The Unknown

    Craig and Doris patiently waited for the officers to come. They have just been discussing till the officers came around. The two alighted from the car as soon as possible so the officers could stop the car behind them.

    Craig moved backward and pointed to where the car should be parked. As the car was being parked, the officers came down hurriedly, rushing towards Craig and Doris and saluted. “Welcome, guys.” Craig greeted them and looked at Doris.

    “That’s the building we are going to.” She pointed to the building.

    “Yes, and we have to be very careful because we don’t know how armed they are.” Craig told them.

    “Yes sir.”

    Craig just picked some of them and gave each one his own task. “Doris, you stay outside with them while I go in with these ones.” Craig said.

    “Okay.” Doris nodded.

    “Let’s go.” Craig and the selected men moved forward and motioned toward the building. One of the men jumped the fence and rushed to the back of the building while Craig knocked at the door.

    He kept knocking for a while till the Prince came to the gate and asked who was there. Just as he was asking, the officer that was in already just hit him from behind and crossed his index finger over his mouth, advising him to keep quiet. “Open the gate.” He whispered.

    Edward just opened the gate slowly while Craig and the other men stormed in. Craig left him with some men while he was handcuffed and bundled into the vehicle.

    Craig and the other men walked inside the house stealthy to get Osmond. After some minutes, they came outside with him too. None of them ever believed it would be as easy as that.

** ** **

    Craig got to the station with Doris. The journalists were already around when they got there to make news. The Prince and his friend were being recorded as they came down from the vehicle, handcuffed. Craig was really full of joy as he and Doris stood beside their boss as he was being interviewed by some of the journalists.

    “It’s been God and most especially The Unknown. I know it might sound somehow to mention his name, but if not for his vital help in many of these cases, the officers would be powerless. Though, if we get him, we’ll still arrest him..” He chuckled and continued. “That’s the law, it’s does not respect anyone. But, in addition to it, are the two giant officers beside me- Officers Craig and Doris, they put their lives on the line to make sure the truth is out.” He paused.

    “So, what’s the next step? Do you think the King will save the Prince and his brother?”

    “His Royal Highness also assisted the officers in many ways. By the way, this is the issue of government, the law is above everyone.”

    Craig tapped Doris. “We have to arrest the Queen too. What if she runs away?”

    “That’s true. She’s also an accompanist.” She said.

    Craig stepped forward and tapped their boss. “Please let’s stop here.” The man said and moved towards Craig. “What’s it?”

    “What of the Queen? She is also an accompanist.” Craig mentioned.

    “I’ll sign her arrest warrant right away, let’s go.”

** ** **

    The King had been in his car, while his driver had just been driving around for so long. He didn’t even know how he’d search for Margaret. She had gone for so long, what if she was dead? He had imagined but never believed.

    Sometimes, he’d just stop the driver, another time, tell him to continue. He was confused on what to do. After roaming around for so long, he told him to drive him back to the Palace.

** ** **

    Craig had followed the boys inside for the warrant while Doris stepped aside to break the news to Nicholas. She was very happy to tell him all that had happened so far. Immediately after ending the call, she went in to see if they already took the Prince and his friend to the cell. There she said something, it was the Prince’s birthmark.

    She recalled instantly that she swear on it on Nicholas while he was getting treated at home. That’s the mark! She affirmed, sounding so sure of what she saw. She didn’t want to believe what she started imagining, she hurried to where Harry was but couldn’t see any mark because he was on his clothes.

    If the Prince wasn’t taking off his clothes for that of the prison, she wouldn’t have seen his, likewise. “I really hope it is not.” She hurried oh as she heard her name. Craig already got the warrant.

    The two left immediately, though she was still in shock and was still thinking on what she saw.

** ** **

    As Craig was parking his car at the front of the Palace, the King also got back to the Palace. Craig and Doris just quickly got down and walked into the Palace hurriedly. The gatekeeper already recognized the two, he just let them in.

    “Hello, your highness.” Craig hurried towards the car.

    “You people again?” He King wondered.

    “Sorry, Sir. But we came for the Queen.” Craig bowed while speaking.

    “See, arrest anyone who has misbehaved, don’t worry.” He said and started walking inside. He was already bothered by Margaret that he couldn’t find.

    Craig and Doris just followed him slowly. Doris was still lost in thought of the mark she saw. She couldn’t be mistaken! It was the same one on Nicholas! If she didn’t know him well, she would have finalized that the King had a son somewhere else, but she knew his parents very well.

    She didn’t know if she should ask the King some questions or just keep quiet and ask Nicholas himself.

    “Welcome, your highness.” He Queen sprung to her feet as she saw him enter.
    “Here she is, arrest her too.” The King simply stated and walked in.

    “Arrest who?” Katherine’s eyes were on the King when Doris tapped her. “You are under arrest, ma.”

    “What happening?” She was trying to hold herself back.

    “Please, everything is no longer a secret. We know it all already.” Craig said as he forcefully handcuffed her. “Please move.”

    Doris kept looking back, towards he direction of where the King went into. She was short of ideas.

** ** **

    Nicholas could not contain his joy. He really felt like seeing Vivian, now that he knew all his enemies were gone. He was seated on the bed, just smiling since he got the news from Doris.

    Henry had been watching him, shaking his head for him. “At last, Nick.”

    “Hmmmm.. I really don’t know why, but I feel like seeing her.” He grinned.


    “No, Vivian.” He replied.

    “Vivian? Nick, why do you want to see her?”

    Nicholas rolled his eyes. “Someone who was long time lost! What’s your problem man?”

    “She has a daughter now, she’s married!”

    “Idiot! Shut up, it’s a son, not a daughter.”

    “It’s your business, Nick. But if her husband should catch you!”

   Nicholas pressed his lips together and kept quiet for a while. “But if she really has a husband, where has he been when everything started happening to her?”

    “He might be out of the county, man!”

    Nicholas hissed. “Man, don’t make me think of what I don’t wish to!” He exclaimed and laid down again.

    Henry just laughed.

    “Wait, Henry. I have a plan.” Nicholas sat up quickly and groaned because of the pain from the wound.

    “You better take it easy. What again?” Henry asked.

    “You can confirm from her friend.” He said. “We can know how far by asking her.”

    “Haven’t we done that before?” Henry rolled his eyes.

    Nick hissed. “Please, Henry.”

    “Am I now going to visit them just because of that? I have asked her before but because of the tension about Vivian, she couldn’t talk.”

    “It’s time to ask her again, Henry.”

    “That’s what I’m saying, will I go there to ask this?”

    Nick thought for a while. “Okay, just go as if you came to check on how Vivian is doing, then, you can ask them some questions sensibly.” He winked.

    “Hmmm.. okay.” He rose up and went out.

** ** **



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