Hey guys! I’m deeply sorry for keeping all of us here without speaking… it’s quite annoying to even start a new story when I’ve not finished one.. to some people. But, why that really happened was because it was based on a special demand and appeal and I couldn’t reject, moreover THE UNKNOWN will end with just few episodes.

It’s just been school that has taken all the time, by the time you are through with the lectures, go to church, wash and cook you’ll be so tired you can’t even carry your book not to talk of typing.

    All is under control. All would sorted out this week and m promising everyone change will happen this or next week… keep your fingers crossed beause I love you so much!

-Temitope Daniel Abimbola.



8 thoughts on “I’M SORRY.

  1. Smiles, we will appreciate the Locked episodes being unlocked. It’s not easy combinning being a writer and being a reader. #winks. Hoping the unlock are done soon, tnx to taking us off suspense mood, do ave a blissful 9trest. More balm 2ur Elbow. #Jesusbaby.


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