Vanessa had parked her car and was opening the door when she  heard that the door was opened. She waited to see who the gate keeper opened the gate for. It was policemen again. 

She sighed as she patiently waited. They have seen her too and approached her. “Good evening, Madam.” They greeted her. 

“Yes sir. How may I help you, please?” She asked. 

“Please, we just need you for questioning in our station.” He told her. 

“Really? What for? You can’t just invade my privacy and need me for questioning. What’s happening please?” She asked. 

“When you get to our…” the police man was speaking when she cut him short. “Please, tell me now, I’m not ready for that.”

“It’s just an investigation. A Mr. Williams was murdered this morning and we found out you were involved in the incident, that’s why you are needed.”

“Mr Williams, murdered?” Her handbag dropped instantly. She was very shocked. 

“So, Madam. Please follow us. It’s just some questions and you’ll be back home.” Another officer added. 

“How am I now involved?” She started panicking. 

“When you get to the station, your questions will be answered.”

She looked away for a moment, lost in thought. She didn’t know what was best to do that moment. She hopped into her vehicle while two out of the officers entered with her and she pulled out again while their car lead the way. 

** ** **

Vanessa walked into the station and looked around. She wondered if she ever entered the station before. “It’s nothing, ma. You’ll just be questioned, that’s all.” A policeman said to her as she entered. 

She nodded. She waited for a moment before she was led to the interrogation room. It was partially dark with a a fan blowing at a slow rate. 

She swallowed as she sat down and was looking at the man who wanted to interrogate her closely. “We just want to question you, that’s all, Madam.” He said. 

She nodded again. 

“Please, what’s your relationship with the deceased?” He asked her. 

“Is Mr. Williams really dead?” She wondered. 

The chuckled. “Yes madam. He was murdered early hours of this morning and the house help was really wounded too. In fact, the gate keeper was killed too.” He replied her. 

She looked so shocked and her heart beat faster. “That can’t be!” She exclaimed. “He’s my boss.” She added. 

“Your boss?” He asked again. 

“Sorry, he was my boss.” She corrected herself. “I resigned some days back.” She added. 

“Really? How long have you been working with him?” 

“For a year now, as the Personal Assistant.” She replied. 

“So, it means you must have been very close to him?” He swiveled his chair, striking his beard. 

She shrugged. “We were always going out together most of the time when I was still working with him.” She replied. 

The man swooshed out a long breath. “My own name is Adeolu.” He paused abruptly and continued. “If I may ask, why did you resign?” He asked. 

She shrugged. “I found a better job.” She replied. 

“Really? But according to the news we heard, you parted on a rough note.” He dimmed his eyes. 

“Rough? Who told you that?” She asked. 

“We’ve met with other staff members this afternoon.” He said. “One of them told us that.”

She swallowed. “He was trying to meddle in my personal affairs, that was why I resigned.” 

“Now you have two reasons, Madam. You said earlier that you found a better job, now you are saying you resigned because he was meddling with your private affairs.”

She looked away for a moment and pressed her lips together. 

“You aren’t saying anything, Madam.”

She shrugged. “What do I say again?”

Mr. Deolu smiled. 

“Please can I make a call?” She asked. 

“Who do you want to call?”He asked her. 

“I don’t know anything about his death and you guys don’t have evidences against me, so, why are you trying to know everything I want to do?”

He smiled. “I’m sorry ma, you can call.”

She hissed silently and got her phone.

** ** ** 

 Debbie tapped Daniel quickly. She had just received the call from Vanessa and she wasn’t herself again, hearing Williams had been killed. “I have to leave now.” She told him. 

Daniel stared at her for a moment. She was already dressed in the costume and the make up artists had done their own work too already. “You can’t just leave. You’ll be coming on now.” He said. 

“Police just arrested Vanessa.” She told him. 

Daniel widened his eyes. “Did what?” He rubbed the make up on his own face away instantly. “What happened?”

“Her former boss was killed this morning and I think Vanessa is a suspect.” She replied. 

“Let’s go.” He said, making the first move towards  the producer. 

“Wait, won’t you be on set? Let me go.” She called him back. 

He wouldn’t answer. He walked swiftly and approached the producer. “Let’s go, Debbie.” He said. 

Debbie followed him. 

“Producer, there’s an emergency sir and Debbie and I have to leave as soon as possible.” He told him. 

“What happened?” He was shocked as he asked Temitope. 

“Something happened to Debbie’s friend. We just have to rush there now.” He said. 

“What’s now your own business, Temitope. Are you Debbie?” He questioned. 

“It doesn’t matter, Sir. Please we’ve got to go now.” He said. 

“So, for how long will this be?”He asked them. 

“We don’t know yet. But, it shouldn’t be something that’ll take much time.” Debbie cut in. 

“Meet the Director before you leave.” He told them. 

Temitope grabbed Debbie’s hand and they approached the Director too. 

** ** **  

Mr. Adeolu stared at Vanessa for a moment and clenched his fists. “Truly we have no evidence against you presently, but we’re still trying to gather some.” He stopped abruptly. “That doesn’t mean you killed him ma, just saying.” He added. 

Vanessa chuckled and clasped her hands together. “Are we not through with the questioning?” She asked. 

“No, Madam. I thought you just called your friend and she’ll be here soon.”

“Does it matter? Can’t I leave now?” She frowned. 

“Let your friend come, Madam. You’re just brought in here for questioning, that’s all. You aren’t arrested.” He assured her. 

She sighed. “Okay.”

The officer turned and looked at one of the officers beside him. “Has the man’s wife come here again?” He asked. 

“She hasn’t come after the last time you spoke to her, Sir.” One them replied him. 

Vanessa constricted her eyes as she stared at them. “William’s wife?” She asked. 

Mr. Adeolu nodded. 

“Mr Williams had a wife?” Her eyes widened. 

“Calm down, Madam. He was married. Why are you acting as if you didn’t know? Are you not the P.A.”

“My boss told me his wife died long time back, the times I also had the privilege of visiting his house, there was no woman there, no traces of a woman too.”

“Which of the houses?” Mr Adeolu asked. 

“Houses? There’s just one that I know.”

The officer chuckled. “And you think I believe you?”

Vanessa hissed. “Talk to me, how many houses?” She asked.  

“Just two. Probably the one you know and the one his wife and his only son lives in.”

Vanessa looked away for a moment, lost in thought again. Williams never told her all what she was just hearing. She didn’t seem to understand again. 

** ** ** 

Daniel and Debbie eventually got to the station after thirty minutes and requested to see Vanessa but the officers at the reception told them to sit down and wait while they continued with their own work as if they were not concerned with those seated. 

Debbie punched Vanessa’s number on her phone and called her again. “We’re here but been delayed.” She told her. 

Not quite long from when she made the call, an officer came and led the two to the interrogation room. 

“Hey, Dear.” Debbie quickly hugged Vanessa. 

Vanessa looked so worried. “I’m good, Debbie. Hey, T.Dan, what are you doing here?” She smiled. 

“I had to come when I heard.”

“Good day.” Daniel greeted the officers there and Mr Adeolu. 

“Nice to meet you sir.” Adeolu stretched his hand and shook him. 

“Thank you very much. But you two just left the location that way? Why?”

“Should we have abandoned your call?” Debbie sat down on a chair beside Vanessa. 

Daniel just stood there, looking at them. “Sir, how true is it that the man is dead?” He asked. 

“His body is already in the mortuary.” He told him. 

“Can we see the body?” Daniel asked. 

Adeolu shrugged. “Sure.” He replied. 

“But why will you just arrest her without evidence?” Debbie blurted. 

“Mrs Debbie, we didn’t arrest her. We only brought her for some questionings. The other members of staff of Mr Williams company have been questioned too. The wife has been coming here since morning and she really wants to know who killed her husband.” He replied. 

“Really? Is Williams married?” Debbie quickly looked at Vanessa. 

“I just heard it here too.” She replied. 

Daniel was just standing there with his hands crossed over his chest. He was trying to figure things out. 

“I’ll lead to you the mortuary to see the body.” Adeolu told Daniel. 

“Okay, let’s go.”

“I want to see him too.” Vanessa said as she and Debbie stood up too. 

“Let’s go.” Officer Adeolu said. 

** ** ** 

Vanessa and Temitope Daniel never believed he was truly dead until they came out of the mortuary. “He’s truly dead.” Vanessa said to Temitope. 

“So that’s truly his body?” Daniel asked. 

“Yes.” She replied. 

Daniel looked at Officer Adeolu. “That’s a puncture wound, Sir.”

Adeolu nodded. “He was stabbed repeatedly as you’ve seen.”

“Can she leave now?” Debbie asked. 

“No. We were talking about something before you came. Let’s go to the station.” He told her as he hopped into the vehicle.

** ** **

“You’ve not told me what Mr Williams did that made you resign.” Adeolu said as he sat down in the interrogation room. 

Daniel and Debbie were not allowed to enter again as they sat outside the interrogation room. 

“I’ve told you earlier.” She replied. 

“You only said he was meddling in your private matters, you’ve not told me the matter.” He said. 

“Okay. He tried his best to court me, but I refused repeatedly. Then he went on Facebook and met with my cousin again, trying do the same thing for her. So I resigned when I found out.” She replied. 

“Really? How did your cousin feel when he did that?” He asked. 

“She was just disappointed because she knew how everything was going. So she blocked him on facebook.” She replied. 

“As his P.A do you think he had an argument with any business associate?”

She thought for a while. “Not at all.”

“Does he have a best friend?” He asked her. 

She shook her head. “I doubt. He’s always doing his own things, I don’t think he keeps friends.”

She quickly brought out her phone and showed him the message William sent to her earlier before his death. “He’s the one who had issues with me, I only resigned peacefully.” She stated. 

“Who knows about this message again?” He asked her. 

“Debbie and T.Dan.” She replied. 

“Where else do you think Williams usually visit?” He asked her. 

“He has a club house he visits every Friday. It’s Continental Palace.” She replied. 

“Have you ever gone with him?”

“No.” She replied. 

“Okay then, that will be all for now.” He told her. “If we need anything as we surely will, we’ll contact you ma.” 

She had filled the form before her with her credentials. “Okay, thanks.” She grabbed her bag and walked out. 

** ** **

Each of them alighted from their various cars. Daniel still followed them home so he could assure Vanessa all was well. She had been looking so unhappy since everything happened. 

He sat down and stared at Vanessa as they got to the living room. “Stop being bothered.” He said. 

“How can a man be killed that way?”

Daniel chuckled. “All these stories and movies you guys see aren’t just fiction, they happen everyday. Don’t let that bother you.” He said. 

“But that was cruel. And where did William’s wife suddenly appear from?” Debbie said, wondering as she removed her shoes. 

“I was told he has two houses. One where he stays alone and the other one with his wife and his only son. I never knew he even has a son.”

“So you mean he has never spoken to you about the wife before?”

She nodded. “Always telling me his wife is dead. I’m even confused now.” She replied. 

“I’m suspecting the woman. Why will she just spring up from nowhere now that he’s dead.” Debbie said. 

Daniel buried his head in his palms for some seconds. “My head has been working like a clock since, I’ll surely figure out the person.” He said. 

“What about the movie you guys are shooting?” Vanessa asked. 

“That has to wait till we’re sure your name is out this case.” Daniel said. 

“Really?” Debbie chuckled. 

Daniel laughed. “I want to manifest my ‘gun them down’ aspect. I’ve been remembering the story line of that movie since and the story line of one Temitope I read online  – The Unknown. Who knows if it’s a revenge mission?”

Vanessa sighed. 

“Director called me while coming here and I told him we have to suspend everything because something powerful just happened and he reasoned with me.” Daniel told Debbie. 

“Thank you very much, Daniel.” Vanessa said. 

“So I’m invisible?” Debbie cut in. 

Vanessa chuckled. “You should know you are the mummy.” 

Debbie grinned. 

“I think I’ve got to leave now. It’s late.” Daniel stood up and pulled his shirt down. 

“Thanks, Daniel. I do appreciate. Do I even need to, since..” Debbie winked and chuckled. 

Daniel laughed. “Abeg, good night.” He waved. 

“Bye, Daniel.” Vanessa waved back. 

** ** ** 

Mike was shocked to see Daniel again. He just grinned and shook his head. “Hope there’s no problem.” He asked. 

He had thought Daniel would spend some weeks at location, he never knew he’d come back that day. 

Daniel sank in the sofa and groaned. “I’m tired, Mike. Did you cook anything?” He asked. 

I be your cook, abi? I’m the only one at home, so I can wish not to cook.” He replied. 

“Really?” Daniel smiled.

“What happened, Daniel. Did something happen?” He asked. 

Daniel snifled. “Bae was arrested, so had to leave location.”

“Bae?” Michael laughed. “Spiritual brother!”

Daniel laughed. “I think bae is just any lady, I guess.”

Michael shook his head. “Stop lying, spiritual. You are getting carnal these days o, Daniel.”

Daniel chuckled. “Anyways, some things happened to Vanessa, so we had to come from location to help her out.”

“What’s that?”

Daniel explained to Michael and waited for his response. He knew he was writer too and might have the answer to what just happened

“That’s deep. I think this was probably done by a business associate.” He said. 

“But, how can people be as hostile as stabbing a man. I wish you saw him, it was not done once or twice, Mike. It was multiple.” He added. 

“What’s now Vanessa’s business? She can’t do that.”

“We don’t even know who could have done it.”

“His wife should not be spared. Where did she come from all of a sudden?” He added. 

“Exactly. This is a very difficult issue because no one knew he had a wife. We even need to meet that woman.” Daniel said. 

“I really suspect the woman.” Mike repeated. “So you’ll be around until the issue is resolved, right?”

He nodded. “Yes.”

“David called me today and told me he might not come home. He said he’s at Continental Palace.” 

“What is he doing there?”

“What else? Drinking of course.”

Daniel hissed as he stood up.”I want to find something to eat.” He approached the kitchen. 

** ** ** 

 Earlier that same day. 

Williams sat down and swiveled his chair. He stared at the screen of his phone and pressed some buttons. He seemed restless as he continued staring at his phone. 

After twenty minutes, he walked to his dining and called his maid. “Is it ready?” He asked, still staring at his phone. 

“Yes sir.” He replied him. 

“Okay, serve the food.” He told him. 

The young man in his late twenties hurried into the kitchen. Not later than that, he started hearing a voice. 

You! Do you think you can do what you feel like and get away with it? You even have the boldness to send me a message, threatening me! Who do you think you are?

The maid peeped from the kitchen door to see what was going on. At least, he just left there a couple of minutes ago. All he could do was to cover his mouth so his breath wouldn’t even be heard. 

He could see the lady with a gun, pointing towards Williams and his boss was already on his knees begging for his life. “What’s this?” He wondered. 

He quickly stood upright in the kitchen, as he stopped looking at the scenario. He was very scared but didn’t know what to do exactly. Just as he was panting in the kitchen, he heard a squeak. 

He trembled, sweating profusely. He summoned courage to peep again. As he bent towards the door, the door was opened unto him too and a wooden stool was smashed on his head. 

There he was, bleeding too as he fought for his life and the lady disappeared. 

** ** ** 

.. story continues… 


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