** ** ** 

She walked briskly, trying to pass that side before the car rushing would meet her there. It wouldn’t even be good at all! Like, it wouldn’t be alright. She was clad in her newly bought white gown with her red high heel shoes. She was looking beautiful and classic but her car just developed a fault she couldn’t fathom and it just rained! 

She was looking very angry. Anyways, if her car didn’t develop the fault, her face still wouldnt have been anyway better! She was used to it already, or maybe people were used to seeing her like that already, never smiled! Many often wonder if she was alright, why would she always look teed off everytime? Why! 

If and only if Josh had known, he would have been more patient. But, he also woke up late and he already met seven missed calls of his boss on his mobile phone. He could only describe himself as good as dead. He couldn’t call back and he couldn’t waste anytime because he had to present some important contract papers that would be needed that morning. 

He had lost himself in thought world, wondering what made him sleep overtime. Actually, he had never won the most punctual staff in his company before, but, he was always punctual too. Unfortunately, he was also late the previous week! He ate a heavy food at night and slept off… his no-nonsense boss already queried him. Now, another one after the following week? And even missed calls? She must have needed the contract papers! 

The missed calls he met flashed back to his memory and he marched on the accelerator, forgetting that he was still on the street, and not just any street, muddy one! On the other hand, Miss White… or Ope was on her way to her friend’s place to continue learning her confectionery. She also had an outing with her friend at noon, not just an outing, but a classy one. Dress code : White Gown. 

She had spent on buying the gown and he red accessories. Her bag was also a red one that she held with her left hand as she trod on the muddy ground slowly. She hated rain! Don’t even talk about mud! But she couldn’t get a cab anywhere near until she reached the junction. Something had told her to wear her casual dress and change her clothes at her friends place, but she also thought it’d be better to be done once and for all instead of running up and down when it’s time. 

So, the journey continued as Josh fast-tracked into the muddy water and it SPLASHED on Ope’s WHITE GOWN. I can only describe this as gobe as Yoruba people would call it. Or we call it WAR if we are to go by our term. But, WHY? 

Josh quickly pulled to the other side of the road, driving himself out of his thought into the reality that had just showed it’s face. Did I just do that? He squinted his eyes as he got down from his car and looked at Ope as she looked INDESCRIBABLE. He quickly crossed to the other side to meet her when he swayed in the sudden grip of anger. 

“I’m very sor.. ” he hardly completed his statement when she forgot her hand on his face. He was on his knees, on the road! With an angry broken roar, like billows on an unseen shore, her fury burst! “You must be crazy.” She said as she took the hundredth gaze at her dress. But, it had just one minor stain, it could be cleaned easily. 

She didn’t even know herself. She thought she was already immersed in the mud and her white had turned to brown. Nevertheless, why would he just rush on that type of road and stain her? She raised her hand to land another baptism of fire on him when Josh grabbed her hand. “Hello, it wasn’t deliberate! I already apologized, even on my knees! And see, the cloth has no stain apart from this small one that can…”

He couldn’t finish the sentence before he was immersed in the hot fire again. Would he be beating a lady outside? He shook his head and turned to leave when he saw people already gathering and chattering. Each one was passing his or her own view on the scene. He hopped into his vehicle and drove away. 

** ** ** 

Just a week later… 

That scene had already turned to a season film to Josh. Surely he couldn’t finish seeing it! It kept on coming back and again as if a highlight of a goal was shown again in a football match. Me, slapped? That would be his first time of meeting her though, but it wasn’t a nice of meeting. 

He could also remember what he met in the office when he got there. Thanks to God for the slap too, what would he have said that’d have made his boss not worry to deal with him again? He only heard that’s a very good one, in fact, the lady did not slap you hard enough. Next time, you won’t get to work very late! 

At least, it turned out to be a blessing in disguise. If not, what if he was sacked? Or queried? He couldn’t tell any other person apart from his boss, they’d turn him to a laughing stock! But who is she? He wondered the umpteenth time. It kept coming back everyday till this day again? He couldn’t even place his hands on the exact reason why it flashed back again that morning. He was just about to interview the new job seekers in the reception when it flashed back. 

He just sighed as he called the Secretary to send them in one after the other. He kept on interviewing each of them until the seventh person knocked. “Come in.” He said and swiveled his chair. His eyes widened as the fellow entered. Who entered? 

Are you thinking it was Ope? You’re wrong!  It was a young man with a seriously wrinkled dress that entered. What! How could someone in search of a job dress this poorly to the interview? Josh had thought as he swallowed. This one don lost this job, already. He had muttered as the guy sat down. He felt he needed not to waste much of his time. He only checked his credentials and told him he could go. 

He was still lamenting in his angry state, wondering why someone would come for an interview like that when the last participant entered. He dropped his pen and brushed to his feet. 

Are you still guessing it was OPE? 
Surely you are right! Ope Davids entered the office, in search of the job! 
.. story continues next Wednesday. 9AM. 

Now, the main purpose of this story is not to laugh or smile or for entertainment alone but because of the lesson one can tap from it I might not be able to really talk on it today because I want you to keep wondering what would happen in the office that day. But would love to have your comments. If you were Josh, what would you do? You can comment below… lessons drop next week. 


12 thoughts on “A STORY, A LESSON! 

  1. Woah!…ope fell ma hand sha…if she got stained and didn’t react, it’d av given the guy goose bumps… buh naw dah she reacted, she iz at his mercy…josh! Can u hear me? if she is capable give her the job…she’ll owe you for life

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Ope was too rash in her decision making. Haba!!… Hot Slap? Anyways as a perfect gentleman as Josh was, he should just allow Ope work & even become friends with her. With that they will even get better as friends.
    Anticipating next week…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. It is normal for every person in ope’s condition to react buh not to the extent of slapping the pson u are just meeting for the first time. Well, If I were to be in Josh shoe, I will make her beg and make her realize wah she did was bad buh if she proves stubborn, no job! Shikena! That is why we should always think of the future B4 reacting, u never can tell whr u guys gona meet later in life. Buh Josh, biko, forgive her

    Liked by 1 person

  4. if i were josh,i wont even think about it and ensure she gets the job then allow her conscience to kill her.am not God now so no need to revenge on my own,God has done me ell already that is why she was brought to the company i work for, for a job interview.May God spare us beyond

    Liked by 1 person

  5. if i were josh,i wont even think about it and ensure she gets the job then allow her conscience to kill her.am not God now so no need to revenge on my own,God has done me well already that is why she was brought to the company i work for, for a job interview.May God spare us beyond


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