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Felix felt as if he was handed the key to his destiny as he got the warrant. He read through it, gleaming. Picking up his phone to call Daniel, he almost fell by the drainage he was crossing. “I have gotten the warrant and I will get the officers now.” He told Daniel and waited for his response before he ended the call. He could perceive that Daniel was also happy he was able to get the warrant, and it was as early as possible. 
In no time, he called some officers he would work with and explained to them what they were going to do and where they were going. They loaded themselves in their van while Felix hopped into his car and led the way. Off to Florence’s house.
** ** **
Daniel walked into the ward. “How far, guys?” 

Mike smiled. “We’ve been good, man. How far with the case?”

Daniel walked beside David and placed his hand on his forehead to feel his temperature. “Is he getting better?” He asked Mike.

Mike nodded.

Daniel spurted out air from his mouth loudly and sat on the plastic chair beside the bed. “The case is getting hotter.” He started explaining their progress so far to Mike. He was still on that when David sneezed and his eyes opened. “Bless you.” Mike said.

“It’s not right to say bless you, Mike. How many times will I tell you it’s meant to be take care?”  He laughed as he spoke.

Mike chuckled. “As if that will add to my bank account.”

Daniel continued his explanation. “Felix has gone to the guy’s place with search warrant to search the house, and I think if he finds anything unlawful, they will ride on judgment’s wings.”

David sighed. “Thank you, Daniel.”

Daniel touched his hand. “You have always caused me trouble dear, no need to thank me for this because I know the latter will still surpass the former.”

They laughed.

“You are not serious. Now, what about your movie project, Dan?” David asked.

Daniel stood up and walked to the other side of the bed, where Mike was standing. “I know both the director and even the producer will be tired of me and Debbie by now.” He grinned. “They have no choice, they have to wait.” He replied.

“So what of other actors?” 

He shrugged. “Do you know during the course of shooting the movie – Boys Before Flowers, that Geum Jan Di lady had an accident and the movie was on hold for many months, that’s if not a year.”

“At least, she had the accident, not her friend.”

“My friend and I are of the same flesh.” He chuckled.

“Thank you very much, Daniel and Mike.”

The two looked at themselves and laughed.

“You will be needed at the station, David.” Daniel told him.


Daniel shrugged. “Probably to identify who stabbed you.”

“Kate.” He replied.

“We don’t know her, you still have to identify her.”

** ** **
“Are you afraid?” Adeolu asked Vanessa.

Vanessa shook her head. She reached for her mobile phone in her handbag and her hands free so she could listen to music. She felt the atmosphere was too boring for her. She really wished Debbie and Daniel were back with the lawyer and the case got dismissed as quick as possible.

Adeolu had been staring at her for some minutes, wondering why she wasn’t afraid. He couldn’t see any fear written on her, she looked so sure of herself that could even listen to music. He wondered if it was because she knew Daniel and Debbie who were influential. 

He just chuckled, even knowing the senator won’t bring you out of this. He said within himself and opened the file before him.
** ** **
Felix and his men already got to the front of the building. One of the officers knocked and Raymond came out to open the gate. He didn’t really press to know who was at the gate since he was expecting a visitor. He was shocked when the gate was flipped as he opened it. “Who are you?” He shouted. 
Some officers also entered while some stood by the door. Felix also entered and flashed the search warrant to his face. “Please, let us do our work.” Felix said and went inside the house with three officers. They were about entering the living room when they saw a gun on the center table in the living room. They jacked backwards, shocked. Felix wondered if there was another person in the house or he was the only one. As he entered with his officers, one of them used a glove and picked the gun, dropping it in a bag with him. 
“We still need to search more.” Felix said, dispatching them into three two rooms he saw from the dining room and he followed them, so he could enter another room. He opened the door and pointed the gun inside. He met the lady on the bed, putting on her panties alone in the room. He quickly jammed the door and waited for some seconds before he opened it again. He believed at least the first time was impromptu; she’d have used a cloth or the duvet to cover herself. He opened the door again and she was not on the bed.
As he entered into the room, a heavy wood landed on his back and he fell. As he fell, Kate ran out of the room but got into the hands of the three other officers. Felix had managed to stand up so he could run after her when he saw that she had been taken care of. She was already on a wrapper then.  “That’s how you’ll get to the station.” Felix said, holding on to his neck. His hand could not reach his back.
He was about entering the room again when he asked the officers if they found anything. “We found nothing.” They replied.
He entered the room and started searching. He was able to get wraps of marijuana and picked another gun. He picked the two laptops on the mattress and gave them to the officer with the bag as they stormed out of the rooms to the compound. “Bundle him to the van.” Felix told the officer outside as he still saw them at the same spot, holding Raymond. One of the officers was also holding Kate as they walked to the van.
** ** **
Felix couldn’t wait to get to the station. He had called Daniel again to update him on the latest development. He didn’t know it would be as fast as that, but it seemed lines were already falling in pleasant places for them. “David is not needed now, we can’t really do much today.” He had told Daniel when he asked if David should be brought to the station right away.
He stood by his car when they got to the station, watching Raymond and Kate as they were taken inside the station. He went to the D.P.O’s office to let him know he had gotten the suspects of the case on ground. He quickly walked back to the second interrogation room to meet with Raymond and Kate. At least, it was obvious they were into unclean business already. 
He plopped down the swivel chair and smiled. He stared at the two sitting before him and clenched his fist. “My name is Officer Felix, what is your name?” He asked Raymond.

There was silence for a while before Raymond spoke. “I am Ray.” He replied.

Felix chuckled. “Even if you are a particle, you better tell me your name.”

“Raymond.” He replied.

“What about you?” He asked Kate.

She replied. 

Felix smiled. He stood and walked to his office as quick as he could so he could pick the file of the case. The ecstasy had made him forget the file in the office. As he got back, he met Raymond and Kate discussing, but they kept shut as they saw him. He smiled and sat down. “Do you know this guy?” Felix showed them David’s picture.

“No.” They chorused.

Felix smiled again. He was trying to study the countenances of the two of them. They looked rather too serious to be doubted that they know David at all. “Are you sure?” 

“Yes.” They chorused again.

Felix shrugged. Perhaps this was what they were talking about when I went outside, to give a chorus answer. “How did you get this wound?” He asked Kate.

Her eyes widened. She looked at the wound and tried to figure out a suitable lie. She could see punctures and didn’t know the best thing to say. Raymond’s response interrupted her thought. “She was bitten by a dog.” 

Felix chuckled. He couldn’t help himself but just smile at their lies. He knew they didn’t know he already knew a lot about the case. “But I didn’t ask you.” He faced Raymond and returned the gaze to Kate. “So, what happened?”

“He already replied you.” She replied.

“So, you were actually bitten by a dog, right?” He asked again.

She didn’t respond.

“Okay, have you taken anti rabies?” He asked.

“Sure.” She nodded.

Felix constricted his eyes. “Wow! Which Hospital administered it?”

She was blank. She glimpsed at Raymond and back to Felix. “What does my wound have to do with you? Why are we here?” She exclaimed.

“You are here because you are not clean!” He replied with heaviness of voice. “The best thing for you is to tell me the truth, the more you lie, the more you lengthen this case, guys! I already know a lot about you, and by the way, David is not dead. He will be here tomorrow.”

They laughed. 

“Oooh, I’m now funny, right?”

They kept quiet.

“Officer, please get their statements and if they need to make a call, please help them with that and lock them up.” He said and walked out.
** ** **

… continues tomorrow…


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