The Unknown

    Nicholas rushed in as Vivian slumped. He quickly carried her up and headed inside the house. He dropped her on the sofa with his eyes full of tears. He just walked out to check on Henry and told him to go back to Stella’s place.

    He shut the door and walked inside the house again. He picked a small stool and sat on it, staring at Vivian. He kept wiping his own tears as well as that of Vivian who had been dropping tears unconsciously.

    He held on to her right hand and still waited, eager to see her wake up. He never knew he would be emotionally disturbed, if he had known, he would have brought face towel instead of handkerchief.

    “Vivian..” He kept calling her name.

** ** **

    “Now, all the six men have been brought down  by The Unknown.” Craig swindled his chair as he spoke in the office.

    “Sure, Craig. If not for him, one wouldn’t know there are some people that are still as evil as that, living! Oh my God!”

    “Anyways, the guy was very determined to arrest them all. If i see him or eventually know him, would love to ask him the reason why he has exposed these men.”

    Doris sighed. “It might be a revenge. Who knows if his family has also being killed by these men? Who also knows if he only did it just to expose the truth.” She swiveled her chair too.

    Craig swooshed out a long breath. “The Unknown. Hmmm..” He repeated and kept swiveling his chair.

    Doris just kept looking at him.

** ** **

    Nicholas still sat before Vivian, looking at her closely. She has not stopped her tears even in her unconscious state. Nicholas just began to wonder different things as he was staring at her. Has she been expecting me for so long too? Did she really get married then? He wondered again.

    It’s been over ten years and she was still crying in her unconscious state! Of course there was more to it!

    After some minutes, he heard the gate sounding. It seemed someone was opening it from outside. He quickly brushed to his feet. As he was on his feet, wondering, he heard his name faintly and turned around again. Vivian was awake.

    “Vivian.” He called softly.

    “Nicholas, where have you been?” She questioned, her voice was soft and she kept groaning. It seemed that she must have hit her wound on the ground. “Nicholas..” she called out again as tears dripped down her face.

    Just then, the door to the living room was opened. It was Victoria and Anthony.

    “Mummy!” Anthony shouted and ran inside to meet her mother. He faced Nicholas to question who he was when he saw him well. “You?”

    “Hello.” Victoria walked in to see who the person was. “You?” Her eyes widened.

** ** **

    The King alighted from his vehicle and walked into the station. Two out of his guards followed him as he approached the office of the Cheif Officer. One of them knocked the door. The King walked in as he heard the go-ahead from inside.

    “Your Highness.” He rushed to his feet as he saw him. “What are you doing here?” He was so shocked.

    “Don’t be shocked. I just came to say one or two things to my family.” He smiled.

    “Really? I’m sorry your highness for..”

    “For what? For arresting them?” He smiled. “They deserve it, don’t they? Please where can I see them?” He asked.

    “I’ll lead you there, your highness.” He got out of his table and lead the way.

** ** **

    “Yes, it’s me.” Nicholas stood up.

    Victoria could not believe her eyes. She didn’t know if she was making an illusion or dreaming. She widened her eyes again and stared more at him. “Nicholas?”

    She already saw his picture several times already, she knew who he was and how he looked like. How did he just suddenly appear? She constricted her eyes again, in shock.

    Vivian’s was getting much better than before. She tried to sit down while Nicholas helped her up. “Sorry, Viv.” He said.

    “Mummy, this was the man.. ”

    Vivian tittered. She raised her head and looked at Nicholas again. This is really not a dream! She affirmed. “Nicholas?”

    “Vivian, I’m sorry.”

    “Vivian, I really don’t understand. I… what.. wait, how did it happen?”

    “I know everyone is probably in shock. That means I will come back later then, when we all pull ourselves together.” Nicholas said.

    Vivian couldn’t take her eyes off him. She kept on wondering. “Nicholas, will you really come back? When?”

    Nicholas swallowed. “Anytime, anyday.” He replied.

    “It must be today!” Victoria exclaimed.

    “You aren’t going to leave again and return after years, is that it?”

    Nicholas closed his eyes for a moment. He couldn’t believe he was standing before her. “I promise not. I’ll come back later, maybe at night.” He replied.

    “Nick.. ” Vivian did not just know what to say.

    Nicholas smiled and headed out.

** ** **

    It was Edward, Harry and Osmond that were put in the same cell. The King stood before the cell and looked at the three as they sat down, looking frustrated and compressed in there.

    Edward ran up as he saw him. “Dad, you have to help us.” He stood before the door.

    “Help you?” He stared at him for a moment.

    Harry kept looking at him where he sat down. “What are you here for?” He questioned him.

    “To see with my own eyes, how my enemies were dealt with without me even interfering.” He smiled.

    “Enemies?” Edward repeated.

    “You better go and meet you father there now!”

    “Father?” Edward looked at his back, Harry laughed.

** ** **

    Nicholas walked into the house. Stella was already in the living room, waiting for him when he entered into the house. “Nick! Haven’t I told you not to go out?”

    He smiled. “I’m sorry, Stella. I just had to. By the way, I was tired to laying on a particular spot all day!”

   “This will heal you faster! What if Craig sees you?”

    “That’s his business. At least he won’t remove my shirt to see if I have a gunshot wound. He must gather his evidences if he thinks I’m the one.” He moved further. “What of Henry?”

    “Didn’t you two go out together?” She questioned.

    “I thought he would have returned. Maybe he already left for another place. Anyways, I can perceive the aroma.” He winked.

    Stella chuckled. “What aroma? You won’t eat anything, that’s your punishment for going out.”

    He sat down. “You won’t want to do that, Stella. You know I have to eat, so I can use my drugs.”

    “How’s the pain?” She asked him.

    “Still aching severely. I’ve just been managing it, just holding it to myself.” He replied.

    “Can you see, didn’t I tell you not to go out?”

    He beamed. “Its been that way even when I was in the room.” He winked.

    “Let me dress the wound and change the cover.” She said.

    Nicholas smiled. “Are you really after the wound or touching handsome boy?” He winked as he stood up and started walking inside.

    Stella hissed. “See you, ugly thing.”

** ** **

    “Mum, do you know him? How did you know he’s Nicholas?” Anthony started asking his questions.

    Vivian glimpsed at him. “You ask too much questions.” She replied him.

    Victoria sat down. “Vivian, what’s happening?”

    Vivian just looked at Anthony and looked back at Victoria. She knew she could understand her language that way. She didn’t want to say anything before Anthony, but how could they discard him?

    Victoria nodded. “Okay. I’ll just go and start cooking.” She said and walked to the kitchen.

    ** ** **

Story Continues…


4 thoughts on “THE UNKNOWN – 52

  1. This story deserve an award for every momentum attached to it. The suspense na die ooo. Can’t wait to c d reaction of Anthony once he knows who his father is. Job well done T Dan.


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