Hello guys! Welcome to another phase of #BreakingFree 

Today we’ll be examining a very crucial topic and won’t possibly finish it today. The main reason why I termed this a very crucial topic is because every man think! If you don’t have a thought, you’re definetely not in this realm any longer. 

Now, this is not only pointing to wrong thoughts based on obscene things, though we’ll get there too but all kind of thoughts. 

Many of the things I’ll be saying here today are not the things I thought of, or probably researched but the things I expressly heard and wrote down by the leading of Holy Spirit. 
The first point I got is that-

  • THOUGHTS have the ability to weaken or strengthen a man. 

Thoughts go a long way breaking down our spiritual immunity. It can also build it up, the ball is in the cort of the person thinking- positive or negative. 

Some wrong thoughts 

  • Nude pictures
  • Can I ever make it? 
  • Won’t I end up dying like this? 
  • Pornography 

.. and the likes… 

Let me explain how much they affect the activities of a man. 

Satan doesn’t just come up with an act, it’s never done! He comes with a thought! A person is never tempted just doing it without a thought, there must have been a thought before the deed. No matter how short the thought is, it proceeds the action! 

When the thought becomes continuous, it starts looking real because it’s in the center of the person’s mind and in little time, one would want to feature in the thought to make it real. 

So nothing spectacular in this world is not born of out  a thought

What makes a thought come frequently is because the mind actually likes it. Or perhaps used to it already. When something is done frequently, the body gets used to it automatically. For example if a person sets an alarm and it rings by 2 am everyday and he wakes up daily. 

After a week, the person wouldn’t need an alarm before he wakes up around some minutes to 2 am or that exact time or possible son minutes after. The mind is used to it already, not to talk of a thought that comes every day or every hour. 

This is an activity that takes place and affects the soul and the spirit. 


I once read a book by Kenneth Hagin and he stated how God opened his eyes to see the spirits behind every thought. They bring the thoughts to a man and this is how they operate –

They bring the thought and start instigating you to start thinking about it and when you get engrossed in it too and start deliberating in the thought, it’s as though you are deliberating with the spirit and the Spirit enters the man automatically. 

I’m not trying to scare you but it’s the reality. I just remembered this, I never planned writing this in this article. But that’s really the fact because I’ve seen one before by myself while praying. 

Every thought is sponsored by a SPIRIT! It just depends whether evil or Holy! There can never be partial, if it is not Holy, it is evil! 

So, no matter what you think of, it might appear so good but might not be Holy. Many thoughts appear so good because satan can transform to an angel of light but everything about him is darkness. 

That’s why I’ll encourage you to THINK ABOUT WHAT YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT. I learnt that some months back and it helped me, when a thought crosses you mind, ponder on why it came and don’t just think about it! Question the thought, why am I thinking about money? 

You know many people get engrossed and start thinking about IF I HAD MONEY, they’d do this and that and would start thinking and imagining various things they’d accomplish if they had money but the thing is THEY DON’T HAVE! Why not shift your focus then and start to think about how you’ll get money instead of what it’d be for. 

Sincerely I’d not want you to miss any episode of this #BreakingFree, it’ll be changing lives. The best is yet to come. 

Let’s examine this – we are meant to be living our lives DAY BY DAY not projecting things beyond weeks. Many people start wondering that what am I saying? But it is the reality! I learnt this yesterday and sincerely it blessed me. 

When you wake up and you are not bothered with anything even though there are many things before you to do, recognize God! If anyone is to worry about anything, leave the worry to God. It’s none of your business! When you wake up and stop thinking about those burden, about those obscene things, and just focus on Jesus, sincerely you’ll be light! 

You’ll not wonder – how will I do it today, hope I won’t fall into this sin again or how will I be able to eat today? Just stop it! Your victory is in Jesus, you can never win all by yourself! 

Don’t you ever think you can stop obscene thoughts or stop an habit all by yourself, it is not possible! You’ll just be straining you self and keep on falling! Until you leave the center and be at the sideline, just watch what God himself will do, you’ll never overcome wrong thoughts! 

No man is infallible! I don’t care about who he or she is, no man is infallible! I’m not saying this perhaps because I’ve ever fallen, NO! 

Let me explain a scenario in the Bible for you and you’ll know – see, Elijah called down fire and it came, he slaughtered the prophets of Baal and it all happened, he seized rain for 3 years and 6 months and it happened, he rose the dead and it happened.. 

It was a woman that appeared to him and he fled! He ran to the extent that God was calling him and asking him what happened to him and he just kept on running. 

Satan will never strike you when it is hot! He will never try it! He will strike you when you are tired. 

There’s a stage when we get tired so far we are still in this flesh, we are subjected to tiredness. Even Jesus was tired and Satan came to tempt him! 

Sincerely, I believe God will be unleashing great things through this #BreakingFree, all we’ve got to do is to open our heart and learn. 

So the answer I can really give you to all the wrong thoughts and obscene things troubling is J E S U S! Listen up, the fact that I said Jesus does not mean when you accept him, all the wrong thoughts are gone, never! 

The first thing I’ll like to correct is that – It’s a gradual process. That’s it! You are still human, I won’t lie to you that if you have Jesus, wrong thoughts won’t come are you joking? That’s when they’ll even come most! That’s where many people miss it when telling people about Jesus. When you receive Jesus, it doesn’t change devil, your house doesn’t change from where it is, the location where you do ungodly things doesn’t change! But I can assure you his presence in you life guarantees success over all these things! 

Someone will tell me he has Jesus, yet everything is still wrong. Listen, there are two main ways devil bound we believers! 

1) He won’t want you to come into the light of Jesus at all. 

He won’t want you to receive Jesus, he won’t want you to believe in him. He’ll harden your heart and block every pathway to Jesus but if eventually you get to know Jesus, forget his next plan will be that- 

2)He won’t let you know the victory that lies in Jesus so you will remain like a baby even though you are born again. 

We’ve got to wake up! He knows you have given Jesus your heart, but he won’t want you to go beyond that because the moment you open your Bible, he has headache! The moment you begin to read, he’s frustrated! The moment you are blessed by it and want to act it out, he’s dead! 

Bible says rebuke the devil and he’ll flee from you! That’s where most people know and they keep on rebuking the devil, are you joking? Where did you throw what began the verse? It says SUBMIT YOURSELF TO GOD, REBUKE THE DEVIL AND HE’LL FLEE! 

Common now! The word can not lie, if the devil does not flee, check your own submission to God. I’ve come to a recognition of something in the body of Christ, we claim we know something and sincerely we don’t! And because of that we can’t get any result! Can never ever get! Or probably get and loose it overtime. 

As for me, I’m tired of the status  quo, there are a lot of principles in the Bible and it cannot lie, sincerely if you practice just one and I mean Practice, you’ll be amazed how your life will be blessed! But to practise faith, you’ve go to know faith is not just a substance of thing hoped for and evidence of things not seen.. 

My friend, that’s not the faith that moves mountain! No man can create faith. You think it’s one kind believe that you must not allow to shake even for once? Never! Faith is a Sprit! A dimension of Holy Spirit  and it takes a man to have this personality before faith is complete! 

But let’s start from the word of God first.  

Have you forgotten this is the victory that overcomes the world even OUR FAITH! 


The victory lies in faith and faith lies in the living word! You claim you want to get out of a thought that’s obscene, that’s not godly and not good but you have failed to open the word that your healing and deliverance lie in! 

Faith works by love! It must not be an obligation to read your Bible daily, it must be out of the love you have for God. 

I’ll be sharing deep spiritual arsenals with us in the #BreakingFree. Sincerely it will be worthwhile! It will really be! Sincerely I feel an urgency in my spirit, we’ve got to move! 

If you actually made the decision to give Jesus your life or rededicate it to him, you can chat me up on whatsapp – 09056018719 or BBM – 59131E78 or send me a mail – Danniedeekonsepts@gmail.com

Let’s end this devil once and for all! 

Next week we’ll be continuing from here and Holy Spirit will be showing you a great thing – the victory you have in Jesus! And how to overcome GUILT. 

You may think you know it, come with meekness to the Spirit and new things will be added. We’ve got to Break Free! 


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