This lady in my office? Josh’s eyes widened as he saw her enter. did he really see correctly or should he put on his glasses? He had been using the pair glasses for a while now and has never had a challenge of using it when he saw someone. He had problem with reading, not people’s faces. 
Ope too was as good as a mouse in front of a cat when she saw him. she couldn’t run away, neither could she disappear. She had to face the music. this music, however, is not a danceable one, she was confused, No! She was shocked, or should i say she was in trouble!
Josh swiveled his chair again as he stroke his beard and scratched his head. The best thing he felt he could do was to hear her out first. He was a christian, in fact, a worker! The bible study coordinator of his parish! He had been teaching people about forgiveness, wow! So this is  practical of what he had been teaching, right? He couldn’t help but stare at her, she was beautiful, had a nice redolence but her character! Can i even work with this lady here? He asked himself as he shifted his gaze, tilting his head. he should be! Didn’t he read from his bible as the bible study teacher that Jesus worked with all kinds of men? 
“Hello.” He finally said, forcing a smile.
“Em… good.. em..”
“alm down, miss! oh, sorry, who knows if it’s a Mrs.. but just calm down.”
“Good morning, sir.” She replied.
Josh smiled. “Hmmm… Are you here for the job or what?” 
She wondered if it was not obvious she was there for the job, but obviously it was already looking as if she was out of the way already. She didn’t want to come, she really didn’t! She wanted to focus on her confectioneries but her friend wouldn’t let her. She wanted her to also work as the confectioneries would just be a ‘by-the-way’ thing. She liked the idea and followed, but now it seemed she had entered a wrong office. 
“I am here for the job, Sir.”
“Let me see your credentials.” He said as he stretched his hand to collect her papers.
His eyes widened as he saw them. “First Class?” 
She nodded. “Yes sir.”
Wow! That was the only first class he was able to interview! How could she have a very nice result? He didn’t want to unmask his surprise, so she wouldn’t feel as though she would get the job. Would he not give her? She looked chubby, beautiful, had good credentials and what’s lacking? SELF CONTROL!
“This is a very nice one. As I was even instructed by the management, a first class student would be needed.  But, I believe first class alone does not make one fit for a position, character and self-control too should be alive in one.” He paused and continued.  “What makes you think you are fit for this job?”
“I am fit for the job not only because I am a first class student but because I know how well to interact with people around me and get my job done.” She replied.
“Interact? You interact? How?” 
She shrugged. “I’m sorry about the other day, Sir. I won’t lie to you that I have anger issues but I need this job desperately.” She told him.

He smiled. Should he form as though he knew not what she was saying or should he just spill the bean? “Anger issues? But how come someone with anger issues can interact with people? You guys are going to fight!”
“Not in this case, Sir. No one will misbehave when he knows that his feeding and survival depends on his cooperation. I also guess it will be avenue for me to change, Sir.”
“You have been using SIR for me since, just because of the job, right? Can you really remember that day? You slapped me twice!” 
Her face fell. “I… em.. sorry, Sir.” She began to stutter again.
“Just calm down. Pack your credentials, we’ll call you if we need you.” He addressed her and faced the laptop before him, trying to act as though he was really annoyed.
She began to pack her things and stood up slowly, looking so sad as she walked out of the office. Josh looked at her and shook his head. Now, her head was already in his pocket! He could do and undo, but which would pay them? She was fit for the job and she already apologized. She looked beautiful and neat, but her CHARACTER!

** ** **
Ope retired to the sofa and laid on it. Her eyes streamed down tears as she remembered the day she slapped Josh. she had never thought he would be the one to give her job the following week after the incident. Though, Josh wouldn’t be the first person she would be slapping, she had slapped a lot of guys, especially ones who had come to ask her out without knowing her! Such things annoy! You don’t know me and you want to be my own? Are you serious? She always get mad at those ones and she was a type that couldn’t condone nonsense! Not, Ope!
Her mind drifted back to the day she abused her father. She abused him over a little issue and didn’t mind to leave his house. She was in her final year then and she needed money for her project that wasn’t forthcoming, so she got angry. It was difficult for the man to send her out of the house since she was the only daughter and a first class student! Her mother couldn’t talk to her, even her two brothers also, she was like a terror! “Have I really been like this?” she asked herself as she thought about it again.
She swallowed as she stood up. So, this job is also gone! She had been using her legs to sweep the streets and roads just because of job and a first class student has been denied job almost everywhere. Here now! CHACRATER! She didn’t feel like eating. She had lost her appetite already and she couldn’t go to her friend’s house, she would just start bombarding her with talks about Josh and she might be tempted to vex again. WHAT DO I DO? 
Her phone buzzed. She quickly reached for it and saw an unknown number. She dropped it and plopped down the sofa again. She wasn’t in the mood to speak to just anybody. The call ended and it buzed again. “Who be this one sef?” She contorted her mouth as picked up the call.
“Hello, this is Josh. Am in on to Miss Ope?”
Her eyes widened.  “Yes.” She replied.
“You are to report to the office Monday morning. Congratulations, you got the job.” He told her.
“Yeah, bye.” The call ended.
** ** **
Story continues next week.
That a man erred you and you have the key that can bring him very down does not mean you should! You are not meant to act because you are not the creator, only a creator of something or someone has a legal access over it. If you notice, if you buy a phone and you take it to an engineer, who opens the phone and repair it before taking it to the factory or where it is bought, it cannot be collected from you again. Why? you took it to someone who’s not the maker. You are not meant to bring a man down because he has wronged you in the past. That can be your avenue of changing the person’s life!
A leader takes people to where they want to be, a good one takes them to where they ought to be! Watch the story unfold as we learn more lessons from it.


4 thoughts on “A STORY, A LESSON! 

  1. Wow!!! He is a good boy & a practical Christian at that. Imagine he didn’t give her the job & one day he was taking Bible study & she was seated in the congregation? She will block her heart…etc.
    Learnt a lot today.


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