Aishat did not even know it was Azeezat’s car she had ran into that moment. She raised her head and saw that the windscreen was still intact and rushed down from the vehicle. Fome all indications, the accident did not really affect her, neither her own car. “I’m sorry.” She was still speaking when Azeezat and Hakeen raised their heads and saw that it was Aishat.

    “What? You?” Azeezat felt irritated.

    Aishat stared at the two of them as she was dumbfounded.

    “Please move your car backward, let us be able to at least come down and see the havoc you have caused the car.” Azeezat addressed as Hakeem looked away, so he wouldn’t give any attention.

    Aishat cloistered to her car and reversed the car. She had really caused a whole lot of havoc.

    “Wow!”Azeezat exclaimed as she got down.

    “Azeezat, let’s get going. Don’t let us cause any scene here.” Hakeem called from the car.

    She pressed her lips together for a moment before giving out a long breath and entered into the car. The driver just drove on.

** ** **

    Bukola arrived at Timileyin’s place. She had been wondering what the reason for calling her to come really was. She didn’t know if she had entered into a trouble or the other that day. He was very strict, although, jovial in some cases.

    She did think sometimes if she forced herself on him, even if she did, was he meant to be that strict as if the relationship was for him alone. She hissed as she knocked at the gate and patiently waited for response.

    She knocked again, and again. She was already spending minutes there when she noticed it seemed no one was inside the house. Why did he now send me the message? She couldn’t fathom. If he knew he wasn’t at home, why on earth would he make her just come there to come and waste her time? She was really tired.

    She hissed aloud as she brought out her mobile phone and dialed his mobile number for some times but he did not pick up his calls. She became frustrated and indignant. “What’s wrong with Timi?” She frowned.

    She just walked away from the gate and started approaching the junction where she could get a cab that would take her home. It was on her way she saw Timi’s car approaching from the main road. She halted as she glimpsed at the wrist watch, he was twenty minutes late.

    His car stopped beside her, by the road side. “Timi, what’s happening? You came late!”

    “Sorry, I was with my friends and didn’t know time wasn’t my friend any longer.” He replied.

    “Okay.” She said as she turned to the passanger’s seat beside him and hopped into the vehicle. “So, how are you?” She asked.

    “I am good, how was work today?” He asked her.

    “We thank God, dear.”

    They proceeded, they kept going.

** ** **

    Finally, Hakeem got back home. Uthman and Jubril were relieved when they saw him again, although his state was still a shock to them. They only assisted him and his sister inside the house so they could at least sit before they start bombarding them with questions.

    The two sat down beside each other while Hakeem’s friends stood like body guards before them.

    “Aishat again?” Jubril asked, squinting his face.

    “Yes it’s the girl. So you all know him too?” Azeezat questioned.

    Jubril chuckled. “Who won’t know that girl? Everyone knows her.”

    Uthman glanced at Jubril before he gazed at Azeezat. “Hello, dear. Are you not Azeezat?” He enquired.

    She nodded.

    “Wow, that’s really cool. Hakeem your sister is looking nice.” Uthman grinned.

    Hakeem raised his head and gave him a scornful look. “Have you been looking at her?”

    Uthman laughed. “If you never looked at Aishat how would you have gotten her?”

    Jubril just hummed.

    “What are you now insinuating? If you look at her again, I can beat you white and black.”

    Uthman continued laughing. “In this state you dear has put you into? My friend, forget jare.” He grinned.

    Azeezat chuckled. She faced Hakeem and whispered to him. “So, I will be having dinner with Doctor tomorrow, so when the time is ripe for you to enter into my plan, you’ll be called upon. Before then, I’d like to be on way now.”

    “Thank you so much, Azeezat. You are a world to me.”

    “I see… Aishat should be a world to you.”

    “She is not even up to a house not to talk of an estate. Just forget about being a town, city or a world!” Jubril interrupted.

    Hakeem raised his head and looked at him with grimace. “You better shut up.”

    Azeezat beamed and sprung to her feet. “Goodnight everyone.” She waved.

    “Yeah, let me see you off.” Uthman had said before Hakeem pulled him back. “Are you alright?” He smiled as he held on to his hand. It was paining him. Perhaps because of the drip he took.

    Uthman laughed. “What a brother!”

** ** **

    “So why the sudden call, Timi?” Bukky asked as he drove on.

    “Did you even pick up the call? Wasn’t it BBM message you read?”

    “Yeah, I was busy with a patient that time.” She replied.

    “You have always said that, you are always busy with one patient or the other.”

    Bukola sighed. “Why are you like this? At least you know the nature of my job. I’m not even a nurse, I am a Doctor.”

    Timileyin chuckled. “Story for the gods.”

    “Timileyin!” She exclaimed his name.

** ** **

Azeezat walked inside the house, yawning. She was very tired and had to prepare all she would discuss with Bukola the following day. She thought she would just go inside her room and retire to bed but Alhaji and his wife were already waiting for her to come back so they could discuss on how things would be sorted out.

    “Azeezat, we need to talk.” Her mother beaconed on her.

    What? She was short of words to express her anger. “Mum, what do you want to say tonight? Can’t we make it tomorrow? I am really tired.” She had said.

    “But this is very important.” She told him.

    She exhaled deeply. “No adjective can qualify how tired I am tonight, Mum. What is this thing you want to say? I wish to take a shower.” She replied.

    “But this is a matter of urgency, a matter that needs serious attention. So, let’s just discuss this once and for all.”

    “I know the main reason you are calling me is to tell me about Hakeem’s fiancée, is it not?”
    “But is it not needed to be discussed? Hakeem is going astray!”

    She turned back and followed her to the living room. “Dad, what is happening?” She asked as she sat down.

    “It is about Hakeem. How is he?”

    “He’s been discharged already. He’s fine, Dad.” She replied.

    Her mother also sat down. She knew they were ready to start telling her stories. Was she Hakeem or what? She wondered as she stared at them to start whatever they wanted to say so she could at least rest and think on how she would discuss with Bukola the next day.

    “Don’t you speak with him? You are siblings, you are meant to be sharing thoughts and you are meant to have told him that girl called Aishat is just a waste of time for him.”
    “Dad, Hakeem is not a kid. He knows what is best for him and he will surely go for what is surely the best! I think he believes he can change that girl, that’s all.”

    He became annoyed. “That is what I don’t want to hear! Which kind of mindset is that? Is it until the girl kill him before he knows he’s on the deadly path?”

    Azeezat stood up. “Dad, just give us some time, you’ll surely hear a good news.” She said.

    “I better do.” He exclaimed.

    Azeezat darted into her room.

** ** **

    “I want you to sleep over today, Bukky.” Timi told her.

    “That is surely a dream. You know I don’t do that, I foolow my rules and regulations. I have already told you that cannot happen before marriage.”

    “That is all you keep you saying! Always like this! Are you the only one?”

    “But I am surely different from the other ones! We have talked about this a thousand times, so there’s no need to keep beating about the bush.”

    “That is the reason why I have called you. So today, it’s better you stop all those useless rules you have set for yourself and enjoy your life.”

   “If so be it, let me get down from your car and go back home. I am no longer following you, Timi.” She said.

    Timi looked at her angrily and parked the vehicle. “Are you out of your mind?” He threw her a slap.

    Bukola was still holding on to her cheek when she got another slap.

…story continues…


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