It really gets me indignant when I see useless posts like.. what will a guy gain from a relationship if not sex? It really gets on my nerves! That’s plane rubbish for guys who think that way.

    I have come to a realisation that many people don’t value what they should again! Some just live the life anyhow and at the end of the day, they come and be yelling that God is being wicked! No, God didn’t miss it, you should check your ways!

    Imagine! What actually draws the attention to someone is the love! The affection! Some just get attracted to the other just because of sex! Some even say.. “I can’t marry him or her if he or she is a virgin.. I need an experienced person” Rubbish of the highest order! Plane rubbish! So he or she must have gone around selling his or her body, right?

    Love is the ultimate! Not sex! When you two have been sleeping together before marriage, what is there to value after marriage? Everything won’t even surprise you guys again.. you are used to the life.

    Relationships not builded on solid love will collapse! If it’s just sex you want, you are really playing your way to hell. If you can’t hold yourself, then why go into the relationship?

    My Bible said our adversary- the devil never takes a break, but anytime the feeling comes, don’t run but flee! Meaning ‘run for your life!’ ‘Sare fun emi e’ (yoruba will say.)

    You can just wake up today and see on Facebook- “a wicked boyfriend shared the nude picture of his girlfriend”. They are both stupid! Why did she send him nude pix? Is that a healthy relationship? Or if he had snapped her, why did she sleep there? If she was really godly or had walked on the right path, nothing of such would have happened!

    Something many don’t get it: Love is not sex and sex is not love! They are different! Many youths have gone astray, many thoughts have gone wild because all they think is that- it’s a normal thing.. a normal routine! No problem if done!

    Things that leads to abortion and at the end- death! Kai! God get many cases to settle on the judgement day.

Change your mentality! God is set to bless us if our ways are straightened before him! His hand is not short to save us but the life many are living won’t make God bat an eyelid to them! Some people just blame God that he’s being wicked but they are the ones who usually miss it before God! I’ll write a story on it soon! Change your ways because God’s really set to bless people, but it’s our sins that’s keeping him off.

– Temitope Daniel.

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  1. Hmmm, dis is really nice,,,,, I love dis, hw I wish larger percentage of guys will c dis, hw I wish dey can understnd nd knw sex is nt love. God bless u dee


  2. Teedan may u continue to grow in God’s wisdom, dis is a true talk bcos any relationship based on sex is lust nd sex before marriage is a sin bcos it is written dat marriage shuld be honorable nd bed undefiled i pray dat God ll open our eyes of understanding to dis. some guys ll tell u dat hw ll dey know if she can perform well if no sex b4 marriage nd dis is wat devil is using to steal ppls glory. God ll help us in Jesus name nd dose involved God ll touch dere heart


  3. The day I was shown 1cor. 13:4-8 was the day I realised that the is MORE to love than what its words entail. Its quite unfortunate that the world is mixing its lustful desires by claiming, it as ‘love’.
    Thank you for the post, Uncle T.dan.


  4. hmmmm…….great one. Sisters, sex would not make a man love u & u can never keep him with sex. To men, sex is just for satisfication & pleasure. Nice one sir!!!


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