Welcome to another episode of #BreakingFree. I have been wondering what it’d be like because I never knew the topic until this morning. I didn’t get the text until a day before yesterday. 
Okay, today we’llbe digging deep into the word a little. As I was asking Holy Spirit what he wants me to share on this platform, he directed me to the story of ten virgins. 

I know you must have read about it before, you must probably have preached about it too and maybe you think you’ve gotten all from it, you may be wrong. Totally wrong. 
Today, I’ll be talking more about knowledge. The story on the ten virgins can be found in Matthew 25 and it started with the Kingdom of Heaven likened to ten virgins who took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom. 

A virgin is one who’s without blemish, never used or defiled. I know you know that’s what sins usually do to us, but once we give all to God, we become a virgin in him again because old things have passed away and behold you are new! 

Now, the Kingdom of Heaven is a sphere where the will of God finds expression. That means for somewhere to be called Kingdom of heaven, the will of God is actually found there. And the first will revealed unto us is – Virginity. 

Outside that realm, Kingdom of heaven cannot find expression. Don’t get me wrong, not physical virginity as we know, but being new in Christ! Now, these virgins took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom! 

Wow! It is not that they were given lamps there, it’s that they picked up their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom. And the criteria to follow the bridegroom is to be a virgin but not a virgin with darkness, but that with light! 

That’s why I said I’ll be talking about knowledge today. I see this as though even though one is a virgin- born again, walking in God and the likes but lacks knowledge, he has a great capacity to fall! A very great capacity to fall. 

What you can use to attack the devil is the knowledge you have! Let me tell you frankly and it may sound as if Temitope is saying rubbish! Every man is fallible! And according to the written word : 
[KJV] Isaiah 40:30 Even the youths shall faint and be weary, and the young men shall utterly fall:
What I written there is not that youths may fall, it’s not a possibility! It’s a thing that will happen.. so that you fell does not mean you are out already! The only problem is when you want to remain there, then you become a very celebrated fool in the kingdom of darkness. 

Every story of the Bible is meant to teach us a lesson. If we now repeat what these foolish virgins did, we are not only fools but celebrated one! The blueprints has been given unto us so we don’t repeat history, so why do you still stay there and not go for wisdom! 

This is a very keen key to winning the devil! How knowledgeable are you? Do you think one rubbish determination can do it? See, your flesh is too weak to stand against devil, dear. It’s very far too weak! It can’t do it! It’s  made from the dust which God already caused devil to feed on! 

So, if you think determination that I won’t smoke again, I won’t commit fornication and the rest again will do it, you are joking! 

At one points of these ladies lives, they all had wisdom! They were all knowledgeable! But it got to a stage of tiredness and all these wise virgins slept off, now after waking up, what would sustain them is still the knowledge! Some already lacked it while some knew how to refill. They came with the source of knowledge and filled themselves up because a fool cannot follow the master! 

Or have you forgotten? Psalm 119:105 

[KJV] Psalms 119:105 Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path.

Knowledge can only be found in that Bible you have closed for weeks and months! Knowledge can only be found in those motivational books you have failed to read! Knowledge can only be found in the things that you know you are meant to do but fail to do! 

Break free from foolishness! I’m not abusimg anyone, it’s also referring to me. But let’s flog ourselves with the word so we can walk as if Satan does not exist! 

See, tithing cannot suffice for this! Not even prayer! Each door in the spirit has it’s key, a wrong key cannot open the right one! Get wisdom! Pick up that Bible, pick up that book! Dust it if it’s already covered with dust and start consuming it! 

It’s funny that people can have the solution to their problem in the books they have in their library or in that Bible they’ve closed but wouldn’t read it! It’s so bad that many people have the solution to their problem but devil will make you sleep! 

By the time some will wake up, their foolishness may be raised to power ten already! That’s not it! 

Refurbish yourself! Read the word to sustain strength! You can’t break free from anything on your own! You can’t! If you think you can, it’s an act of foolishness according to the Bible! 

This is a strange key that has opened doors! Get wisdom! Be wise! Break free from foolishness! It does not only speak of spiritual life, but every faucet of a man’s life! 

Be wise with your finance

Be wise with your decision

Be wise with your academics

Be wise with your work! 


God bless you. 


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