Debbie walked inside the interrogation room with the lawyer. “Welcome.” Vanessa greeted her. 

“Sorry, dear.” Debbie walked to her side and smiled.

Vanessa smiled as she greeted the lawyer. “Good evening.” 

“Good evening. You are Vanessa, right?”

She nodded.

“What of the officer?” Debbie asked Vanessa because Adeolu was no longer on seat.

“He left this place some minutes back with that woman.” She replied. 

“I’m Barrister Edward.” The lawyer said as he stood before Vanessa. “Debbie has told me a lot about this case and I can assure you, it’s just a matter of time, you will be out of this place.” He told her.

Vanessa smiled as she looked at Debbie. “Thank you.”

Debbie shrugged. “Are you alright?” 

She chuckled.

“So, since there is a witness against you, the case will be considered true, but it is left to us to present our own evidences too in court.” 

“Court? So we’ll get to the court?”

He nodded. “Yes. That is the place for them to be dealt with.” He replied.

She sighed.

The officer by the door opened the door and peeped inside to see what was going on. He didn’t want to allow them inside the room before, but when he knew the lawyer could see her, he allowed them. They focused their attention on him as he opened the door and shut it after some seconds of looking at them.

The lawyer sat down. “I will still have to meet with Daniel, am I right?” He asked Debbie, not sure if the name she had told him earlier was Daniel.

“Sure, I told you already. He is Temitope Daniel.” She replied.

“Oh, yes.” He recalled. “Okay, I will see the videos in question and he might also have the things that can be of help.” He hardly finished when the door opened. It was Adeolu.
** ** ** 
“Do you know you are crazy, sha?” Raymond faced Kate.

Kate shrugged. “Are you mad? Who is crazy? Why did you open the gate for them?”

“And you keep asking me the foolish question. Even after opening the gate for them, why didn’t you shoot them?”

She was surprised as she opened her mouth. “Now I believe you are running crazy. I mean very crazy. How do you expect me to know? Have you forgotten how you left me in the room, or what we were about doing?”

“How did they also manage to know much about us if not for your carelessness.” He blamed her.

She clapped her hands together. “Am I the only one in this game? What of that foolish mother of yours, don’t you know how much she has been walking with that other officer, didn’t I tell you to warn her to be careful? She even said she went to the house of that actress, you are both mad.”

They were still shouting when the door flipped open again. There stood Felix, staring at them as if his eyes were boring through them.
** ** **
“Hello, how did you enter?” Adeolu walked in.

“At least there is an officer by the door, who else allowed us if not him?” Debbie shot back.

He chuckled. “I won’t say anything, you will still come back begging.” He replied.

“Good evening, Sir.” The lawyer greeted and introduced himself. 

“Welcome, sir. We are charging this case to court on Monday, Sir.” He announced.

“Okay, no problem. I just want to see the witness and get to see my client better.”

He shrugged. “Sure, no problem. If I’m to consider this lady, I won’t allow.” He pointed at Debbie.

“Anyways, it is her right under the law; I have to see her and the witness.” The lawyer replied.

“I will fetch you the witness.” He said and opened the door. “Why did you let them in without my permission?” He accused the officer by the door.

“Since it was the lawyer, I allowed.” He replied.

Adeolu hissed. “Get me the witness now.” He ordered and the officer dismissed.
** ** **
“There is nothing better than this, guys. Will you confess or you still have a lot to hide.” Felix smiled. He hadn’t heard a lot, but he knew they were blaming each other.

There was a brief silence before he sat down. “You won’t want to talk, I know. Anyways, he will monitor you as you write the statements. I know one day is for the thief and another day is for the owner.” He smiled and walked out. 

He wanted to go to meet Adeolu to tell him he had found something interesting, the link between the two cases. He wanted to play his game smartly that he wouldn’t notice that he knew anything about the cases. As he got to his office, he was directed to the interrogation room and he went there. As he entered, he met the discussion between the lawyer and the witness. 

“Hey, Felix.” Adeolu smiled as he saw him.

“Let me see you.” Felix called him. “I have found something interesting. I just got the suspects of the case I’m dealing with and I guess the lady might be the one who killed this man in question.” He told him.

“Really? You are mistaken then. It’s that lady there that killed the man.” He pointed at Vanessa. “That’s the witness, he worked with Williams before he was killed.”

Felix looked shocked. “I never knew. I thought she would be the killer because from all indications, she is likely to be the attempted murderer of David.”

“Let me see them.” Adeolu said and followed Felix.

Felix smiled. He was trying to pull some strings.
** ** **
Adeolu startled as he saw Raymond and Kate on seat. He just quickly broke it off so he wouldn’t be noticed. Felix felt it was another way of getting another evidence against the three of them. “These are the guys.” He showed him.

“How sure are you that they are the ones?” He asked.

Felix shrugged. “From all the evidences against them, it is getting obvious.” He replied.

“Evidences like?” 

“We met guns and other ammunition in their house when we went there to search.” He replied. 

“But that is not enough.” 

“She has a punctured wound and according to the victim, he said he stabbed the lady by her hand with fork. Invariable, her blood is already on the stained fork and we have gotten the details needed. She will go for the test tomorrow also.”

Kate stared at Raymond and the two stared back at Adeolu.

“He also met the lady at Continental palace and I have met her and this guy there several times. I have even have their pictures in case they want to deny.” He replied. “So, let’s get to see her blood result before we finalize.”

Adeolu was dumbfounded. “You have done a lot, Felix.” He kept glancing at the two on seat too. 

Felix smiled. “Have they called their lawyer?”  He asked the junior officer he left with them.

“No. They were about calling him when you walked in.”

“Really? Have you gotten the mobile number of the fellow?”

He nodded. 

Felix collected the phone from the officer. His inward intuition told him they gave the officer the mobile number of Florence and not a lawyer. “Hello.” He said as he picked the call and heard the voice of a woman. He smiled and ended the call. “Can I use your phone, Adeolu?” He asked. He only wanted to confirm that he was being true. 

“Sure.” He gave him his phone.

As he punched the number in, it flagged the name. “You even have the number of the lawyer.”  He announced.

Adeolu almost shivered. “Really? He quickly collected the phone. Ooh, this is the number of the woman whose husband was killed now, Felix.”

“That same case?” Felix asked to confirm.

Adeolu nodded.

“When did she now become a lawyer?” He asked. “Who is the woman to you?”

Raymond grinned. He was quiet for a moment before he spoke. “Guy, you are smart.” He clapped his hands softly and continued gleaming.

“Who is she?” He asked them again.

“That’s my Mum.” He replied.

“Really? Does it now mean Adeolu does not recognize you?” He faced Adeolu.

“Not at all.” 

Felix shrugged. He wished he could smile, but they could suspect him. “Okay then, just carry on with your work.” Felix told the officer and faced Adeolu. “Let’s go.” 

“Okay.” He replied and they left.

Adeolu didn’t know what to do exactly.
** ** **


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