Dan and Seun

I got a mail last week but I have been just too lazy to treat it. I’m deeply sorry. Welcome!

There will be a reality talk post on as from Sunday. If you have any question you don’t understand about something or you need more light about anything, kindly send your messages to we promise to keep all senders anonymous to the public. It’s a thing everyone will benefit from. God bless you.

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I rarely talk, i don’t know how to make friends i.e am an introvert.. I want to be a lively and jovial guy, who people would
like been around, i want to know to talk, that people would know someone made a speech..
Help me achieve that bro..

    ** ** **

• Share what you’re thinking. People can’t see your mind at work, and you won’t get credit for your thoughts if they remain
in your head. “Introverts don’t share all that they have available.” Just spit it out!

Show your face. While it may tax you to socialize too much, it’s important to get out there and be seen. Be smart and strategic about how and where you spend your time. “You don’t have to be the loudest talker and the greatest joke teller. Instead, you’re the person who’s always around and who
provides information and contacts,” says Shoya Zichy, the extroverted author (with Ann Bidou) of Career Match. Make an
appearance, talk to a few key people, and then go home.

•Find Social Activities You Enjoy

One barrier that forces many people to be introverted is if they don’t see any enjoyable social activities around them. If you don’t like going to bars, and all the people you know are party animals, you might feel happier staying in.

Make friends. Try to free yourself with friends. You can do it if you wish, it’s in you! Just try to be a person who’s always ready to be outspoken, help and play.

All in all, make sure you walk with friends that will make your life positive. Christian friends.

Oluwaseun and Temitope.



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