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** ** **

    Hakeem walked inside the room angrily. He slammed the door and locked it from behind. Jubril had really gotten on his nerves and wouldn’t want to trade words with him in the living room while he was still angry. He stood by the front of the mirror and all he said kept re-echoing to his ears again. He felt like throwing him his fist so hard, but he hated it when his anger took over him.

    He sank into the bed and pressed his lips together, wondering what his father must have discussed with Alhaja. His mother had always hammered it in his ears to get married but his father would still tell him to be patient enough to get a reasonable lady to get married to, but hearing about Aishat now already crumbled everything.

    He hissed aloud as rolled to the other side of the mattress, just deep in thought. Jubril was a big obstacle in his life that moment. Aishat who also overreacted also added to the issue on ground. At least, Uthman coded and flowed along as Hakeem was with his parents, but Jubril’s mouth would never close as if he was also perfect!

    He was short of ideas. He didn’t know if he should just put a call through to his parents or go to their place to see them, or probably take Aishat to them to promise she would be good lady. Would Aishat even do that? That stubborn lady would ignore the idea.

    He didn’t even know what to do.

** ** **

    Aishat walked out of the room after an hour and went to the kitchen. She opened the fres=zzer and reached for a bowl of ice cream that she kept there. She got the tray and cloistered to the living room to see the television set with Jomiloju.

    She had been feeling bored since Jomiloju had left her in the room to be seeing a movie in the living room. She hated being bored, but she wasn’t ready to either apologize to Hakeem nor Jomiloju. She cleared her throat if that would just get Jomiloju’s attention but she was wrong.

    Jomiloju was really annoyed with her too, doing her things alone. She didn’t even act as if she knew that Aishat came into the living room, she just focused on the movie she was seeing.

    “Jomiloju.” She called out, smiling.

    Jomiloju continued watching the movie. She was really crossed with her, if not for anything but for her to have mentioned Larry in their argument. Though, her fiancé might be a tough guy, but she still loved him and didn’t like just talking about him anyhow. Aishat also knew, she knew that was the only way she could deal with her too.

    “Jomiloju, can’t you hear that I have been calling you?”

    Jomiloju held her breath for a moment before turning back and glimpsed at her. “What is it this time? I hope it is not my father you are going to abuse this time?” She questioned.

    Aishat shrugged. “What Hakeem did was also bad, now. Nobody will talk about that but whenever I do anything, you’ll crucify me!”

    “See, you are not Jesus that was crucified. There is nothing like crucifixion in the issue at hand now. Always admit your fault anytime you are at fault! That is what everyone is saying, listen!”

    Aishat dropped the spoon she was holding and focused more on Jomi. “So, what is now my own fault?
He knew what I have always loved but didn’t do it, is that my own fault or still his? Why are you like this?”

    “He saqid he was under his asthmatic attack!” She exclaimed.

    Aishat chuckled. “Hakeem lied. I know him more than you do, Jomi. Whenever he has done something that is not right, he will just lie that he was under his asthmatic attack. Is it every time one is usually under an attack? If that is really how he’s usually under that attack, he should be dead by now!”

    “Whether he was lying or not, he already apologized. He bought you different things and you just slammed the cake on him, that is bad!”

    Aishat shook her head. “He didn’t listen to me! I walked him out but he kept laughing! He’s yet to know the principles behind everthing! When someone is annoyed, you just get out!”

    “And if he had gone out, you’d have said something against that one again, what can he do to satisfy you? In this century, a guy is as good-looking like that, rich and comfortable and has this love for you and you are still doing this way? That is bad!”

    “I know you will keep talking. Okay, no problem.” Aishat hissed as she picked up her spoon and bowl of ice-cream again.

** ** **

    Hakeem finally walked out of the room. His anger had subsided already and he had taken his bath again. He took a seat and started punching some buttons on his mobile phone when Jubril broke the silence.

    “Hakeem, I am sorry about earlier. I was just trying to clarify some things.”

    Hakeem raised his head slowly and looked at him. “What clarification? Answer me, Jubril!”

    Jubril swallowed as he stood up. He hated Aishat but had taken his own case too much before Alhaji. Hakeem still couldn’t fathom what his father would still say to him.

    “It’s so annoying! I was still looking at him so he could even control that mouth of his, but he never stopped talking! I have never seen his type before!” Uthman chimed in.

    “It’s just that I only want the best for you, I don’t want you to end up with that lady, she isn’t a good wife material for you, Hakeem.”

    Hakeem became annoyed again. “Is it your own life or mine? Are you the one in love with her or me? Guy, what is your own business?”

    Jubril shrugged. “I’m just being real here and I don’t want you to end up with someone w=that will bath you with hot water as Alhaji said.

    “No one wants the lady, we know! But why do you like talking like this? As if you are the perfect one too. It’s not that I like the lady too but his parents were around, when you are not a lady that just opens her mouth and speaks, why should you have done that?”

    Hakeem’s phone began to ring. As he reached for the mobile phone and saw the caller – Alhaji, he was shocked. “Guys, please hold it.” He said as he picked up the call.

    “Your sister is at the airport, she said she wants you to be the one to get her. Go and pick her now!” The man said and ended the call.

    Hakeem was greatly relieved. He thought he was going to say something nasty to him or probably tell him to come to his place. “Azeezat is back and I have to pick her at the airport.” He faced Uthman and stood up.

    ** ** **

    Azeezat was the best friend and sister Hakeem could ever thought of in his life. He didn’t know why she never called him to tell him she had finally arrived, she never even called to tell him she would return from England that day.

    She was really good at throwing him surprises. He had thought and smiled as he drove on to get her. She had traveled for four years now to study in the Oxford University and she just decided to throw a surprise return without telling Hakeem.

    Hakeem was happy. She had restored a smile to his mouth again by coming back that day. She had finally concluded her studies and had arrived to settle down in Nigeria. He sped on, really eager to see his sister.

** ** **

    Aishat got dressed up. “I have to go and check on Hakeem, if that will ease your anger.” She explained as she got to Jomiloju’s front.

    Jomiloju smiled. She never knew she would even be repentant enough to go back to Hakeem to go and beg him. “Anyways, go and beg him. No one sent you there to cause trouble, understand?”

    Aishat shrugged. “I don’t cause trouble, it is you people that usually look for trouble!” She hissed slightly and began to walk out.

    “My regards.” Jomiloju waved at her.

** ** **




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