Josh and Ope

Ope had learnt a great lesson not to pay other people back in their own coins. Josh had surpassed her expectation that all she could do was to learn more from him. The work kicked off and the company was getting better because she had learnt how to be slow to anger, meek and forgiving. 
How fast time flies! She had worked in the company for a year and two months already before she got promoted. Josh had seen a whole lot of changes radiating her life and was convinced about Physics Newton’s first law of motion – except an external force acts on a body, it remains at rest.
He was just the force needed to keep her in motion and he thanked God he didn’t let anger snatch the opportunity from him. Anything that can be found outside God has one way or the other of snatching a part of one’s purpose. If he had looked her at with grimace that day and had sent her out of his office, surely she would have left, probably in tears but it would have caused her bitterness, and possible enough, her situation might have even worsened over the years.
Everything truly works together for the good of those who love God and are called according to his purpose! He needed not to look to far when he was searching for his wife now. He could see a beautiful and spiritually ‘up-to-date’ lady that he could roll with. Ope! 
Truly, if he had left her in her problem and had disgraced her, that doesn’t mean there are no more ladies in the world he could get married to, but which one would be like the one who have learnt who she’s meant to be under you and the one you showed a great way. This was a plus mark for him! 
So, it all started from a slap, to reconciliation, and now to love. Life is a process which when followed, a man will  not reach the end result! If you stop at one point along the line, you will not get the result you are to get.
I said something to some people yesterday. BEGIN TO BUY YOUR FUTURE NOW, IF YOU WAIT FOR LATER, YOU MIGHT BE BUYING WHEN SOME PEOPLE ARE THROUGH! Don’t just stay there and feel you know all, you act the way you feel and the likes…
You are the master of your game, but a game is more interesting when played with someone or some people. You can’t live in this world alone! You have got to create an atmosphere around you that will make you survive.

The End


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