Vanessa came out of the room and got Daniel off focus. She was dressed moderately in a black gown with her pair of wine ear rings and her hair was combed to the back as usual. There was nothing so spectacular about her dressing but Daniel couldn’t take his eyes off her as she tried to pack the hair. 

Daniel could see a white dirt by neck and swallowed as he stood up and clenched his fists. Vanessa raised her head and stared at him to see why he stood up, perhaps he thought she was through and he was going to his car. She saw him coming near her, looking innocent. He suddenly started stretching his hand, this got Vanessa shocked. She wondered what Temitope Daniel wanted to either touch or remove. He finally removed the dirt and showed her. “Maybe cream.” He said and smiled as he turned around to his seat. 

That made him remember a Korean actor that he really liked his personality. He liked frustrating ladies, especially if he was alone with a lady. He’d act as if he wanted the lady badly, whereas he only wanted to either remove a dirt or show the lady something. He had a pure heart, trying to communicate a pure message in an awkward way. 

Daniel grinned as he plopped down the sofa again. He glimpsed at Vanessa again, this time his short glance met her stare. He focused his eyes and wondered why she was staring at him already. She just smiled and rubbed her hands together. “I’m ready.” She informed him. 

Daniel smiled as he nodded. “What of your handbag?” He asked. 

“Em… Daniel, I haven’t seen Bennie for days now, I hope he’s going to understand?” 

Daniel nodded. “I’ll call him, don’t worry d…” He paused. He wanted to call her dear,but it seemed he was shy. He just drawled and itched his right ear. “Don’t worry about that sha.

Vanessa chuckled. She really got that because it was obvious. She just walked towards him. “Thank you so much.”

Daniel shrugged. “If I don’t, who will?”

Vanessa smiled. “Let me get my bag.”


** ** ** 

Daniel wished he could follow Vanessa down to the station, but he didn’t want to appear in the scene yet. He wanted her to go while he met Felix at wherever they finalize to meet. 

He had called Felix when he entered into his car and he told him where they’d be meeting.

Vanessa was in her own car, driving by the Greenview road when she remembered how Daniel wanted to glimpse at her and the look on his face. She smiled. He’s not serious.She said jokingly as she drove on. That was the third time she’d be remembering how he stood up and came to remove the dirt.He’s nice, but is this just a camouflage? Does he want anything really? She wondered. 

She suddenly came back to her normal self and laughed. She had been thinking about Daniel since she left home! That shouldn’t be! She cautioned herself. I’ve got to start thinking of officer and what I’ll meet, she had thought as she drove on. 

Her car finally came to halt in front of the station and she came down like a queen. Daniel had made her to be as bold as a Lion,  she knew she wouldn’t go to jail, which assurance did she need that was more than that? She smiled inside the station and demanded to see officer Adeolu. She was directed to the interrogation room. He had already told the sergeants they should direct her when she arrived. 

She knocked the door nimbly, waiting for response. She finally heard Adeolu tell her to come in. She pressed her lips together as she opened the door and came inside. “Good morning.” She greeted. 

“Welcome. You may be seated.” Adeolu told her. 

She sat down as she scratched her eyebrow, feeling comfortable on the seat. “I’m here.” She finally said after few seconds of silence. 

Adeolu cleared his throat so loud as if a car was trying to get out a mud it got stuck in. “I called you here because some things have to be clarified. The maid of William is now conscious, in fact, he’s here.” He stopped abruptly, waiting to see her reaction. 

Vanessa kept staring at him, she didn’t utter a word. 

“Hey, get me Ibrahim.” Adeolu called one of his junior officers by the door. 

“How is his health now?” Vanessa asked Adeolu. 

Adeolu shrugged. “He’s better now, but I just invited him here so that this case can be solved without stress.”

Vanessa smiled. She folded her hands across her chest, awaiting the presence of Ibrahim when the door was opened suddenly. She was surprised to see Williams’ wife walk in briskly. She frowned as she saw her. No manners at all,  Vanessa had said within herself. 

“Officer, how far? I am here.” She said. 

“Welcome ma, please take your seat.” Adeolu smiled. He pointed to the couch near him for her to sit on. 

“Who is the killer? What of the maid?” She asked again. 

“Just calm down, ma. I called you here because the maid is now conscious and the suspect too is here.” He replied. “You see..” he was about saying another thing when the door opened again and the officer came in with Ibrahim. 

** ** ** 

“Welcome, officer.” Daniel shook Felix as he got to his side. They already finalised to meet at the restaurant again. It seemed the place was the best place for them to always meet. At least no one knew them, except those who always come to Temitope Daniel for autographs and to appreciate him. 

“I am sorry I kept you waiting.” He said. 

Daniel shook his head. “That’s nothing. I got here not quite long.” 

“Really? Anyways, there has been progress on my part.” He said. 

“I’m all ears, Sir.” 

“I have been able to find out, that guy is the woman’s son.” He paused. “That girl in question is the girlfriend.”

“Okay, sounding interesting.” Daniel nodded, smiling. 

Felix beamed. “Okay, I was at Continental Palace yesterday and was just observing as usual when the two of them came in, smiling. The lady was no longer using bandage but I could see the marks of the wound. It was a punctured wound.”

Daniel sighed. “Punctured.” He repeated. “I so much believe that’s the lady.” He remarked. 

Felix relaxed. “I’ll need David to confirm some things before I take actions.” He paused. “The same way Adeolu is trying to do to Vanessa.”

Daniel sighed again. “I think David is getting better, but I don’t think he can be discharged anytime soon.” 

“That’s why I think it has to be later.”

Daniel shook his head. “But what if Adeolu starts pulling some stunts?”

There was a brief silence. Daniel’s tap on the table broke the silence. “How do we draw this plan?”

Felix swooshed out a long breath before he spoke. “I think there should be a better feedback between us so that things can move smoothly.” 

“Vanessa is presently there and I guess the guy will also be there testifying against her.”

“Let me see the video again.” Felix said. 

** ** ** 

Welcome.” Adeolu said, swiveling the chair. 

“Weldone, officer.” Ibrahim said. 

“Thank you.” He glimpsed at Vanessa and back at Ibrahim. “Do you know her?” He asked him. 

“Yes.” He replied. “She dey work for Oga before.” He said.

“That’s all you know about her?” He swiveled his chair and faced him. 

Ibrahim stared at Vanessa for a moment. “Ooh.. she was the one….” He hardly concluded when the door was opened. “Good day officer.” Florence came in. 

Vanessa smiled.
“Madam, good day. How are you?”

“As you can see, I am fine. So, have you found out?” She asked. 

“They are already finding out.” Vanessa replied boldly. 

“Excuse me! I wasn’t talking to you.” Florence snapped. 

Vanessa chuckled. “Officer, go on with your questions.”

“I can see that you are very bold, you’ll be shocked by what you’ll hear.” Florence said. 

“How do you know what I’ll hear?” She raised her brows. 

“Please madam, let’s maintain decorum.” Adeolu said to Florence. 

“Okay.” She walked to the couch beside Vanessa and sat down. “You can continue.” She said. 

Adeolu faced Ibrahim again. “You were saying something, young man.”

“I was saying this madam was the one I saw that day.” He pointed at Vanessa. 

“Wow!” Adeolu exclaimed. 

Vanessa was mum, staring at Ibrahim as he spoke. She glanced at Adeolu, Florence and back at Ibrahim and smiled. “Continue, I’m with you.” She said. 

“You seem to have a very strong mind, lady. Can you hear that?” Florence said as she sprung up to her feet. 

“Are you sure?” Adeolu asked. 

“I’m very sure.” He replied. 

Adeolu gazed at Vanessa. 

** ** ** 

 Felix returned Daniel’s phone back to him and gave a deep breath. “The plan is that the guy will testify against her, right?” He asked. 

Daniel nodded. “Sure, then we’ll intercept.” He replied. 

“He must be doing that now, and I guess what Adeolu will do first is to detain her, thereafter he’s going to start making the case hotter for her till she’s charged to court.”

“How and when do we intercept?”

“I’ll get an arrest warrant today if possible and will try my best to get the guy and the lady arrested. Then, the cases will begin.” 

Daniel smiled. “I think that’s alright. I’ll get David’s mind ready.” He said. 

“That’s very good. He’ll be needed, even in that state.”

“No problem. I’ll get things…” He was still talking when the backlight of his phone came on. He reached for his phone and checked his inbox. “She’s been testified against, she said Adeolu is getting the seat hotter.” Daniel read the message out. 

Felix chuckled. “She’ll have to suffer a little for the joy set ahead of her.”

Daniel smiled. “That’s a Bible passage.”

Felix grinned. “Exactly.”

“But I don’t want Vanessa to be in that state, I feel so bad.”

“The way you’ll feel when we start seeing Adeolu and his companions in the prison. We’ve got to go now. I think you have to visit the station now. I’ll just try to get the warrant very soon.” 

Daniel stood up and adjusted his shirt. “Thank you so much, officer Felix.”

** ** ** 

Daniel had called Mike as he was driving to the station. He already told him about his discussion with Felix and how far with Vanessa. 

“David is bleeding again.” Mike told Daniel. David had been in a little pain again as he began to bleed. 

“He had better be fine, and I mean very fine.” Daniel paused. “He’ll be needed to testify against the lady who stabbed her, hopefully tomorrow.” 

Daniel stood by his car for a moment after he had ended the call and was staring at the station. How can some people be this cruel! This is rubbish, sincerely people are heartless also. Thoughts kept flowing through his mind as he stood there. He finally clenched his fists and stepped in. 

“I want to see…” He was still talking when the officer by the reception answered him. 

“The lady being interrogated?”


“Okay, you can go to the interrogation room, Sir.”

“Thank you.” He smiled. 

He hardly left there when he looked back and saw Debbie parking her car outside. He halted and waited for her to come down. “Hey, Debbie.” 

“Daniel, how far?” She asked, looking worried. 

“I’m cool. Just calm down.” He said. 

“I heard the guy – the man’s maid is now conscious.” 

Daniel nodded. 

“Vanessa just messaged me that he’s already testifying against her.” She glanced at the officer behind Daniel and pulled him to a side. “Is it not that the guy has been bought?”

Daniel smiled. 

“You are just smiling, Daniel! Talk to me.”

“Yeah. He’s been bought. I already explained a lot to Vanessa before she got here. Don’t worry, we have evidences and by the way, the maid is for us, not against us. He only has to testify against so we can expose the truth.” He told her. 

She calmed down. “I’m now normal.” She said. 

Daniel smiled again. “So, that has gotten you scared before.”

“Sure. How can she be arrested just like that.”

They approached the interrogation room together. 

** ** ** 


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