​THANK GOD IT’S FRIDAY!!! Wow!! Another week is gone again.

Okay, this is supposed to be a talk with oyin.

My name is Oyindamola Bolarinwa, I am a beautiful  Princess! Lol…don’t bother about the kingdom I come from, it’s mind blowing!
So, what’s on my mind? 
Hmmm… I don’t know if you’ve noticed all these Bokoharam and fulani broadcasts that’s flying every where. Whatsapp o, Twitter o, Nairaland o, Facebook and who knows, maybe on 2go sef. Saying that we should pray, about how they’ll soon kill us, that we’ll soon blow and all that. You should have seen it, something about our president trying to pass a grazing bill. I am not saying that all these are lies. But I feel something about these messages are wrong, my own point of view tho. I think it’s not balanced
Truly we need to pray, but I do not see how those type of scary messages would help us. It true that a lot of countries have been islamised but can we say that they did not pray? who wouldn’t pray at the face ot death. I  am sure they sent millions of those fear inducing texts all round calling for people to pray. But it didn’t help. Some people will die out of fear even before they are killed by bomb blast.
Fear doesn’t make us pray, it makes us mutter rubbish out of worry, when even the bible says ‘be anxious for nothing, with prayers and supplication make your request known unto God’. Prayer out of fear isn’t PRAYER it’s murmuring. You just talk and talk and feel you’re talking to God and then you get up STILL SCARED. When you pray; you should feel peace


If we are going to live through all these, it’s going to be by Faith because the Just shall live by faith. When a friend came around yesterday, she was like “Did you hear about the school they blew up at maduguri! These people are serious o, they’ll blow of us. Even the fulani’s around us are killers” I was just like  “when they blow all of you, only me will remain.” I meant it. First they told us of how God will kill us in we don’t transfer broadcast messages, now they are making it look like we’ve lost Nigeria already. Nobody is talking about end time soldiers that God is raising, we just keep exposing our fears like these people are not also on social medias; They see our hopelessness daily. Someone has to send a message of hope, we need churchill’s and Gandhi’s to arise and tell us that we’ll survive no matter what, Fear kills! Faith keeps us alive! Prayer out of fear fails, prayer out of Faith works. 
What Oyin is just trying to say is that we should give this nation hope, don’t tell us of our slim chance of survival, tell us that God is capable! Give us strength with your words that we may able to stand and pray in faith,that  we may be able to preserve the peace of Nigeria in unity and love. Let the writers write; but write well, Your message is not challenging us to pray if it’s full of fear, it’ll challenge us to pray when you tell us how big enough God is to handle this.  Abi what do you think?
Let me know your point of view . 



3 thoughts on “A TALK WITH OYIN. 

  1. Well said..Miss Oyin
    Really love your perspective…
    Men of this part of the world are living by Fear not by Faith.
    But, how can men erase their fears & embrace Faith…Miss Oyin?


  2. Thanks Mr Makinwa….that’s a catchy question…i should be able to do something on it by next week….hmmm….how do we trust God for our nation


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