Hello, how are you? I’m sure you are bouncing in God’s grace. I am sorry for the inconsistencies for past weeks. I have been down health wise and when I got up to my feet, had some programs I had to travel and attend to. But I’m back and better! #TheOtherMe has continued. Please enjoy! 

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Daniel parked by the entrance of the house and alighted. He saw Lola and Juliana by entrance and smiled. “Hey dear.” He made sure he faced his sister as he dropped. “How are you?” He grinned. 

She shrugged as she opened her arms for a hug. “I’m good, Daniel.” She hugged him. 

“How are you, Juliana.”Daniel stretched his hand for a shake but she dismissed it as if she didn’t see his hand and hugged him. Daniel just beamed. He knew what was going on and just smiled it off. “How are you?” He asked again after she had fulfilled what she had in mind. 

“I’m fine.” She replied and continued. “What about you?”

Daniel shrugged. “I’m good.” He walked towards the gate and unlocked it. “Come in.” He waved. 

They two walked in after each other and Daniel wondered what they were around for. He just shrugged as he locked the gate and glimpsed at David’s car in the compound. He passed between the two and opened the main door. “Welcome to our palace.” He said, taking off his shoes as the ladies approached him. 

“Has Mum called you?” Lola asked. 

Daniel shrugged. “Mum? Call me?” He constricted his eyes and shrugged. “I have not received her call.”

“I thought she said she was going to call.” Lola wondered. 

“Just enter.” Daniel stretched his hand into the living room for them to know they should enter. 

The two entered and Daniel contorted his mouth. He was still wondering what he owed the visit for. “Please sit.” He said as he walked to a sit too. 

“So you and your friends stay here together?” Juliana asked. 

Daniel chucled softly. If it’s not me and my friends, then is it me and my wife? Daniel said within himself. “Sure.” He finally spoke out. 

“This is nice. I know your friends must be the ones to choose this colour.” She grinned. 

Daniel smiled, even though it was not from his heart. “No, their fiancees did.” He replied. 

“Really? So the two of them are engaged?” She asked excitingly. 

Daniel claspsed his hands together. “You! Yes sha.” 

“I’m I talking too much?” She asked. 

Lola interrupted. “Sure. I think so. I don’t know why?”

Juliana shrugged as she rested her back on the chair. 

Daniel chuckled. “What can I entertain you ladies with?” He asked. 

“We are okay, Daniel. Mum just sent us to see how you are fairing because she wants to be sure.” Lola replied. 

Daniel shook his head. “I can’t believe it. That’s really funny.” He grinned. “She could have called me and ask, why did she have to send you two?”

“She thought you might lie to her if she asks you on phone. But how’s your friend?” 

Daniel was excited. “This case is getting interesting. It seems it is the same killer of Williams that attempted to kill David.”

Lola shrugged, looking confused. “What’s the correlation? I don’t understand what you are saying.”

Daniel chuckled. “I’m sorry. I thought I have told you earlier. Anyways, David is better.”

“Please be careful, Mum is really worried and I think she’d really be happy to see you.” Lola said. 

Daniel nodded. “Okay, but at this time, Lola. I am so busy that I don’t think I can see her. This case is getting hotter everyday and you know what, it is an attempted murder and I’m really involved. These guys are meant to be gotten and gunned down.”

Lola heaved a sigh as she glared at Daniel. “See, gun them down or what is the name you are given now? Don’t let the influence of the movie decieve you into thinking that you can start running after people who are not your business. It’s in movies that they shoot someone and it’s obvious he’s meant to be hit but still dodges it, not in real life.”

Daniel laughed. He didn’t know when he fell on the sofa, just laughing hard.  “You are so unserious, dear. I know that, Lola. But if I don’t do this, my life is possibly as take too, dear. I’ve got to take this risk.”

Daniel said as he shifted his gaze towards Juliana. She had been quiet for some minutes. As he saw her face, she brightened up, smiling. Daniel shook his head slightly, this girl thinks everyone is the same. He had said within himself. 

** ** **

“But I thought when a guy loves a lady, it’s meant to be geniue, and I mean as geniue as the guy’s heartbeat. I don’t think you love Oyin, David. If you do, you wouldn’t have gone to that place again. Or better still, should I ask what you went there to do.” Mike said as he shifted his eyes and met David’s gaze. 

David chuckled softly on the bed. “What else, if not enjoyment and to get chicks.”

Mike clenched his fists as he stood up and walked backwards a little. He was turning his back at David when he continued. “But why, man? Do you know how much this lady loves you?”

“I do love her too.” He replied. 

Mike turned around instantly. “Love is not in words, it’s in action! Action is not in sex, it’s in care and sacrifice of time!” He exclaimed. 

David was quiet. 

Mike continued, “for you to prove your love for her, there should be a sincere care and a sacrifice of time! If you can’t at a least show these two, tell me, how are you now loving her? You can’t love her by still visiting continental palace because you’ll definitely meet ladies that have better body structures than her that can attract you and keep you off the love track.”

“Calm down, Mike.” David said as he groaned softly. “It’s my love na,  you are already taking it personal.”

“I just have to, Dave. I saw how the lady has been going up and down because of you, guy. And you are still unfaithful! You remember how much me and gun them down saved you that day she came to our place? It’s not meant to be!”

Dave sighed. 

Mike just sat down. He was already breaking sweats. “The drip is finished, let me get the nurse.” He stood up again, walking out. 

** ** ** 

Daniel couldn’t wait for the phrase – we are already going, he wanted them to even leave as soon as they could. He had a lot in his hands to do and his Mum had sent these two to start questioning him. 

Finally, he heard what he wanted to hear and they stood up. He was happy, beaming as they stood up. “Leaving? I thought you guys said you really came to greet me.” He said, trying to mask his emotions. 

“Sure. Should we still wait?” Juliana replied. 

How will you wait? When it is not that you are drunk. He had thought. “No, I’m just saying.”

Lola chuckled. She knew her brother well and she could fathom that it was not from his heart right from the scratch. 

“Just drop us at the junction, that’s all.” Lola said. 

“Sure, I’ll do that.” He grinned, leading the way. 

** ** ** 

Adeolu’s car screeched to halt at the front of the hospital. He was in the car for some minutes, counting some money before he finally came down. He was briskly without greeting even the nurses on duty, he headed to ward 6A so he could give the maid his money and the case could be easier for him. 

“Hello.” He greeted as he entered his ward. 

“Good day, officer.” He replied. 

“I don’t really have time, I am here with the money.” Adeolu said, sitting by the maid’s bed. 

“How much is this?”

“This is hundred thousand naira, just for a start.” He replied. 

The maid sat up. “For a start?” He repeated. 

“Sure. More is coming on the way, don’t think this is all.”

He grinned. “Job totally done!” He exclaimed. “Done!” He repeated. 

Adeolu grinned. He gave him the money. “This must never come out of your mouth!” He reminded him. 

“Sure.” He nodded. “You see, officer, I don’t know if I can be discharged now, maybe I should even follow you.” He said. 

“That’s a nice idea. What  about working in my house now?”

He grinned. “That will be the best.” He replied. 

“Then, I’ll have to come back for you, I never planned this before.”

“Today?” He asked. 

There was a brief silence as Adeolu tried to think. “I don’t know yet, but expect me anytime.” He replied, already standing. 

“Okay, Oga.” 

“So, if I need you anytime, who killed Williams?”

“Who else? Na Madam Vanessa na.” He replied with utmost confidence. 

Adeolu grinned, walking away. 

** ** ** 

Mike stood by the entrance of David’s ward and dialed Daniel’s mobile number to know where he was. He could see Adeolu as he was coming down the stairs. “Adeolu just came here now.” He told Daniel. 

He knew Daniel would be jeered to leave whatever he was doing to come as quick as possible. Mike was staring at him as he left the reception and entered his car. He began to wonder what he came for, whether he came to drop the money or to add information to what he has given the guy before. He just shook his head and sighed. Daniel already told him he was coming. 

** ** ** 

Within a twinkle of an eye, Daniel walked into the reception with his eyes darting around. He didn’t see Mike around, he knew he would be inside Dave’s ward. He walked to the room where he’d get the yellow gown briskly and walked into the ward as quick as he could. 

“How far, what happened?” He asked. 

Mike shrugged. “I just called you when I saw Adeolu coming down from the stairs. He must be coming from the guy’s ward.” He replied. 

“Really? I think it’s high time we visited the guy, Mike. The earlier the better, these guys I am observing can even know about us without us knowing.”

Mike sighed. “That’s true.”

“Please be careful.” David said softly. 

Daniel walked to his side. “How are you, man?”

He smiled faintly. “I’m better, man.”

Daniel chuckled. He knew he was going to reply him the way he asked him the question too. “Don’t worry, we’ll be very careful. 

“Good.” He replied, still smiling. 

“Shall we?” Mike raised his brows at Daniel. 

Daniel pressed his lips together and nodded. The two checked out of the room, still murmuring to each other as they left. 

** ** ** 

Daniel and Mike chuckled as they stared at themselves and a sharp glimpse at the room number – 6A. “Guy, why you dey laugh?” Mike addressed Daniel. 

Daniel held on to the wall for support as he laughed. “Why you dey laugh too? Abi, na cry you dey cry?

No be you start am? You know say we don dey shout outside this guy’s room, him go know say people dey outside even before we enter.” 

Daniel stood upright and beamed. “But Mike, we don’t know this guy from Adam.”

“But Daniel, we’ve got to hit this guy even from Adam. He’s gonna cause us a lot of havoc if we don’t make the move now!”

Daniel heaved a sigh as he folded his arms across his chest. “Guy, make we enter.” He said and entered into the ward with Mike. 

“Hello.” Daniel greeted. 

The maid sat up as soon as he saw Temitope Daniel. “Temitope.” His eyes widened as he called his name. 

Daniel just smiled and glimpsed at Mike. “Hello, I am Mike.” Mike introduced himself. 

“Hello.” He replied to his greeting as he still focused on Temitope Daniel, smiling. “Temitope Daniel, Mr gun them down.

Daniel chuckled. “How are you?” He asked him. 

“I’m getting better, but I’m really shocked.” 

“What’s your name, my boss.” Daniel drifted closer as he gave Mike a sharp glance. 

“I’m Ibrahim.” He replied. “But did you come here for me?” He asked. 

Daniel shrugged. “It seems.” He swallowed as he pulled the chair by the side of the bed and sat down. He saw Mike as he looked round the ward, at least he had watched the video that was recorded there earlier, he knew where the camera would be placed. He finally located it and turned around, winking at Daniel. 

Daniel smiled. He raised his brows with an expression of asking him if he wanted to say something. Mike nodded and Daniel stood up. “Just a second.” He said to Ibrahim as he walked to a side with Mike. “How far?” He asked him. 

Guy, you know say camera dey here too, e go record us na.” He said with a low tune. 

Daniel chuckled. “Sure, we need that.” He said, tapping his shoulder softly and walked back to Ibrahim. “Sorry, he’s my best friend and he’s probably worried that the camera in this ward that has recorded you and officer Adeolu will also record us too, I just told him it’s needed.” He said, smiling as he rested on the chair. 

Ibrahim’s eyes got wider as his mouth opened in shock. He wasn’t expecting himself to hear that. He was dumbfounded as silence filled the ward for a minute. The sigh of Mike broke the silence as Ibrahim managed to raised his head slowly. 

“I will help you out, only if you will be of help.” Daniel said, standing to his feet suddenly. “If you want me to, I’ll wait, if not, I’m gone.” He said as he winked at Mike and started walking away with him. 

“Wait!” He heard suddenly and grinned. He couldn’t help himself but to show the ecstasy. He turned around slowly as his grinned thinned into a beam. “Can I be of help?” He asked, trying to look frank. 

“Please.” Ibrahim replied him wobbly. 

Daniel walked back to the seat and sat down, looking into the eyes of Ibrahim. “Can you recognize the person who killed Williams?” His voice became gruff. 

Ibrahim nodded slowly, looking repentant. “I saw the lady’s face, I can recognize her when I even see her.”

Daniel and Mike gave a sharp glance at each other and back at Ibrahim. 

Daniel shrugged. “So she’s a lady?” He constricted his eyes. 

“Yes. She killed Oga and saw me peeping and hit me so hard that I became unconscious.” 

“Do you know what I want you to do now?” Daniel asked. 


Daniel looked at Mike, giving him the look to continue. He knew he wouldn’t  be short of ideas. “Okay, this is it.” Mike stopped abruptly and continued. 

“You’ll still have to play along with Adeolu, are you getting me?”

Ibrahim nodded. 

“You are not going to spend a dime from the money he gave to you, just play along as if you are still behind him. He knows the killer but wants to turn the case around. I don’t believe someone who’s not guilty suffer. Wait, what did he say here today?” He asked. 

“He said I should still testify against the lady and he asked if I’d love to work in his house.”

Mike smiled. “Very nice!” He clasped his hands suddenly. “You have to give him a yes and that’s the best way to deal with him in this case.”

“I hope I am safe if I do these.” Ibrahim looked at Daniel. 

“I can’t assure you that you are safe until Vanessa is safe.” He replied as he sprung to his feet. “If not for this meeting, you’d have destroyed a lot wouldn’t you?”

“I wonder how people feel at rest causing other people havoc.” Mike sighed. 

Daniel smiled. “Any attempt to deviate from what we have said now, I have the video of your first meeting with Adeolu and I’ll get the video of his coming here today also. If you try anything, you’ll suffer with him.” Daniel warned. 

Ibrahim nodded. “But will I still testify against her?”

Daniel contorted his mouth. “Not only testify, you’ll get to know testimony.”

Mike laughed. 

Daniel brought out his wallet and gave Ibrahim a card. “This is my mobile number, if I need to know anything urgently, make sure you call me. When you get to the point when you’ll testify against her, you must refuse that she’s the one.” He paused and looked at Mike. “I guess by that time, Felix should be on point.”

Mike shrugged. “Maybe.”

“So, I’ll get going now.” He said. 

“I will call you.” Ibrahim said with his low voice. 

** ** **

Vanessa rubbed her face as she sat on the sofa as she stared at Debbie. “I am just tired.” She told her, placing one of her legs on the stool before her. 

“When will this William’s maid regain consciousness? Are you sure the guy is not dead?” Debbie said. 

“I believe he can’t die. He will even make the work easier for me, at least he recognize me and he knows the killer, I guess.” She said. 

Debbie chuckled. “I just imagined him coming out to point at you that you were the one he saw.”

Vanessa frowned. “That’s not possible. Do you know how many times I do give that guy something? By the way, he is such a nice fellow.”

Debbie shrugged. “I just imagined. Please what is it that we are eating?”

Vanessa rolled her eyes. “You know the way to the kitchen, don’t you. Maybe you should cook for us.”

Debbie chuckled, clasping hands together. “You lack respect so much! Do you even know you are talking to a celebrity without paying a dime! Do you know the number of people who just want to see me not to talk of speaking to me?”

Vanessa laughed. “Those are the people, not me. Do they know when we were running up and down for you to go to the Theatre School. You are my girl, Debbie.”

Debbie smiled. “People like you do us good and still make reference to it everytime.”

Vanessa shrugged. “It’s your business, when you think you can be ungrateful, I’ll show you pepper.”

Debbie laughed. 

** ** ** 

“Guy!” Mike exclaimed as he walked with Daniel. He hardly completed it when they ran into a young lady who was carrying a basket with a towel covering the content. She suddenly dropped it and started grinning. “Temitope Daniel.” She called. 

Daniel just focused on her and smiled. She was probably there to give someone food. “How are you?” Temitope smiled. 

“I am good. I really love your movies.” She commented. 

Daniel nodded. “Thank you so much, without people like you, people like us don’t exist.” He replied. 

“Please, I want to see you. I don’t know when you’ll be free or where I can see you, Sir.” 

Daniel glimpsed at Mike. “Really? No problem.” He got his wallet and gave her his card. You can call me tomorrow, I’ll tell you where we can meet.” He said. 

“I never knew actors are this humble. I have heard a lot about you guys that you are proud and can’t bend to anyone.” She said. 

“I am an example of who those that are not proud. I have to go now, I’ll see you later.” He raised his right thumb and left with Mike. 

“Bye.” The lady waved. 

Guy, that was sweet.” Mike said. 

Daniel grinned. “It is needed. We’ve got to dig down and get the truth.” He said. 

“The guy was just trembling at your presence.”

“When I am not God and he is not a demon.” He laughed. 

“But I believe the guy is going to make sense, if not, he’s dead.” Mike said. 

“He had better be.” He replied. 

“But, what of the recording?” Mike asked. 

“It’s nothing, Mike. At least we didn’t go there to do something bad. Just forget that.”

“Okay then.” He replied. 

** ** ** 

It was a new morning again. Daniel and Mike were just about going home to freshen up and resume back to their base when Daniel’s phone buzzed. 

He was standing by his car, with the door open when he picked up the call. “Ibrahim?” He said after some seconds. 

Not later than that, the call ended and he waved at Mike who had already entered the  car. “Ibrahim has been discharged this morning.” He informed. 

“That’s cool. What is the next thing?”

Daniel smiled. “He has to tell Adeolu and that will determine what we do next. He said he is still upstairs, should we just check on him and let hear what Adeolu will say if he calls him in our presence.”

“Has he really been discharged? Adeolu is meant to be here is he’s discharged.” Mike wondered. 

Daniel shrugged. “Let’s just check on him.”

The two got back into the Clinic and rushed upstairs. 

** ** ** 

Daniel had already dressed up when he felt he needed to see Vanessa and Debbie. He walked to Mike’s room and informed him he’d be visiting Debbie and Vanessa that morning while he returned back yo Faith Clinic to watch over Dave. 

Ibrahim had already called Adeolu. He had been using a the mobile phone of the nurse that had been attending to him. Adeolu had told him to wait there, he promised to come as soon as he could to pick him up as the game could start. 

“I have to uncloack the truth, these girls must know where we are, Mike.” He told him. 

“That’s a nice one too. But, guy, I dey H.” Mike replied. 

Me sef, I just dey tired. I pray everything gets sorted out as soon as possible.” He replied. 

“So you are going now.”

“Sure.” Daniel replied and shut the door as he went to his room to check if he didn’t forget anything. Soon, he got going. 

** ** ** 

Daniel hardly entered into the living room when Vanessa’s phone buzzed. She was by the door, still welcoming Daniel when she just shut the door and got the phone. “Officer.” She announced to him. 

Daniel shook his head. “Don’t pick it now.” He told her. 

“Why?” Vanessa asked. 

“What of Debbie?” He asked. 

“She left very early today, she wants to meet some contractors.” She replied. 

“Okay then, can I sit down?” Daniel smiled. 

Vanessa chuckled. “Sure. I just do wonder how we became this close all of a sudden.”

“I don’t  understand too, perhaps therr are reasons we’ll know later.” 

Vanessa sat down. “So, how are you? You have not taken enough rest, Daniel. Your eyes look thin.” She commented. 

Daniel chuckled. “Leave that, we will rest when we are through with these issues. No man rests on the battle front.”

Vanessa heaved a sigh. “And it’s me that caused this now. I feel as though I am distracting you, you’ve done a lot, Daniel.”

Daniel shrugged. “Am I complaining?”

“But I know it is affecting you.” She paused. “I am sorry.” She added. 

“You are not even the one causing me this, it is David. You know we have to look after him, at the same time after a deal.” He smiled as he brought out his phone. He punched some buttons as he gave the phone to Vanessa. “See this video.” 

“This is the officer.” She suddenly said.

You’ve not even seen anything. Daniel had thought. 

“What!” She suddenly shouted. “Really?” She jacked her head up and stared at Daniel. “Daniel!” She exclaimed again. 

 “That is it, Vanessa.” Daniel chuckled. 

“When is this.. I mean how did you even get this?” She stuttered. 

“Just calm down, dear. This is the work of Mike and I.” He replied. 

She shrugged. 

“Just calm down!” He repeated. “You should even be glad we’ve gotten an evidence.” He paused. “Don’t you know this is an evidence?”

“I know, I am just shocked, Daniel. You can’t believe Debbie was saying something like this yesterday.” She hissed softly. 

Daniel chuckled. “The guy is also in Faith Clinic. I just found out that each ward has it’s camera and there is a control room in the Clinic. Mike and I had to go to the control room to get this.”

“But…. this guy!” She clasped her hands together. “I have always been nice to him.”

Daniel shrugged. “You don’t have to trust everyone. The worst is that he’s been paid now, but Mike and I met him yesterday and we ironed issues out. He’s now on our side. He’ll be playing along with Adeolu till we totally uncover the truth.”

Vanessa sighed. 

“You should probably call him back now. The guy has been discharged, I guess he has met Adeolu already. I am just letting you know so that when it seems as if the guy is against you, be rest assured that it’s needed for the mean time before we shatter everything.”

Just then, Daniel’s phone buzzed again. “Ooh, officer Felix.” He smiled as he greeted him. “Okay. We’ll meet very soon.” He told him and the call ended. 

“It seems he has gotten some new information.” Daniel told Vanessa. 

Vanessa sighed. She picked her phone and called Adeolu. “You are needed at the station as soon as possible.” He told her. 

Vanessa just ended the call and told Daniel what he said. “I’m sorry for stressing you, Daniel.” She said again. 

Daniel shook his head. “You are not serious, please don’t think about me.” He said. 

“He said he wants to see me.”

Daniel smiled. “Ibrahim should be with him now then.” Do you want to go now?” Daniel asked. 

“Sure, let me just dress up.” She said as she rushed inside to get dressed. 

** ** ** 


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