The Unknown

    Nicholas was well dressed. He had checked himself before the full length mirror severally to confirm if he was really sweet enough to take Vivian and his son out that day. He picked up his car key when he was through and walked out of his place.

    He had already told Stella and Henry about the lunch, so he felt he was free. As he hopped into his car, his phone rang. He grabbed the mobile phone and kicked the engine. He was reversing his car as he picked up the call. “Hello?”

    “This is your father.” He heard at the other end and marched on the brake. He tried to doubt what he just heard and cleared his throat. “Please?”

    “Nicholas, my son.” He heard again.

    Finally the King? He wondered as he drove out of the house. “Your Highness?”

    “Nicholas, I’m sorry about the past. My son, where are you? I want to personally come and see you.”

    Nicholas chuckled. “But your highness, you aren’t feeling too well.”

    “Don’t mind my health, I’m going to come.” He replied him.

    Nicholas smiled. He knew what was happening. At least, they were the same. He was just meeting his own son, Anthony too. So, the King must have been so delighted to know his son again. “I’m not around now, Sir. I’m having a lunch.” He replied him.

    “Will you come when you are through?” He asked him.

    Nicholas was quiet for a moment. “Okay.” He finally agreed.

    “Thank you, Prince Nicholas.”

    Nicholas dropped the mobile phone. He will be the first to call me Prince Nicholas. So, I can move from the state of The Unknown to the state of Prince Nicholas? He wondered.

    He didn’t want to start shedding tears again, he just marched on the accelerator and flew off.

** ** **

    Vivian and Anthony were already dressed. The two were in the living room, seeing a movie and waiting for Nicholas when they heard knocks at the gate.

    “Maybe that’s him.” Victoria winked.

    Vivian’s heart raced again. “Maybe.”

    Victoria walked out to check the gate and opened it as she saw him. “Welcome.” She grinned.

    “Thank you, ma.” He beamed.

    “Ma? I’m not a ‘ma.’ ” She told him as she locked the gate.

    “You certainly are.” He paused for a while. “What’s your name?” He asked.

    “I’m Victoria.” She replied him.

    “Mummy Victoria.” He teased.

    Victoria chuckled. “Stop that now.”

    Nicholas laughed. “I’m being myself, Vic.” The two began to walk in.

    “So I should be calling you Daddy Nicholas?” She grinned.

    Nicholas shook his head with a smile. “No. Daddy? That’s too big for my size.” He laughed.

    The two entered into the living room and Anthony brushed to his feet on seeing him. He also stood by the door and looked at him for a moment. He remembered the first day he met him at eateries and where he also saved him from Frank and Gregory and also his race to save him from Harry’s son. He sighed and opened his arms, ready for a hug.

    Anthony rushed into his arm and hugged him. The two were like that for a moment before Vivian rose up and clapped her hands together. “Please, is this not enough?” She smiled.

    Nicholas laughed as he rose up again. “Are you jealous? Oh, I see. It’s been long you got a hug, isn’t it? You want a hug too?” He winked.

    Vivian stared at him as her eyes widened. “I don’t.”

    Nicholas chuckled as he moved closer to her. “I know you aren’t going to confess. That’s why I’m going to do it.”

   Vivian smiled as she hugged him. Anthony was so happy as he watched the two. He had been wondering if that would ever happen before, now lines are falling in pleasant places for him too.

    “May we?” Nicholas stretched his hand. Anthony and Vivian walked out, waving at Victoria.

    “You should have dressed up to follow us too.” Nicholas told Victoria.

    “Follow you? Your first lunch after ten years?” She shook her head.

   Nicholas laughed.

** ** **

    Nicholas pulled out the chairs for Anthony and Vivian. He picked up the menu list and showed it to them, asking them what they’d love to eat.

    Each picked a meal and the waiter got the menu list and left to get them their various order. “So, what do you do, Vivian?” Nicholas asked.

    “Do as how?” She asked.

    Nicholas stared at her for a moment. Just smiling that he could be before her again after many years. “I don’t have any job.” She replied.

    “That’s true. But, if you got the chance to work, what would you really prefer?” He asked her.

   “I don’t even know. But I would love to work in a company with you.” She smiled.

    “Me?” Nicholas wondered.

    “Sure. A company owned by you and I work there as.. maybe your assistant.”

    Nicholas chortled. “That’s nice.”

    “But I heard something, Nicholas. Do you know anything about that birthmark?” She asked.

    Nicholas was shocked. He glanced at Anthony and back to Vivian. Just then, they were served their meals.

    “I’ll take you somewhere after this meal.” He told her.

    “I’m I going too, Dad?” Anthony asked.

    Dad? Nicholas smiled. “First time I’m being called a dad. Yes, son.” He replied as he pulled his cheeks.

** ** **

King’s Palace.

    Nicholas’ car screeched to halt at the front of the Palace. He came down and opened the door for Vivian and Anthony. He gazed at Vivian and saw how shocked she was to be there.

     “Are you really the…”

    “Shhh..” Nicholas shut her up as he grabbed her right hand and carried Anthony. The gate was opened for them as they sighted Nicholas. “Welcome, your highness.” The guard greeted Nicholas.

    Even Nicholas was shocked. “Me?” He stared at the guard.

    “Welcome, your highness.” He greeted him again.

    Vivian’s heart was racing so fast again. Nicholas just entered and continued pacing in with Vivian and Anthony till they got to the main Palace of the King and met the King on the throne and the Palace was filled with Chiefs and Kingmakers.

    He dropped Anthony and also halted. “This is something else.” He didn’t know when the words came out of his mouth.

    “What’s happening, Nick?” Vivian asked.

    Nicholas shook his head. “I just have a little idea of it.” He replied her.

    “Welcome the Prince!” A voice thundered amidst the chiefs and Kingmakers and they all stood to their feet and welcomed Nicholas.

    The King looked so pale on the throne, but he was there, smiling. “Come and sit here, my son.” He pointed to the seat beside the throne. 

    Nicholas never left Vivian’s hand till he got to the seat and put her there to sit down with Anthony while he remained on his feet. He motioned towards the King slowly and held his hand.

    “I’m really sorry, son.” The King said to him.

    He didn’t even know what to say. He turned and looked at the crowd again and faced the King. “Your Highness.” He just called.

    “Is the Prince now married?” A Chief asked amidst the crowd.

    He turned and glimpsed at Vivian. “About to.” He replied.

    Vivian’s eyes widened.

    “I have a son, though. But will soon get legally married.”

    “He has all the needed criteria to sit on the throne of his father.” Another Chief spoke.

    “So I won’t only live to see my son, I’ll also live to see my grandson?” The King waved at Anthony, calling him to his sight.

    Anthony walked to the side of the King. Dennis held his hands and was filled with happiness. “After I got to know Edward is not my son, I have never for once thought happiness would end my story.”

    Nicholas was just short of words. He never expected all he met. “Come here, my beautiful wife.” The King called Vivian too.

    Vivian also stood beside Nicholas, just by the King. “When did you fix your wedding date.” He asked.

    “Urgh.. that.. em..” She didn’t know what to tell the King. She stuttered.

    “Actually, we gave birth to him ten years back and lost contact thereafter. We met some days back when I just found out I already have a son with her. So, we’ve not even discussed about wedding, your highness.”

    “Please start the discussion and let us know the convinient date.” He told them. “And please tell your parents too and let us know their opinions.” The King told Vivian.

    Vivian nodded. Would she start the discussion of how she was disowned there?

    “We still have a lot to discuss, Prince.” The King told him.

    “Okay Sir.” He nodded.

    “When are you moving to the Palace?” He asked him.

    “You haven’t even asked of those who took care of me, your highness.”

    “Ooh.. I’m sorry, son. I have to go and see them myself.” He said.

    Nicholas shook his head. “They are dead already, your highness. They were murdered.”

    “Don’t worry, we’ll still discuss very well.” The King smiled.

    “Can I take my leave now? I’ll come back later, maybe when this place is now free.”

   “Okay, son.”

    Nicholas held Anthony’s hand and that of Vivian and they began to walk out.

** ** **

story continues..




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