Daniel turned his side on the mattress again. He didn’t even know if it was hunger or the issue on ground that was causing him that sleepless night. He hadn’t eaten to his satisfaction, he only ate the remaining bread he saw in the microwave and made his way inside the room. 

As he just took a deep breath, his eyes jacked open as he sat up on his bed in haste. A scene just flashed to his memory – Gun Them Down. He just remembered the actual reason why he was a kidnapper in the movie was because his mother was killed and he needed to get those who killed her. It was a revenge mission that really got much of him. 

He could remember himself talking with the Director of the movie several times and some of the crew on revenge and crime. The word one of them spoke to him just flashed back to his memory. When a person is killed, his killer is often usually what he enjoys doing. 

He stood up and walked to his chair, plopping down on it and thinking. He could remember his mother was killed in the movie and the reason was because she never agreed to bribery and corruption with some of her friends and they ended her life. 

“Could it be his friends?” He wondered. 

He wasn’t comfortable because he knew the officers could turn Vanessa to be the murderer if they can’t find anyone. As he stood akimbo and sighed, he remembered the words of Officer Adeolu – The maid is in the Hospital, wounded.

He sighed. “If that’s the case, he should have a clue to what’s happening. And who knows how the gate keeper was also killed?” He wondered. 

After some minutes, he laid on the bed again and continued thinking. Later, he slept off. 
** ** **

Daniel rolled to the other side of the mattress and opened his eyes. He yawned and stretched as he sat up on the bed. So fast? He wondered as he took his eyes off the wall clock. 

It was a new morning again and it was past six. He stretched his hand and grabbed his Bible. He closed his eyes for a moment, as if he was trying to remember something. I had a dream, he said within himself but obviously couldn’t remember it. He just sighed and opened his Bible. 

** ** **

Vanessa opened the door and walked out of her room as she pressed her phone. She sat down and glued the phone to her ear. “Good morning, Sir.” She greeted. 

She was calling Bennie to tell him she wouldn’t be able to come to work that day. She didn’t know why she was having a headache and it seemed it was severe. 

Her face was oily as though she had been sweating for a while. Though, there was no supply of electricity overnight, notwithstanding, she couldn’t sleep peacefully. Her brain had been working since the previous night on what happened and who could have done what happened. 

She had sat up on the mattress many times, pondering on what might have happened but she couldn’t find the best answer. She ended the call and heaved a sigh of relief. 

She knew it’d be miserable for her to go to work that day, she wasn’t happy. She was still there when the light came on and she switched on the television set. Just then, Debbie walked out of the balcony with her laptop. “Good morning, Vanessa.” She greeted her as she sat down. 

Vanessa managed to smile. “I don’t think anything is good about this morning, dear. I’m just having headache.” She complained. 

“Really? Didn’t you sleep overnight?” She asked her, placing her laptop on the center table. 

“It was just as if I didn’t sleep, Debbie. I was opening my eyes every minute.” She explained. 

Debbie smiled. “You should have come to my room then.”

“Would you have made me sleep?” She chuckled softly. 

Debbie shrugged. “Who knows if after I’ve spoken to you or at the end sing a lullaby for you, you’ll sleep.” She grinned. 

Vanessa snifled. “I’m just bothered. Is that how someone just die? Who knows the killer?”

Debbie shook her head. “Don’t let’s start with that this morning. What are we eating?”

Vanessa shook her head. “I don’t feel like eating.”

** ** **

Daniel walked to the living room in his long kaftan and met Mike seeing a movie. He just cleared his voice and sat beside him. 

“A movie? Isn’t it too early?” He said. 

“Good morning, Daniel.” Mike yawned. 

Daniel nodded. “Yes bro. How was the night?”

Mike shrugged. “It was sleepless, Daniel. That’s why I’ve been seeing this season movie. I think I’m falling in love with this Philippines’ concept.” 

“Have you read you Bible this morning?” He questioned. 

Mike swallowed. He knew Daniel had come with his problem of reading Bible before doing any other thing. “I haven’t. I’ve always told you -it doesn’t matter!” 

Daniel tittered. “Really? But seeing a movie matters, isn’t it?”

“I’ve always told you, there’s no time a man cannot read his Bible. Is it more than just studying?”

Daniel chuckled. “Can you tell me that you can go to work by 1am in the midnight or 2pm in the afternoon?” 

Mike shook his head. “That one no possible.

Daniel shrugged. “Then your excuse is not genuine too. You can treat God in a way you like anytime you like. That’s why we see that he treats us in a way he likes and anytime he likes too. Many people pray and won’t find answer to the prayer because the answer to the prayer is already in the word of God!” He exclaimed. 

Mike sighed. “Okay, can we change…” he barely completed the statement when he heard that the gate was opened. 

“So David didn’t come home yesterday night, Mike?” Daniel’s eyes widened. 

Mike nodded. “That should be him.”

Daniel looked away for some seconds. “This doesn’t make sense, Mike.”

Mike squinted his eyes, clapping his hands together. “Daniel, what’s my own business? Am I David?” He grinned. 

Daniel shook his head. He seemed provoked. “That’s not what I’m saying, how can a medical Doctor go to a hotel bar to drink since yesterday! I’m sure he did more than drinking, that isn’t a mere bar!”

“You mean?” Mike grinned and winked. 

“Shut up, Mike. You understand what I’m saying. I’ve heard a lot about that place and the prostitution going on there. It can make one fall. Anyways, he’s not standing before, so there’s nothing like falling in his own case.”

Mike laughed hard. 

Just after few seconds, the door was opened and David walked in, holding his blazer in one hand. He looked rough, his shirt was wrinkled and he wasn’t turking in, his tie was loosened too and he looked as though he just lost his job. “Hey guys, good morning.” He greeted. 

Mike glimpsed at Daniel, expecting him to pour out fire. As expected, Daniel adjusted himself on his seat and cleared his throat. “What’s good about this morning for you, David? What’s the meaning of this? A Medical Doctor for that matter and your life is like this? David!” He exclaimed. 

“What is it, Daniel. Does being a Doctor stops one from enjoying one’s life?”

“Sincerely I pity that girl you are taking around, she won’t know you are this worthless.”

Mike swallowed hard as he heard that. He was expecting David’s reply too. “What is your own business, Daniel? Did Oyin complain to you? Do you know how she spends her own day and night too? Do you know how she relieves herself of stress? Man, Forget! You are the one carrying spirituality on your head like no man’s business. Let me surprise you, if I ask for forgiveness from God a minute before I die, I’ll still make heaven.”

Dannie sprung to his feet. “So, Dave. Tell me when you will die! Do you think God is dumb? Do you think he’s dumb?”

“What you are just doing is a mere religion? Common tell me, who and where is God!”

“Some things take one’s spirituality and discernment to know. If you are part of those asking if God exist, try being truly spiritual and you’ll see the experience of his existence! You’ll be the one telling some patient not to take alcohol, you are the one taking alcohol. I think all these started when we left you in school then.”

David smiled. “It’s your business.”

Daniel threw a gaze at Mike who had been taciturn and Mike just quickly face the television. 

“You are sick, Mike.” Daniel said as he sat down. “If I can’t tell you the reality, I’m also sick! Why didn’t you say anything concerning this, guy?”

Mike shrugged. “He can’t listen! He won’t.”

“I think I have to meet Oyin to tell her this guy is worthless. It will be disastrous for that one to be the victim of this rubbish guy.”

Mike sighed. “What do we now do?”

“I don’t know!” He gave a deep breath. 

** ** ** 

“Why won’t you eat? Why are you talking this way, Vanessa?” Debbie asked, wondering. 

“I’m just tired, Debbie. I think I’m the greatest suspect they have. And I think showing that officer William’s text message was also a great mistake.”

Debbie swooshed out a long breath. “That’s true. It can be used against you. All the same, you didn’t kill Williams so why can’t you eat?”

“I don’t feel like.” She said again. 

Debbie picked up her phone. 

** ** ** 

Daniel dropped his phone and smiled. He just received a call from Debbie, telling him about Vanessa that morning. “I’ll be there soon, don’t worry.” He had replied her as he dropped his phone and smiled. 

“Is that not Vanessa?” Mike asked. 

“That was Debbie, she was telling me about Vanessa.”

“I know, that’s what I was asking too that was the person talking about Vanessa. Anyways, na you sabi. So, what’s up with her?”

“She’s bothered and she wouldn’t eat.” He replied. 

“Mike scratched his head. “Now that you want to go their, will you be the one to feed her?”

Daniel chuckled. “Is it a crime to be caring? At least I’m not at work today.” He replied. 

“So? You’ll now leave for their place again. By the way, I thought those that are led by the spirit of God are the sons, have you even asked your Holy Spirit before making the move to go.”

Guy, why you dey attack me na? Why you wan dey too spiritual for here? As if say na so you dey spiritual.” He laughed. 

Mike laughed. “That’s exactly what you usually do. Rubbish boy. You better go and bath before your Vanessa will start crying.” He laughed again. 

“She’s not my Vanessa, she’s just Vanessa.”

“We’ll soon know.” He chuckled. 

Daniel laughed as he walked inside. 

** ** ** 

Officer Adeolu walked through the interrogation room for a while, lost in thought. He didn’t know what to do. Florence already called him that she’d be coming over that morning to see him. 

He just returned from the Hospital where he went to check the maid if he was conscious but he was still unconscious. He must have been really hit, he had thought as he saw him. 

Not long from then, Florence was allowed to come in. “Good morning, ma.” Adeolu greeted her. 

“Officer, good morning. Is there any progress?”She asked. 

“We’ve met with his former P.A but it seems she’s not involved in what happened. So, investigation is still going on.”

“Really? Why will someone just kill my husband and leave like that and you’ve not been able to do anything.”

“Just calm down ma. The guy that can give us information is still unconscious in the Hospital.” He informed her. 

“How sure are you that he wasn’t killed by that same P.A?”

“There’s no concrete evidence yet, Madam.”

“Is there any evidence at all?” She asked. 

He shook his head. “Nothing. The only thing I can say is perhaps the message Mr. Williams sent to her to threaten her earlier. But that’s not concrete enough.”

“William’s threatened her?” She asked. 

Adeolu nodded. 

“What else do you need then? If someone is threatened, won’t she make the first move?”

Adeolu smiled. “Not everytime. She didn’t even look like it.”

“Do they write it on forehead? You better name your price and do it the way I want. I want the lady dragged into this so that my husband’s properties can be released to me.”

“Really?” Adeolu looked away, smiling. 

** ** **

Daniel knocked at the door and adjusted his shirt. He pressed his lips together as he waited for the door to be opened. 

The door was opened by Debbie. He walked in, smiling. “Good morning, Debbie.”

“How are you, Dan?” She asked. 

Daniel shrugged. “I’m good. What’s up, Vanessa?” He asked as he sat beside her. 

“She said she has headache and she wouldn’t eat. She’s bothered by what happened.”

“Why should you be bothered? The killer will soon be found. Will you go and freshen up and let’s just drive around. It’ll relieve you.”

Debbie made some funny sounds as she scratched her head. “Who told you?”

“I can remember Yoon Sung did it for Kim Na Na in City Hunter movie.”

“Are you guys now Yoon Sung and Kim Na Na?”

Daniel laughed. “Just keep quiet, Debbie. I’m trying to make her happy, that’s all.”

“What if I’m still going to work?” Vanessa questioned him. 

“You can’t go like this. Have you called Bennie?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

“So just go and dress up, I promise you. You’ll be refreshed.”

“What’s wrong with his one too, you better stand up and do quick.” Debbie teased her. 

Vanessa chuckled. 

“Can you see, she hasn’t been laughing since morning. When Daniel now came she started laughing. I will deal with you.”

“Am I laughing?” Vanessa stood up and walked inside. 

“Has the Director called you?” Daniel asked Vanessa. 

She shook her head. 

“I just saw his message while coming. He asked if everything was fine. I think they are still shooting the scenes we aren’t concerned with.” He told her. 

“The storyline is even too long.” Debbie said. 

Daniel smiled. 

** ** ** 

It was over fourty minutes Daniel had been driving Vanessa around while they chatted. He really wanted to relieve her of her thoughts and it seemed it was working out. 

As he drove pass a building, he saw that Vanessa stared at it intently. He cleared his voice and asked. “Do you come here too?”

She shook her head. “It’s Williams that usually come here. He has told me before to join him, but how will I join him to come to a hotel?”

“Really? So Williams usually come to Continental Palace? 

She nodded. “He liked ladies and I think he easily got his type here.” 

“Really? What’s his type like?” Daniel asked. 

Vanessa chuckled. “Why are you asking me these questions? Do you come here too?”

Daniel chuckled. “Do you know his death might have been from here? I heard something that one’s death is usually from what he enjoys doing. If we can trace the lady he usually sleep with here too, she might even be involved.” 

Vanessa laughed. “I doubt it. I don’t think Williams will take a lady to his house. His close friend is the owner of Continental Palace, so he has his room there and did come there regularly. So if he’d be killed, it would have been in his room there.” She replied. 

“No one is dull, Vanessa. Anyways, who knows the truth though.” He smiled. 

Just then, his phone rang. It was his mother. “Mum again?” He picked up the call reluctantly as he parked the car. 

“Now? How sure are you that I’m not in location, Mum. I’m not at home, I’m in a meeting with someone.” He said. 

Vanessa chuckled. 

“Okay then, I’ll be there.” He ended the call and frowned. “Mum’s trouble is too much.”

“Mr Daniel is lying.” Vanessa laughed. 

“See, Miss Vanessa it’s not my fault too. Mum can frustrate at times.”

“She wants you to come, right?”

He nodded. “Should we go together? You’ll meet my sister too.” He smiled. 

She shrugged. “Okay.”

Daniel drove off. 

** ** ** 

Daniel sighed as he came down from the car and saw Juliana. “Hello.” He waved at her as she locked the gate. 

“Temitope Daniel.” She smiled and moved closer to him. 

“Good afternoon.” Vanessa greeted her. 

Juliana frowned. “Good afternoon.” She greeted her and faced Temitope. “How are you?”

Why is she being happy? Temitope wondered. It seems she didn’t answer Vanessa very well sef. He shrugged. “I’m fine. Vanessa, let’s go in.” He called. 

He walked in with Vanessa and the living room was basking with aroma of food. “This is serious.” Daniel grinned and sat down. “I know it’s only Lola that can do this thing.”

Lola came out of the room, smiling.”I’m not the one, Dan. This is the work of Juliana. She started cooking when she heard that you were coming.” She said. “Good afternoon.” She greeted Vanessa. 

Vanessa smiled. “Good afternoon.”

Daniel chuckled. “This is my sister, Vanessa.”

“You don’t need to introduce, you guys look alike. How are you, dear?” She smiled. 

“I’m good. I’m Lola.” She walked up to her. 

“I’m Vanessa.”

Juliana came out of the kitchen. “The food is ready. Would you like to eat now?” She asked. 

“What of Mum?” He asked. 

“She’s dressing up. She just had her bath.” Lola replied. 

“What’s up for menu, Juliana?” Temitope asked. 

“Rice, vegetable and plantain.” She replied, grinning. 

“Okay then, we’ll come over to the dining.” He stopped abruptly. “How did you quickly cool all these within the space of Mum’s call and my arrival?”

“She’s been cooking before Mum called you, Mum already told us she was going to call you.”

He smiled. “Alright then. Vanessa, let’s storm the dining.” 

Vanessa stared at him for a moment. “I’m okay, Temitope.”

Daniel shook his head. “You know my plan is for us to visit a good eatery after driving around so we can eat well. So, don’t be like this.”

“I’m really okay, Daniel.” She said. 

“Are you shy?” Lola grinned as she winked. 

Vanessa chuckled. “Not at all.” 

“If you aren’t eating, then I’m alright too.” Daniel relaxed. 

“No, Daniel. Don’t do that.” 

“I’m serious.”

Juliana stood akimbo, watching them with grimace. She seemed not to expect that Daniel was going to come with a lady. She tried to fake a smile so she wouldn’t be noticed. “Why won’t you eat? Please feel free.” She said. 

“I’m not shy, Daniel. See, Juliana I’m okay.” She refused. 

“We are okay, Juliana.” Daniel said. 

“Not at all. Okay, I’ll eat then.” Vanessa gave a long breath.

“Better.” Daniel grinned and stood up. 

Juliana served the food and got them drinks from the freezer. Lola was busy with Daniel’s phone while they were eating. Just then, his mother came out of the room and met him on dining. 

Vanessa left her food and knelt. “Good afternoon ma.”

Daniel smiled as he saw that. Responsible girl. “Hello, Mum.” He bowed as he saw her. 

“How are you, my daughter?” She smiled and held her by her shoulder. 

“I’m good ma.” She sat down. 

“Daniel, bawo ni? ” (How are you?)

Mo wapa, Mummy.” (I’m good, Mum.) 

“This one that you came as I called you, it’s surprising.”

He chuckled. “I was not really far from here.” He replied. “This is my friend, Vanessa.” 

“Really? How’s everyone, Vanessa?”

“We’re good, ma.” He smiled. 

“I’m happy to see you, dear.”

She glimpsed at Daniel and smiled. Daniel could feel that she was happy. Mum is already feeling her. He thought as he grinned and continued with his food. 

He was still smiling when Lola rushed to him with his phone. “You have a call.”

“Thanks.” He collected his phone and picked the call. 

“What!” He brushed to his feet. “When?  Where? How? Who?”

Vanessa dropped her spoon instantly. “What happened?”

Daniel dropped the phone and broke into tears. 

… story continues… 


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