• The other me episode seven got missing, this is the repost. 


Vanessa stood still, shocked and stared at the policemen who were armed. They were obviously not smiling and not intending to smile at all. They were two already inside and another was standing by the door with this gun in his hands. 

“What are you waiting for? Please do your work.” Williams said again, looking indignant. 

“Excuse me.” Debbie interfered. 

The policemen retracted themselves as they saw her approach. They knew she was a celebrity and wouldn’t want to offend her. “Mr. Williams, if I may ask, what’s the meaning of this?” She questioned. 

“Why are you entertaing questions, police? I think what you people usually say is that whoever ask question will know when he or she gets to your station.”

“Sir, you have to tell her what this Madam has done, she’s not just anyone we can take away, Sir.” The leader of the troupe replied him. 

He looked disappointed, staring at the officer as if he should just hit his face so hard. “Are you out of your mind?”

“What?” The officer looked at him angrily. “How dare you?” He blurted. “Guys, let’s go.” He said to his men and they turned around. 

“No, wait.” Debbie stopped them. “I just called a station right now, I don’t know if it is yours that I called, but please I want you to take this guy out of here, he just came from nowhere and has refused to leave.”

“No, I’ll leave now.” David quickly said. 

Vanessa chuckled. “Better do.”

David hurried walked out breathing very fast while the policemen followed. Williams still stood for some seconds, staring before he finally left. 

Vanessa stood in shock, looking at Debbie. 

** ** ** 

“Oyin, I’m really short of words presently.” Daniel said,  studying her with his level gaze. 

“When will he come back from work?” Oyin asked. 

Mike swallowed. “He’ll soon be back. I think he should be on his way now” He replied. 

David does not deserve all this covering, we’re just helping him and I don’t think he’s remorseful. Daniel had thought, sighing. 

“What would you like to eat?” Mike asked Oyin. 

Oyin smiled. “Am I a visitor here? Don’t worry about food, Mike.” She replied. 

Daniel chuckled. “You better eat and stop forming one kind lady.” 

She grinned. “Daniel, I’m alright. How has been location?” She asked. 

Daniel shrugged. “Been awesome.” He replied. “This new project will be tight.” 

She beamed. “I’m looking forward to seeing it.” 

Daniel licked his lower lip. “Don’t worry, we are still working.” 

She grinned. 

** ** ** 

“What’s the meaning of that?” Debbie asked as she plopped down the sofa. 

“That was humiliating. I can’t believe that just happened. “Vanessa said, still standing by the chair. 

Debbie clapped her hands together. “Really funny to me. Why will he do such a thing? Is it a crime that one resigns?”

Vanessa chuckled. “Even if it is a crime, I thought he claims he loves me, and he’s with the police.” 

Debbie laughed. “Thank God you never entered into that man’s trap, who knows he’s such a being?”

Vanessa heaved a sigh and sat down too. “What of this guy too that came around, I still don’t understand how he got this place.” Vanessa said, staring in the space between herself and Debbie, lost in wonders. 

“Sincerely, that guy has guts! And he refused to go, who is he?”

Vanessa shrugged. “I wish he was arrested.”

Debbie laughed. “But wait, where are all these suitors of yours coming from?”

Vanessa smiled. 

** ** **

“He’s here.” Mike announced as he heard that the gate was opened. 

“Really?” Daniel looked towards the direction of outside. “He’s back,” he remarked. 

Oyinda adjusted herself on the seat. David walked in after some seconds of their silence was halted on seeing Oyinda. “Hey, dear?” He grinned. 

What! Daniel was shocked. He cleared his throat and rested his back. A little time after, he glimpsed at Mike. Mike just looked at him and shifted his sight. 

“Dear?” Oyinda repeated, looking surprised. 

He smiled and sat beside her.  “Why do you look so shocked, Oyin? I’m sorry.” He said. 

“Wetin you do wey make una dey beg?” Michael asked. 

David shrugged. “Is it your business?”

“E ma binu o..”(Don’t be offended.) Daniel said. 

“Can we go out?” David asked Oyin. 

“No.” She affirmed. “Why is it that you neglected me, now acting as if you care before your friends?”

David looked shocked. “Not at all, dear. That’s not it, not even close to it. I’m sorry it seems as if I neglected you before, was very busy.”

Daniel sighed. “Busy.” He repeated. 

David looked at Daniel with grimace. “What?”

Daniel raised his brows and spread his hands. “What is what?” He questioned. 

“Can we go out? At least for dinner.” He asked. 

Oyin glimpsed at Daniel and Mike. The two then looked away instantly. They didn’t want to say anything so David wouldn’t say they have added to his problem. 

“David, what really happened?” She questioned him. 

David scratched his moustache. “I’ve told you, was very busy. I’m really sorry, dear. Don’t worry, we’ll talk better. Let’s go.”

The two stood up and Oyin glimpsed at Daniel and Mike again before they left. 

Daniel was just shaking his head continually as the two left. Just then, Mike sprung to his feet. “I’m off to Chioma’s place, Boss.” He informed. 


** ** **

Vanessa already served the food on the dining. She beckoned on Debbie as she sat to eat her own food. As she took a spoon of rice, Debbie got to the table and sat down, looking tired. 

“Hope all is well?” She asked.

Debbie nodded. “I’m just tired. 

“What’s happening, Debbie? I’ve not even been hearing anything about any guy from you these days. What’s up?” Vanessa asked. 

Debbie chuckled. “Leave guys for now.” She served her food. 

“Leave them? But why?”

She chuckled. “I want to be patient. You know it’s been twice now.” 

Vanessa shrugged. “Does it now mean that is the end of the world? Or is it Daniel?” She winked. 

Debbie was surprised. “You are not serious.” 

Vanessa laughed. “I have been wondering why you invited him for dinner that day.”

Debbie shot a look at her. “See, Vanessa leave me alone and let’s eat.” 

** ** **

Daniel had been forcing the sleep back. He didn’t want to sleep because he wished to talk with David. He was seeing a movie but was already bored. It was just 10pm when David got back, looking stressed out. 

“Can we talk?” Daniel asked him. 

David was already expecting such. He knew Daniel and Mike would still have something to say. He swallowed as he looked at him. “Is it important?” He asked. 

Daniel nodded. “That’s the main reason I’m still awake.” He replied. 

“Okay then.” He sat down and yawned. “How far about Oyindamola?”

David shrugged. “Don’t mind her, Dan. We’ve settled it.”

“What of the lady, Ann?”

David focused on Daniel for some seconds before he swooshed out breath from his mouth and talked. “I won’t see her again.” He replied. 

Daniel chuckled. “If I may ask, why is that?”

David shrugged. “Are you encouraging me to?”

Daniel shook his head. “You should know I will never do that. But, I just want to know why you have stopped seeing her.”

“Actually I was coming from her place that other time. I traced her home and she had to call the Police for me, Daniel. She’s desperate.”

“That’s exactly what I want to bring out!” Daniel rolled his fist into his left hand. “Is it that you have stopped chasing after her because she called the police, or perharps she’s not interested or you’ve stopped going after ladies for sure?”

David frowned. “Daniel, let’s dead the case.”

“I’m not pitying you, guy. It’s that lady I’m pitying. Don’t waste her time and focus!” He brushed to his feet and walked inside. 

David hissed softly. 

** ** **

Daniel already dressed up that morning. It was as though he was the one in search of employment. He gave the wall clock a quick glance and nodded. “It’s just 7am.”

He picked his phone and dialed Vanessa’s number. “Are you ready? I’m coming over.” He told her. 

“Yes, I am. Thank you very much.”

“Okay then, I’ll be with you shortly.” He assured.

** ** ** 

Vanessa knocked at Debbie’s door and walked in, looking surprised. “Good morning dear.” She greeted her. 

Debbie yawned as she grabbed her phone. “Good morning Vanessa. How was your night?”

“I came to show you the message that woke me up this morning.”

Debbie stretched her hand and collected Vanessa’s phone. Hello, Vanessa. You don’t think you can leave like that, do you? I’ll make sure you pay dearly for your act. 

“What’s this?” Debbie frowned. 

“That’s Williams.” She replied. 

“Is this man something else? Why is he behaving as if he’s…” she hardly finished the statement when Vanessa cut in. 

“Just leave him. He’s just vexing, that’s all.” She smiled. 

“This is very dangerous. I think we have to take a bold step, let’s visit the police and tell them.”

Vanessa smiled. “You are very funny! He cannot try anything, I’m very serious.”

“What makes you think he cannot lay a finger on you?” Debbie asked her. 

Vanessa chuckled. “Let’s leave that, Daniel is on his way to pick me up.” She informed. 

“Have you packed everything you’ll need?”

Vanessa nodded. 

“Off to location tomorrow dear, the project continues.” Debbie informed. 

“That’s true.” She smiled. “I’ll miss you, Debbie.”

Debbie chuckled. “Mummy shey you not be going now?” 

Vanessa laughed out of the room. 

She went to her room to get her documents and her handbag. She dropped the comb she had been holding around since she left the room, and stepped out complete and beautiful. 

She glanced at the wristwatch before she sat down. It was just 7:13am. “He should be here soon.” She said. 

** ** ** 

Vanessa hopped into the vehicle, smiling. It was 7:20am when Daniel got to the place. “How are you?” Daniel asked her. 

 “I’m good.” She replied. “Thank you very much, Daniel. God bless you.” 

“Vanessa, I’ve told you it’s nothing.” He smiled. 

“Have you eaten?” She asked. 

Daniel shook his head. “No, what about you?”

“Same here.” She replied. 

“Care we eat after meeting Bennie?” He asked. 

She chuckled. “How sure are you I will get the work, or even if I do, I won’t start the work immediately?”

Daniel laughed. “You getting the job is a sure deal, Vanessa. I’ll make sure you don’t start today.” He said. 

Vanessa was surprised. “Why?”

“I really want to eat out with you.” He confessed. 

She chuckled. 

** ** ** 

“Hey, Bennie.” Daniel grinned as he shook hand with him. “How are you?”

“Gun them down!” His friend hailed him, laughing. 

“You are not serious.” Daniel laughed. “What’s happening?”

“I’m just here o, Daniel. You’ve gone, guy. People are just watching you everywhere.”

Daniel chuckled. “It’s not by power, do you get? It’s by God.” He winked. 

Bennie laughed. “You will never change. I was shocked when I saw you playing the role of gun the down, I was like- this is my spiritual Daniel.”

Daniel laughed. “Bennie, will you stop?”

Bennie laughed. He was also his close friend when they were serving their country years back. “You know why I’m here, Bennie.” 

“Sure, Daniel. I’m really happy seeing you again after many months we met at that mall. We just chat once in a while, you are really a busy man.”

“Bennie, you will never change too. You still talk too much.”

Bennie laughed. “Good morning.” Bennie greeted Vanessa. 

“Good morning, Sir.” She greeted him. 

“How are you?” He asked. 

“I’m fine, Sir.” She replied. 

“Let me see your qualifications.” He said. 

Vanessa stretched her documents to him. He just went through it and smiled. “Wow. I knew it, Daniel won’t bring just anybody here.”

“You should trust me.” Daniel winked. 

“You better don’t give yourself hope.” He laughed. 

Daniel laughed. 

“Anyways, I can’t say ‘no’ to Daniel and obviously can’t say it to you too. So, welcome to Diamond Company.” He stretched his hand for a shake. 

Vanessa was shocked. She shook him and glanced at Daniel. 

“Mr Bennie, you’ve not told her what she’s employed for.”

Bennie smiled. “How is it your own business?” He faced Vanessa. “I’ve seen that you are Vanessa, I am Bennie.” He introduced. 

“She has also heard your own name too. So, stop beating about the bush, go straight to the issue.”

Bennie shook his head. “You are just disturbing this formal meeting, Daniel. I will gun you down now.”

Daniel laughed. 

“Congratulations, Vanessa. You are employed as the new Admin manager. You came right on time.”

Vanessa was wowed. She was very happy, smiling. 

“Thanks so much, Bennie.” Daniel said, smiling. 

“Thank you, Sir.” Vanessa said. 

“It’s nothing Daniel, you remember the whole lot of things you did for me then.”

“When do I resume, Sir?” Vanessa asked. 

“You can resume now.” Bennie said. 

“No, Bennie. Let her resume tomorrow, please. We have to go out.” He said. 

Bennie rested his back and swiveled the chair. “Is there any other intoduction of Vanessa I need to know, Daniel.”

Daniel laughed. “No intro, Bennie.”

Vanessa smiled. 

** ** ** 

“What would you like to eat?” Daniel asked Vanessa. 

“I really appreciate, Daniel. Sincerely, words cannot describe how much I appreciate you.”

“What you want to eat is pretty long.” Daniel smiled. 

Vanessa chuckled. “Thanks once again.”

“Vanessa, what will you eat?”

“You haven’t answered me yet.” 

“You should answer me first.” He said, 

“Anything. I don’t know what exactly.”

“Does it mean I can order for you?”

She nodded. “Yes.”

Daniel took the menu list and ordered for porridge with plantain. “Can I ask a question?”

Vanessa nodded. “Yes, Sir.”

“Please stop this sir, I’m not comfortable with it. I’m not Bennie.”

She smiled. 

“I have asked before, but I just want to know. Why did you resign?”

There was a brief silence before she finally spoke out. “My boss was really disturbing me. A great source of disturbance everyday.” She replied. 

“Disturb? Relationship wise?” Daniel raised his brows. 

Vanessa nodded. “He’s been on that for quite a while now and I’ve been enduring it, until he met my Grandma and my cousin. To my surprise, he was also asking my cousin out on Facebook. Where is it done?” She gave a facial expression as though she was irritated. 

Daniel chuckled. “It is well.”

“You won’t believe he brought some policemen to my place yesterday to arrest me.”

Daniel was surprised. “Why? Because of this issue?”

Vanessa smiled. “I’m sure he’s trying to pull some stunts. Perhaps lie against me that I stole or something else.” She teplied

The waitress served their food. 

“What would you like to drink?” She asked them. 

Daniel looked at Vanessa, with the facial expression ‘reply her’.  Vanessa smiled. “Water is okay for me.” She replied. 

“Same here.” Daniel said. “So, continue.” Daniel told her. 

“So, it was the influence of Debbie that made the policemen leave yesterday.” She brought out her phone and showed Daniel the message he sent to her that morning.. 

Daniel just smiled. He was wondering the kind of person Williams would be, making him do such things. 

“He has also sent it to my whatsapp chat now.”

“It’s nothing. He can’t do any rubbish when he’s not drunk.” Daniel said. 

“But I think he’s desperate.” Vanessa said. 

“If he tries any rubbish, please do call.”

“Sure.” Vanessa nodded. “But you’ll be in location from tomorrow.” She said. 

Daniel nodded. “Sure. But distance is not a barrier. We’ll storm this place.”

Vanessa laughed. “Thanks so much.”

“It’s nothing.”

** ** ** 

Daniel dropped Vanessa at her place. He enjiyed every bit of discussion with her. The two had talked on their school life experiences when they left the restaurant and it was fun. 

Daniel waved at Vanessa and sped off as he dropped her at the front of the building. Vanessa was indeed very happy. She was walking in happily when he phone suddenly buzzed. “Why’s Grandma calling?” She wondered and picked up. 

“Hello Granny.” She smiled. Suddenly she halted and was quiet for a moment. “What!” She exclaimed as she rushed inside the house. 

** ** ** 

Story Continues... 


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