The Unknown


    Nicholas sniffled as he heard Doris, he stared at her for a while and sat back, resting his back against the sofa. “Why do you like disturbing me? Don’t I have enough troubles already?”

    Doris chuckled. “How on earth have I teased you now? How? I just asked you to gist me about Vivian and you are here judging me.”

     Nicholas smiled. “Anyways, there’s nothing to discuss about her. You are the one who should explain how desperate Craig was and how he can still be.”

    She grinned. “The guy is so desperate to get you, Nick. He surely won’t relent, I am sure.” She replied.

    He giggled. “I wouldn’t let down my guards too! I will make sure I preserve you, Stella and that Henry that keeps falling into one trouble or the other.”

    “But Nicholas, wait. What if you have been eliminated while trying to get these men, risking your life? Why didn’t you leave them for nemesis to catch up with?”

   “Dear Sister, nemesis has been rather too slow for my own liking! How long will it take nemesis to finish them? By the way, nemesis sent me the work.” He laughed.

    Doris shook her head continuously and burst into laughter.

** ** **

    The nurse rushed out of the laboratory back, frowning her face. “Ma, I was just told that the Doctor took the form along. I never knew he even took it when he was leaving the other time. I thought it was there and it was the one my colleagues were checking the other time.”

    Vickie sighed. “Thanks, Nurse.” She said and went back to the reception to sit.

    She wasn’t expecting what just happened. She thought she would automatically get the form and just see the name on it. She couldn’t tell exactly why she really felt like seeing the name, but it seemed there was something particular about the name for it to be anonymous.

    She took her seat with Anthony again and waited for the arrival of the Doctor. As she waited, she began to wonder again on how much Vivian had tried, waiting for Nicholas for so long and still haven’t gotten in touch with him.

    A rare thing for a lady to do, she thought in her mind as she closed her eyes for a moment and opened them again. “God will surely make a way where every one thinks there’s none.” She prayed.

** ** **


    “A King who has sworn by the throne must bring the promise to fulfillment, no matter how difficult.” One of the Chiefs challenged the King again.

    He flashed his red eyes of anger at the Chiefs and hissed. “Nothing will happen! I only acted out of anger and nothing can happen to her. By the way, get me the Queen!” He ordered, marching to the throne.

As he was about to sit, he fell off. The Chiefs rushed near him and helped him up to his feet again. “Sorry, your Majesty.” They kept greeting him till he could stand on his own.

    “Thank you! Who knows if you people are even the ones behind all these? Arrant nonsense.” He hissed and tried to take his seat again but fell.

    The trouble had started from him already. “This is trouble, your majesty. The throne has refused to accept you.” One of the Chiefs said.

    “What? Because of the promise? That is not possible! I just cannot send my own wife packing! I can’t! She might have picked the staff to keep for me and forgot that she picked it up. Are we not humans too? Can’t someone get annoyed? She’s not leaving this palace, not to talk of this Kingdom.”

   “But the trouble has started from the palace already and I am quite sure more will happen out there, your highness.”

    He began to fear. If he had known, he wouldn’t have made that kind of horrible statement. Would he now send Margaret and the unborn Prince or Princess away? “No!” He still exclaimed.

    “Your Highness.” He heard beside him ad turned around. It was Margaret. “What have you done, Queen?” He felt horrible as he spoke.

    Margaret was shocked. “What have I done? I have done nothing wrong, your highness.”

    “The staff was found in your belongings. I have already sworn by the throne that anyone the staff was found with would be banished. Now, trouble has started already.”

    “Ah… I did no such thing. How would I take the staff? What on earth do I want to do with what I know I cannot use?”

   Harry just leaned against a pillar and was watching the whole scenario.

    “But how did it get into your things?” A chief directed the question to her.

    “I don’t know.” She was already crying.

    “Your Highness, this is a very tough case. A very tough one to handle.”

    King Dennis tried to sit again but he still couldn’t. “Even if you took it, I just can’t let you go!” He exclaimed and walked inside angrily.”

    Few hours later…

    There was a great noise in the palace as everywhere was turning upside down already. There were various men and women inside the palace who have forced their various ways in, crying profusely. Some came because of the sudden death of all of their children, some because of their husbands or wives. The Kingdom had begun to turn upside down already.

    The King hurried out as he was hearing various noise. “What is happening?” He asked his Chiefs on seat.

    “People have started dying, trouble has started looming! Innocent bloods are the ones suffering, your highness.”

    He went to the window and peeped outside, seeing the crowd who were weeping already. “Just because I have sworn with the throne?”

    “No. Because you did and you have failed to bring your promise to fulfillment. Your Highness, it is better to lost one soul that a thousand souls!”

    He turned around indignantly. “What are you insinuating? I should send the Queen out of this Kingdom? That is absolutely not possible either.”

    “But children..”

    “Hey! See my wife outside, your highness. She’s carrying my son with bloodstains on them!” One of the chiefs standing by the window shouted. “No! You made the promise! Everyone’s now suffering! My only son is gone just because you don’t want to fulfill a promise! Are we the ones who told you to make the promise? Why are you inflicting us with the problem just one person is to face!” The man broke down in tears already.

    “Your Highness, who knows the next? Please we have to get this done already if peace will reign. Dead children, wives and husbands can’t be brought back, we know that. We surely can save more lives by fulfilling this promise. Nothing must touch my family!” He shouted.

    King Dennis’ staff slipped off from his hand. The noises were still echoing in his ears. He definitely had no choice anymore. “Guards.. go and do the.. needful.” He stammered as his eyes were full of tears.

    “A taboo! A King must not cry!” One of the Chiefs shouted.

    If a King will cry, let him! Nothing must touch any of my family members!

    King Dennis watched as his wife was ushered out of the palace but couldn’t do anything more. It was over already.

** ** **

    Stella unlocked the door and knocked softly before she finally came into the house. “Hey guys!” She smiled inside, swerving to her right and left.

    “Stella, hope you bought something?” Doris quickly asked.

    “Thought you’d stay latter than this.” Nicholas commented.

    Stella took her seat with two packages in her hands. “How are you guys fairing? I hope you didn’t miss me so much?”

    “Nobody did.” Doris rolled her eyes.

    Nicholas chuckled. “I missed you, Stella.”

    “Wow! I feel loved. Come and take this package, Nick.” She stretched a package to him, smiling.

    “Stella, where is mine!” Doris rushed to her feet.

    “They are only for those who missed me, so Doris, you may sit down.” She teased her.

    “So you don’t know if someone is whining you, right? I really missed you.” She grinned.

    They burst into laughter. “Just take this, rubbish girl!” She gave her the package.

    “Miss? I never did!” Doris pulled out her tongue and took her seat.

    “I knew you’d say so. Anyways, how far? Have you guys decided on how we’ll start?”

    “Sure, Stella. I am thinking you should help fix some bugs in Mr James’ office tomorrow and all other things will be simple.” Nicholas said.

    “That is risky. But don’t worry. I’ll do anything for my kid brother.” She grinned.

    “Where’s he?” Nicholas turned his head around the living room, laughing.

    “There you are, rubbish boy.”

    “But what approach do you wish to use?” Doris chimed in.

    “Em.. Which can I use?”

    “The Director of one company like that and you’ve come concerning a contract you’d like to award to their company and so on.” Nicholas suggested.

    “I have even forgotten that there’s an ardent liar here.” Stella said.

    They all kept laughing.

** ** **

    Vickie and Anthony walked into the ward as soon as the Doctor came out again. “How are you now?” She quickly asked Vivian as she took her seat beside her.

    “Fine.” Vivian replied with heavy eyes, feeling sleepy already.

    “I have been trying my best to know the donor but all I have been hearing is anonymous.” She informed Viv.

    Vivian breathed slowly. “Do you suspect anything or anyone?” She enquired.

    “I don’t know… I just don’t really know. Just take your rest, we’ll talk later.”

** ** **

Mr James’ Office, the next day.

    The sun had taken it’s place in the sky already and everywhere was getting busy when Nicholas’ car halted at the front of the company. “Stella, I am scared. You seriously have to be careful. Just plant it anywhere you think he wouldn’t be able to see it. If you can also get his phone, insert that media card into it with the passcode I gave you.” Nick informed.

    “I’ll surely do that, Sir.” She said with a smile.

    “Please, be careful.” He said again.

    “Nothing to be scared of, Nick.”  She waved and walked on.

As she entered…

Story continues…



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  1. Wow wow wow!I cnt stop been amazed on hw dis story is going n d suspense in it.Kudos to u Tdan for dis wonderful episode.


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