Wow! This is my first post this year. I sincerely appreciate God and apologize to all my fans. I’m very sorry for been off for ages, it’s been academics and some personal stuffs that has been taking a lot of the time.

I’m promising you, I’ll pull myself back to normal.

Yeah, hope you’re good? I’m sure you should be.

#MyCrony has been the talk of everyone but the story needs some panel-beatings and the likes of it. And considering that the story has been written once before, not able to complete it because of some social media issue on the story then. Now, remoulded, yet some things came up.

It will be dropping as a solid EBOOK by DECEMBER. Don’t worry, it will be free. So, keep your fingers crossed as DANNIEDEEKONSEPTS rocks this blog with a blockbuster series that will be coming up every Saturday,12NOON



It’s a story that you’ll love and will change your ideas and ideologies about some things. Just keep your fingers crossed. Starting this Saturday.

Are you ready?? Okay, bringing it soon!



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