David walked  into his room angrily. He thought Daniel was going to endorse what he had done, but the end product was not like he expected. He sprawled on the mattress and got his mobile phone. Everything Daniel said had not changed anything from him, he still wished to call his so-called Ann before sleeping. As he saw the mobile number he copied, his heart raced. He dialed as he had wanted and sat on the bed, this time, clearing his throat properly.

He was patiently waiting for her to pick up her call, looking into the mirror by his side. He was rubbing his hair as if he was having a video call and wanted to appear nice before her. Finally, she picked the call and he smiled. “Good evening.” He greeted, standing from the bed.

His smile widened as she replied him. It was as though Oyindamola was not in his life at all, perhaps, he was just speaking to a lady for the first time. “I hope I’m speaking with Ann.” He stated, knowing well that it was her voice. Just then, the call ended.

“What’s wrong?” He squeezed his face. He was already enjoying the discussion. He dialed the number again but it seemed as if she was ending the call as he kept on calling her. He shrugged as he walked back to the mirror and stared at himself. “I am getting there.” He nodded.

** ** **

“Imagine! Just imagine that rubbish, Debbie.” Vanessa blurted.

Debbie chuckled. She watched Vanessa as she brought her food from the dining table to the room to her side in the living room. “You can’t imagine that it was the Doctor again.”

“What does he want?” Debbie asked.

She shrugged. “Who knows? I wonder where he got m to her side in the living room. “You can’t imagine that it was the Doctor again.”

“What does he want?” Debbie asked.

She shrugged. “Who knows? I wonder where he got my number from. I didn’t give him.”

“Maybe from the file.” Debbie reminded her.

“Really? I doubt it, Debbie.” She paused as she giggled. “I wrote my real name on the file. I told.  him a different name entirely.” She squeezed her face.

Debbie chuckled as she clapped her hands together. “You don’t mean that, dear. What did you call your name?” She was already laughing this time.

“Ann.” She hissed.

Debbie stood up and walked to her side. “But sister Ann, you know you still have to be patient with him, who knows what he can turn out to be?” She winked.

Vanessa swooshed out breath from her nostrils as she looked at Debbie with grimace. “You’ve never said anything that made me happy since we met. Even when we were in school, you have always been like this.”

Debbie burst into laughter. “But let’s ignore this issue of what that Doctor is also doing, Vanessa. You know since we were in school, you never entertained any guy too.” She reminded her.

“I did!” She exclaimed. “Why are you doing as if you don’t even know the cause of this again? Was it not what Feyi did to me then?”

Debbie recalled. “Ooh, I thought you told me you have gotten over that, Vanessa.” She frowned.

Vanessa dropped her plate on the small stool before her. “Sure, dear I have. But I just have to look well before I leap. I must be able to discern the kind of person the guy is before falling into anything again. I never knew all these then, I was now in a relationship with an unbeliever.”

Debbie sighed. “So, how did you now discern that this guy is an unbeliever, Pastor.” She grinned.

“I don’t even know.” She brushed to her feet. “I just know.” She added and walked back to the dining.

Debbie laughed.

** ** **

Daniel was parading his room, deep in thought. He was trying to figure out what to do to make his mother happy. She had always been unhappy with him for some years now because he seemed not to be interested in what she wanted. He remembered his discussion with David and how he was living his life. He had heard a lot about what marriage entails and wouldn’t want to jump in because of his mother’s wish.

He didn’t even believe that it was the next thing in the agenda. Perhaps, he felt he was still young to rush into a relationship. He still wanted to achieve more in his life before joining himself with anyone. He remembered his sister was telling him about the issue too when his mother deserted him in the living room that morning. She reminded him that if he was waiting for himself to get to a certain stage in life before putting things right, it could also be dangerous. Considering that he was an actor and the more the fame, the more the attractions and also distractions.

He just hissed and retired to bed. “The time is not now.” He nodded affirmatively.

** ** **

Vanessa knew it would be an extreme unseriousness for her to get to work late. She wished she could just branch at her grandma’s place, but she would get to her place of work very late again. It was not a nice idea at all. So, she fastened her seatbelt and drove off to work.

She had thought within herself that she would call her grandma instead of going to her place and she would go see her, if she finished from work early. She was happy she got to the office before her boss. She walked to her own office slowly and resumed her seat, praying.

Just some minutes after she had prayed, there was a knock at her door. “Come in.” She said, picking up one of the files on her table. As she raised her head, she saw her boss. She hurried to her feet and smiled. “Good morning, Sir.” She greeted.

Williams nodded, smiling. “I’m happy to see you smiling today. At least, this look is better than what I saw yesterday. Will you see me in my office in thirty minutes?” He asked.

She nodded.

** ** **

Daniel walked out of his room, he was looking nice in his loose black silk shirt with leather cuffs and black trousers. His afro hair was dark well combed and dark brows were actually graceful. He was about six feet talk and very handsome.

He picked up his wristwatch from the arm of the chair and put it on. As he was doing that, Mike came out of the room, still about to take his bath. “Daniel, good morning.” He greeted, finding his way to the couch to sit.

Daniel nodded as he answered him. “Hey bro, what’s up?”

Mike smiled. “I’m good. What of David?” He asked, his eyes were darting round the room as if David was somewhere hiding.

“It seems I heard the gate opened like thirty minutes back. He must have gone to his place of work.” He raised his shoulder, answering.

Mike shrugged. “But wasn’t that a bit too early?” He said, wondering.

Daniel chucked. “Perharps he left early because he didn’t want to see me.”

Mike faced Daniel properly. “Really? What happened between you two?”

“Just spoke to him about the issue of the lady that he said he met yesterday.” He sat down. “I didn’t see any sense in it. After having a lady to yourself, what’s the meaning of that?”

Mike chuckled. “Maybe that’s why he left very early.”

Daniel nodded. “So, what’s your plan for today?” He asked, standing up again.

“I’m going to the publishing house. I need to see some things.” He replied.

“I have to go then.” He said, removing his car key from his pocket.

“Alright man, till when?” He asked.

Daniel shrugged. “I think a week.” He replied.


** ** **

“Good morning, Sir.” Vanessa greeted William as she stood by the door.

Williams smiled. “Firstly you are standing by the door, are you now running away from me? By the way, you have greeted me before.”

Vanessa smiled, walking closer to him. She didn’t know what to say when she entered the office so she thought she should greet again. “Thanks for yesterday, Sir.” She bowed slightly.

Williams chuckled. “Will you have your seat?”

She sat down, shifting her focus away from Williams’ gaze. He had been gazing at her for a moment and she didn’t have the courage to look him in the eyes. After some seconds that she didn’t hear him talk, he was just gazing, she cleared her throat. “You called me sir.” She said, breaking the silence.

Williams nodded. “How’s she now?”

Why is he concerned? Vanessa wondered. “She’s better, Sir.” She finally gave an answer.
Williams stroke his beard. “You got to the office rather too early. Didn’t you go and see her?” He asked, wondering.

She shrugged. “I couldn’t, Sir. I’ll see her when I leave office today.” She replied.

Williams shook his head in disagreement. “That’s not right. We are going to see her during lunch break.”

We? Who are the ‘we’?  She thought, squeezing her face. She faced him properly, giving him the I-don’t-understand look. He stared at her too, smiling. “I said the two of us, Vanessa. I wish to see her.” He said.

“But.. why?” She stuttered.

He licked his lips. “Can’t I see her? Am I crossing my boundaries?” He asked.

She lacked words. She wished she could just tell him to shut his mouth up and mind his business. If I tell him not to come with me, how would he feel? She thought as she sighed.

“Ooh, if I’m crossing my boundary, you can tell me.” He widened his eyes as he raised his two hands as though he didn’t want to be a burden.

“Alright Sir.” She found the words at last.

Williams grinned.

** ** **

Vanessa retired to her chair in the office and swiveled it to the right. She wondered why Willaims would want to see her grandma. Or does he think I’m lying? She pondered.

She shook her head at once. That can’t be. She knew the type of person her grandma was, she hadn’t been able to figure out what she could do, but she knew she might be asking him frequently about Williams. She snickered as she thought within herself if Williams even told her grandma that he had been after her but she hadn’t been giving him audience? Wouldn’t that be a straight road to hell from Grandma Annie?

She sighed. What’s the meaning of this? Must he follow me? She frowned. Soon, she turned back to her desk and entered her password on the laptop in her front. She still had to do some things before the break. As she began her work, her phone beeped. It was Debbie.

She grinned. “Actress Debbie.” She whined relaxing her back.

“Wow. That was quick, dear. Hope you enjoyed your journey?” She asked, glimpsig at the wall clock. It seemed it was tickling faster than normal.

Soon, the call ended and she resumed back to work.

** ** **

Williams had been parading the office, wondering what he could buy along for Vanessa’s grandma. He had his own aim too, even though he wished to mask his aim so well that no one will know until he desired to make it known.

He snifled. “I should get provisions for her.” He smiled, clenching his fists. “At least, she’s just getting better from the sick bed,” his face brightened as he continued thinking. “That should be the best.” He finalized.

** ** **

Daniel was sipping from the bottle of drink he had bought when he was stuck in traffic. He knew he had passed a wrong route when theb traffic he met on the way was unexplainable. He had finally gotten to the movie location and looked tired, though, still looking wholesome.

He greeted the actors he met already and some set designers and crew. As he was about walking to where the Director was, he felt a tap from behind and turned. It was Debbie.

“Hey, Debbie.” He grinned, protruding his hand for a shake.

Debbie chuckled as she ignored the hand and hugged him slightly. Daniel stroke his beard. That wasn’t what he wanted though, if that was it, he would have hugged her. He never believed in such, at least it wasn’t that he was on set and needed to act. It was still okay, anyways, at least that’s how almost all of them greet one another.

“You came late.” Debbie remarked.

Daniel swooshed a short breath from his mouth. “Traffic jam.” He said, rubbing his forehead. “How far about the planning? We aren’t appearing until the third scene, isn’t it?”

“Sure.” Debbie nodded. “And the planning is still on as you can see. You know the first scene start with the village festival. Ooh..” she remembered something. “I’ll be featuring in the first scene, have you forgotten? The princess.” She reminded him.

“Ooh.” Daniel remembered. “That’s true. Let me see the Director and the producer.” He said.

“Okay, let’s go.” Debbie followed him.

** ** **

At last it was the break time Williams had been waiting for, and the one Vanessa didn’t want. Vanessa was still busy doing her work when she heard a knock at the door. “Come in.” She said without taking her eyes off what she was typing.

Williams walked in slowly. “What are you still doing, Vanessa?”

She quickly raised her head and shot a look at the wall clock. “I didn’t  know sir. The last time I checked was fifteen minutes earlier.”

He shrugged. “Okay, let’s get going. You know we only have an hour.”

“O.. okay.” She responded reluctantly, drawling up the chair and followed him. I don’t know why he’s more concerned with my grandma. What if I don’t want to go again? She muttered under her breath.

** ** **

David had gotten the file which Vanessa filled from the receptionist again and sat with it in his office. As he scanned though, he saw that she filled her name with Vanessa and not Ann. So this lady did this deliberately. No wonder she knew I was the one calling, because she knew I was the one she gave the name. He brushed to his feet and searched for previous records of the woman if the address was still intact.

Finally he got to see it in two places and that were the same thing. “If this is the house of her grandmother, one day I will get her own house. And if this the address to her own house, all well and good.” He held the file and smiled.

He fickled his wrist to check the time. He was glad he was still free and there was no serious case in his hands that moment, so he could go out. He just picked his car keys and walked out of his office. It was then he had the chance to that, it seemed he would be on night duty the next day.

He kicked the engine and drove off.

** ** **

It was not a new thing for Vanessa to be sitting by Williams’ side in the car, but it seemed the motive behind this sitting was different. She faced her front without turning to even see if her boss was still beside her. She distracted herself by going online to read the news of the day.

“Don’t forget you will be the one telling the driver the way.” Williams reminded her.

She nodded. “I know sir. ” She replied rather too short.

Willaims shrugged. Not quite long from then,  the driver stopped by a supermarket and rushed inside. Vanessa wondered why he stopped driving when Williams didn’t tell him to stop. Williams just brought out his own phone too and started punching some buttons while Vanessa wondered.

Soon, he returned with two packages full of provisions and dropped it in the booth of the vehicle. Vanessa squinted her fac, shaking her head from side to side trying to figure out if that wasn’t for her grandma. It would just be the end of the discussion! She chuckled softly.

** ** **

Daniel was sitting under the shed, just smiling. He loved the costumes that was being used in the location, it seemed better than all he had been seeing before. He had been interviewed earlier about his thoughts considering the storyline and the costumes and the location too.

Everything seemed real to him unlike some locations that blood tonic would be used for blood. He chuckled as he remembered. He could even remember a movie he saw and toothpaste was used as the blood, he was annoyed on seeing that, he loved everything being real.

Blood of some animals have been gotten to the location already and the make-up artists were bursting his brain with the way they were working. He was already in his costume for his scene, though it was not his time to come board. It was a nice thing to be the main actor of that kind of movie, he finalized within himself nodding consecutively.

Not farther than then, Debbie came around and sat beside him. She had just finished a quite demanding scene and it was perfect. “How was it?” She grinned.

Daniel smiled and nodded. “That was hot. I really love these costumes and the creativity.” He commented.

Debbie nodded too. “Sure, very nice.” She replied staring at the director and his assistant as they pulled some stunts some distance from them. “And the director too is quite good, he knows what he wants. I’m sure this would be a hit.”

Daniel beamed. “Sure. I can’t wait to come on board.” He said, licking his lips. “But the storyline is very long!” He laughed.

Debbie faced him. “Sure, it is. It’s just as if we’ve not done anything, Daniel.”

“It is well. The director said we’ll be visiting the second location in some days time. Have you gotten your key?” He asked her.

She  answered him nodding. Each person had been designated into a room at the location, it seemed they were going to spend many weeks there. “Okay.” He responded.

“Temitope Daniel.” He heard his name and his eyes darted around. It was the director calling him. He brushed to his feet and hurried to meet him while Debbie stared at him. She couldn’t wait for the time she would be acting with him, especially the ‘concentrated’ part of the story line as she had termed it. It involved love, fight and marriage. She knew it would be great working with T.Dan.

** ** **

Finally, the car parked. Williams and Vanessa came down while the driver got the provisions from the booth quickly and handed it to Willaims, bowing.

Vanessa stood still and gave him a what-is-this expression. He knew what she meant but acted as if he didn’t understand. Until she finally let it out. “Sir, what is this?”

He shrugged. “How can I come here and won’t bring anything along?”

She was quiet for a moment before she spoke again. “Sir, when Sade’s Mum was sick, though you gave her a day off also, Sir. But you never went to see her mother. Even if you did behind my back, you never took anything there, did you?”

He shrugged again, this time smiling. “That’s Sade, just the secretary and not Vanessa, my personal assistant.”

She sighed.

“May we?” He widened his eyes.

She led the way and Williams followed. He kept staring at her curvilinear waist, smiling. Oh! sugar candy- sweet lips, her elegant personality, all mesmerized him. He wished she could just turn back give him a hug. But it was all in his dreams.

Vanessa entered into the living room and showed Williams to a seat. “Please sit, I’ll be back.” She said, wondering why the door would be left open. As she was about entering into her grandma’s living room, she saw her approaching. “Granny, how are you?” She hurried to her side, smiling.

She smiled back. “Thanks my dear. I’m good.” She replied her. “I was just coming out to see who came inside.”

“What of Tracey?” She asked. That was her cousin that was staying with her grandma and she was expecting to meet her there.

“She went out, she was the one who even left the door open.” She replied her.

“Anyways, my boss is also here with me to greet you ma, let’s go.” She told her, walking by her side. “My boss.” She repeated.

Her grandma glimpsed at her through her thick lens glasses and smiled. “Okay.” As she got to the living room and saw Williams she waved and sat down. “Good afternoon, Sir.”

“Sir?” Williams smiled. “Grandma, I’m not a sir. I’m just a son too.”

Why is he been too polite? Vanessa thought within herself, staring at with with grimace. As soon as he shifted his gaze to her, she just framed a smile again and sat down too.

“Thank you so much for coming around, Sir. What can I offer you?” As she was asking, the door was opened and Tracey walked in. “Tracey, please get our visitor what he’s going to eat.”

“No ma,”he shook his head. “We’ll soon be leaving ma, just came to check on you ma and we brought these for you.” He stood up and placed the packages before her.

She was amazed. “For me?” Her face shone. She was happy with him. “Thank you so much, Sir.” She glimpsed at Vanessa. “Your boss?” She asked again.

Vanessa’s smile dimmed. “Yes.” She replied almost instantaneously.

She winked. “That’s my daughter.”

Vanessa was surprised. She knew her grandma would take it to another level. Which kind of woman is this? She wondered.

“I’ll be going now, ma. Vanessa, you can stay with grandma. Don’t bother following me.” He said, standing up.

“Why? We came together, Sir.” She reminded him.

“It’s not as if I have forgotten, Vanessa. I know. But you have to stay with grandma, don’t worry, I understand.”

She was livid. She knew what he was trying to do. He was painting himselfso nice before her. She knew it seemed he already got what grandma was also doing, winking at her just because of provisions.

“But..” She tried to give another excuse when Tracey cut in.

“He said you should stay, or what else?”

She was furious. She hissed at Tracey as she watched Williams leave. As soon as Williams left, Tracey walked close to her. “That’s him, right?” She winked.

“And he is nice.” Her grandma added.

Vanessa was very angry. She just hissed and walked into the room.

** ** **


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