Thank God! Its another friday! It is precisely the last friday of this month. Usually, every parent should be expecting bank alerts from their various places of work and every child would have had a ‘spend mum and dad’s money’ budget. Well, the way things are going in Nigeria ehn! We might not have much of that; no money every where and recession is biting people badly. However, i was informed recently about a wedding that is to take place during the early feburary of thisyear. I was trying not to think of how the wedding would be financed. Just then, the wedding of Bayo and Francisca that took place sometimes back, when there was no recession, came tumbling into my mind.

Francisca had changed from her white gown to the pink colour, long and slited gown specially sown for her reception. She locked her eyes with Bayo’s and beamed a type of smile that made her dimples twinkle. She held the piece of cake between her thumb and index fingers. She watched the latest bridegroom open his mouth, with his bright red tongue clinging to it’s lower part. The croud cheered. She was about to dip the cake into his mouth when a maid appeared from behind and whispered to them “There is no more drink, what do we do.” Bayo’s opened mouth quickly formed words “That must be lie! Everything was well planned out in such a way that we can’t run out of anything.” The crowd cheered on wondering what was causing the delay. “Sir, I am serious.We have stopped serving since.” The colour of disappointment was drawn on Francisca’s face as she dropped the cake on the plate beside her. People wondered what was going on. Bayo dipped his hand into his pocket, searching every part of himself. “Do you have any thing on you?” he asked Francisca.

“If you mean money, I have nothing.” She looked around and met stares. “Bayo do something fast. This is really embarassing.” She whispered again.

I am so sure that if that scenerio had happened this period, in our time and age, some one in the croud would have said “wo, serve us water jare, it’s understandable. There is recession.” Or like my mum would say, “aye buhari, aye iya!” meaning that a type of life governed by our current president, is a life of suffering. Lol
Well, Bayo sprang up from the king sized decorated chair and ran towards the back of the hall, Francisca sat glued to her seat. She heard someone say – what kind of hopeless oko-iyawo is that?” the person was apperantly calling her hubby a ‘hopeless bridegroom. She fumed on her seat.

“Sir, you don’t have to come, a man offered to take care of the drinks already. He has ordered for packs of wines.” An attendant announced to Bayo as he motioned towards them. “Wow! Wine?” He was shocked. “Yes, you should go back now.”

 He walked back confidently and relieved, it’d have been shameless for him to start calling his parents or Francisca’s parent at that time. They had contributed their best to the wedding already. He hoped to meet his impromptu saviour at the end of the ceremony. 

The master of the ceremony was already on the podium and was doing his best to put everything back in order. Bayo sat beside his bride and whispered. “The situation is under control.” She flashed a broad smile in response and relaxed on the chair.

Even if there is no recession, some of us would still run out of money and other basic needs because we do not have our situation under control. There is no man at the back of our hall. Although right now we blame our been broke on the current goverment; but some of us were still broke before this goverment came to play, even without Buhari we’d have still been a ‘hopeless oko-iyawo’. So it’s beyond ‘Aye buhari!, it’s about who is backing you up. If you have Jesus has your back up! Trust me! You can never back down.

In spite of the hardship of this present times, people are still making it, some people’s tithe are increasing. So it’s not about who is in the goverment, it’s about who is governing your life. We can live without been hopeless if we put God in control of our finance and every other thing. No matter who the president is,


Jesus is your back up! Trust me! You can never back down.

 you should still be able to confidently write out your budget without considering scale of preference;

because God is capable of providing all your needs according to his riches in glory. 

Story – excerpted from Bible story of wedding at Cana of Galilee


1) how would you have felt if you were in francisca’s shoes? 

2)What would you have done if you were Bayo?

3) what is your point of veiw about proper financing in this present time.

Lets talk!


6 thoughts on “A TALK WITH OYIN.

  1. Answers to your questions
    1. I would have felt the same way Francisca felt or even worse
    2. For Bayo, I would have done what he did.
    3. Balancing my finances this period & still getting the best out of life even if there wasn’t recession, hmmmmm……I’m very sure that there are people that are still as rich as were even without recession & they are some that still experiencing massive breakthrough during this recession period. The first step is to quit complaining & blaming anyone just like u earlier said. Jim Rohn (America’s foremost business philosopher) once said ‘you must take personal responsibility of whatever happens to you because you cannot change circumstances, the seasons, or the wind but you can CHANGE YOURSELF’.
    Changing our mindset is the key, d scripture says let us lay aside every weight & anything you lay aside, you don’t take a second look at it, you forget it totally & focus on great things before u.
    Also, believe in yourself even in this period & let that create a passion in you & drive you into ‘doing what we enjoying doing & not just what we lay our hands on’. Let’s begin to think more on how to come out of this mess instead of thinking of the mess itself & let’s always have this in mind that:
    ‘The significant problems we face cannot be solved by the same level of thinking that created them’ – Albert Einstein.
    Thanks for that Oyindamola, it just created a deeper passion in me. more ink to your pen ma.


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