Pressing his lips together, he walked behind Vanessa slowly. His head was rotating as he was still giving the living room another glimpse. He saw a picture hung to the wall and it caught his attention for few seconds. Unblinking, he clenched his fist and looked towards the direction of Vanessa and Debbie. “This is you, Debbie.” He said.

Debbie nodded. “Sure.” She replied as she saw him staring at the picture.

“Nice one.” He commented, walking to a seat on the dining. He sat down, glancing at Vanessa every minute. She was helping serving the food in the plate while Debbie was getting the drink ready. Vanessa was even distracted by that, she didn’t notice he was peeking at her.

Debbie had seen him glance at her and quickly take off his eyes twice. She didn’t know what to do to initiate a discussion, but she knew something would soon click in her head. She placed the drink before him and stared at him. “What’s your perspective on marriage and relationship, Daniel?” She asked.

Vanessa smiled. It seemed she liked the topic Debbie introduced. She just couldn’t raise her thumbs up so none of the two would doubt if she had anything at the back of her mind. I don’t, do I? She thought, looking away for a second.

She placed the food before Daniel and served her own and that of Debbie. “My perspective is deep.” He stated, smiling.

“Let’s hear it, or is it that Vanessa does not want to hear this type of topic?” She looked at Vanessa.

Are you whining me? She thought. Forming a shocking face,  “Why not? Let’s hear the great actor speak about his perspective.” She replied, smiling. 

Daniel chuckled. “Okay then. Though many times, I appear odd to my friends, fans and even colleagues. They term me too spiritual because I see no sense in someone…” he paused and smiled. “Sorry for the word, what I mean is that I don’t like it when someone does not know the plans of God for him or her before bumping into marriage or even a relationship, it will crash!”

Vanessa was attracted. She liked that word. She glimpsed at Debbie and saw that she was looking at her, smiling. She chuckled and faced Daniel back.

“Sincerely, many people just enter into a relationship God has not approved, that’s very wrong.”

“Spiritual Daniel.” Debbie winked.

Daniel chuckled. “I’m being serious, Debbie. You can’t understand me.” He said.

“Please, how do we know what God has approved or not?” She asked.

Daniel shrugged. “Have you prayed about it before, or you are using head knowledge?”

Vanessa nodded consecutively.

“So, prayer is it, right?”

“And you must get the leading, there must be something within you testifying to the fact, Debbie. Most of the marriages and relationships around now are just built on sand because many did not even pray not to talk of knowing what is or not. They just dabble into a relationship and rush out at the end.” He said.

“But not everyone can hear God, Daniel.” Debbie frowned.

Daniel smiled. “Everyone can do, dear. It depends on if you want to, or not. Anyways, I don’t just base myself on spirituality though, because as a guy, if you like a lady and you know she has what you need and she needs what you have, you can bond.”

“I don’t get that.” Vanessa said.

“What I believe is that God can never lead one to marry someone you can’t comprehend. The basis of this is friendship, through being friends, you’d be able to see if this person can be or not. For example, I can’t marry an actress.” He paused and looked at Debbie, smiling.

Debbie laughed. “Continue, Daniel. I can neither marry an actor.”

Vanessa laughed. “But why?”

Daniel shrugged. “There won’t be time for children. So, the person I must marry must be one I can see myself in. When I say that, I mean one that can do what I can’t do and I can do what she can’t. I go to location for a shot and she’s taking care of the children, and many more.”

Vanessa nodded. “That’s true.”

Debbie shot a look at Vanessa and their eyes met again. Debbie winked and Vanessa smiled, shaking her head as if she was wondering what was wrong with Debbie.

“So I believe one who you’ll marry should be your friend, not a stranger from nowhere that no one knows. From being friends, you can tell if you can bond. So when you pray about it and God’s not leading you, you’ll know that even though you can bond, there are some things beyond the physical that you can’t see and they won’t bond.” He explained.

“Wow. I love your view, T.Dan. There is nothing wrong with it.” Vanessa said.

“Yeah.” Debbie nodded, glimpsing at Vanessa again.

“Really? You’ll be the first set of people agreeing to my view. All the same, happy marriage is the main thing.”

They continued eating.

** ** **

It was a new morning, Daniel was still rolling from one side of his bed to another when his phone buzzed. It was just past six in the morning when he saw his mother’s call.

He heaved a sigh as he ended the call and called her back. He sat up on the mattress and rubbed his face. He was trying to predict what she would want to say – See me this morning, Daniel. I am your mother. He had thought because that was normally her usual phrase anytime she called him. 

It began to ring and he got set to hear it as usual. “Hello, Mum. Good morning.” He greeted. 

She greeted him back and asked him if he was in location but he told her he wasn’t. “See me today if you are not busy.” She told him. 

Daniel rolled his eyes. He has not even planned his day, he didn’t know what he would do. “Okay, Mum. Let me see what I can do.” He told her and the call ended. 

** ** ** 

It was already past seven when Vanessa walked out of the room. She met Debbie in the living room, on T.V. “Good morning, Debbie.” She waved as she had her seat. 

Debbie yawned. “How was your night dear?” 

Vanessa nodded. “It was on point, what of yours?”

“Nice. We couldn’t really talk again last night.” Debbie said. 

Vanessa nodded. “Sure, I was very tired.” She smiled. “But it was nice rolling with Daniel, he made yesterday.” She said. 

Debbie smiled and winked. 

Vanessa chuckled. “You this girl, you know that was what you were doing yesterday too, what’s it? Why are you shutting one eye and smiling?”

Debbie laughed too. “Nothing, dear.” She continued laughing. 

“It had better be because I just don’t understand you.”

Grinning, Debbie faced Vanessa. “What do you feel about his perspective on marriage?”

“Absolutely right! I love it.” She smiled. 

Debbie shrugged. “I know you will like it. But it’s been a while I’d see you smile and at least to an extent you talked with him yesterday.”

Vanessa contorted her mouth. “Perhaps because he was spiritual. Many of the guys out there don’t have manners, not to talk of spirituality.”

“Really? What’s this spirituality thing you are talking about sef? Ability to pray, going to church or what?”

Vanessa shook her head. “Going to church does not make one spiritual, Debbie. Though, it can aid one’s spirituality, what makes a man spiritual is the ability to express the life of what he has been learning in the church.”

Debbie sighed. “That’s your headache. So, what’s the plan?” She asked her. 

Vanessa shrugged. “What plan?”

“You guys exchanged contacts yesterday, will you call or text him today?” She asked. 

Vanessa’s eyes widened. “What for?”

“Won’t you appreciate him for the gift and his presence here yesterday?”

“I will. I hope you remember today is Sunday. We have to quickly start dressing up, I must be in church by 9am.”

“That’s you, Vanessa. I can enter into the church by 11am. The fact is observing the Sabbath and keeping it Holy, Jesus did not mention the time.” 

Vanessa chuckled. “It is well.” Just then, her phone buzzed and she got it. “Hello, grandma.” 

She spoke with her for some seconds before she was told to see her that day. “Okay ma.” She replied, thinking on how to go by it, must be after the service, she finalized. 
** ** ** 

Vanessa didn’t bother going home after the service. She had told Debbie earlier on that she would be visiting her grandma after church service to know why she had called her. She hoped it wouldn’t be a discussion on William again. 

She drove into her compound and waved at the gatekeeper. She hung her handbag on her left shoulder, holding her car key in her right hand. She knocked the door and entered. “Hey, Mama.” She grinned. 

“How are you, Vanessa?” She asked as they hugged. 

“I’m good. How have you been?” She asked. 

“I’ve been here, strong.”

Vanessa had her seat. “What of Tracey?” She inquired, looking towards the direction of her room. 

“She has not returned from Church.” Her grandma replied her. 

“Okay.” She nodded. “So, what’s up? Why have you called me, Grandma?”

Her Grandma smiled and faced her direction. “Williams was here yesterday and he brought me another set of provisions. Do you know about it?”

Vanessa was shocked. “Not at all. Why did he come again? It’s not been long he came here with me and he brought you something, so, why did he have to come again with provisions?”

“Calm down. He’s being caring. At least, he is, are you?”

“I’m trying my best.” She replied rather too fast. “So, what else did he say?”

“He told me about you, but calm down Vanessa and listen to me. Why have you not answered him?”

Vanessa sat up. “Answer him, on what?”

“What else? You know, Vanessa. Don’t you?”

“Grandma, I never knew you’d talk this way. That man? I don’t want him.” She snapped. 

“Is he an imbecile or why did you say that  man? He might be older than you, but it doesn’t matter.”

“Granny, I know beyond you do concerning William. He’s my boss and I’ve been working with him for a while now. So, I’m the one who will live with him till death do us part, not you. I know what I want, no one else can know it better than I do.”

She sighed. 

** ** ** 

Daniel shut the door of his car and stood for some seconds, staring at the house, wondering what would happen that afternoon. Soon, he walked in and met his mother, sister and the new face in the living room. He prostrated and greeted his mother. He moved towards his sister and pecked her. 

“Good afternoon, ma.” He greeted the lady on seat. 

He knew deep within himself that it might be the lady Lola had discussed with him earlier on, he would try to mask the former discussion well so they wouldn’t notice that he had been told or he had an idea. 

“I’m not a ma. ” She grinned. 

Daniel chuckled and sat down. “Mum, what’s up? Your son is hungry.”

“Lola is making the lunch already, especially when she learnt you’ll be coming.”

He winked at Lola. “Thanks baby.” Looking away for a moment, he glanced at the lady again. “I’m Temitope Daniel.” He said. 

“I’m Juliana.” She smiled. “Who doesn’t know you are Temitope Daniel?” She added. 

Daniel smiled. 

“Juliana, please give me space. I want to talk to Daniel.”

“Okay, ma.” She said and stood up, walking inside. 

Daniel swooshed out a long breath from his nostrils. Time to talk, who knows where she will start from now. I hope we won’t depart with arguments. He had thought. 

“I called you here for an important discussion, Daniel. How is work?” She asked. 

“It’s going on smoothly, Mum. Currently on a movie but just had a little break and we’ll resume this new week.” He replied.

She adjusted her sef on her seat and looked back to where Lola was. “Will you check what’s on fire?”

“I just did before Daniel came in, Mum.” She replied, rolling her eyes. She knew it was a plot for her to leave the living room. As if I don’t know what she wants to say. She thought, frowning. 

“It’s about Juliana.” Her mother told Daniel. 

Daniel swallowed. “Juliana? Who’s  the person?” He asked. 

His mother frowned. “Which type of question is that? Is it not the lady tag you just met here?”

“Ooh..” Daniel laughed. “I have quickly forgotten her name, Mum. Don’t mind me.” He kept on laughing before he spoke again. “But what’s up with her? Who’s she?”

Omo ti mo help ni, Daniel.” (The girl I helped)

Help? What’s up with help? Why did you help her? Do you know her before?” He asked. 

“I just saw that she needed help and I accommodated her.” She replied. “Iwo naa lo ma n so pe ka ma ranyan lowo.” (It’s you that normally tell me to help those in need)

Daniel sighed. “Okay then. So how’s she?” He asked. 

“Can’t you see that she’s a good girl?”

Daniel shrugged. How do I see that? “I’ve not seen anything, Mum.” He replied, looking away. 

Iwo lomo.” (That’s your business). She hissed and continued. “She needs help concerning her academics, she has lost her parents and needs help.” 

“If that’s all, no problem.” Daniel rested his back on the chair. 

“That’s all on her own case, my dear. Now, how about our previous discussion?” She asked. 

Daniel contorted his mouth as his eyes met with that of his sister and smiled. “Mum, must we always talk about this every time we meet? You should at least be spacing it.”

“Spacing what?” She laughed clapping her hands together. “There is nothing to space, dear.”

“Don’t worry, Mum. I’m seriously working on it. It’ll soon click.” He smiled. 

“Or you shouldn’t disturb yourself.” She said, looking sideways and drifting more forward. “What of that girl?” She asked. 

Daniel frowned. “She’s like Lola’s age, Mum.”

“Is it a grandma you want to put at home?” She frowned too. 

Daniel shrugged. “That’s not what I’m saying, Mum. I mean she still has a lot to learn. She’s still small, let her have her own will too, by the way, I don’t know her from Adam, so what’s the correlation?”

“It doesn’t matter, you can start knowing each other.”

Daniel rubbed his hands together as he looked at Lola. “How far, Bae. Is the food not ready?”

Lola laughed. “I’ll go check.”

O jebi” (What’s now the importance?”) She paused for a moment, staring at Daniel before she spoke again.  “Won’t you talk?”

He shrugged. “About what again, Mum?”

“I said you can start knowing yourselves.”

“See, Mummy T.Dan ko jo.” (It’s not possible)

She sighed and kept looking at him. 
** ** ** 

 Tracey pushed the door open and walked in. She was smiling until her eyes had contact with Vanessa’s. “Grandma, I hope you aren’t talking to her about William or what’s that man’s name?” She asked. 

Her grandma nodded. “Yes. That’s what we have been taking about.”

“Please leave her o, grandma. That man is not worthy of this.” She blurted out as she made her way beside Vanessa. 

Vanessa dropped her bag that had been on her laps on the chair and faced Tracey. It seemed she was making sense for the first time. “What is it?”

“You can’t believe I got his friend request on Facebook today and he chatted me up.” She stopped abruptly and continued, “he said he liked me and..” she was fed up as she picked up her bag and brought out her phone. “Let me show you the chats.” She said. 

She gave her the phone and Vanessa was just smiling. “What did I say, Grandma?”

“How was he able to get you on Facebook?” The grandma asked Tracey. 

“Probably through me, you know Facebook will show the mutual friends and some stuffs like that.” Vanessa replied. 

“What’s the problem of that man? I never knew he is like this.” Grandma frowned. 

“That’s what I’m just saying, I know him better because he’s my boss.” She brushed to her feet and grabbed her bag. “I’m resigning tomorrow and I’m going home, Grandma.” She said. 

“Resigning tomorrow? Wait, Vanessa.” Her grandma called. 

She didn’t bother waiting, she just dashed out angrily. 

** ** ** 

…. story continues… 

Let’s see if an update can drop next week before Saturday making two updates. 

Note! I’m not promising, I’m seeing how possible. All the same, let’s see if it’s possible! 

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