​In the book I released with Bolarinwa Oyindamola –UNREQUITED. I wrote a revelation in the book which is very real and true. I just woke up that morning and was quickened to go on a prayer walk but it turned out to be a meditation walk. As I was going, Holy Spirit was explaining something to me. Let me share the vision again – You have been hungry for days, and I mean terribly hungry for days. Now, someone comes from somewhere with a sweet smelling rice that has assorted meant on it, it has salad, it has everything you can ever think of on it. You become so attracted! Now, there is another man standing beside him with a key, telling you the key is the key that can open every door where you can get food anywhere in the world. Whether IT IS cooked or raw.

So this journey is also. I know everyone will pick the man with key. But some might not be able to explain the reason why they will pick this man with key and go with him. Let me explain some things to you. Now, the food you are served will finish that day. You will eat to your satisfaction, truly but it can only last you for a moment before it gets digested and the unwanted part of it get egested. 
But following this man with key gives you the guarantee of feeding firstly on MANY ALTERNATIVES, secondly FEEDING FOREVER. Howbeit that the first man is limited because you can only eat few things. Even though, it has assorted meat and the likes, it will still finish! But, you can get to eat assorted meat every day when you follow this man with key because whatever you want, you order whenever you want it.
Now, Jesus said I am the way, the truth and the life! Wow! That is the revelation of that verse. The only way you can pass through to get whatever you want in life is Jesus. The only truth that can set you free because the word says you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free, is also in Jesus! Listen, the only life you can live that will bring fulfillment to you and everyone around you is also in Jesus!
I have found out that there are many ways in life! There exist a lot of ways and one is free to pick whichever one that pleases one. Not all roads take you to your destination! Only the right road will take you to the right destination. What is this right destination you are aiming at? You want joy, greatness, you want peace, you want wealth and you can continue naming the things you want from now till forever. Only the right road can take you to this DESTINATION because as many as they are, they all stand at just one destination! The only road is Jesus! Can I shock you? The destination is also Jesus! Because as much as he called himself THE WAY, he also called himself THE TRUTH {that sets one free} and also called himself THE LIFE. You can only pass through him to get what you want! 
But sins cause a break between the two of you because he loves sinners but hate sins. So, if you turn away from sins, you have the privilege of enjoying everything you want because he is ALL THINGS! 
This is a welcome back to breaking free. You will get to see more of God as we go on to divide the word of God. There are too many deep things there, in fact it’s depth! Because deep can only be gotten from depth!
God bless you.


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