was as if Ben had just let in confusion like a whirling flood. He sat down slowly, still staring at his phone. He looked at Ben again and shook his head. “Is this how you can help a brother, Ben? I never planned for this.”

Ben shrugged. “Your lack of confidence won’t bring any progress your way, Fife! It’s been as easy as a poet’s dream, now you have to put down what’s in your head and let eyes see. For how long will you be sitting there?”

“Okay then.”

“You should just pick a nice spot and you guys should chill out. Thereafter, you can tell her what you feel.”


Ben dashed to his feet. “Don’t return back to this house without telling her, Fife.” He walked inside.

Fifehanmi hung his head there like a dying flower. He was only occupied with the fear of her negative response. He didn’t want to face it again! No! It was becoming every time. But from the frame, the real response can also be predicted. She was already in love with Pelz.

** ** **

Fifehanmi picked up his mobile phone again and checked the chats. This Friday! He sniffled as he saw it again and dropped his phone on the table. It was just past eight in the morning, he was already in his office when it crossed his mind again that he had few days to Friday. 

Ben’s word re-echoed to his ears again. Don’t return back to this house without telling her, Fife. “Is it his love?” He muttered. He didn’t seem to know how easy it was for Ben when he met his fiancée. He only told Fifehanmi about it and phew! He already told the lady and she agreed. “Is it that easy? If it is, why am I still here?” He swooshed out breath from his nostrils and picked up his phone again. Friday! He hit the table and he heard a knock at his door. His gaze shifted to the door when Ben walked in. “Hey man!”

Speak of the devil! “Hey, Ben.”

Ben pulled out a chair and sat down. “Mr. Kolade wants to see you, Fife.”

“Ooh!” He recalled that he was meant to see his boss. “I want to tell him about Pelz Company.”

“What’s up with Pelz?” 

“So I haven’t told you about it? How could I remember, when you almost ruined my yesterday.”

Ben smiled. “I only helped you and it seems it has taken over you.”

“Shut up!” 

Ben chuckled. “So, are we having a deal with Pelz now?”

“I want him to give me a go ahead.” Fife replied.

Ben shrugged. “Okay. But do you have any connection with anyone there?”

“Adebisi.” He replied, looking away from Ben. He knew him too much, a wink would follow that name and he wasn’t ready for that. 

Ben chuckled. “Or is Pelz Adebisi’s husband?” 

Fife hissed. “You can now go, idiot!” 

Ben laughed hard. “We can’t tell, anyways. By the way, let her know you love her. You can start from there, Fife.”

Fifehanmi glared at him. “Don’t help a brother again, do you understand? A brother will help himself.”

“He’s not capable of it, Fife. Anyways, if that is it, I back out.”

** ** **

Fifehanmi stood before his boss, smiling. The man in his late fourties looked at him as he smiled and told him to sit down. “That was nice.” He said to hm.

Fifehanmi shrugged. He hadn’t mentioned a word since he got there, so, what was he talking about?

Mr. Kolade raised his head and smiled. “The meeting.” He clarified and continued, “What’s the assurance that Pelz will work out, Fifehanmi?”

“Absolutely sure, Sir. I have not failed before, you know?” He was sure of himself. He had been a big hit in the company that Kolade wouldn’t want to lose. 

“I trust you.” He said, smiling. “And how is she?” He asked him.

His eyes widened. Mr. Kolade was close to him though, but he had never asked him that question. She? Who is she? He wondered, so he wouldn’t even misinterpret what he meant. You know those times someone wants to tease you on something else and you end up telling them your secrets because you had a wrong guess?

He smiled like an unclouded sun and shrugged. “Mum?” 

Mr. Kolade grinned. “You know it gets to a juncture in a man’s life that no matter how much he works, win contracts and the likes, he has to have a queen in his palace.” He stopped abruptly and cleared his throat. “So, I’m only asking of the queen.” 

Fifehanmi laughed.

Mr. Kolade winked. “I’d love to meet her someday and congratulate her because she’s got a man who would hunt the world down for her.”

Fifehanmi continued laughing, just like an outburst of a bird from a tree top. “Thank you, Sir.”

“You haven’t answered my question, hunter.”

“There’s no queen now, sir. I.. you know..” he began to stutter.

Mr. Kolade laughed. “You can go, we’ll address this later.” 

He sprung to his feet. A great opportunity to escape from the issue he was shying from. He prayed later will never come as he stepped out.

** ** **

Adebisi’s eyes were fixed on the pool for a moment. She was like a snow-flake lost in ocean of thoughts as she rolled her pen in her right hand. Her book was on her thighs as she sat on the rocking chair under the small tree beside the pool. That was her usual spot to either think on a storyline or write one. She felt like doing something different that evening she got back from work.

It was just 6pm, she had left the office thirty minutes back and there she was, trying to get inspired. Pelumi flashed to her mind and she squinted her face. Her sister’s words found a way back to her mind. She wondered if he was really with some ladies. He didn’t look like someone who couldn’t do it, though. He had once asked Adebisi to take their relationship to another level through bedroom intimacy, but she refused. 

She shrugged as she uncovered her pen. Why did he get so angry with her? She didn’t feel like speaking to him. He didn’t even call back after then to speak with her, is something not smelling fishy? She wondered. She felt like writing a poem but she didn’t know what to write. She had always said it that she never wanted to be in a relationship with a guy she wouldn’t get married to. But she must been seeing what the future holds from now also! Is this it? She wondered.

Sometimes, you don’t see something from another perspective until someone shows you. I guess when you are shown, that becomes a threat to your own perspective about it. Or why would she have a paradigm shift since Abigail told her that? And Pelumi also caller her to vent his anger! Maybe there’s a link. She wrote on her book WHAT IS LOVE? SHOW ME LOVE. 

Her pen started dancing on the book as she poured out her mind. Shortly after then, she saw a car drive into the compound. It was Pelumi.

Pelumi? She wondered. She was angry with him! Yes, why would he just behave like that? Why? She quickly wrote ‘to be continued’ in her book and closed it. He had seen her by the pool side and was already approaching her side. “Hey, dear.”

She frowned, looking away from him. He should also know how she felt when he called her angrily. She was mum, staring at the pool. 

“Adebisi.” He called her name, smiling.

She could feel it, even without looking at him, she knew he was smiling. “What?” Her lashes fluttered.

Pelumi walked to the other side she was facing. She looked at him from his head to the toe and contorted her mouth. He was holding a bouquet of flowers with him. They are beautiful, Adebisi had thought. But even though they were beautiful, should she just forgive him like that? “Pelz!” She exclaimed as she clasped her hands together.

“How are you, baby? Are you still angry with me?” He was also handsome and lanky, but an Oga is always the master. FFifehanmi looks better than this.

“I’m really angry with you, Pelz. You didn’t even give me an avenue to speak before you turned things around yesterday!” 

“I’m very sorry, Adebisi. I lost a big contract. I never knew the contract wouldn’t be mine. I have never lost a contract before, not even when I’m the one representing the company.”

Am I meant to cool down now or add petrol to the fire? She wondered as she still stared at him with grimace. But he was back, begging, should she still keep the gentleman waiting? “It really pained me, Pelz. You successfully disturbed my mood yesterday.”

“I’m sorry, dear. I won’t be able to wait long. I just came here to check on you and to give you these flowers.” He gave her the flowers. “Do you like them?”

She smiled. “Yes. So where are you off to again?”

“I have to see someone. By the way, Adebisi, we’ll be going out on Friday evening. Just put on a perfect dress.” He smiled.

She chuckled. “Really? But I’m fixed for Friday night.” She gnashed her teeth.

“You can’t be, Bisi. This is an important outing.”

She pulled in her lower lip as she looked away. “Okay, I’ll reschedule my plan.”

“Thank you. So, I’ll pick you up Friday evening.” He said, set to leave.

“You didn’t even ask for Abigail, Pelz. By the way, won’t you greet Mum?”

He scratched his head. “I’m very late. Please, help me tell her.”

“Okay.” She nodded, standing beside his car as he entered and drove out. She waved and stared at the flowers, feeling better. She knew something must have happened the previous night. She shrugged; everyone is still in work in progress. She was not perfect and wouldn’t want a perfect man, “we’ve got to work everything out.” She said and walked back her seat. She had written few lines of the poem and she liked it. She sat down and continued.

 Show me love. Flowers have ways of making you smile and making you feel loved. 

He walked in and gave me the red flowers, showing me the path of love,

I couldn’t help it but smile,

If this is not it, SHOW ME LOVE.

She raised her head and saw Abigail drive in. she packed her book and the flower and walked to the driveway.

** ** **

Adebisi walked into Abigail’s room and sat by the edge of her bed. It was a big room, well decorated. You need not to be told it was for a make-up artist. It was painted baby pink with some designs on the wall. A big rectangular window stood directly adjacent the door, giving a view of the tree and part of the swimming pool. Abigail’s picture hung on the wall; she must have taken the picture when she was still in school too. At least, Adebisi was just a two years senior. 

“Did you see him?” Adebisi asked Abigail as she watched her change her dress.

Abigail threw her hand into the air. “Who?” 

“Pelz.” She replied.

Abigail nodded. “I saw him.” Yes, she saw him. But she wouldn’t want to talk about his case. It seemed she didn’t even like him. “So?”

“He came here.” Adebisi smiled.

Abigail’s mouth opened as she looked at her sister with surprise. “No, I thought he went there. Talk jere

Adebisi shrugged. “He came to apologise. He also brought me flowers.”

Should I now hug the transformer because of that? She wondered. “Congratulations.” She wore her sleeveless white shirt and shorts, walking to the chair near the window.

“What’s up with you, Abigail? Are you crossed with me?”

“I seem not to trust that guy, Adebisi. I don’t know why.”

“But he already came here to apologise, what else do we need from him? I’m sure he just returned from a journey, and this is not a journey by road but air! He has tried, hasn’t he?” 

Abigail shook her head. “Even if the journey was by sea, Adebisi, I don’t feel comfortable with him.”

Adebisi frowned. “Why all of a sudden? You’ve never told me this before.”

Abigail shrugged. “Maybe I just got my perception well sharpened.”

There was a short silence. “He said I should come with him for an outing on Friday.”

“And you will follow him, right?”

Adebisi shrugged. “We are talking of Pelumi here, girl. Do you expect me to give him a no?”

“Common now! What of Fifehanmi?”

“I have said it severally, he is my friend. I can always find another time for him. Should I now pick Fife over Pelz?”

“But he was the first…”

“-it’s okay!” She sprung to her feet. “I don’t know what’s wrong with you this evening. I don’t know when you developed a sudden resentment for Pelz too.”

“And possibly a sudden crush for Fife?”

Adebisi glared at her and walked out.

** ** **

Fifehanmi sat down and placed his food on the table. He looked at Ben for a moment and smiled. Ben wondered what was wrong with him, at least he didn’t do anything funny. He continued eating his own food as he waited for him to tell him what made him smile. 

“Mr. Kolade asked of her today.” 

Should he just act as though he didn’t hear that or also react to that? He suddenly remembered that Fife had told him not to help a brother and the best thing would be for him to be quiet.

“Ben, I’m talking to you, man!”

He shrugged. “I thought you told me already not to help a brother, so why am I involved in this case again?”

Fife chuckled. “Are you now serious about that? You should know I wasn’t serious.”

“So, who’s the woman he was asking you for?”

Fife smiled, “He said the queen in my palace.”

“Queen?” He grinned. “If he had known this is a boy and not a King, he wouldn’t have asked you.”

Fife frowned. “What is it now?”

“The truth has never tasted sweet.” Ben replied.

“Anyways, I told him no queen is in the palace of the King presently.”

Ben laughed. “But why would he be asking you about a lady?”

Fifehanmi shrugged. “I was as shocked as you were.” He wanted to continue talking when his mobile phone buzzed. It was Adebisi.

** ** **

It was finally the long awaited Friday evening. Adebisi was already dressed up. she stood before the mirror and adjusted her black gown. She looked elegant and wholesome. Surely, Pelz also saw something good the day he approached her. No wonder Fifehanmi also wouldn’t back off even though he was very shy. Though, she had called him and told him about the latest development, she had apologised that she wouldn’t be available that evening because she had a very important meeting with someone.
She used the muff to wipe her face again. She was also good at applying make-up on herself, why would she have a sister that was into it and she would be left out? She looked as beautiful as peacock, turning around to have her back view. “Nice.” She nodded and picked her handbag.

Pelz had called her earlier, telling her he was close to her place already and she should be fast. Ladies! They could spend an hour dressing up! Especially an outing with ‘boyfriend’ and not just anyone, a millionaire! 

She got to the living room and saw Abigail walk into the living room too. She had just returned from work and she looked tired. “I’m already going out, dear.” She told her.

Abigail stared at her face. “Whose powder did you use?”

“Mine, of course.” She replied confidently.

“It has never fitted you this well. Anyways, be good.” She dropped her bag on the sofa, walking to the Kitchen to find something she could devour

“Alright, bye.”

** ** ** 

Adebisi smiled as she hopped into the car. She could see how he kept glimpsing at her. She was indeed an epitome of beauty! “So, where exactly are we going to?” She asked him.

“When we get there, you’ll know.” He grinned as he drove on. 

They continued chit-chatting till they got to where they were going and both walked inside the big hall. Adebisi was shy as she saw the seas of head, but thank God she was walking with a rich and respected guy, Pelz. Finally, they got a seat and Pelz helped her with the chair as she sat down. His eyes darted round the hall, as if he was looking for someone. “I’ll be back.” He told her as he turned to leave her side.

The illumination was dim, she could hardly see faces properly. But she could see that the hall was beautifully decorated and everyone seemed taken by someone else. She sipped from the wine before her and turned to see where Pelz was, out of sight!

Adebisi was still wondering when Pelz walked across the stage. Her eyes were fixed on him as she wondered what he was doing there. He wasn’t the one celebrating and surely couldn’t be the anchor of the event, so, what’s up?

“I’d love to have Adebisi on the stage.” He said, smiling in his comfortable blue suite. He had a red bow tie on and a red lapel by his chest. His black Italian pair of shoes was shining as he stared into the audience, waiting for Adebisi to stand.

 He knew she would be very shy, but he couldn’t help it too, that was what he wanted. “Please, angel.” He said into the microphone, beaming.

Adebisi was as showy as damask rose, at the same time squirrels were not as shy as she was. Her eyes darted round the hall again as she began to take her steps. At least, it was a good thing to be known with such a hardworking and rich guy. He was handsome, a lady’s desire; he was fair and had a low haircut. He was just perfect! Just that he could be annoying at times

As she got to the stage, the light went off in the hall and after few seconds, a light so bright flashed on the stage and Pelumi was already on his knees. 

“I have never done this before even though I have been involved with quite a number of ladies. I have found none capable enough of stealing my heart away but you certainly did. Adebisi, will you marry me?”

** ** **

48 hours earlier….

“Hey, Dad.” Pelumi gulped down water as he placed the disposable cup on the water dispenser. He had been waiting for five minutes before he took the water. He didn’t want to go upstairs because he still had a lot to do in his bar house that evening. He had only come to visit his parents as they ordered him to come earlier that day.

“How are you, son?” He asked, approaching him in his brown kaftan. He was six inches tall and fair in complexion too, an average father liked his hair cleared off like his, he looked reserved as he sat down.

Pelumi had his seat adjacent to him. “What of Mum?” He asked.

“She’s resting. She returned from Germany some hours back, that was when we called you.”

He hit his head. “Oh… My bad! She told me she’d be traveling last week.” He just remembered.

“I know you have been busy and that’s part of the reasons why we want to see you.”

Pelz swallowed. He was trying to figure out why his parents would like to see him. Have they ever called him for something different before? He doubted it. The two have always called him to know his progress at work and also when he would settle down.

“Wife?” He shrugged as he let out.

“Exactly!” Mr. Makinwa nodded.

His face collapsed as if it were a pricked balloon. “Dad, if I had guessed right earlier, I wouldn’t have come.” He stated, looking pissed off.

“Are you serious? No matter how rich you are, I am still your father and she is also your mother!” He raised his index finger, pointing upstairs. “Thank God we are also rich and comfortable, in fact, richer and even at peace because two is better one!” He stressed.

Pelumi sighed. He couldn’t believe that he was sitting before his father for such a thing again! The last time it happened, he already assured himself he wouldn’t let it again, but there he was.

“For your information, I have called Charles and he will be taking over my companies in a month’s time if I see that you are not ready! In fact, he will be overseeing your companies, at least I opened them for you.”

Pelz jumped to his feet. It was a mixture of shock and anger as he stared at his father. What exactly is the meaning of this? He thought as he pressed his lips together like a hotdog pressed inside a bread. “Dad!” He hissed softly as he pushed his right fist into his left palm. “Are you trying to force me to marry now?”

Mr. Makinwa shrugged. “If that is how you see it.” He said and walked away, leaving Pelz standing akimbo.

** ** **

Pelz pulled out a barstool and sat down. He was livid! Very livid! How could his father tell him that? He wondered what he should do, he already have money much enough to set himself up again, but for how long?

He heaved a sigh as he looked at the bartender. “Give me red wine.” He said, still angry.

“Okay.” The bartender replied.

He was still trying to gather his mind when his phone buzzed and it was Adebisi. He stared for a moment before he hissed and picked up the call. 

He knew he couldn’t do well on that call, not even in that state. As he had known, the call ended adding more to his anger as he dropped the call. “Why did she call?” He lamented. He was served the wine and was about taking a sip when Tofunmi pulled a barstool too and dropped down. 

“What’s up?”

“I’m not good at all. I don’t know why Dad would want to force me to get married, it makes no sense! Like, it is meaningless!” 

Tofunmi chuckled. If there was anything he was sure of, Pelumi wouldn’t want any woman in his life as a wife anytime soon. They’ve talked about it a thousand times and he had always told him he had many ladies around him, so what does he want to gain from marriage that was not around? Food? He could buy! Money? He had always felt it’d even take from one’s pocket rather than add. So, what? Sex? He already turned that to a daily meal enough for him to get married.

“Guy, just calm down. What are your plans now?” He asked.

“Plans? I don’t think I have one.”

“Did he give you an ultimatum?” 

He nodded.

“When?” Tofunmi asked.

“You can’t believe it, a month!” He hit the table.

Tofunmi whistled. “That’s close!”


“I guess you have to bend now, Pelz.”

“Bend? Not only bend, why not bend down low?” He hissed.

Tofunmi grinned. “Do you want to lose it all? No! At the same time, you don’t want to bend? You have to pick one at this juncture.”

He sighed. “Does it make sense? You know I don’t have time for this, man! You know!”

“We can fake it, Pelz.” He paused as he watched his gulp down his wine and continued, “we can fake it! You’ll just pick Adebisi and have a fake wedding with her just to get what belongs to you and she’s off after then.” He suggested.

Pelumi was mum for a moment before he nodded. “That’s true…” He drawled.


“You’ve got a working brain, man!”

Tofunmi smiled. “So, are you in?” He asked.

“Sure.” He nodded. “But how do we go about this now?”

“It’ll start from a fake proposal, man. You have to propose to her very quickly.”

He thought for a while. “I just transfered aggression on her now. She’s even vexed with me.”

“Visit her and give her flowers. Explain to her that you were in a meeting and it wasn’t favourable, so you were angry. Just make things up, man! So, this Friday, we can organize a little show where you can propose… We’ve got to make it real!”

He grinned. “Thanks man!” He shook him.

** ** **

Pelumi never thought about what his friend just told him, that was just the perfect thing he could do, if he was going to have his way. He picked his phone and stared at Adebisi’s picture for a moment and shrugged, who know if she even resembled one of the many?

She obvious did! Or why would he have thought about using her as a weapon to get his father? He remembered Tofunmi’s idea again and decided he was going to get Adebisi some flowers and present to her. He already told Tofunmi to start inviting their friends for a party on Friday, there he would propose and the journey would just begin. At the end, he could just push her out of the house.

He swallowed as he dropped his phone and drove back home. He had told Adebisi that he traveled for a business because he didn’t want to see her. He just wanted to be alone for the moment and that was the best way to be.

** ** **


“I have never done this before even though I have been involved with quite a number of ladies. I have found none capable enough of stealing my heart away but you certainly did. Adebisi, will you marry me?”

Even if she had a ‘NO’ in mind, would she spill it out in front of everyone there? The decorations, preparations and the expectant expression was enough to even confuse if she was to give a negative answer. But, she didn’t have a negative answer in mind though. Even if they were there alone, she would still have given him her answer. “YES!”

The hall was filled with ecstasy as Pelumi slid the ring into Adebisi’s hand and hugged her firmly. The two stood on the stage for some seconds before Pelumi bowed, gleaming. He held Adebisi’s hand and walked her back to their seat, still smiling. It was a wonderful one! Adebisi could not believe that Pelumi was going to do that anytime soon. 

She grinned as she tilted her head. She was shy and obviously very happy. She didn’t want to raise her head until she sat down. At last, her mother would even let her be! She had been the Temitope Daniel of the house, always telling stories! She would never let her and Abigail be, especially Adebisi. Surely, the Yorubas always have a saying to their spinster – ‘Ile Obinrin kii pe su‘ (a lady’s time runs out quickly). But now, as the ring don enter the hand, she go let am rest.

It was as though she should disappear from there. Really, engaged to Pelumi Makinwa? Wow! She knew it might make the front page of the daily newspaper or magazines. 

And the merrying continued….

** ** **

Story continues. Please drop your comments below.


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