The Holy Scriptures; An Agent of Transformation 1

We will be having series of teachings via this platform by the grace of God.

But, first may I identify key points:-
1) The series of studies won’t be based on any denominational doctrine but strictly based on the word of God.
2) It won’t be a medium to tackle any denomination or doctrine, but, we might counter some errors in some teachings. Not to insult any ministry.
3) We know in part, so it is highly encouraged that after each study, we go to pray & study more as people did after Apostle Paul taught in Acts 17:11.
4) Lastly, we trust God that the teachings would be constructive & properly structured.
Now, What is the Bible or The Holy Scriptures?

Why should I study it?.
The Scripture or Bible is a book that contains the Word of God written by men under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit.
To an unbeliever, the Bible grants wisdom that leads to salvation according to 2nd Timothy 3:15 & Acts 8:29-38.

It also convicts sinners of their sins leading to godly sorrow which then leads to genuine repentance (2nd Corinthians 7:8-10).
Then, to a believer (one who has received & accepted Jesus Christ), the Bible is to transform us not just to inform us (2nd Timothy 3:16)
According to the aforementioned verse…The Bible is profitable for doctrine (i.e teaching the truth), for reproof (i.e rebuking errors), for corrections & for instructions in righteousness .

What is the aim of all these?

The next verse; 2nd Timothy 3:17 answers the question.

“That a man of God may be perfect, thoroughly unto every good works”.

That’s the transforming power of the Bible.
How then do I study the Bible?

How can I be transformed?

What is the Word of God?
We continue from there next week. 

God bless you.


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