Bolarinwa Oyindamola.




My bookshelf contains lots of books;buisness books, relationship
books and so on, how about the messages on my phone, they have gone
beyond 50 by different ministers and I wonder which of them I really
need now. Just like the cloths in my wardrobe, though they are
numerous, of different types and colours, I can only wear one in a
day. I wake up every morning with a tought of what to wear, the cloths
that suits the day and the matching shoes that’ll make my dressing
perferct. As I lazily stand up from my bed and drag myself towards my
wardrobe, I pass by window and look outside most times subconsciously,
suddenly i find myself wondering if it’ll rain again today or if it’ll
be sunny, of course I don’t want to spend the day shivering or cooking
up body oil as a result of excess heat, as I shift my gaze from the
window I notice the clock on the wall telling me quietly but firmly
“you have only 30 minutes to get to class” and in a twinkle of an eye,
I can already picture how the day would go, walking briskly from one
class to another, trying to get the front seat, struggling to write
attendance and lots more, I open my wardrobe and pick our the cloth I
think fits perfectly into everything I have imagined in that short
while. I know that whatever I decide to wear almost detrmines how I’ll
feel that day, if I wear something that’ll make me feel heat, I might
be uncomfortable and unable to meet up with the standard of that day.
What I wear in the morning determines to a large extent if I’ll feel
fulfilled or not when I am back at night. That’s the same way life is.
      What you dress your soul with in the early moment of your life
determines to large extent if during the night time(late moments)
you’ll feel fulfilled. You can dress your soul with a lot of things;
books, messages, principles and all that, but what exactly do you
dress your soul with per time, just like all my cloths might be nice
but I can still pick only one per day, they are many good messages and
books in the world but which is best for your soul at a particular
time. Some times it could be hard to tell which things to do per time,
how to set your piorities right. It takes the understanding of who you
are to fix that aspect of life. When I say ‘who you are’ I mean ‘ who
you have been created to be’. The YOU God has in mind, the YOU God
knew before he formed you in the belly (jeremiah 1:6) the already
ordained you! The activites a lot of us engage in persently is
depending on what we can see about ourselves, like they say “you know
where you’ll be tomorrow from what you’re doing now”. The future you
see for yourself determines to a very large extent how you live your
life at present.
     The YOU that you see is the YOU that you work towards. A lot of
us are truly working towards been great and all that, we have painted
a wonderful picture of our tomorrow and are already picking up the
things we think are neccessary , but they question is this, where did
you get that picture you painted from? Is that really God’s planned
future for you? Is it a picture painted due to the pressure of
poverty? Is it a picture painted due to low self-esteem caused by ur
high class friends? Is it a kinf of picture that jumped into your head
due to influence of this world? Is that God’s real thoughts about you?
What exactly are you working towards? Which habits are you picking up
and why?
       The truth is that you cannot know who you are or what the
future holds for you beacuse you did not create yourself and you just
create your own manual except if you want to crash. God created you
for a purpose and every day of your life (your mornings) is suppose to
push and lead you towards your days of fulfillment ( your nights). So
it takes sitting down with God and allowing him to teach you the
things you need to know about the YOU he has created. He’ll lead you
day by day through the already prepared manual of your life, enabling
you to discern what is right or wrong for a particular time, he’ll
give you the understanding of how unique you are and why you cannot do
the same things others do, even though they look right and probably
you can even see the positive effect of these things in the lifes of
these people but he’ll let you know that you cannot do the same
because you have different nights (destiny to fulfill). The reason why
you cannot go into a relationship at the sane time that your very
spiritual room mate goes into one, the reason why he is exposing you
to things about ministry so early, the reason why he’ll start teaching
you about been a good mother from the age of 10, the reason why you’re
adviced to stick to only one group for now, But how will you know all
these things when you dont even pay attention to knowing who you
really are.
      Are you carried away by the demands of your parents? You must be
influential like us! Is that what they put in your head always? Not
that it’s bad but if you pursue it without knowing God’s plan and
without help of the holyspirit who is meant to guide you into all
truth, is what is bad and very dangerous beacuse riding you life
yourself without the right manual would make your desting crash.
      Do you think you have discovered purpose and you don’t know what
to do per time, you don’t know the right person to listen to, the
right books and so on, why not enqiure from the lord, the one who
knows the end from the begining, he said you should acknowledge him
and he’ll direct your paths (proverbs 3:6). He can show you what to do
per time till you become a fulfilled individual, he created you his
own way, so you have to walk in his ways to reach the fulness of YOU.
You cannot know his ways without his help. (Isaiah 55:9) his ways are
higher than your ways and his toughts are higher than your thoughts.
God knows the real you that he created, stick to him, open your heart,
yield to his teachings and he’ll help you understand you!



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