Episode 3 – Josh and Ope

Ope still found it hard to believe that Josh just told her to resume work. What! Was that real? She didn’t know if she should be happy or even sad. Who knows if the reason behind his approval was so that he could deal with her very well. Should I rejoice or just shun this job? She wondered as she stood up and walked round the living room. 

She had no choice. For how long would she just sit at home and wouldn’t do something? She had searched for job over and over and got none. A first class student for that matter! She shrugged. “I have to do this.” She said to herself.
** ** **
Ope was dressed up in her ash skirt suite as she entered the company. It was just some minutes past seven that morning and she already met Josh’s car parked in the parking lot. She sighed as she stared at the car for a moment and cloistered inside the company. She greeted the secretary and headed to Josh’s office as she was directed. 
Fear ran through her spine as she was about to knock the door. She couldn’t tell if that was a blessing or what? She wished she never did what she did that day. She couldn’t look into Josh’s eyes the other time; she surely wouldn’t be able to do so again this time. She just sighed as she eventually knocked and entered.
“Good morning, Sir.” She greeted as she entered.
“Josh.” He replied her, raising his index finger as his head was buried in a book he was reading. He dropped the book slowly and revealed his face. “I am Josh.” He replied.
“Sir?” She didn’t get the sermon behind that. Should she address him as Josh or what was he insinuating? 

“I said my name is Josh, don’t ‘sir’ me.” 

“Em.. okay, S..” she was about to mention ‘sir’ again.

Josh smiled. “Welcome to our company. You have been employed as the new general accountant of the company and you’ll be working with me.” He addressed her.

Did she hear that or it blew past her ears? “Huh?” her eyes widened.

“I don’t know why you suddenly turned to be like this. I have always known you to be an iron lady.”

“I am sorry about that day. I was on white and…”

“No excuse! Excuse is a spirit and those who possess it don’t go higher. Or should I say it takes them a month for a day’s accomplishment.” He replied.

Her head dropped. “I never knew I could also do that.. my hand just moved.”

Josh chuckled. “A hand doesn’t just move.” He began to move his hands in different ways. “Raise your head and look at me.” He said.

She raised her head and stared at him as he moved his hand in different ways. “I determine the movement of my hands, it doesn’t determine itself. I have been given that ability. So, if I have been given the ability to move my hand anytime, anyway and anyhow I like it, I also have the ability to control my thoughts and actions.”

Her head dropped down again. “I’m into it today.” She muttered silently.

“So, there is no excuse because you have the authority over yourself to do whatever you like and what pleases you.”

“I’m sorry, si… sorry, I’m sorry.”

He chuckled. “Like I said earlier, my name is Josh and I know you are Opeyemi. I know you must have been thinking I wouldn’t give you the job, right?”

She was silent.

Josh laughed. “There is no reward in repaying evil with evil. And I believe if you want a change, set the mark!”

She was still silent.

“I am a very free human being, Ope. You can walk up to me anytime you need one thing or the other. So, I’ll just show you to your office now and introduce you to other staff members later.” 

“Okay.” She replied.
** ** **
You determine your actions, if you don’t, it determines you. 

A man without self-control is like a city broken into and left without walls. Proverbs 25:28

You don’t pray over what you are meant to pay over. Pay the price to be responsible now because prayer will take you up there, something will keep you there. What’s the thing? Search your mind and work towards it.

That a man erred you doesn’t mean he should be killed. Wait, death is not just leaving this realm into the spirit world! Once you delete the person from your own world, you have killed the person yourself even though he is living. Why? because every benefits and lessons he or she is meant to learn from you to go higher has been withheld from him or her. Don’t you know you are a source to someone just like someone is like a source to you. We form a chain.. a bond.. once there is a breakage, you cannot go forward too, even though it might looks as if you are going, your ‘unlimitedness’ turns out to be limited. You have restrictions and an end whereas you are meant to be unlimited in life.. soaring and flying!
Get it now! If you wait for later, you would have wasted much time.

Story Continues next week…

Temitope Daniel Abimbola. 


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