Today’s update is a special update dedicated to my Mum. Happy Birthday to my mother, sister, friend and mentor! I love you baby. 

    Vanessa was stupefied as she rose from the chair slowly with her eyes fixed on Daniel. “What is it?” She asked again, this time her heart as beating faster than before. She hoped it was not based on Debbie, did they stab her too? She had asked herself a million of questions as she stood there, totally in shock. 

    “Daniel.” Her voice was filled with fear as though alto sax filled with jazz. 

    “It’s David.” He finally spit out, sinking into the chair. “He was stabbed.”

    “David?” She repeated, breathing heavily. 

    “Is that not your friend?” Lola asked, holding him by his shoulder. 

    Daniel was already lost in thought. He didn’t even know how to explain everything that was happening. He swallowed as he stood up from the chair, “I have to leave now.”

    His mother stood up and walked to his side. “How did it happen? Did you boys quarrel with anyone?”

    Daniel gave a deep breath. He looked at his mother for a moment and sat down again. “Mike just called me that he met him in cold blood at home.”

    “Is it that there is someone behind all these?” Vanessa thought  aloud. 

    Daniel rolled his left fist into and shook his head continuously. “Mike said they are in the way to Faith Clinic.”

    “Faith Clinic? That’s a very huge and expensive place.” Lola said, surprised. 

    “That’s the best place, money shouldn’t be an issue to save a dear life. He’s not dead.” Daniel said as he stood up again. “Mum, I have to go now.” He said as he picked up his phone. 

    “Okay dear. Please be very careful, Daniel. If you know you can’t handle the steering, tell me now. I can drive you there.” His mother showed her concern, walking behind him slowly as he approached the door with Vanessa. 

    “I’ll drive there, don’t worry.” He said. 

    ** ** **

    “Daniel, I’m beginning to get afraid.” Vanessa said as she pulled the seat belt. 

    Daniel rubbed his forehead. “I think I now know where this is from.” He kicked the engine and honked so the gatekeeper would open the gate quickly. As he opened the gate, he marched the accelerator and drove off. 

    There was silence for a moment until Vanessa spoke softly. “Who’s David?” She finally asked. She had been wondering who he was as they were inside the house. 

    “He’s my friend. Three of us stay together, including Mike.” He replied, driving as quick as he could. “This is from continental palace, Vanessa!” He hit the steering angrily. “I‘m sure.” He hit it again. 

    Vanessa stared at him. 

    ** ** ** 

    Daniel’s eyes were wide open as he drove into the big hospital. He was trying to figure out either Mike’s car of David’s. Finally he saw David’s car and parked beside it. 

    “Let’s go.” He told Vanessa as he opened the door and slammed it almost immediately he got down. 

    Vanessa came down and stood by the door for a moment, just admiring the big hospital. She could see the security camera at the entrance and shut the door, walking behind Daniel. 

    As they entered, they walked to the left, by the reception and Daniel saw Mike, stained with blood all over his shirt and his hands. “Guy, how far?” He quickly asked. 

    Mike gave a faint smile. “Calm down, man.” He told him and faced Vanessa. “Good afternoon.” 

    “Good afternoon.” Vanessa dropped her head down as she greeted him. 

    Daniel spurted air from his nostrils as he sat down. “How did it happen, Mike?”

    Mike moved to a side as he stared at Vanessa, waiting for her to look to his direction so he could tell her to sit down. Finally she jacked her head up and Mike told her to sit. “I just came back to get my flash drive. My editor needed a particular file and it got missing on my laptop. So I had to rush home from office to get the flash drive then I heard him whimpering in his room. I even thought he was doing something unreasonable until I got there and met him in the pool of blood.” He replied. 

    “Who’s this fellow!” Daniel huffed. 

    Mike chuckled softly. “I guess this is from Continental Palace, Daniel.” Mike purred. 

    Daniel sprung to his feet. “Didn’t I say it, Vanessa?” Daniel raised his shoulders and brows. “I knew it!” He repeated. 

    “The killer left the knife used, Daniel.” 

    Daniel threw him a gaze. “Really?”

    Mike nodded in response. “Let me go and involve the police in this.” He said. 

    “Sure, Dan. I’ll wait here.” Mike replied him. “He’ll be operated, according to the Doctor.”

    “When?” Daniel asked. 

    “I will transfer from my bank account to theirs now. The Doctor said in twenty minutes time, as at the last time we met.” He stood akimbo. 

    “How much are you asked to pay?”

    Mike chuckled. “For a start, we’ll pay four hundred.”

    Daniel looked away and hissed. “This guy caused this! This is not the time for this though, I hope your account won’t drain after the transfer? Should I add to it?” He asked. 

    “No need, Daniel. I can handle it.” He replied. 

    “Okay then. Let’s go, Vanessa.” 

    Vanessa stood up and followed him. Off to the station. 

    ** ** ** 


    Daniel glimpsed at Vanessa as he opened the door. “I should have taken you home first.” He said. 

    Vanessa smiled as she got down. “No need. I’m interested in how things will go.” She said. 

    “Really? I’m very sorry for bothering you today.” 

    Vanessa shrugged. “You never knew this would happen, Daniel. So, let’s just enter.” She said. 

    As they walked on, Daniel was stopped by an officer that pulled him to a side. “I have to see you.” He told him and they started talking while Vanessa watched.

    After some minutes of discussion, he led them inside the station to give their statement while one of the lab attendants was called to come to the station as quick as possible. 

    Soon, they visited the house to gather the evidences. 

    ** ** ** 

    Daniel was driving Vanessa back him after the evidences had been gotten from David’s room. The knife that was used was gotten, also a fork that was probably used to eat was also stained with blood and the plate that was used to eat was on the floor, shattered. 

    “What were you discussing with that officer, Daniel.”

    He smiled. “There is fire on the mountain, Vanessa.” 

    She hurtled a gaze at him. “What is it?” 

    Daniel chuckled. “That officer, Deolu. He has met with William’s wife and they are planning something big against you.”

    “Planning? Do you think that Felix is real?”

    Daniel was silent for a while and sighed. “That may be true. But he appeared so real, Vanessa. He said he overheard Deolu and the woman talking.” He replied. 

    “What am I going to do, Daniel?” 

    Daniel shrugged. “We’re going to visit Continental Palace together tonight.” 

    Vanessa was shocked. “Daniel, don’t.”

    Daniel chuckled. “It’ll be a safe parol, Vanessa. Don’t worry, I’ll be fine.”

    Vanessa shook her head. “No, Daniel. I don’t want you to go, it’ll be risky!”

    “We just have to take this risk. Felix and I will start an underground investigation, you can’t just be turned in like that, never!”

    Vanessa turned to her right and tilted her head. 

    ** ** ** 

    Daniel shut the door. “Hey, Debbie.” He rested his back on the door, smiling. “How are you?”

    She shrugged. “I’m good. How was the date?” She asked. 

    “Date?” Vanessa looked at her looking snooty. “We only went out to catch fun.”

    Daniel chuckled as he made his move towards them. “And the fun went sour.” 

    Debbie placed her legs that had been on the sofa on the floor and faced them, so interested. “What happened again?”

    “Vanessa, tell her.” Daniel said. 

    Vanessa glanced at him and contorted her mouth. “Tell her now, Daniel. You brought up the issue and now you are asking me to continue.”

    Daniel grinned. “A friend of mine was also stabbed.” He said. 

    Debbie’s eyes wiedened. “Stabbed again?”

    “I’m even tired of this! I’m really tired. I also heard that officer and Williams’ wife are trying to turn me into the case of Williams that I’m the murderer.”

    “What!” Vanessa exclaimed. 

    Daniel stared at Vanessa, contorting his mouth too. “I thought you said I should talk.”

    Vanessa chuckled. “Leave me o.”

    Daniel smiled. “I know joy will end this one. An officer actually told me that, he overheard Officer Adeolu and the woman when they were talking. We’ll kick off our investigation too today.”

    “Investigation? On the killer, right?”

    Daniel nodded. “I’m sure the killer is also the one who attempted to kill David.”

    “Wait, is it not that David?” Debbie asked Vanessa.”

    Vanessa shrugged. “I think so, I don’t know yet.” She replied. 

    Daniel laughed. “He’s the one.”

    Vanessa glanced at him. “Which David do you know?”

    “The Doctor after you, Vanessa.” Daniel grinned. 

    “How did you know?” Vanessa quickly asked. “I never told you about him.”

    Daniel just continued laughing. “Save that for another day.” He stood up. “I’ve got to leave now. My friend is in the Hospital and the surgery must have started.”

    “Which hospital?” Debbie asked. 

    “Faith Clinic.” He replied. 

    “That’s an expensive place, Daniel.” Debbie replied, looking shocked. “I heard the security is tight.” She added. 

    “He must survive. And for that to happen, we need a confirm place too.” He said. 

    “Thanks so much, Daniel.” Vanessa stood up to escort him outside. 

    “It’s nothing. Just rest and find something to eat. You know we couldn’t finish our food at Mum’s place.” He folded his arms as he talked to her. 

    “Thank you. My regards to David.” 

    “Thanks, Daniel.” Debbie also added. 

    “See you guys later.” Daniel walked out. 

    ** ** ** 

    Daniel had called Mike as he drove on to know if the surgery had started. As he confirmed that, he called Officer Felix to know if they could still meet at the eatery they planned to meet. 

    Felix had told him go he overheard the conversation of Adeolu and Florence in the interrogation room and Adeolu already agreed to do the job for her while he’d get the payment and also bribe the maid in the Hospital. They had exchanged mobile number too as they talked and Daniel suggested that they meet in an eatery near the station to talk on how he could be of help. 

    He rolled up the glass and switched on the air conditioner. He was already sweating. It had been a hard day so far. He drove off to the eatery. 

    As he got there and locked his car, he stood by the car for a moment and dialed Felix’s mobile number again, to be sure if he was already there. As he called him, Felix ended the call. 

    He’s not here yet. He had thought as he just sighed and turned to the right, thinking. “Who can this fellow now be?” He wondered, looking frustrated. That was the umpteenth time he would be asking himself the question without answer. “Can it be that there’s a stationed killer in Continental Palace?” He asked himself. 

    Just as he was thinking, his phone buzzed and he got it out of his pocket. “That must be Felix.” He had said but disappointed to see another caller. Mum? He struck his beard and picked the call. 

    “Hello, Mum.” He greeted as he raised his head and saw Felix inside the eatery already, staring at him. He must have definitely seen him, maybe that’s why he didn’t bother picking the call again. 

    Felix waved at him and Daniel waved back as he pointed to his phone, trying to tell him he was on call. “He’s been operated presently ma.” He told her. 

    “I’ll be careful, don’t worry. I have to attend to something now, Mum. Can we talk later?” He asked, sounding tired of the call already. 

    He ended the call and marched into the eatery. “Good afternoon, Sir.” He greeted him. 

    “Hello, Mr actor.” Felix exposed his teeth as he greeted him. 

    Daniel chuckled. “I really appreciate you sir for your concern.” 

    “It’s nothing. I’m actually a Christian and not just one, I’m a believer who believes in righteousness and holiness. I can’t allow  the righteous be punished while the sinner is vindicated.”

    Daniel nodded. “That’s true.”

    He smiled. “You are surely a Christian too, I guess.”

    Daniel tittered. “Have you forgotten my name is Temitope Daniel?” 

    He grinned. “Pardon me.” 

    “Okay sir, we couldn’t talk very well the other time. How do you think we can really go about this issue on ground?”

    Felix clenched his fists. “We have to be strategic and very careful. It seems that lady is your wife, right?” He asked. 

    Daniel shook his head. “I’m not married, neither is she.”

    Felix smiled. “You seem to he very interested in case.”

    Daniel shrugged. “For everyone you love, you must prove it because the hallmark of love is showing what love is.”

    “Hmmmm. That’s a deep point.” He smiled. “As I was saying, Adeolu is a very difficult officer. I know him very well and I know how difficult he is. So whatever we will do, we just have to be strategic and very careful. And another thinf is gatheriggenough evidence.”

    Daniel nodded. “That’s true, Sir. I know God’s not dead and he’ll see us through. That’s why I told you about that Continental Palace, it seems the place is deadly.”

    Felix raised his brows. “You said your friend went there last night, right?”

    He nodded. “And I learnt that man called Williams always go there too.” He added. 

    “Do you suspect anyone?” Felix asked him. 

    “The only person I really suspect is that man’s wife!” Daniel splattered. 

    Just as they were talking, a young lady in her early twenties came beside Daniel, smiling. “Good afternoon, Sir. I love your movies.” She said. 

    Daniel smiled and stretched his hand for a shake. “I really appreciate you for seeing my movies. Don’t worry, I won’t disappoint you.” He said. 

    She grinned. “It’s nice seeing you for the first time. I’m happy.”

    Daniel smiled. “Thanks.”

    Then she left his side. Daniel swooshed out a long breath and faced the officer back. “I’m sorry for that, she’s a fan and I’ve got to be friendly too. People mistaken shunning for pride and mos times one might really be so busy to attend to people.”

    Felix smiled. “It’s nothing. I also suspect that woman.”

    “Can you see? I said it. For her to also be paying that officer, it means there’s skeleton I’m her cupboard.” Daniel emphasized. 

    “That’s true. So, you suggest that we visit Continental Palace together, right.”

    Daniel nodded. “A light will break forth from there.” He said. 

    “Let’s try it then, like 8pm tonight.” He said. 

    Daniel nodded. “Perfect.”

    ** ** ** 

    Vanessa reached her phone as she heard the message tone. She just hissed suddenly and dropped the phone. 

    “Who’s that, Vanessa?” 


    Debbie laughed. “Those ones aren’t serious at all, they can’t discern when one needs that or not. Anyways, how was your outing with Daniel?”

    “It was fine until he received that call that David was stabbed.” She replied. “Is there still yoghurt in the freezer?” Vanessa asked Debbie. 

    Debbie nodded. 

    Vanessa stood up and walked to the kitchen to get the yoghurt. “What did you guys eat?” Debbie asked her from the living room. 

    “We were eating rice when his sister brought him the phone that David was stabbed.” She replied from the Kitchen. 


    “We were at him Mum’s place.” She replied, already approaching her in the living room. 

    Debbie grinned, winking at Vanessa. “Mum today, hmmm… you’re getting there.”

    Vanessa grinned. “You are not serious. We were eat if confirm food, different from all the rubbish concoction you mix together here and call food for me.”

    “You know I’m your cook, am I not?”

    “It does not matter.” She paused for a moment as she sipped from the cup. “You don’t have to be one before you can cook what the real deal is.”

    Debbie clapped her hands together. “Instead of you to keep quiet, you want me to start exposing you on how you prepared porridge that day, right?”

    Vanessa shook her head. “I already told you I didn’t like it and really don’t like preparing it.”

    “That’s even your business, back to our matter. You just diverted into this so I can forget that you guys were at his mother’s place.”

    Vanessa laughed. “You are a witch. We went there and that’s all.”

    “He went to show you to his Mum, right?” She winked again. 

    “Debbie, can we even talk about another thing?”

    “Did you see his Dad?” Debbie asked. 

    She shook her head. “I didn’t see him or his traces. He has never spoken to me about his Dad, always his Mum.”

    “But it’s still shocking Daniel knows about David, girl.”

    Vanessa smiled. “That’s guys for you. Maybe David has told him everything.”

    “And how will that woman want to make you the subject of the formulae of this case? Is she sick or something?” Debbie looked annoyed. 

    “That’s not even it. I’m just wondering why we still have people like that officer Adeolu living.”

    “He didn’t look like someone who would do that.”

    Vanessa snifled. “They don’t write it on forehead.” She paused for a moment. “I don’t want Daniel to go to Continental Palace.” She said. 

    “He’s smart, Vanessa. At least knowing all that has been happening, he’s wise enough.”

    ** ** **

    It had been a very hectic day. From one point to another and he hadn’t eaten that much. Daniel walked into the hospital and went to Mike’s side. 

    He saw him downcast on one of the seats in the reception there. “Mike.” He tapped him. 

    He jacked his head up and yawned. He looked tired. “How far, Daniel. Any progress?”

    “Yeah, I’ll be going to Continental Palace with an officer tonight.”

    Mike’s eyes widened too. “Continental what? Why, Daniel. I guess that place is dangerous.”

    “We just have to take the risk, Mike. By the way I met an officer who told me about the plan of officer Deolu and William’s wife.”

    Mike squeezed his face. “Who’s Deolu?” He asked. 

    “Ooh, he’s the one in charge of William’s case.” He replied. “He and Williams’s wife wants to make Vanessa the scape goat. They want to make her the killer.” He started the explanation and sat down too. After some minutes of discussion, Daniel saw Officer Deolu coming down from a staircase and walking out of the hospital with another policeman. “Is the maid here too?” He wondered. 

    “What’s that?” Mike asked him. 

    “That’s officer Deolu.” Daniel said. He couldn’t point at him so he wouldn’t see him. He didn’t want that. 

    “Really? And he looks innocent.”

    “Not all those who look innocent are really innocent. It’s not by looks, it’s by act.” Daniel said. 

    “Operation is till going on, Man. Oyinda was here earlier and she’ll becoming over again, she’s sleeping here too.”

    Daniel sighed. “It is well.”

    ** ** **

    8 p m. 

    Daniel and Felix walked into Continental Palace slowly. The smell of smoke and drinks stuffed Daniel’s nose as he entered the bar. He had been glancing at Felix from time to time until the sat down. 

    “It looks peaceful.” Felix said. 

    “And what if it’s not even from here.” He hardly completed the statement when a hand held his shoulder and another one one near his chest. 

    HE FROZE. 

    ** ** **

    Vanessa was already dozing off on the sofa. Debbie had been chatting with one of the guys she wanted to entrust the project of her beauty spa to. 

    She punched Daniel’s number and dialed it but it was not reachable. She did again and gain but it was still the same result. 

    Just then, there was a knock at the door. Vanessa’s eyes opened as she heard. Debbie stood up and walked to the door. As she opened the door, she stared at the tall personal it before her with her handbag and looking so umbrageous. “Good evening.” She greeted. 

    “Are you not Vanessa?” She shouted. 

    Vanessa rushed to her feet where she was. 

    The door was pushed by the personality and she peeped inside. 

    … story continues… 


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