Good day everyone! Sincerely I see this as an opportunity to share with us my mind and what my spirit is really yearning. 

Beyond all reasonable doubts, I know many people are going through a whole lot outside there. Many people want to actually believe in God, they want to walk in God and do the things Of God but it seems it’s impossible for them, why? 

They are struggling with one thing or the other. Talk about masturbation, pornography, deep and profound ungodly thoughts, talk about secret sins that cannot be shared with anyone. And you know what, a lot of people have begged God over and over again, many have even thought God must be tired to hearing those words – I’M SORRY LORD! 

Many have given up on themselves that they can’t get out this again. A lot have done different things, promising God and the end breaking it. And you laugh with people out there, friends and families as if all is well whereas there’s a very hot fire burning inside that you can’t express. 

This is what we’ll be discussing every Wednesday on ways many can break free from things that seem so difficult and unbearable to share. Many tears have been shed! Even some people have told some that they trust and they end up breaking the trust, saying what they see as secret around. So disheartening! 

Seriously, God cares about everyone! I’ll really be practical enough and say things many people shy away from. Sincerely, enough of being shy from these things and many people are dying! The main reason why satan is gaining ground is because a lot of people are shy to talk about this, people go to hell everyday because those whom the Lord has committed their lives into to help are very shy to talk about it. 

We’ve got to take our stand in the body of Christ. Many people desire money, power, grace, anointing and the likes but still distracted by nude pictures everytime and the likes! So, we’ll be very practical here every week. 

And please feel free to send whatever mail to or let’s chat together on my BBM via my pin – 59131E78 
I’d appreciate outspokeness! In fact that’s what we’ll be talking about this week. Being outspoken enough to talk to at least someone.


NOW, I believe there are many things so hard to share with anyone. Imagine someone who goes to church daily, preaches to people and he or she is struggling with masturbation. It will be very difficult to meet a folk there and speak to the person about the challenge you are passing through. I’m also human and I know how challenging it can be. 

Notwithstanding, this is the greatest weapon of devil he is using against people who are stucked in one habit or the other. He knows that it will be disgraceful to you to speak to someone about it, it will be so embarrassing and he’ll keep reminding you that you’ll loose your respect, you’ll loose the way you are called – Pastor, Daddy or the likes.. 

It’s a lie from the pit of hell! He says that to keep you in that problem. He knows when you don’t speak you get totally stucked in the problem and keep dying gradually. 

Let me tell you, God created every man with great and mighty virtues deposited in them. One of the greatest ways the virtues can depreciate is through secret sins. Imagine a big tank of water that has a little hole of pin, the water inside the tank will not finish instantly.. it can even take weeks and months before it’ll finish, but one thing is certain! One faithful day, it will finish and the tank will be empty and totally dry. 

You know what, the hole will be very difficult for the owner of the tank to see it, therefore he may not know that it’s leaking somewhere  and thinks he still has water in the tank until a day he’ll be shocked to meet a dry tank. Totally empty! 

That’s how satan operates in a man’s life. He steals these virtues gradually and one will think everything is still alright until a time the fellow is totally empty both spiritually and physically. 

Assuming the hole was not hiding and opens itself up for the tank owner to see it, it would have been closed and the water wouldn’t have wasted. So if you open yourself up to someone to explain what’s happening to him or her, the fellow can help you get out of it. 

Now, like I said earlier. I also know some people are not to be trusted at all. They are not meant to be talked to that something is wrong because they will start diffusing the news around and the fellow becomes the talk of the town. But there’s no way out of 100 people one won’t be trustworthy. The major thing killing people is this shyness and lack of confidence. 

And that’s why we are here to entertain mails and chats so that many people from any part of the world can feel free with identity withheld to be able to share what’s wrong and the issue can be crucially treated. 

Note, I’m not just someone who has passion for this. It’s part of what I’m created to do. I also interceed for people in the palace of prayer and don’t be shocked if I told you God showed me something about you because I have the grace too. 

So, this issue not only gonna be treated with mental sense, we’ll kick the life of satan in the place of fasting and praying too. This is not a time to keep mute and shed tears, it’s a time to breath fire!! 

Jesus is coming soon and the robe must be white and without wrinkles. 

So feel free between now and next week Monday to send a mail to so we can iron things out.. or chat me up on BBM. 


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Temitope Daniel Abimbola. 


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