Daniel and Mike were on their way to the control room when Daniel began to think that officer Adeolu himself might have actually come to the control room himself, he wouldn’t be so dumb as a police officer that he wouldn’t know a camera was fixed in all the wards. 

He turned to Mike and held him by his shoulder as they halted. As he was an to speak, a man approached him, smiling broadly. He was in his middle fifties and was holding a small boy with him as he stood before Daniel. 

Daniel just faced him, wondering what was happening again. “Good day, sir.”

“Temitope Daniel.” The man called, grinning. 

Daniel thought he must be a fan who liked him. “How are you sir?”

I’m very good. I love your movies.” He said. 

Daniel chuckled. He knew that would be it. “Thank you sir.”

“Can I take a picture?” The man asked him. 

Daniel glimpsed at Mike and back to the man with a smile. “Of course.” He replied as he held the small boy the man was holding and Mike used the man’s phone to snap them. 

Finally, they left and Daniel and Mike continued with their journey. “Do you think we will find what we are looking for?” He asked Mike. 

Mike nodded. “Sure, why won’t we?”

Daniel shrugged. “He’s an officer, he’s meant to have known too and I think he must have done the needful.”

Mike hissed. “Even if all officers are wise, it’s not like that Adeolu.” 

Daniel chuckled. “Don’t underestimate anybody, Mike. You don’t know what individuals carry.” 

Mike contorted his mouth, breathing out heavily. “That hasn’t changed the fact that Adeolu cannot do that.” 

They finally got to the front of the control room and halted, glimpsing at each other. “So, what are we waiting for?” Mike questioned. 

Daniel smiled as he pushed the door and entered with Mike. “Good day.” Daniel greeted, smiling. 

All faces were turned to them and some chorused “Temitope Daniel” while some chorused gun them down. 

Daniel grinned. He knew lines are falling in pleasant places gradually. Just then, a young guy in his early twenties walked up to him, smiling. Mike stood behind him watching, this time he had to hold his peace too. 

“T.Dan.” He said, stretching his hand for a shake. 

Daniel shook him as his eyes darted round the place. He could see some serine of computers outside – like 10 and different people were on it. He could see an entrance too, as if there was still an opening that leads inside. 

“How are you, Sir?” Daniel asked. 

“I’m good, Sir. Should I show you to the manager’s office?” He asked. 

Daniel nodded quickly. All eyes were just on him and people were just grinning to him. 

The guy led him and Mike to the entrance and showed them the office. “This is his place.”

Daniel nodded with a smile, “thank you so much.” He said while he guy departed and he entered with Mike. 

** ** ** 

Vanessa plopped down the sofa while she dropped her bag on the floor. She stared at Debbie for a moment as she stood beside her, watching. “Sit down now.” She had told her. 

So, what else did that guy now say?” Debbie asked as she sat down. 

Vanessa swallowed. “He just kept pressing me so I could say something he could hold on to.” She paused for a moment and continued, “I am too smart for all that nonsense. I even want to know the end of this matter as quick as possible.” She said. 

Debbie shrugged. “What do you think will happen next now?”

Vanessa shrugged. 

** ** ** 

“Hello, Sir.” Daniel greeted as he entered with Mike. 

“Em.. Mr..” the man stood up, trying to remember Daniel’s name. 

“I’m Temitope Daniel.” He said, smiling. 

“Oooh… my bad!” He grinned. “I’m honoured to have you here, Sir.” He said, bowing for Mike too. 

“Good day sir.” Mike greeted him. 

The manager stretched his hand forward and shook Mike. He was looking at him as probably one of Daniel’s assistants. “Please be seated.” He told the two of them. 

“So you recognize me?” Daniel tried to pull his legs. 

The manager grinned again as he sat down too. “Who won’t  recognize you in this country. I hope it’s what I’m thinking, though.” He said, smiling. 

Daniel smiled as he shrugged. He knew what the manager must be thinking about. Perhaps he was there because there was a movie needed to be shot. “Movie?” He tilted his head. 

Manager grinned. “Yes. It’ll be very nice, Sir.”

“Actually no, Sir.” Daniel paused for a moment and his eyes darted round the office. “I need your help, that’s why I am here with my friend.”

The manager looked at Mike again. He’s his friend. He had thought within himself and nodded. “I have heard earlier that Temitope Daniel has been present in our clinic here because of someone, I guess. I have been hoping I’d get to meet you while coming out or going into the clinic.”

“Really?” Daniel was surprised. “Anyways, I want to ask for something very deep.” He said, drifting closer. 

He started the explanation of the issue on ground and when he was through, he gave a deep breath and relaxed. “So, please sir can you be of help?” He asked. 

“Sure.” The man quickly nodded. “That’s why we are here, Temitope Daniel. If I don’t help you now, who else do I help?”

Daniel chuckled. “Thank you, Sir.”

Mike looked at Daniel, giving him a are-you-sure look. Daniel just nodded consecutively while Mike relaxed and waited for the next thing. 

“This happened yesterday, right?” He asked Temitope Daniel. 

“Yes.” Daniel quickly replied. 

The manager was already operating the laptop before him. “What time again?” He asked. 

“It was in the morning. Ward 6A.” Daniel could still remember vividly. 

“Thank God you know the ward, it will make it easier.” The manager said as his hands were moving on the laptop so fast. 

Just as he was still pressing some buttons, he told Daniel and Mike to focus on the laptop before them too while he sat down too. There was a laptop facing Daniel and Mike too. They focused instantly and the recorded video was being displayed one after the other until Daniel saw the one he wanted and exclaimed. “This is it!”

He watched the video carefully with Mike and they heard everything he said carefully. Daniel and Mike were just staring at each other after seeing the video, dumbfounded. 

“This is heavy.” The manager broke the silence. 

Daniel broke the state and chuckled softly. “Please can I get the video on my phone?” He asked. 

“Sure.” The manager stretched his hand to get his phone and returned it in no time. “Here it is.” He gave him back. 

Daniel glimpsed at Mike. “Can we leave now?” He asked. 

Mike nodded. 

“Thank you very much, manager. God bless you.” Daniel said. 

“Sincerely, God bless you. I never knew it’d be this fast and easy.” Mike added. 

“It’s nothing, guys. You can always count on me.” He said. 

“Sure.” Daniel raised his thumb, excited as he left with Mike. 

** ** ** 

There was a long silence while Daniel and Mike left the control room and was on their way back to the ward to meet David. Daniel was just brooding on what he saw earlier. How would he have done that! He wondered. He wished everything could just clear and the truth be exposed so quick. 

He looked at Mike and tapped his shoulder. “Bro, what next?”


Daniel heaved a sigh. “I guess waiting for the manifestations of these things will be better than just exposing this guy now.”

“But what I am still concerned about is that, who was that guy?”

Daniel smiled. “I will still know.” He stopped abruptly. “It’s a matter of time.”

** ** ** 

Daniel and Mike hardly sat down when Daniel’s phone buzzed. He reached for his phone, it was his sister that was calling him. “Hey, dear.”

He stood up and walked to Mike’s side. They had already entered into David’s ward that time. “My place? Why didn’t you tell me?” He was shocked.

The call ended and he swooshed out breath from his mouth. Lola is at our place, I think I have to catch up with her.” He said. 

“Just say me well to her, I’ll still be here.” Mike replied. 

“No problem. I’ll just keep you updated on my movement because I don’t know where I can be anytime.”

Mike nodded. “But why do I have a feeling there is danger ahead, Daniel?”

Daniel smiled faintly. “We serve God, he is not dead.” He said and departed. 

** ** ** 

Adeolu had been parading his office for some minutes now. He had been thinking on how he could make his plan so smooth that it’d just be as if Vanessa was the murderer. 

He hadn’t placed his hand on the best thing he could plan that’d make everything so real. He was happy at least Williams’ maid was already in. That should be enough. He had thought within himself. “I should even meet this guy very soon so that money won’t be the issue.” He had thought. 

** ** ** 

.. story continues.. 


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