A very powerful tool used by the enemy is guilt. It’s so powerful that it ignites unnecessary thoughts also and weighs one down. Guilt also leads to depression and lack of confidence in one’s self. 

But the main reason why people face guilt is because they don’t know the victory they have over the enemy. If they do, they will never for a minute be in this state that’ll cause them several other unimportant things. 

There’s no need for much stories, permit me to quote the Bible in this episode, please I beg of you. What I want to say will set you free from guilt for ever and ever. 

The Message Matthew 18:21-22 At that point Peter got up the nerve to ask, “Master, how many times do I forgive a brother or sister who hurts me? Seven?” Jesus replied, “Seven! Hardly. Try seventy times seven.
If Jesus could tell Peter that seventy time seven times which is equivalent to 490, do you think the God can’t forgive you infinite times? 

Really, look at it! He told him four hundred and ninety times, right. Have you stolen up to that times? Even if you have, the main reason why Jesus gave him that number is because he meant he should never stop forgiving. 

Who has the time to keep counting the number of times you abused him up to 490 time? Not to talk of God who is FULL OF MERCY! 

One thing is when you confess your sins, he remembers them no more. If you go back to him and repeat again that Dear Lord, I’m sorry of what I did the other time. He’ll just look at you and wonder what did you do the other time because the first time you asked for forgiveness, he already forgave you and forgot the sins! 

That’s what the remission of the blood of Jesus can do! Not knowing this is what Satan has used to trap the body of Christ many times! 

For example someone falls into masturbation and after the act, he asks for forgiveness throughout the day, common now! If it’s sincere from your heart, the first time you told God, he forgave you and forgot it. You going back several times keeps bringing the memory to your head again and Satan wants to achieve some things through that :

1) Belittle God that he’s not merciful as he proclaims. 

This is not true at all! He’s a God who’s full of mercy. Don’t be shocked that if a Boko Haram member today come to God and ask for forgiveness and turns back from that way and starts doing the things of God, my friend his going to heaven! No time! Even though he has bombed 1,000 people. 

So, note! If anyone kills a man, it’s the man that was killed you should pity because you don’t know where he will end his own way, but as for the killer, so far he’s still alive, God’s too merciful to still forgive and forget that he has killed before. 

We have an example and that’s  APOSTLE PAUL. He was a die-hard of persecution then and he could do anything to kill a man. E.g traveling down to Damascus just to kill some people and he won’t sit until the mission I accomplished. 

When he recognized who the LORD really was, common now! He wrote almost half of the new testament and that’s like a quite of the Bible. ONCE A KILLER! 

2) He tries to paint the picture as if you can neve stop what you have done.  

He’s so smart that he’ll make you thibk you can never get out of it. Yes, it’s you! Yes, you! You are wondering it seems I know much about you, right?. 

But I’m telling you how he really works! He makes it look as if you can never get out of that habit or that sin. But it’s a lie! Let me just establish all these foundations before we have time to really hit him so bad! So bad! 

If you read a lot, you should be able to see my passion in how I’m writing this to you. I know him too well, I know him seriously and he knows me. In fact, they know me well in their kingdom! 

He brings the thoughts and you know as a man thinketh so he is, when you continue thinking like that all day, it looks as if it’s true God’s even tired of you and can never forgive you. Sir, it’s a big lie! 

And you know what, he does not have new ways again! He only has strategies of bringing the same way! And that’s why I’m telling you to come to the WAY, TRUTH AND LIFE! That’s Jesus alone. 

Many people are trapped in guilt already and they can’t get out. It’s a lie! Just a simple thing. Now you know the depth of what Jesus has done for you and have known the quality of the love he has towards you. 

Let me show you what’s annoying devil that makes him want to pull you down by any means. You see he was not the devil before, he was just an angel in heaven called LUCIFER. 

When he thought in his heart to be like God, he fell and became a fallen angel. And those angels that followed him also are the demons on earth right now. 

You know then, there was no human being and God now made man and gave him his own breath and made him in his own image and likeness and God gave to man what satan has been dying to get! That was what satan wants! And it annoyed him! 

So he will do anything to take away the glory God has deposited in your life and this is what we are discussing today – GUILT. It’s one of the ways he can tap the current of your glory! 

Never give room for the devil. Just submit yourself to God and he will flee from you! 

The solution to every key of the devil is in God. And you can reach him by his word. How much are you reading the word of God and you want to win the devil. 

How much are you praying and you want to win devil! Remember heaven is real and so hell.

Not knowing these things can make him lure us into the things that will take us to he’ll even though you claim you have given your life to Christ. 

So giving your life to Christ is not just the criteria to heaven! If you keep on naming his name and not depart from iniquity, it’s still the same thing! HELL. 

You can contact me on whatsapp – 09056018719or BBM – 59131E78 or send me a mail –

If you want to talk to me more or share some things with me. We’ve got to hit him so bad! I love you dearly. 

Next week we’ll be talking about another very important thing. I’ve not gotten it from the spirit yet. Just keep connected till then! 



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