Daniel dropped Vanessa at her place. He enjoyed every bit of discussion with her. The two had talked on their school life experiences when they left the restaurant and it was fun. 

Daniel waved at Vanessa and sped off as he dropped her at the front of the building. Vanessa was indeed very happy. She was walking in happily when he phone suddenly buzzed. “Why’s Grandma calling?” She wondered and picked up. 

“Hello Granny.” She smiled. Suddenly she halted and was quiet for a moment. “What!” She exclaimed as she rushed inside the house. 

Vanessa almost fell as she entered into the living room. “Grandma is at it again.” She informed Debbie. 

Debbie sprung to her feet. She wasn’t expecting it at all, she wasn’t expecting Vanessa also, she thought she’d be back by evening. That wasn’t even the right time of asking her why she was home very early. “Is she still at home?” She asked. 

Vanessa nodded. “It seems. Tracey just called me with her mobile number now that she is at it again.” She informed. 

“Let’s get out of here.” Debbie said and they dashed out. 

** ** ** 

 Vanessa and Tracey had been on their feet for some minutes, just staring at themselves. Surely they must have been thinking on how tired they were of their Grandma’s crisis. 

Vanessa had even thought something happened to Grandma already, perhaps Williams did something. She was at first confused when she heard Tracey’s voice telling her to rush because Grandma had slumped and it was getting beyond her. 

She sighed as she looked in the direction of Debbie who was punching some buttons on her phone. She walked to her side and sat down. “I’m really tired of this.” She said. 

Debbie smiled. “It’s a matter of time, dear. Don’t worry.” She assured her. 

Vanessa shrugged. “I even thought Williams did something.” She smiled. 

Debbie glanced at her and smiled. “He wouldn’t try anything dear, that man is a loser.”

Vanessa nodded. “I hope so.”

** ** *

It was already evening when Grandma was stable. Debbie had gone back home, leaving Vanessa and Tracey alone in the hospital this time. She had to get her things together because she’d be going back to location the following day. 

Vanessa had also been thinking on how her first day as the admin manager would be, now that her grandma had messed her day up. She swallowed as she looked at Tracey for some minutes and spoke. “Did William still chat you up?” She asked her. 

Tracey chuckled. “I’ve even blocked him.” She replied. 

Vanessa smiled. “Really? 

“Sure.” Tracey nodded. “I didn’t  want to see his name again, Vanessa.”

Vanessa shook her head. “That was fast and cool. Do you know he sent me message? He threatened me in the message.” She told her. 

Tracey was shocked. “Really? How come?” She wondered. 

Vanessa shrugged. “I’ve resigned, girl.”

Tracey opened her mouth wide.” Vanessa, I never knew you were that serious the day you said you’d resign. How will you now make ends meet?” She wondered. 

Vanessa chuckled. “Someone said he’ll deal with me, you are not focusing on that, you have placed your focus on the job. What if he kills me?”

Tracey shook her head. “That man is just ranting, he cannot do anything. But what do you do now? Venture into theatre arts too like Debbie?” She asked. 

“I’ve gotten a job, Tracey. I’m now the new Admin manager of Diamond Company.” She announced. 

Tracey chuckled. “In your dreams, is that not?” 

Vanessa raised her shoulders. “Thanks to Temitope Daniel.” She smiled. 

“T.Dan? Are you now close to Temitope, Vanessa?”

Vanessa beamed. “Sure. He’s my close friend, Tracey.”

“Close.” Tracey repeated, nodding consecutively. 

Vanessa grinned. “See, Tracey what’s your problem? Why are you laying emphasis on the word?”

Tracey chuckled. “Vanessa, I’m just wondering how a guy has become your close friend. I wasn’t expecting it.”

“Really? Maybe because he’s spiritual. He’s not tossed to and fro like other guys I have met. He’s cool and fun to be with.”

Tracey cleared her throat. “I hope he’s just a close friend and nothing more.”

Vanessa laughed. “Rubbish girl.”

Tracey hit her shoulder and laughed. 

“I’m resuming office tomorrow, dear. I don’t know how it’ll even go now. I guess i have to leave now so as to prepare myself for tomorrow.” Vanessa told Tracey. 

“Really? I’ll be the only one left here, Vanessa”

“Is she not your Grandmother?” She winked. 

“I’ll see her after work tomorrow.” She stood up. 

“Alright then.” Tracey waved at her. 

Vanessa paced out. 

** ** **

Daniel was already getting ready for his departure for location the next day. He had started packing his things when the incident of the last time flashed to his memory. How he was making a call and Debbie overheard and stylishly introduced him to Vanessa. 

“She’s a nice lady.” He sat down and stared at his image in the mirror. “She’s jovial and outspoken.” 

Just as he was saying all of that, the door of his room got opened. He darted his gaze at the door quickly. “David, how na?

David walked in, smiling. “I heard you, Daniel. She’s jovial and outspoken, who’s she?” He winked. 

Daniel laughed. “My friend, have you been eavesdropping?”

“Baba, forget the english. You’ve not told me about any lady, I’m sure you’d have told Mike.”

Daniel chuckled. “May God forgive you, bro. I just remembered  a friend of mine I assisted today, that’s all.”

David smiled. “You should know I’ve been in this game, long time back before you. So, if I ask you something, it’s because I know how it’s flowing.”

“Is it water that’s flowing? David, don’t even worry.”

“Just be careful. I know I’ll know her one day. That was how that lady called Police on me that day. You can’t believe she stays with Debbie, the actress. The one you are working with presently.” David told him. 

“Police? You went to Debbie’s place?”

“When I was still chasing that girl around, then I found out she was Debbie’s hommie.”

Daniel looked away from a moment. “Really? So she called the Police?” He asked. 

“Yes, though the police came but with a man like that, ranting up and down. He wanted to arrest the lady herself. I was so scared, I thought they came for me.” He laughed. 

Daniel grinned. “What’s her name again?” 

“Vanessa.” He replied.

Vanessa? So it’s been Vanessa all along! He said within himself. “So you’ve finally left her?” Daniel asked. 

David nodded. “Sure. Where people like you are, I’ve left her.”

Daniel smiled. “I think it is better.”
** ** **

“What’s happening, Debbie?” Vanessa asked as she entered into the house. 

“Nothing dear. Just packed my stuffs.” She replied. “So why did you come that early? Were you employed?” Debbie asked. 

Vanessa nodded. “Of course, yes. You are seeing the admin manager of Diamond Company here, girl.” She grinned. 

“Wow!” Debbie brushed to her feet and hugged Vanessa. “That’s absolutely great. So quick? It’s nice to have influence, Vanessa.”

“Exactly. If you see how Daniel and their boss there were playing, I already knew from then that there’s no way I wouldn’t be employed.” She grinned. 

Debbie sat down. “To hell with Williams and his P.A work now.” 

Vanessa smiled. “T.Dan and I went to eat thereafter.” She added. 

Debbie widened her eyes and wiped her face, making suspicious facial expressions. 

Vanessa burst into laughter. “Madam, what’s up?”

Debbie shook her head. “Nothing. I’m just trying to clean something.” She grinned. 

Vanessa laughed. “I’ll be wearing your wine shoe tomorrow, Debbie.”

“I’ll be making use of that your bag that Tracey gave you tomorrow.” Debbie said. 

Vanessa shrugged. “Take it.”

“Even before you tell me. But how was your going out with  Temitope?” She asked. 

Vanessa smiled. “Back to this matter again? Fine.” She said and walked inside. “If not, you’ll kill me with this issue. I want to prepare for work tomorrow.”

“Wait, how much is the salary there?” Debbie asked her. 

“I’ll just be meeting their Oga tomorrow to know.” She replied and slammed the door. 

** ** ** 

It was just 7am in the morning when Vanessa knocked at Debbie’s door. Not quit long after standing and expecting her to open the door, the door was opened. “Good morning, Debbie.” Vanessa greeted. 

“Vanessa, good morning.”

She entered into the room. “Debbie, you are still sleeping by this time!” Vanessa exclaimed. 

“Are you just seeing me sleeping by this time? This one that you are looking very beautiful. Is Daniel going to come to location today?” Debbie winked. 

Vanessa grinned. “You are not serious.”

Debbie moved closer to her and helped her adjust the strip of her brassiere. “Do you want to be flaunting this again?”

Vanessa hit her. “Why are you saying rubbish this morning. Are you sure you had a sound sleep, Debbie?”

Debbie laughed. “If everything I’m saying is not true, you won’t be shouting. To mark my words, you’ll see that he’s going to call you today.”

Vanessa hissed slightly. “Joblessness is worrying you. You better do fast and start this your beauty spa or what did you even call it.”

“Sure, will meet with some folks today.”

Vanessa nodded. “Just came to tell you I’m already leaving. At least I have to know what the job entails and the benefits around it, and possible disadvantages.”

“Alright dear. You go on ahead, we’ll meet at the top.”

Vanessa hugged Debbie and walked out. 

** ** ** 

Vanessa cloistered into the company, her eyes darting around. It was a nice place, it was bigger than where she was coming from, and she knew it must be better there than Williams’s company. 

“Good morning.” She kept greeting till she made her way to Bennie’s office. “Good morning, Sir.” She greeted as she entered. 

“Vanessa, a wonderful morning to you.” Bennie greeted her. “Come and sit here.” He showed her to a seat. 

“Thank you sir.” She bowed. 

They began to talk about the office she was employed into and what was required of her, Bennie also gave her a breakdown of what the former Admin manager had established before she came and what he would be expecting from her. 

“Thank you sir.” She repeated when he was through with his explanations. 

“It’s nothing. “There will be a board meeting by 12pm  today, you’ll be introduced to other staffs there and let me show you some places in the company before I take you to your office.” He said. 

“Okay sir.” She stood up and followed. 

** ** ** 

Daniel halted and came down from the car. He had sighted Debbie and smiled as their eyes met. He had finally gotten to the location and already met the crew doing some works. “Hey, Debbie.” 

“T.Dan, what’s up?” She smiled as she approached him and the two hugged. “I’m good, what about you?”

“Don’t ask me. You came to my place yesterday to drop Vanessa, true or false?”

Daniel chuckled. 

“You won’t talk now.”

Daniel laughed. “I’m sorry. I had to attend to some things.”

“Really? Just a minute of saying Hi, would have ruined it?”

“By the way, I thought you’d have gone out. I never knew you were in.” 

“So what were you talking on yesterday if you guys didn’t talk about me because it’s obvious now.”

“Spiritual matters.” He tittered. 

Debbie hissed and shook her head. “Because I’m not ready for this your spiritkoko lifestyle.

Daniel clasped his hands together. “You won’t kill me, Debbie. How prepared are you for today’s work?” He asked. 

“Hundred percent. I’ve studied my lines.” She replied, grinning. 

The two faced the crew’s side and watched the cameramen as they set their equipment and the costumers also bringing out their costumes already. Daniel smiled, he liked what he was doing. He had always had it in my mind that he would be an actor someday and there he was, a well respected actor. 

“You like her right?”

Daniel just turned to Debbie as soon as she spoke to him. 

** ** **

Vanessa settled down in her office at last. She had looked round the office now more than three times and she really liked it. It was fully conditioned for her and it was very neat. “Thank God for this Temitope, if not I’ll be at home seeing one of Debbie’s movies.” She chuckled as she spoke to herself. 

She glanced at the time and it was already some minutes past nine. She turned on the laptop before her and checked the drawers of the table to see if some documents are there for her to see. 

She was trying to keep herself busy, at least there was nothing much for her to do then, she was just starting work and she hadn’t been given some things to work on. “Admin manager.”She just sighed. 

She quickly grabbed her phone and dialed Tracey’s number to know how her Grandma was fairing. She was doing that when the door was knocked. “Come in.” She said and Bennie came in. 

She rushed to her feet. “Sir.”

Bennie smiled. “Sir down, you are on a call.” He reminded her

“Just see into these documents, I’ll see you after the meeting by 12.” He said and turned back.

“Okay sir.” She replied. Just then, Tracey picked up her call and she spoke with her. 

** ** **

Daniel knew what Debbie was talking about for sure, but he tried to mask his feelings well that she wouldn’t suspect. “Like who?” He asked. 

Debbie chuckled. “Don’t pull my legs, Dan. I may not know you too well, but I know you well. So, answer my question.”

“You know, she’s nice, jovial and..”

Debbie clapped her hands together laughing as she interrupted him. “I never told you to explain who she is.”

“What’s the question again?” He scratched his head, still acting as though he didn’t know anything. 

“You like Vanessa, isn’t it?”

“I like everyone, Debbie…”

Debbie chuckled. “I’ve gotten my answer already from your actions, Daniel.” She winked and walked on. 

Daniel laughed and followed her. 

** ** ** 

It was just 5:32pm in the late afternoon when Vanessa picked up her bag and walked out the office. Her boss had already told her that the official closing time for staff was 5pm. She just had to tidy up some things before she left the company. 

As she left, she met Bennie talking with one of the branch managers who came for the meeting they had by 12pm that day. She thought he would have gone. 

“I thought you’ve gone, Vanessa. I told you 5pm, isn’t it?”

She smiled. “I had to finish with those documents you have me sir.” She replied. 

Bennie smiled. “I’m impressed. Just say me well to Temitope Daniel.” He told her. 

She smiled. Do we talk that much?  She wondered. “Okay.”

She walked away. 

** ** **

Vanessa had parked her car and was opening the door when she  heard that the door was opened. She waited to see who the gate keeper opened the gate for. It was policemen again. 

She sighed as she patiently waited. They have seen her too and approached her. “Good evening, Madam.” They greeted her. 

“Yes sir. How may I help you, please?” She asked. 

“Please, we just need you for questioning in our station.” He told her. 

“Really? What for? You can’t just invade my privacy and need me for questioning. What’s happening please?” She asked. 

“When you get to our…” the police man was speaking when she cut him short. “Please, tell me now, I’m not ready for that.”

“It’s just an investigation. A Mr. Williams was murdered this morning and we found out you were involved in the incident, that’s why you are needed.”

“Mr Williams, murdered?” Her handbag dropped instantly. She was very shocked. 

“So, Madam. Please follow us. It’s just some questions and you’ll be back home.” Another officer added. 

“How am I now involved?” She started panicking. 

“When you get to the station, your questions will be answered.”

… #TheOtherMe continues…. 


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