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Adeolu was still staring at Vanessa when they heard a soft knock at the door. Adeolu nodded, giving the officer by the door the order to open the door. The door was opened and Daniel came in with Stella.
Vanessa smiled as she saw the two. “Hello.” Daniel greeted. 

“Good day, Daniel and Debbie.” Adeolu responded. 

“How are you, Vanessa?” Debbie asked, giving a cheeky smile. 

Vanessa grinned. “I’m bouncing.” She replied. 

Florence contorted her mouth on her seat. She kept wondering why Vanessa wasn’t afraid. She shrugged again, thinking it must be that so she wouldn’t be suspected at all. She interrupted her thought again shaking her head – She’s not the killer though, but can’t she be scared? She just kept staring at her and sometimes glance at Adeolu. 

“It’s obvious.” Daniel smiled. 

Adeolu made some sounds to let Daniel and Debbie know he was still on seat. He saw that the two focused on him as he sounded and there was silence. “So, I ask again, Ibrahim are you sure she’s the one you saw? ”

Ibrahim was taciturn for a moment, he peeked at Daniel and back at Adeolu before he nodded. “Yes.”

Adeolu threw his hands into the air, showing an attitude of -nothing more to show the truth. 

“You aren’t saying anything, Madam Vanessa.” Adeolu said, placing his hands on the table gently focusing on her. 

She smiled. “Maybe he saw the wrong person or he’s now suffering from amnesia.” She replied. 

Adeolu chuckled. “If a man is suffering from amnesia, he’s not going to remember anything at all, not to talk of him remembering not only your name but your face and also you act.”

She chuckled again. “I didn’t kill Williams, I can’t even dare it. He has done for me more than me ending his life. By the way, I am a Christian and not just one but a believer who loves God. I can’t put an end to a man’s life just like that when I’m not out of my mind.”

Adeolu smiled. “I just keep wondering why it is you he’s talking about and no other person.”

Daniel interrupted. “Can there be an evidence better than this?”

Adeolu gazed at him. “Is this not concrete enough?”

Daniel nodded. “Obviously.”

“There’s a witness already, Mr Temitope Daniel and medically, he’s now sound.”

“Meaning?” Daniel shrugged. 

There was a brief silence before Florence interrupted. “Meaning that she killed my husband, my loving husband.”

Debbie hissed. “Can we have something that’s more real than your lamentation, ma?” She addressed Florence. 

Florence hissed. “I’m not shocked. Birds of the same feathers flock together,” she said and sat down. 

“So, what is the next thing, Officer?” Debbie asked Adeolu. 

Adeolu beamed. He had thought he had gotten them at last, he had wanted it to get to  point he would be asked for the next step. He drifted foward on his swivel chair and gazed at Debbie. “It depends if the family of Mr. Williams is not interested in the case or not.”

“Not what? We will fight this to the end!” Florence exclaimed. 

Daniel chuckled. “So, let the case begin. May the better man win.”

Adeolu smiled. “I pray.”

** ** ** 

Felix had still not gotten the arrest warrant he needed desperately. He had ready met with one of the senior officers who had signed his request. He was only waiting for the warrant to be issued and the case would continue. 

He couldn’t wait for himself to confront the murderer. It might earn him a plus in office, he had thought over and again and had made up his mind  to do all he could to make sure Vanessa wouldn’t land in jail as well as the culprits making it to their right destination soon. 

Felix had been wondering what the interrogation with Vanessa would have been like already. He knew Adeolu well, not even with the new stunts he was pulling, he’d try everything within his reach to make sure wish comes to pass. 

** ** ** 

“I’m afraid she has to be detained.” Adeolu said.

“That’s not possible!” Debbie hit the table. 

“No, it’s already possible since a witness has shown up, but we haven’t gotten the real evidence. By the way, Officer Adeolu, I heard a strand of hair was gotten at the scene, has the test been carried out?” Daniel asked. 

Adeolu sprung to his feet. “I won’t entertain any of this again. Please get a lawyer to get through to her. The case should be charged to court next Monday.”

“Okay.” Daniel said. “Let’s go, Debbie.”

“Really? Are we going to leave Vanessa here? She didn’t kill that man and has no right to sleep here overnight.”

Vanessa chuckled. “Don’t worry, dear. The light shines in darkness and the later cannot comprehend it.” She assured her. 

Debbie smiled. She held Vanessa’s hand and rubbed it affectionately. “We’ll be back with the lawyer.”She promised. 

Vanessa nodded. 

Daniel had just been staring at Vanessa for a moment, wondering how he got so much involved in her case. She was looking so beautiful in that state. Daniel didn’t know how to explain the chemistry going on in his mind, but he knew it’d spur him in getting her out of the place as quick as possible. “Let’s go.” He told Debbie again as he led the way. 

They left. 

** ** ** 

Daniel kicked the engine and placed one of his hands over their steering and the other over his mouth, thinking. He had told Debbie to get her lawyer while he tried to work with Felix to know how fast he was moving. 

He couldn’t place hands on the actual thing he was thinking about, but he knew he was indignant to see Vanessa in that state.

He picked his phone and dialed Felix’s mobile number. Felix told him about his present state and assured him he was going to get the warrant that day. As Daniel was ending the call, his phone buzzed. It was his mother’s call. 

Daniel didn’t  know whether or not to pick it. He eventually picked it and hoped she wouldn’t tell him to come over. “See me today.” Her mother had told him. Daniel just shook his head, wondering why she wanted to see him again. 

He reluctantly drove on to her place. 

** ** ** 

Without too much prediction, Daniel could say that his Mother would just want to see him based on the case he was involved in. He parked outside the building but didn’t alight from the car. He had an urgency in his spirit to get Vanessa out of the detention as quick as he could. 

He got down after some minutes. He met only his mother in the living room. He greeted her and had his seat.” What of Lola?” 

“She went out to get some things.” She replied him. “How is your friend? Is he better?”She asked. 

Daniel nodded. “He’s still there though but he’s respondingto treatment.”

“You don’t seem happy, what’s wrong?”

Daniel shrugged. “We are still on the case of that murderer.”

“Tope!” His mother exclaimed, dropping the remote on the table. “I didn’t even know you’d come here as I called you, I never knew. Why are you too involved in a case that it not your business? I already sent your sister to you to talk to you but you are still involved.”

“Mummy Tope! Maybe you should calm down.” He paused for a while and continued, “this is a matter that concerns me so much. If I fail to involve myself, I might as well be killed.”

“God forbid! I don’t know the meaning of this that you are saying, emi o ni foju sunken omo o” (I won’t cry over my child.)

So, calm down then. Don’t you know the person doing all these things is doing it to people around me, with time it will get to me.”

“Gbe enu e soun!” (Shut up!) She faced Daniel and focused her attention on him. “I have told you to stop making negative confessions to yourself. You can’t be killed. Don’t you even believe your God again?”

Daniel chuckled. “That’s not what I am saying Mum. I know those who know their God will be strong and shall do exploits, but all the same, we’ve got to always remember to back our faith up with work because faith outside work is death.”

“What of that lady?”

Daniel smiled. “She’s fine. The officer in charge is trying to manipulate the case, Mum.”

“Have you even told her anything about marriage?”

Daniel’s eyes widened. We are talking about murderer, Mum is talking about marriage. Daniel said within himself as he chuckled. “No, Mum. The issue on ground now is not about marriage, she has to leave the station.”

“Where did you keep your faith that she’ll be acquitted? But what happens after that?”

“Mum, let’s wait till after that.”

His mother just looked away from him and focused on the television. “Have you eaten?” She asked. 

“Not really.”

She glared at him and stood up, most possible she was heading to the kitchen. 

** ** ** 

…. story continues…. 


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