​Good day, how are you today? I started a topic last week – RUNAWAY EMOTIONS. And I had said it that I’ll continue it this week and I gave a strategy last week, which is getting tired of the status quo if one wants to really break free from something, you’ve got to be angry with the present to reach the future. 

I said I’ll be sharing another strategy this week and I pray you get blessed. As I was waiting upon the Lord this morning, he gave me 1Peter 4:1-2

The Message 1 Peter 4:1-2 Since Jesus went through everything you’re going through and more, learn to think like him. Think of your sufferings as a weaning from that old sinful habit of always expecting to get your own way. Then you’ll be able to live out your days free to pursue what God wants instead of being tyrannized by what you want.
Think like him! Common! Think like him. I think when I started breaking free, the first thing we tackled was thoughts because they grow to manifest to be your life at last. So listen, there’s nothing you are experiencing presently that JESUS himself never passed through. It sounds funny? But it’s the truth! He was also tempted in all ways and he kept on standing! 

So, why don’t you look unto the one who’s able to make you walk in the reality of what he has walked in. A lecturer that lectures a course is one who’s sure for, he knows it already and it’s not that he didn’t study it at all while in school. What he’s teaching is what he has been taught! He has passed through it, therefore he can teach it. 

Now, to really break free from runaway emotions, how much do you LOOK UNTO the one who has ran the race even while everything was tough, he still never deviated! What actually made him stand? Have you ever wondered? He never fell even at once or was close to it! If we are to dig deep into this topic, we’ll just be studying on the subject – JESUS. 

You claim he’s your friend, brother and friend but you are not acting it! You’ve got to show it that you are his friend by communicating with his spirit! Hmmm… once you have given your life to Christ, the Holy Spirit comes! What’s just left to you is to receive! He’s available! He’s around. 

The first aspect of Jesus we’ll be dealing with today is that he never had a life! He lived as the spirit instructed not as he wanted! He left the life to the spirit! I hope you are seeing from this perspective that he really didn’t have a life of his own! Always saying the food he wanted was doing the will of God. He was obsessed with Holy Spirit and even when they brought the temptations to him, they scatter straight! 

How much are you looking up to Jesus by depending on his spirit? Do you think you don’t have HOLY SPIRIT. No! Once you have given your life to Christ, the Spirit gets activated, it only takes listening to hear! 

You fail to hear because you never listened
That’s it! There’s nothing like doubting your salvation. See, it’s not only about going to a church and an alter call is made and you just come out! No! God wants an inner working!! Did you really surrender and it’s not that the message preached was hot so you just came out! Oh No! Have you used your mouth to confess him as the Lord! It’s not only believing in your heart! Confess him!

Maybe this will lead me to speak on the Personality HOLY SPIRIT which is a topic we can never finish because he’s deeper than what we all think! We’ll just be looking at him very briefly next week and I’ll be unraveling who he is and how you can hear him speak! All you need to do is

Be tired of that status quo! Be really sick and tired of it! 

Look unto Jesus by living your life as the spirit brings it! Now, how do we hear the spirit? 

Give your life to Christ. 

How do I now continue? 

You don’t have the idea of how you can give your life? Okay, are you ready to let go of those ungodly things? If that is it, that’s the deepest part. 

Just say :

Heavenly Father, I know Jesus died for my sins and redeemed me by his spotless blood so I can live my life as if Satan does not exist. I have sinned… (you can mention them) and I have not done your will, forgive me Lord. Do not forget the blood on the cross of Calvary, forgive me Lord. I confess Jesus as my Lord and Saviour, thank you Jesus. 
Thereafter, I’ll explain how you’ll hear from God himself and be led by the spirit. 
We’ve gotta break free!!!! 

You can mail me if you took the decision or you want to tell me something. 



Meet you next week! Remember you can always share this post with a friend! 



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