Adeolu walked into his office and retired to his seat. He wondered what was going on and what might want to happen. He stood up and walked to and fro the length and breadth  of his office, buried in thoughts. Has Felix suspected anything about me? How did he know that they might be involved in the death of Williams? He had thought, clenching his fist. 

He gave a deep sigh and sat down. He needed to be sure of certain things so he would act foolishly. He knew Felix very well, he had worked with him before on a case and he was very hot. I think I have to see these guys again. He said and dashed out of the office. He looked around and couldn’t find Felix’s car again. “Thank God he has gone.” He hastened to the interrogation room to ask the officer the cell he took them to.

He hardly waited for the officer to complete his statement when he rushed to the cell. “Ray.” He called.

Raymond walked  to the cell gate and stood before him. It was only Raymond that was in the cell. “What of Kate?” He asked Raymond.

“How do you expect me to know?” He lashed back. “You acted as thought you didn’t know me there, Adeolu.” He laughed and continued. “I only give you till 24 hours, if I don’t get out of this place, I will pull you into this place too.” 

Adeolu heard footsteps and quickly stepped backward from the gate. His eyes darted round but it was all quiet. He felt he was probably imagining it. “Calm down, man!” He said as he looked back again. “You better don’t say rubbish here because no one will believe you. Everyone believes I am a good officer and I have nothing to do with fools like you. See, that’s the reason why Felix called me. It will be the best thing for you to keep shut and face your music while I strategize on how to get you out of here. If you feel you can give me an ultimatum, you will be shocked you’ll rot here while I enjoy my life out there.”

Raymond  chuckled. “What is your plan now?”

“The best thing that can happen is for you to go to court on Monday as Felix had said. From all indications, you might either be sentenced to life imprisonment or death by whatever mean, that’s where I will intercept. Whether to pronounce you dead and let you escape or something.” He explained.

“How do you think I can trust you, Adeolu?”

“Just try to. If I am not willing to help, I would be in my office now.” He quickly looked around again. “So, deal?” 

“Okay.” Raymond replied.

“What of Kate?”

“Leave that one, let her die in the prison here.” Raymond replied.

Adeolu shrugged. “Okay, I have to leave now because I must not be found..” he hardly completed the statement when he heard footsteps from the same corner again. “Wait, it’s like someone is there.” He said and quickly rushed there but didn’t find anyone. He rushed to the interrogation room too to order Vanessa to be taken to a cell.
** ** **
Daniel had called Felix that new morning to know his plans. He wished to see the face of the murderer. “Bring David.” Felix had told Daniel.

Oyin just brought some food for David when Daniel got to the Clinic. He stood before them and watched David as he ate slowly. He smiled, wondering that David could be that gentle in his life. He had always flagged himself as a tough guy, but now, toughness departed as the knife pierced through him.

“How are you, dear?” He greeted Oyin.

“I’m good.”

“David, we’ll be visiting the station today for you to testify against the Kate in question.” He explained.

“No problem.” He smiled as he handed the plate to Oyin. “I’m okay.”

“You just took five spoons of the food and you claim you are okay?” 

“Doctor already told me to take more of hot liquids than this. By the way, I must not eat  too much so I don’t end up in another state.”

Daniel smiled. “The food will waste, maybe I should help you keep it in my own stomach.” He collected the plate from Oyin and started eating.

Oyin chuckled. 

“Daniel, whoever sees you will think he has seen a Samaritan, but they are wrong. So, you can’t encourage me to eat more?”

“Encourage? You should know I can’t. I have always been looking for way I can retaliate for the number of times I have cooked in that house and you guys will leave me to the work.” He laughed as he took the spoon.

“Very unserious.” David smiled.

“I already met with the Doctor and he said they’ll provide us with a wheelchair. He’s also coming to check on you to discharge you.”

“Really?” Oyin was happy.

Daniel nodded.

“What of Mike.”

“He had to attend to some things this morning. We’ll either meet in the station or at home.”

** ** **
Felix had been in his office for some minutes before he strolled to the cell Raymond was kept and checked on him. After sighting him, he walked to the female cells and checked Kate there too. He wanted David to arrive before he’d call for the two of them. He was really enjoying the case and it had been interesting, not with his own recording of Adeolu with Raymond the previous night. 

He had parked outside so that Adeolu would think he had gone and he returned, knowing fully well that he was going to visit the cell one he leaves. He played the recording again but he couldn’t hear them properly. He knew if he used an amplifier, they’d be heard properly.

He was still busy with that when the door was knocked. “Come in.” He relaxed his back as he waited to see who it was. “Oh, welcome, Daniel.” He stood up as he saw Daniel.

“Good morning, officer. How are you?” He asked.

“I’m fine. Are you here with him?” 

Yes.” He nodded. “He is in the car .” He added.

“Okay. Maybe you will bring him to the interrogation room.” He was walking outside.

“Same one?” 

Felix got that he was trying to know if it was the one Vanessa was taken to. “No. There are more than one here.”

“Okay.” Let me follow you to know the one.

** ** **
Daniel and David were already seated  when Raymond and Kate were taken inside the room. “She’s the one!” David hardly let her inside the room before he shouted.

Felix chuckled. “Can you see that you’ve not even entered before you were recognized.”

Daniel stared at the two and smiled. “So, what’s the next thing?” He asked.

“They will be charged to court on Monday. Kate will be take n to the lab for blood test so as to confirm the blood on the fork also. They will be presented in the court.”

“But I heard Vanessa’s case is also Monday, what will happen?” He asked.

“I will meet with the D.P.O today. I am considering it if the two cases can be merged together since they are murderer cases and  some other things you know.” He raised his brows.

Daniel understood. He knew he was trying to talk about Adeolu’s case..

“Okay then, let’s hope for Monday.” He stretched his hand and shook Felix.
** ** **
Daniel rolled from one end of the mattress to the other overnight. He had been anticipating Monday so much as if his life depended on it. It really did though, at least Vanessa was involved and he knew he also had an ulterior motive at the back of his mind. He hopped into his car and drove out of the house.

Mike had led the way with David with him in the car. They were off to the court to know what’s up. Daniel had complied the videos to a folder on his laptop and a disc also. He had also collected the voice note from Felix after their discussion the day he had gone to meet him at the station. He had met with the lawyer in charge of the case and explained to him everything he also knew and what he had done so far. He was eager to see the shock on Adeolu’s face as the case unfolds shortly.
…story continues…


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